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Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres-fitted to new Mercedes-GLC SUV – Etyres

Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres

Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres

Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres

Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres have been chosen by Daimler for the 2015 worldwide launch of the second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV. The luxury mid-sized SUV leaves the factory fitted with Dueler H/P Sport tyres in four sizes across the model range.

Bridgestone tyres have done a deal. With the giant Mercedes-Benz organisation. Hence,  to fit their Bridgestone  tyres. Thus, onto the new GLC SUV mid-sized SUV car.

As you would probably noticed. Of course, all the big tyres companies. Are fitted as new original equipment tyres.

Because of  the tyre quality. Has been previously tested and proven and it is very rare that any problems would occur, when the cars go out into the open market.

This is not always true. Hence, as there have been some major tyre problems on some 4X4 vehicles. Especially,  in the USA in recent times. I believe that Firestone(now owned by Bridgestone). Had issues on some Ford vehicles. Therefore, with tyre treads lifting. But in general, the tyres supplied are of excellent quality. Thus,  and fit for purpose.

The tyres are provided to the car makers at knock-down prices from the factory gates. This is because the percentage of drivers that will buy the same replacement tyres is very high. We find that the newer the car is the more likely that the driver will replace the tyre with the same tyres and this is where the tyre manufacturers make their profits. Tyres sold to the replacement market are more expensive and more profitable than when they are sold to the car companies.

Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres

Also, we find that the customers who buy the Mercedes and BMW’s are better of or use them as company cars. When the Dueler HP tyres were fitted to the Mercedes, need replacing then they will be superseded by the Bridgestone Dueler HP tyres, a same match. This is simply because the first time owners can afford to buy the most expensive tyres.

The second and third owners of the cars will probably go for a cheaper tyre brand or a mid-range brand, such as Apollo Tyres or Yokohama tyres.!2fP+Sport



Bridgestone Tyres+Buy American Tyre Retail Giants+Pep Boys for $835M cash

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Buy Pep Boys The all-cash deal follows pressure from activist investor Mario Gabelli

Bridgestone tyres may have joined the crazy world of tyre company buyouts. They have recently bought out American fast-fit network. Thus, known as Pep Boys.

In my opinion it all kicked off when Stapleton’s followed by Kwik-fit were both bought out by a Japanese bank. This gave a wholesaler a complete tyre distribution network of tyre retailers.

This was followed by Michelin tyres. Of course, buying an online tyre retailer in Germany. European wholesaler Ihle Baden-Baden AG. They also purchased 40 % stake in Allopneus. Of course, France’s largest tyre web shop. Subsequently, for 60 million euro. Then to complete the set. Purchasing the UK online tyre wholesaler Blackcircles. Offering tyre fitting across a network of UK fitting stations. Similar thing to what happened in the seventies and eighties.Of course, with the large tyre manufacturers buying up pieces of tyre retailers.Hence, to build their own chains.

These later became ATS who are still owned by Michelin tyres. The other chains such as Tyreservices group, Were formed by Goodyear tyres, who eventually fell apart. This also happened to Central tyres that were formed by Pirelli. So, they also fell apart.

Other tyre companies on the buyout trail

I worked for National tyre that was formed by Dunlop BTR, but yes as you can guess, they also fell apart, (although a smaller network still remains). BTR sold the company to Continental tyres and they then sold it to Axle Group Holdings Ltd.

I bet that with what’s happening now,  regret selling it. I have heard rumours that National is for sale, so with things as they stand watch out for a couple of bids? Who knows it could be Continental again or even Bridgestone tyres who are cash rich and on a spending spree.

The whole of the tyre market looks to be clambering for position. We also have tyre wholesalers Micheldever buying out independent tyre retailers here in the UK. A well-known Leeds retailer, Alba tyres have just sold their tyre business to Micheldever. It is well known that they are expanding their Pro- Tyre retail network. Then I would not be surprised at the whole being sold off, to a tyre manufacturer, once again Bridgestone tyres, are in the market for tyre retailer and wholesaler in the UK.

Bridgestone tyres are now the world’s number one tyre company and are extremely cash rich. Bridgestone tyres have not shown any past hesitation in buying out smaller tyre manufacturers and so in my opinion will not want to fall behind Michelin in setting up an internet and retail chain network.

I do find I strange that companies such as  Bridgestone tyres would allow their tyre products to be sold on a Michelin tyres owned website, and have them fitted in a Michelin owned Fitting station ATS?

Eric Roberts

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Global tyre rankings-Bridgestone retains global tyre crown for 8th straight year

Global tyre rankings

Based on report published in ERJ’s Global Tire Report in the November/December issue: In the global tire world, 2015 was a bit of déjà vu all over again There was only one change in the ranking among the 20 largest tire makers, as Japan’s Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. […]

Global tyre rankings

Global tyre rankings



Bridgestone are still ahead of Michelin in the world tyre manufacturers rankings. However , I think that it is only a matter of time before Michelin catch up. Hence, in my opinion Michelin are making great strides to capture the lion’s share of the car and van tyre market.

Of course, Michelin have been making recent acquisitions. Notably, online tyre retailers from all over Europe. Including , BlackCircles here in the UK. Rumour has it that Bridgestone are looking at the National Tyres setup. As a result though, they think that they are over priced and may have reached a stale mate.

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