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Pirelli tyres to supply BRDC F4 Championship – The Checkered Flag

Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres
Pirelli tyres are to take over the supplying of tyres to the F4 racing teams from Yokohama tyres.

The entrants in the 2015 BRDC F4 Championship will race with the same tyre manufacturer as Formula 1, GP2 and GP3 after officials agreed a …

Pirelli tyres

Unfortunately Yokohama were outbid by Pirelli tyres in their quest to supply F4 cars with tyres in the 2015 season.

Tyres like anything else come with a price.Yokohama were undercut in the pricing game. Therefore, the tyre contract was awarded to Pirelli tyres.

I do not not think that this has any detriment. Hence, to the quality of Yokohama tyres. They have proved to be a great product for F4 in the past. But just a decision made on price.

In my opinion, for what it is worth. I think that it is all coming together at last for the Giant Italian tyre company. This in my eyes includes the full spectrum of products. Thus, from the regular car tyres that Pirelli supply. As a result, right up to The F1 racing tyres and all in-between.
The F1 series did not do Pirelli tyres any favours. Because, they experimented with different treads and compounds.

Pirelli tyres

As in most things one product does not necessarily suit all. Racing teams were up in arms. As things did not go right in the tyre department. But as time went on Pirelli  started to straighten themselves out. I think that the race teams became more confident. After all Pirelli  are a great company and they are no fools. Anyhow, as far as making tyres is concerned.

pirelli tyres
Pirelli ice runflat a product probably developed from the car rally scene

Pirelli are expecting the 2015 race season to be run at a faster pace and will adopt a more aggressive approach. The first year in 2013 saw Pirelli tyres taking a few hits as they grappled with the different tyre compounds, that brought them some bad publicity, but 2014 brought them a much quieter year and saw them regain some ground. One of the reasons could have been something to do with the new racing rules that were introduced, taking the ball away from Pirelli  for a change.
Pirelli tyres think that the F1 tyres will be pushed harder again in 2015.

Pirelli tyres

However with the start of the 2015 season, Pirelli tyres are expecting that their tyres will be once again pushed to the limits with the development of the F1 cars engines. The F1 cars are thought to be going to be pushed harder this year which will put extra pressure on the tyres once again.
Pirelli  will be keeping things much the same in 2015. With the possible exception of super soft compound tyre. Which will have a much broader heat range offering the racing teams extra chances in the correct driving conditions. This tyre is going to be used on the rear of the car and will be another short development in the progression of the F1 tyre development.

Pirelli tyres also take over the supply of tyres to F4 racing

In another development.  Pirelli  have secured the contract to supply tyres to the BDRC F4 cars for the 2015 race season. This contract was previously held by the excellent Yokohama tyres of Japan. I have to say though that this is not a bad reflection on Yokohama tyres, the deal was carried out on a purely monetary basis, with a few politics thrown in.

Pirelli are also supplying a variety of rally tyres to various rally groups and in my opinion are now extending the good name that they are now receiving from tyre development in general bringing out excellent tyre products across the entire car marketplace.
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Pothole Britain-Pot Holes to be tackled with new Government money

Pothole Britain

Pothole Britain-Potholes to be tackled at last?

As a keen blogger and the owner of a tyre business and garage, I am always interested in the things that affect my work and over the years one of the big things that have concerned me has been the dreaded “pot holes”.
It is perhaps one of the things that the north south divide has plagued us with. I mean it seems to me that the north has many more potholes than the south. Even going as far back as the Beetles, the now famous lines of, “four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire”, comes to mind.

Pothole Britain
Broken alloy wheel caused by hitting a pothole

However I can’t help thinking that although a negative thing, this is always good for business and these pot holes have disabled many a thousand tyres and broken just as many car suspensions and springs.
However it appears that the problem has come home to our MP’s in London and it has been announced that £6 billion is to be allocated to local councils to tackle the problem and try to improve our roads. The money is to be released between 2015 and 2021. This will be additional funding and should help them carry out the work without affecting the tax payers.
For more reading…

Pothole Britain

In my opinion, many of the potholes that we now see in our roads . Thus, have been caused by the huge amount of resurfacing. Hence, that has gone on over the past four winters. Here in the Halifax area of Yorkshire. Many of the gritting trucks have a snow plough attachment. Connected to the front and i have noticed that the small wheels that help the heavy snow shifting blade are missing on some of the vehicles, which can cause the roads to tear and eventually break up, eventually turning into a potholes.

Other causes are when the wet starts to freeze. The damaged area then deteriorates more as the traffic runs over it. Causing the actual hole to appear. The tarmac surface breaks up down to the hardcore and a larger hole then starts to form.

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Old Tyres Look Like New-Here’s How Scam Artists Make Dangerous

Old Tyres Look Like New


Cutting corners is a way of life for many shady elements in the car community. For them, if it looks the part, it’s ready to sell off to an unsuspecting victim customer.

Old Tyres Look Like New

Wow i have never seen this before in all my years as a tyre dealer. As a result I am completely shocked at what i see. For this reason, it just goes to show what type of people. Are running these part worn tyre companies.

Re-cut Car Tyres-is it common practice in some countries?

I was truly shocked and amazed at the same time. Hence, when I first saw the video . At first I was outraged at what was going on.So was the writer of the original article. But after a while I cannot help feeling that this practice does actually go on in other countries of the world.

The video has been filmed with a sense of pride by the guy. Who is doing the actual tyre cutting. It reminds me of the time when I used to re-cut truck tyres. I worked for national company years ago. Therefore, I know that we can re-cut truck tyres.  As long as we stick to the rules and regulations. Hence, that are set out for us to follow. But the practice of cutting car tyres. Indeed, has up to now been unheard of. That is, unless somebody can point out where this is a legal thing to do?

  Old Tyres Look Like New-Cases are now cropping up about many illegal tyres repaired

I am sure that many of you tyre professionals out there. Have come across some pretty bad examples. Consequently, of things that are related to part worn tyres. There seems to be little care or thought towards the safety. Or the law where the part worn market is concerned.
Only last Saturday we had customer call in. So that bought two part- worn tyres and fitted about two weeks before. Only to find that they had completely fitted the wrong size. They were not even a legal match? they were far too small for the car?


When the customer was questioned as to why he had allowed this he said that the guy told him that it was perfectly alright and he also said that he felt a little threatened by the guys attitude, when he was questioning him about the wrong size.
This sort of thing is just the tip of the iceberg; the worst ones are the bad repairs that have been carried out by these people. We have seen some horrific cases where the tyre has only lasted a few days before blowing out or in some cases these tyres never keep their pressure and the customer brings them into us for sorting out.

The thing that I cannot understand though is that I have never met one customer who wants to go back where they bought the dodgy tyres, to complain. Perhaps some drivers are so hard up financially that they have no choice but to buy these things, and when problems arise they dare not go back in fear of been intimidated by these people.

Old Tyres Look Like New

They must know that they are breaking the law when they sell the public these things, so do you have to be a special type of person sell them in the first place, looking at the state of some of the premises, it is a wonder that people go there in the first place, but as I say people can and must be desperate to keep their cars on the road, and this includes buying part worn tyres.

To go back to this video; I cannot recognize the language that the people who are re-cutting this car tyre are speaking, but it could even be here in the UK.
I only hope that these do not make their way to our shores, but nothing surprises me to what lengths these people will go to, to make money. As I have said on many occasions I see nothing wrong with selling part-worn tyres as long as they were processed and sold within the law of our land.
Please take a look at this video and let me know what you think??

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This post was written by Eric Roberts and first published on Pellonautocentre blog…

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre-environmental commitment in 3 tyres

Yokohama BluEarth tyres range demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally. The BluEarth AE-01 tyre encompasses much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and exper…

There is no doubt in my mind that the Yokohama BluEarth tyres will become one of the big tyre players shortly.

Their commitment to the motorsport scene and research and development is second to none in the tyre world.

Yokohama Compounds were tested as far back as the 1980’s
It is common knowledge that Yokohama tyres were first starting to develop more

Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

Environmental friendly tyres back in the 1980’s. The giant Japanese have always believed that motorsport participation would lead them to better research and development opportunities. However, this seems to be the case with many of the leading tyre companies, who are now developing more and more tyre products on the quest to obtain the best rolling resistance, by using different products in their compound mixes and indeed creating more diverse tread patterns to achieve this goal.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre uses orange peel oil technology on new race tyres.

It is no secret. That it was back in the 1980’s that Yokohama tyres started to experiment. By using Orange peel oil, in some of their tyre compounds. The first tests were carried out on some of their motorsport racing slick tyres. These are the tyres that have no tread and look like a

blue Earth symbol

bald car tyre. These slicks are used to drive the racing cars on a dry circuit. They are a soft compound tyre. These tyres have to be warmed up in special sort of tents. In which they place a portable blow heater to pre-warm the tyres before a race commences. This orange oil helps give a softer compound and has now being incorporated in some of their tyre product range a tyre known as the “Ascend”. I am not familiar with the name of this product, and I think that it is made in Virginia and is only for sale in the USA.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

“Yokohama is the only tire company to have perfected this science,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama director of product planning and motorsports. “The result was the ADVAN® ENV-R1™, which debuted in 2009 at Sebring International Raceway and became the world’s first tire in a racing series that used sustainable materials.” This would later replace the ADVAN ENV-R2.
To bring things up-to-date Yokohama has started to develop a common tyre concept yokohamacalling it the BluEarth concept. The complete line of the BluEarth tyres with the new concept mark on the tyre.

The new technology will provide the driver with a better driving experience, through newly evolved tread designs and rubber compounds that include orange peel oils. Finally, the new concept of tyres also gives the driver a better return on his fuel costs, because of the improve fuel efficiency of the tyre range.
Yokohama’s tyre innovations are born on the race track and end up supporting the regular guy with their regular cars.


Point-S – Kerr’s tyres joins

Point-S Development and Point S UK are celebrating the addition of Kerr’s Tyres to their network. Based in Northern Ireland, Kerr’s tyres is the first tyre retailer from the country to join the net…


As a member of Points myself, i am very pleased that other members are coming on board. The more members will mean better benefits to us all across the UK.

Why Point-S?
Many of our customers in the Halifax area of Yorkshire UK, may have noticed that we have re-vamped our fitting depot and painted it in blue and white, which is to fit in with the Point-S corporate image.
Point-S is a company that was formed many years ago in the European mainland. It was

Point-S tyre depot in Germany

First started in Paris, France by a small group of tyre retailers who tried to get better buying terms from the tyre manufacturers, by purchasing in a larger group and not as individuals. The venture became very successful and soon spread throughout France and into some bordering countries.
It was decided that a separate company had to be formed to complete the everyday running of the business because it was getting too large to handle for the founders, who had their tyre businesses to run.

The Point-S setup was just what the independent tyre companies were looking for to compete with the fast-growing multi-national companies.

The company soon spread throughout Europe and became popular in all the states including a significant presence in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy.
Point-S spreads to the USA and the UK
Point-S is now the largest tyre retailing organisation in the World and because of this has secured fantastic deals on tyre prices for its members over the years. This also includes the accessories and things such as tyre fitting machinery at discount prices. The tyre manufacturers that were not interested in dealing with small tyre retailers were now

Point-S sign at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

fighting to supply the Point-S members.

Rebate schemes were set up for all the members, and more and more countries were eager to join the Point-S club. Also includeding the UK, where independent tyre retailers were in the same position as they were in France years earlier. The tyre manufacturers did not want to supply small tyre retailers like us at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. Eventually, they asked certain individuals here in the UK if they would like to start a British arm of Point-S.
Point-S soon spread, because this is just what we were looking for, to be part of a large organisation and also keeping our independent status. We are now reaping the benefits of being in a bigger club. Including better-buying power.

It enables us to compete or even beat the tyre prices from the large tyre companies. At Pellon Tyres. We even have our prices on the internet. Furthermore, we have professional tyre lookup facilities. That enable our customers to feed in their registration number and it will tell them their correct tyre size, and they will then be able to look up our very competitive tyre prices and buy tyres from our website online.
Some of the brands that we are now stocking are Yokohama and Avon tyres. These brands passionate to supplying Point-S members. They have also helped us to bring the image of our fitting station into the 21st century, by fitting us up to date signage and display materials. Finally, any of our recent customers will have noticed the significant improvements that could have only being possible by being a member of Point-S.


Car Tyres are going to get Taller and Thinner

Size and shape of car tyres will be changing

This is a good story for let’s say for the more mature garage owners amongst us, (the older guys). We are the ones that remember the cars and their car tyres back in the 1960’s and on from there. The tyre industry is about to do a turn around when it comes to car tyres design and sizes and will revert back to similar ones that were used in the early days, they are to start making taller and thinner car tyres.
This reversal has come about by pressure from governments to encourage car manufacturers to design and make their cars more ECO friendly. By reverting back to the tall thin tyre they are helping the car designers to reduce fuel consumption and help give their cars better carbon emissions figures.
When I first worked in the industry this type of tyre sizes were the norm. The MGB sports car came out on 165×14 tyres a narrow tyre by today’s standards. The early E-Type Jaguars were originally fitted with 185v15 size tyres as were the Ferrari 250 GT’s. Even the more every day type of cars such as the VW Beetles and Volvos were fitted with 155×15 and 165×15 size tyres, which were very narrow compared with some of the tyre sizes that were later to be developed.

bridgestone ecopia tyre
Bridgestone tyre showing the tall and thin effect of the new car tyres.

Pirelli one of the companies to develop the slimmer car tyres.

Pirelli have said that they will be driven to come out with new sizes by stricter European Union regulations that will force them to develop tyres that have the best ratings. The idea of this is to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyres. The first target for the regulations is 2016 and then a higher target in 2020. The new tyre rules will be getting stricter and stricter, and so it will not be long before we see this type of tyre coming into our garages and tyre shops.

What is rolling resistance?

Rolling resistance is basically the friction between the wheel and tyre and the road surface. The broader the tyres footprint then the more resistance is created, we would normally put this down to a better grip and this is one of the reasons that the low profile tyres were developed, firstly for motorsport and then for road cars.
Also at the bottom of the tyre where the tyre meets the road surface, there is a flat spot, this is known as the “compact patch “and as you roll over it going forward the flat section moves round the tyre. The shape of the tyre is constantly changing. This gives an extra resistive force. This why the car uses more fuel when your tyres are not inflated correctly (under-inflated), the engine is having to work harder to push the car along with its flatter tyres. A simpler way of putting it is that if you have a half flat tyre on your bicycle you know that it is much harder to peddle, then it is the same for your car, this is known as “rolling resistance”.
Also because of more modern tread designs, then there has been no loss of “wet and dry grip,” This is also due to more modern tyre compounds and treads patterns with deeper sipes. Sipes are the tiny slits that help to dissipate the water in wet driving conditions. This tyre design is incorporated in Michelins new tyre the Michelin AS all season tyres, as the tyre wears down then the sipes do as well, giving excellent grip as the tyre wears down,
In fact Bridgestone and Michelin are two of the tyre companies that are involved in the development of the taller, thinner tyres.
In fact the new BMW i3 concept car has come out on 19 inch wheels, tyre size 155/70×19 but the tyres are half the width of the conventional BMW 3 series cars, according to Michelin by increasing the tyres diameter by 2 inches will reduce rolling resistance by about 5%.
The new Citroen C4 cactus will use 18 inch wheels, which will be just 155mm wide (about 6 inches).
One good thing about this is that I love change? I believe that these new tyre designs are what makes our job more interesting, especially for us older guys who remember the original skinny tyres going back 40 or 50 years.

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Tyre Separation-Car Owners Blame the Tyre Makers but Whose Fault is it realy ?

Tyre Separation-Whose Fault is it?

In all my years in the tyre business, this has always been a difficult thing to judge. One of the reasons is because the tyre often disintegrates into pieces and the original cause cannot be seen , at tyre separationleast with the naked eye.
I am bringing this up because just this week we have had two cases of tyre separation on two different types of vehicle. One was a car and the other a caravan. The car had developed a large “egg” on the shoulder area, and the caravan had pieces of tread hanging off after a blowout occurred when the driver was returning from his holidays.
Both of our customers were disgruntled to say the least and both blamed the tyre separation on faulty tyres. More reading…

This takes me back to my younger days, when faulty tyres were very common. Even in my later years I noted that Firestone in America was having huge problems with tyres blowing out on the Ford Explorer. The problem of the tyres became a mixture of blames as the SUV’s turned over after the tyre blowout occurred, but other problems with the vehicles design came into play, so I won’t go any further with that.

Tyre tread separation in the 70’s

Tyre tread separation in the 1960’s and 70’s became a common thing.The problem stemmed from the tyre companies inability to design

tyre separation
This caravan tyre was due to a screw causing the tyres casing to separate.

and make a worthy steel belted radial to compete with the Michelin tyres, that were out classing all their other rivals in both quality and tyre mileage, the Michelin’s could double the mileage of all the other tyres on the market. Goodyear and Firestone experimented with different types of steel to make the steel belt wires with, but failed to stop the belts oxidising (rusting) and the oxygen that this gave off caused the tyres to separate. (Tyres are made of a build-up of different layers of rubber called a casing).
In the long run they were given a licence from Michelin and the secret of a steel belt coated with alloys made up of brass and copper resulted in the other tyre companies developing a better product, and virtually eliminating the tyre separation problem in their tyre products.
Another problem that let some of the tyre makers down was their lack of cleanliness in the factories that produced the tyres. I can vouch for this myself, having visited some tyre factories and seen the dirt and dust everywhere. In fact it has been known , over the years that things like screws and bolts, even a chicken bone and a screwdriver have been found embedded in a tyres structure, eventually giving the tyre owner problems.
The main problem in the past though has been dust and dirt contaminating the adhesive that helps to vulcanise the tyre layers together. If dust gets in then the tyre will eventually crack or start to form a bubble due to tyre separation. Other problems can be found with the steel belt. They can form rust and corrosion which can be evidence that there has been some sort of moisture contamination, during manufacture.
Tyre makers can now tell what a more specific problem may be. of moisture contamination during manufacturing. Bare wire is an indication of a manufacturing adhesion defect. Brassy wire is a strong indication that there has been an adhesive left out altogether. These type of faults can now be detected by the use of High resolution photographs. These images can be taken of any exposed surfaces as quickly after the problem has been discovered especially if this is required as evidence in an accident case.

Tyre tread separation can be detected at an early stage

This is one of the dilemmas that we face when determining whether the fault lies with the tyre manufacturer or the customer. The main thing is to make sure that you check your tyres at a regular period and as well as checking the pressures look and feel for any sign of a small lump or bubble. I must admit that they are easy to see on the sidewall but not on the tread area.
These bumps and lumps on the sidewall are usually caused by the tyre being kerbed or if the car hits a stone or runs over a pothole. One of the sidewall cords breaks leaving a week spot, pushing out the rubber to form a lump. If this happens and you detect it, then

tread seperation
This tyre looks like it has developed a fault. We could not find any objects that had penetrated the tyre.


tread separation
This shows the same tyre from a different angle, showing the complete distortion of the tyre, this will be sent back to the manufacturer for examination.

unfortunately you will have to buy a new tyre.
The tread area is a little different. I have found that the main problem for an egg to appear on the shoulder/tread area comes down to a previous puncture repair that the tyre has had. What happens is that the nail or screw, whatever you had in the tyre has damaged the wire in the steel belt and the tyre oxidises, just like a faulty new tyre does. In 90% of cases an old puncture repair will be to blame and we are able to show the problem to the customer. If we cannot find anything that could have caused a problem then we will send the tyre back to the manufacturers with a suspected faulty tyre.
This is a bit of important advice. If you do go over a pothole or hit a kerb with you tyres bellow the pressure that they should be, then you will increase the chance of tyre damage. Also if you feel that the car is pulling to the left or right, or your wheels are out of balance then this is an early sign of a separation problem in your tyre. Whenever a customer has a balancing problem, then the first thing we do is to examine the tyre for other problems, because it is most unusual for a tyre to go out of balance, unless a wheel weight comes off, which is very rare. So if you need the wheels balancing then it is likely that you will have another problem and it is usually a slipped belt caused by separation.
Eric Roberts
Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and I am MD for online battery company I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days, before starting my first business. I now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.




Vredestein Tyres made me sick?

Driving too fast-Vredestein Tyres made me sick?

I really mean physically sick, let me explain. It was back in 2006; Vredestein tyres were going to launch a brand new product. The new tyre would be to fit the new popularity for SUV vehicles that were hitting the car market.
The 4X4 and SUV market was starting to become more popular amongst Europeans in most countries and were a growing favorite amongst women drivers. The extra height in the

vredestein tyres
Vredestein tyres on test in the Austrian mountains

vehicles gave the drivers a better driving position, especially for the usually smaller female drivers, and in my opinion was one of the popular points of these cars.
These vehicles also came out in the more up-market brands such as BMW and Mercedes and these were followed by a new Porsche SUV and a completely new type of Landrover Discovery, with a much more streamlined and sexy shape that were becoming popular with the business owner types of customers.

Vredestein tyres could see the market gap

Vredestein tyres were already established as a leader in the winter tyre market and could see that this growing class of vehicles were going to need winter tyres especially in the countries that have to fit them by law, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These cars were primarily coming out from original equipment shod with summer tyres.
The summer tyres were developed by the tyre manufacturers to provide these top class cars with comfort and strength when cornering, because of the large sizes of tyres that these vehicles were coming out in, some are now even larger with 23 inch wheels fitted. If the makeup and compound of the tyres were not right, then these tyres would be a very hard ride and uncomfortable on most vehicles, so the correct makeup of the tyres was very important.

Vredestein tyres announce new type of tyre

Vredestein tyres had seen this problem arising and had developed a new type of tyre specifically for the SUV and 4X4 winter tyre market; the tyre would be the “Wintrac 4 Xtreme”. The tyre was to be available in 16 different sizes and included some of the more exotic tyre sizes that fitted the more up-market models, including the new Porsche Cayenne.

vredestein tyres
Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme tyres on test

Vredestein tyres were in those days a mid- range tyre manufacturer, but always produced quality tyre products and they were very excited about their new tyre. The plan was to have a European wide tyre dealer launch and this was to be presented at a lake side resort in Austria with extensive tyre testing in the mountains of Austria. The whole adventure was kept secret to the last few days and all the European tyre dealers were given different dates to attend the new tyre launched. Countries were kept apart and we would be in the United Kingdom party to travel from Manchester to Saltsburg airport in Austria.
The whole thing had been kept a secret, a part of the fact that we knew it must have been something about tyres and I must admit that we were a bit excited about what was coming. We were then transported by coaches to nearby lake side resort, which I think was called the Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa, Fuschlsee-Salzburg and were told to meat at seven in the evening for drinks and a presentation.
Vredestein had certainly gone to town with all the preparations and I was most impressed with the whole experience. After checking into our room we refreshed ourselves and were told to meet in a certain bar for pre-presentation drinks. I guess there were probably a hundred dealers there from all over the UK and Ireland and after drinks we were funneled into a conference hall to be seated for the presentation of what was to be the “wintrac 4 Xtreme”, especially designed for the new generation of SUV and 4X4 vehicles.
The presentation was in keeping with the rest of the excellent hospitality and we were then treated to an evening meal followed by a male soul singer from Holland. We were briefed that the following day we would all be taken in groups of four in different brand new vehicle that were kitted out with the new wintrac tyres, this was to prove to us the dealers how good the product was.
The following day we packed our bags and assembled outside the Hotel frontage where we were given the number of the vehicle that we would be driving in. All the cars were driven by professional drivers with experience of driving in snow and mountains and all were covered in Vredestein logos. My car was to be a brand new Landrover Discovery the first one I had ever seen. We waited until all the cars were filled with tyre dealers and the cars all set off in a convoy.
I must admit to feeling slightly nervous, not knowing what to expect. The vehicles split up into small groups and we were climbing higher and higher until we reached the snow line. We continued to go higher and higher, but now we were driving at speed on very narrow single roads with deep drops at one side, I was now out of my comfort zone as I am a poor passenger at the best of times . We eventually reached the summit, which I was told was a glazier.
After doing several wheelies on the glazier I started to feel uncomfortable, but was assured by the drive that we were perfectly safe and he had been using these tyres for practice over the past 6 months. We then started to descend down the mountains, but we never lost the car once, I was most impressed with the tyres performance. After reaching the forest line going down the mountain, the driver decided to demonstrate how good the tyres were on a mountain gravel track and started hurtling the Landover downhill at great speed before slamming on the brakes.
That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I could feel my stomach hurtling up to mouth and threw up all over the brand new Landrover, just missing my fellow passengers.
I did feel a little better after that and the journey became more tranquil as fee wound down the small roads of the foothills back towards our waiting coaches and then onto the airport for our return flight home. It was on the whole a really well planned new product launch by Vredestein tyres and it proved to be successful for Vredestein and future sales, but the one thing I learned is that I will never be a rally car driver?
Eric Roberts
Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and I am MD for online battery company I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days, before starting my first business. I now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.