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Goodyear-Dunlop Closure-1200 sign petition opposing closure of Goodyear plant in Wolverhampton – Birmingham Post

Goodyear-Dunlop Closure

Signatories from as far afield as the US, Nigeria and Mexico have added their names to a protest against proposals which would see 330 jobs axed

Goodyear-Dunlop Closure petition

This is what we should be doing more of?

We should be protesting about these closures and not just laying down. it probably will close in the end but at least the workers will have had a go at trying to change the companies mind.

What about people?

This is thing that i really resent. As the owner of a tyre shop in Halifax Yorkshire,UK, my main concern has always been my staffs well being. The large corporate companies just tread all over their staff, without any concern about their welfare, they just move for profits.

I appreciate that not all big companies are the same, but the tyre industry has its fair share of bad ones.

The Goodyear-Dunlop closure will be no different. In my lifetime in the tyre industry, both these huge tyre giants have slowly pulled out of their manufacturing base in the Birmingham area of the UK. In my opinion what they do not seem to realise is that it knocks the stuffing out of people and communities, and would have ruined many a life in the past closures.

We never learn how much money these companies actually save in the end, but in my opinion the Goodyear-Dunlop closure will only accelerate the slow demise of these one time great tyre companies. I believe that in the not too distant future companies from outside the UK will move here, when they realise that we are a centuries old economy with great skills and man power to be used. It only needs incentives from our government to help this to happen and goodbye to Goodyear and Dunlop.

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Dunlop Tyres racing team-Behind the scenes in the BTCC with Dunlop – TouringCarTimes

There are many jobs within a BTCC garage, be it general mechanic, technical director or driver, but one is often overlooked – the…

Dunlop Tyres racing team

This is a great article to read if you are a fan of motorsport, in particular the work that goes into the preparation of racing tyres, by the  Dunlop Tyres racing team ,before and during the race.

As the article states, the tyre guys are generally overlooked, but do a great and important task preparing cars as part of the  Dunlop tyres racing team.

Dunlop Tyres racing team
The giant Dunlop motorsport truck parked in Northern France on its way to LeMans racing circuit

The Dunlop tyres racing team turn up in their huge truck. The truck is equipped with a full stock of tyres that will be required for the specific race meeting. it also contains everything to set up a tyre fitting bay which when erected gives the  Dunlop tyres racing team, full access to tyre fitting machines and wheel balancing facilities.

The tyre are constantly changed and tested during a race. The tyre temperatures are recorded, because this is critical to grip and tyre performance.

Dunlop tyres racing team also have small tents that fit tyres in with a heater to pre-heat them up to the correct temperature. The heat aspect of the tyres is very critical for the overall tyre performance, and pressure of course.

regular travelers to Europe, especially France will have no doubt seen these giant Yellow trucks from the Dunlop tyres racing team, heading for different racing venues across Europe. The one in my image was taken by myself outside the Ibis hotel in Boulogne and heading for the weekends racing at the famous Le Mans racing circuit.

Eric Roberts

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Dunlop Race Tyres on this Nissan Altima-Not Sure?Rick Kelly on Twitter

Dunlop Race Tyres

Dunlop Race Tyres

Dunlop Race Tyres

12 seconds = Fresh tyres a fuel tank of fuel and a fresh drink added (Fanta). #GoPro #HERO4SESSION #v8sc

Dunlop Race Tyres on Nissan Altima

This is one of the best images I have ever seen?

The Jack Daniel’s Racing Nissan Altima driver. Rick Kelly’s Sunday race performance placed him 16th position. Exactly the same as the Saturday race. The race took place  from the Castrol Edge Townsville 400.

This was an improvement from his qualifying position of 18th place. In this one of Australia premier racing events. I was lucky enough to watch the race live here on UK TV.

I am not sure which tyre Kelly’s car was using. Thinking that it would have been Dunlop race tyres. All of the other Jack Daniels sponsored Nissan’s run on  Dunlop race tyres. So although i watched on TV. Then i  did forget which tyres were used.As a result, i am almost certain that they would have been the “racing circuit slicks” .Because of the dry hot conditions on the racing days.

dunlop race tyres
Dunlop race tyres are used in many motorsport events across the world.

When approaching the chequered flag . Rick Kelly was just overtaken by fellow competitor Nick Percat. Having to settle for 16th position.

The V8 Supercars Championship. Hence, continues at Queensland Raceway from July 31st to August 2nd. Kelly is in tenth position in the championships after competing in 17 races.

Dunlop  tyres Australia are the official tyre suppliers to the V8 Supercars  race series,and as we all know in the tyre industry are  one of the world’s leading makers of high performance and ultra high performance tyres. It has been involved in motorsport and has been at the forefront of motoring research development for 125 years.

Dunlop Race Tyres

Like their great rivals Michelin, Dunlop tyres have  an impressive track record of motorsport success. Dunlop are an icon of the road and over the years have been the choice of racing legends due to their tyre products high performance qualities.

Dunlop continues to design. Develop and produce tyres right up to the present moment. Supplying tyres that constantly question and push the limits of technology. Helping to create a faster and safer racing experience .Hence, for the teams that they support in the motorsport industry.

This is the reason  that in 2015 . This will be Dunlop racing tyres 14th consecutive year. Supplying the V8 Supercars in Australia and Dunlop racing series control tyres.

After winning its fourth control tyre contract in succession, its current contract will run from 2013-2017, and as in F1 racing the battle will commence for the right to supply tyres to this prestigious race series.

I cant wait to watch the next races in August.

Eric Roberts.

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Dunlop Racing Tyres-Talking tyre technology an insight into racing car tyres at Le Mans | Autocar

Dunlop Racing Tyres

dunlop racing tyres

Racing around an 8.47-mile circuit for 24 hours places severe demands on the Dunlop racing tyres used by sports car teams. Here’s how they cope

Dunlop racing division. Will have just finished a busy weekend at the Le Mans 24 hour race meeting in France. The giant Dunlop race tyres trucks. Hence, will be making their way back to the UK . Naturally, to analyze all the data that has been collected during the weekends racing.

This information will be closely investigated and analyzed. Thus, to collate the data that they have collected. For that reason, this will be of great use when deciding which compounds and polymers are used.Thus, in the development of your every day passenger car tyres.

This is what sets the top tyre companies above the rest?

They have got years of knowledge and statistics to look back on when making crucial decisions. Consequently, when it comes to research and development on future tyre products.

Dunlop racing tyres have always had some or other involvement

In the top racing scene the world over. As a result , Would be drivers start out with Dunlop kart racing tyres. So then right up to Dunlop racing motorcycle tyres. Hence, including many of the large car racing events including the prestigious Le Mans 24 hour races.

The top five teams in the LMP2 category were fitted with Dunlop racing tyres in Le Mans. This gave the Dunlop racing tyres the top three spots on the finishing podium in the LMP2 class. The LMP2 stands “LE MANS” PROTOTYPE 2  and is indeed a racing car with no production minimum required.
it is a class of car that will be only available to teams that are independent of car manufacturers and/or engine suppliers.

The top three LMP2 race teams were Oreca, Gibson and Ligier; each team could choose from a different and new range of Dunlop race tyres, this meant that the teams could use different strategies.

Eric Roberts for

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Dunlop Racing introduce new medium compound tyres for Oulton Park – TouringCarTimes

Dunlop Racing

dunlop racing

British Touring Car Championship tyre suppliers Dunlop Race will introduce a new compound medium tyre from this weekend’s round of the championship at Oulton…

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The new “Dunlop Sport Maxx ”

The new “Dunlop Sport Maxx BTCC Medium” compound tyre. Will replace the tyres that were used during the first two race weekends. As a result, at Brands Hatch and Donington Park. Hence, with the Thruxton races having its own special compound. So due to the fact that Thruxton is one  of the country’s fastest circuits.

There will be  changes to the soft compound tyre. Thus, which have helped produce some fantastic racing. Especially,  during the first two  meetings. Which with some car configurations. Therefore,  had been a huge drop-off in car performance after only a few laps.

dunlop race tyres
Dunlop race tyres have always been popular with events and drivers

The new CC Medium” compound  replaces the tyres. Hence, that were used during the first two race weekends.Consequently, at Brands Hatch and Donington Park. As a result, I have said with Thruxton having its own special compound because this is the country’s fastest circuit.

There has been no changes to the soft compound tyre, which in the past had helped create some dynamic races during the first two race meetings.

Dunlop racing can be seen at most race tracks throughout the world.

From small local rallies and race events to the more prestigious World events, such as the Le Mans series of races.

Along with Goodyear tyres we have always followed and supported the Dunlop racing events and have attended some great race meetings that were sponsored by Dunlop racing. As most people know the great two tyre companies formed a new company, Goodyear Dunlop tyres uk ltd.

At the moment both these companies run their racing sections separately with  dunlop racing tyres more prevalent in Europe and Goodyear in America.