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run-flat tyres-Deflating reality –

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

Run-flat tires promise to remove a key travel worry—being stranded roadside. However, the ownership experience can be both expensive and frustrating, as we have heard from owners.

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality


This article is exactly what i have been saying in my other articles about run flat tyre articles? Should safety be at any cost.

The concept is a great idea, but how many lives do they really save at a high cost to the customers who have just a normal puncture. I have yet to meet a driver who can say that the run flat tyres on his car helped to avoid an accident.

Or is that they just do not know? I mean that if they were doing 70 MPH on a busy motorway and the run-flat tyres-Deflating reality kicked in, the TPMS light would come on, but how could they compare this with say having a normal tyre blowout in a bad position.

This scenario is in fact very rare and i suppose that a blowout in a normal tyre would have caused an accident in any case.

run flat tyres problems

One of the biggest problems is that  the concept is a good idea, but they do leave some motorists stranded, without a spare wheel.

Just the other day i had a meeting arranged and the guy that i was to meet had a tyre blowout in his BMW. He had no spare and eventually had to call out the AA. The only place that had a replacement tyre was 120 mile away and it cost £290 for a replacement tyre.

BMW run flat tyres are expensive, especially when the car becomes a few years old and belongs to the second or third owner. This is where the danger lies? drivers will resort to fitting anything if they cannot afford the right tyre. From the dreaded part worns  to fitting a non-run flat regular tyre. This is all a part of the run-flat tyres-Deflating reality?people cannot afford to keep buying these tyres every time they have a puncture?

The BMW Mini is a great example. These cars are very popular with young female drivers. They buy a second hand car and cringe when they have to buy some new run-flat tyres, is it all worth it i ask?

From the safety angle then yes it is, but the cost? i am not so sure.

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Run-flat Tyres should be used on Taxis- Why run-flat tyres could be the way forward

Run-flat Tyres

run-flat tyres

If you get  puncture problems on a busy main road, do you think you could fix it safely? Run-flat tyres are a better idea, and the compromise in ride quality is a lot smaller than it used to be.


Many of the new cars that are manufactured today, are coming out on various run-flat tyres.

At first i was not too sure about them, but i am now a fan of the tyres for the safety aspects.

There has been much written about the runflat tyres, but going back to basics, then they are really good safety feature of any car.

Especially when they are used in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

I would also like to be a little controversial and suggest that we make it law that all public transport vehicles be fitted with run-flat tyres. We all know about tragic accidents that tyre blowouts can cause(whatever the reason). I think that all taxis including mini buses, should be fitted with runflat tyres as a major safety feature.

Run-flat tyres should be used on Taxis and Mini buses

I know this will upset the owners of taxis, but we as the public have to rely on the taxi owners to fit good tyres onto their cars. The addition of run-flat tyres would make these cars much safer for the public who have to use them.

run-flat tyres
Changing a wheel could be a thing of the past?

At the moment run-flat tyres are more expensive than a normal tubeless car tyre. This however could be short lived ,with the introduction of some economy brands, bringing out run-flats.

Run-flat Tyres

This will make the tyres more competitive and bring down the price. I know for sure that many taxi companies here in the north of England now use part-worn tyres. This is just false economy and a safety risk to their passengers. The other option could be self seal tyres, which would also be a safer option.

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