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Michelin Classic-Classic Tyre range from perhaps the worlds leading tyre makers.

Michelin Classic

michelin classic

RT @MichelinTyres: OUT NOW: Michelin 2015 range of #Classic tyres: http://t.co/eYiSi6ldA8 – Available via @LongstoneTyres & @VintageTyre ht…

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The thing i love about this story,the Michelin classic it ,is the fact that this is what i was brought up on, all these different types of Michelin’s bring back great memories to me.


The tyre industry has brought me a great life. And I feel very proud when I look back, that I started off in the sixties and except for a spell of a couple of years, I have worked in the tyre industry, for all my life.

This Michelin classic article helps me bring many memories and the good times that I have (and still do) working in tyres.

Michelin classic is the true word when it comes to their history and the string of classic michelin classictyres that they have produced over the years, beginning with the classic “X” radial tyre, the tyre that was the envy of the tyre world. Michelin then proceeded to improve on the “X” tyre, bringing out such well known favorites as the “ZX” and the “XZX”.
These steel belted radials will be well remembered by the older guys, because no other tyre company could match the impressive mileage that you could get from these tyres. The only slight downside that I remember was that they were a little prone to skidding in wet weather, but never the less these were still the tyres to beat for quality and high mileage.

Michelin Classic

In the early days I worked for a Dunlop tyres owned outlet. I can always remember that the Michelin product, (that is now referred to as a Michelin classic) . Hence, would be slagged off by the guys from Dunlop. But I realised later that it was just jealousy .  I soon realised that whatever tyres we sold you could not escape from the quality and class of the Michelin designed products, that have now become a Michelin classic in their own right.
A little later on in my career I diverted to truck and earthmover tyres. So I missed some of Michelin’s car design tyres. As a result ,such as the “XAS” and the “XVS”. Which were developed for the faster and more comfortable cars . Hence, that were coming out mainly from Germany. For example, such as the BMW’s and the Mercedes sedan type cars. These tyres provided

michelin classic
Michelin classic ZX tyre

comfort and safety. As well as the now legendary Michelin high mileage. Michelin were one of the first tyre companies to bring out their tyres. Thus, with different speed ratings . That would suit this new type of car. That we were now seeing.
Hence the French tyre giants have always commanded a premium price for their tyre products. But they have proved that time and time again the extra money has been well worth paying and in my opinion they are still the number one tyre company in the world, always striving to create better tyre products and new innovations.

Michelin Classic

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Testing Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS 06 -A new type of Summer-Winter tyre.

Testing Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS 06


Continental tyres do not like the word,”all-season”. I too think that new terminology is required and is an old stale tyre term.

The term of “all-season”, in my opinion, means neither one or another. It reminds me of poor quality and performance in any weather. The tyre was originally made for the motorists who did not want to change over from summer tyres to winter tyres.

It became a sort of half-way house if you get my drift. You will find that this is still the case today. Although in recent years, we find that drivers are reverting to the real thing. Consequently, drivers are now buying winter tyres.

Also, companies such as Michelin, are bringing out a different winter/summer tyre combination, they call the  Cross/Climate.Continental tyres have also brought out the ExtremeContact DWS06. Different countries have different tyre requirements. Including Europe and the USA.

Testing Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS 06

The difference is in the north and south. The north being much colder and requiring winter tyres. The southern countries use mainly summer tyres.The different conditions, includes countries, like the UK.  In many parts of Europe, it’s the law for people to switch to winter tyres during the cold months or you’ll be fined.

The choice these days is fantastic. Tyre producers are bringing out new safer products all the time. There is a tyre out there to suit your driving conditions and pocket. If you are not sure, then call in to see your local independent tyre dealer.

Timing may be everything. Certainly, in the Ultra High-Performance All-Season category, the timing was right for Continental when they launched the original ExtremeContact DWS. Six years later it’s time for their next Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire, the ExtremeContact DWS 06.

Does this new design offer more than just a strong family resemblance?

Tyre Safety-Premium v Budget Tyres Wet Braking Test – Continental Car Tyres

Tyre Safety-Premium v Budget Tyres Wet Braking Test

Many of our customers, who call into see us in Halifax. It is easy to see that they find difficulty in choosing a tyre.This can be can be difficult. They look similar and until you get them

In fact, it is true what they say, “they look similar” but until you get them onto your car. You pay your money but you do not know how they are going to perform out on the road. This is an excellent video to help inform you. it shows the difference between cheap tyres and more expensive tyres.

Watch this wet braking test to see the difference between a set of Continental premium tyres and a set of cheaper budget tyres that look similar but perform very differently on the road. This may help you decide which ones you want to spend your money on. we all have a choice?

The budget tyre took an average of 14 metres or 3 and 1/2 car lengths extra to stop. When the premium tyre had come to a stop, the car on budget tyres was still travelling at 31mph.

Tyre Safety-Premium v Budget Tyres Wet Braking Test

Michelin Racing Tyres returns as tyre supplier for STCC – TouringCarTimes

michelin racing tyres

Michelin is back as tyre supplier for the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship ahead of the 2015 season. ”We are happy to have reached…

Source: www.touringcartimes.com

Another good news story from Michelin racing tyres, they will take over from Yokohama of Japan shortly.


There is no doubt that some of the best tyres in the world. will now be driven by some of the best drivers in the world.Of course, from the Scandinavian countries. When Michelin racing tyres become suppliers of their excellent products.Thus, for the upcoming 2015 season of the Scandinavian touring car season (STCC).
The Scandinavian touring car championship was at one time split. Accordingly,into two different countries. The Danish Championship and the Swedish Championship. Of course, the event became more prestigious in 2011. Because, the two were joined at they became the michelin racing tyresScandinavian touring car championships (STCC).
Yokohama tyres were the suppliers to the STCC, but the tyre deal has now gone to Michelin racing tyres.For this reason, they will be sole suppliers to the Scandinavian cars. Yokohama tyres have a foreign involvement in the type of racing and are still tyre suppliers for the European Touring Car Cup (ETCC), and also the World Touring car Championships.Michelin racing tyres

Michelin racing tyres

Are dipping their feet in the world of motorsport again.Thereby supplying tyres to other types of racing.Including the FE championships. Which are of course, the F1 version using electric cars.
“Michelin is back as the official tire supplier in the STCC. Four classes will compete on the deck from the French manufacturer Michelin 2015 and will supply four classes in the STCC package. Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia is joined by sister class Swedish GT formula car class Formula Renault 1.6 and the main class STCC”, said a spokesman for the Scandinavian championship.
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Michelin Racing Tyres

We also sell Michelin Tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. By using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. naturally, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing.For this reason, we are also an official MOT testing station. Naturally, are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Summer Tyres Versus All-Season-What to opt for: summer tyres or all-season ones?

Summer Tyres Versus All-Season

Summer Tyres Versus All-Season

Summer Tyres Versus All-Season

This is getting easier as time goes bye. First, it depends what time of the year , that you are buying your tyres? At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. I would say is the best time to buy all-season tyres.

if you live in an area that may have some snow fall then I would look at a good set of conventional winter tyres. For this reason I would probably choose Nokian winter tyres. Nokian have proved outstanding in winter tyre tests.

For regular motoring and the summer ahead of you. Then perhaps a set of normal summer tyres would be as good as anything. Believe it or not, summer tyres are still the popular tyres that we supply at Pellon tyres here in Halifax UK.

All-weather tyres are starting to get some momentum. Perhaps mainly because of the large amount of TV advertising. Hence, that Michelin Tyres have done in the recent past.

Eric Roberts


What to opt for: summer tyres or all-season ones?

Waste tyres-are great for growing thing in especially potatoes and bedding plants

waste tyres

This is a great alternative to the traditional way of raising potatoes in rows and best for any confined space.
Growing potatoes in tires is enexpensi…

Source: www.instructables.com

Another great way of using old tyres is to use them as PLANTERS. It is surprising how good they can look when painted, or you can just use them as they are in your back yard.

I am a keen gardener and i am speaking from experience. the tyres hold water and also heat, they are a great growing container.

Waste tyres as Planters are a great idea

Since becoming a keen blogger and searching the internet for ideas and stories about my specialist stories, mainly tyres and all other garage related news items that spring up, I am not surprised at the ingenuity and ideas that the general public come up with when dealing with what many people would see as rubbish.
The rubbish that I am referring to is old waste tyres. Waste tyres have always been an environmental hazard and are still regularly dumped on spare ground and in country lanes, we have all seen them. Whenever we have to pay something to dispose of it, then we will get the dark side of the tyre trade just dumping their old waste tyres.
I have written about this for ages and until the practice stops I will continue to do so. On the other hand I think it is great to see this leveled out by the number of people who are constantly looking for ways of using a tyre when it has reached the end of its life. Old tyres are new used for many things, including children play areas, tile flooring, tarmac additives and many more, but the one use that keeps turning up is the use of old tyres for growing waste tyresplants in, “planter’s.
Those who know me well will tell you that I too am a keen gardener and now use some old tyres as planters. When I first saw this I shuddered at the thought of using old tyres to grow things in, I think it was because I see tyres every day and were sick of the site of them especially the old ones, which are costing me £1 each to dispose of.
However one spring day I decided to give it a try, but first of all my wife Michelle painted them for me, I think that they look better that way and were more acceptable if they looked a pretty colour. The first crop I grew was in fact potatoes. I did this because I wanted to try to see if I could find another way of not having to earth them up to encourage a bigger crop of potatoes.
When the green stems and leaves grew, I simply placed the same size tyre on top and topped it with new soil.

Waste tyres conserve water and heat

To be truthful the system worked well. I found that the waste tyres absorbed the sunlight and heat from the sun gives an ideal growing climate for the plants. Also the inside part of the tyres, holds water and moisture. The downside to this was the fact that this is the ideal place for SLUGS to live and breed, but I suppose that that is a different story and we all have our own methods of dealing with the slug problem?waste tyres
I have posted some great pictures of painted tyres, on this article and hope you will enjoy converting waste tyres into planters.
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