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Toyo Tyres USA-Extends its Run as Official Tire of NASA – Modern Tire Dealer

Toyo Tyres USA

Toyo Tyres USA
Toyo Tyres USA NASA Race car with Toyo advertising

Toyo Tyres USA- Corp. is continuing its long-time support of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), signing a five-year renewal covering the 2016-2020 racing seasons. Toyo has been the Official Tire of NASA since 2003.

Toyo Tyre USA continue to give support and be the tyre supplier for the NASA Cars

Toyo tyres USA like so many tyre companies these days, look to motorsport for consumer recognition for their tyre products.

I have always had a sweet spot for Toyo tyres here in the UK. They were always a great tyre company to deal with. Toyo were always helpful when it came to credit terms and product awareness campaigns.

In fact we very often bought their tyre in containers, such was there popularity her in Halifax Yorkshire UK. Although all this was over ten years ago we still get some of our customers asking for the Toyo tyres products. Things came to an end though when Toyo decided to do what so many other tyre manufactures do and distribute their tyres through the wholesaling companies.

Toyo Tyre USA has been the long-time tyre supplier and supporter of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and is now signing a new contract from 2016 to the 2020 race season. Toyo Tyre USA is also supporting the prestigious 25-Hours of Thunder hill, the longest endurance road race in North America.

Like many other tyre makers Toyo Tyre USA, use these races for the research and development of the tyre products that will eventually end up on normal standard road cars. The name Proxes was developed from a broad range of racing tyres.

NASA races are split into many car types and categories. Toyo use the Toyo Proxes RR two-groove DOT competition tyre, in many of these classes. These include the Honda Challenge, Spec E30 cars, Spec E46 cars and many more. Toyo also has also recently added the Spec Z class for Nissan 350Zs to the list of spec classes.

To learn more about the Proxes line competition and UHP tyres, go to

Eric Roberts

Toyo Tyres Launch a new R888R tyre for street legal and raceday cars

toyo tyres
Toyo directional tyre

Toyo Tyres Launch a new R888R tyre

For those who have been following my blogs and articles over the years, and then they will know that I have always been a keen follower of the Toyo tyres products. Over the years I have sold thousands of Toyo tyres and indeed used to buy the tyres in containers, direct from Japan.
I have always tried to maintain a good relationship with a mid-range tyre company that will give us some promotional backing as well as having a good quality product to sell us. At the moment and for the foreseeable future, Yokohama tyres are fitting the criteria that I am always looking for.
Brand consistency has always been my goal, as it is important to sell a good tyre product that the customers can rely on both in quality and supply. It is no good, if your customer has to buy a different brand of tyre every time he or she needs a replacement tyre.

Toyo tyres filled this requirement

At different times in my long career in tyres, Toyo tyres have filled this spot. Part of the mix of a good supplier is the price of the products and also the stability of the price. It is no good if the price fluctuates every time you need new stock and also the popular sizes should have special offers attached on a permanent basis. This factor also gives you customer loyalty, because they know that when they come back to you then the price will be the same or very close to their last purchase.toyo tyres
If I did have any criticism about certain tyre suppliers it would be that they change tyre designs too much, with claims that their new tyre will give them “X” better miles, or they will be able to corner faster. Michelin and Continental tyres are the worse culprits of this, in my opinion, but as a mid-range tyre manufacturer, I would say that Toyo tyres have also been guilty of this. As a tyre retailer we try to offer our customers continuity and value, but this becomes difficult when they are always changing tread designs claims that this new tyre is better than their old tyre.

toyoy tyres
Toyo Proxes

It can make you feel daft when every time a guy buys a new tyre, you have to sell him the latest tyre that superseded the last one he bought. One of my main grumbles was when Toyo tyres introduce a directional tyre and ran besides a normal tread pattern. This was also done by other tyre companies along with the introduction of the asymmetric tread design, which meant that the tyre could only be fitted to one corner with the tread facing a certain way, which were marked “inside” and “outside”.
This mixture of tread designs and specific tyres for specific cars started to put me off a little, because I did not think that it was what my customers here in Halifax UK, wanted. Like many of the mid-range tyre companies, Toyo tyres had ambitions to join the top elite tyre companies, by way of supplying the car manufacturers with the Toyo tyres product.
One of the car makers that they were successful with was Audi. Some of the Audi models were coming out on Toyo tyres as original equipment. This also meant that when the tyre needed replacing, then there would be a chance that the driver would replace the tyres with Toyo again and would give them a better market share.

This new drive lead Toyo tyres, to develop a tyre for Audi.

The new 255/35 R 19 96Y Proxes T1 Sport is the ideal tyre for the most powerful Audi TT RS model. With outstanding handling and aerodynamics, coupled to a 340ps engine, the Audi TT RS requires an exceptional tyre and Toyo fitted the bill…
Toyo tyres then developed a tyre that would also become a street legal track racing tyre, the Proxes R8888. This was replaced by a new tyre, now called the Proxes R888R. These tyres although legal to drive on the normal roads, were used in many club championships by would be car racing stars. This new tyre has also been recognised by the French car maker Renault, when Renault Sport fitted the tyre as original equipment on the new Megane R26R model.
The new tyre will be produced in 32 different sizes in the beginning. The new Proxes R888R will give the driver a fast warm up time, with increased dry grip and a sustained performance over multiple laps and heat cycles. A rayon “super-high” turn up ply on some sizes, together with steel side plies, give the new Proxes R888R a more accurate steering response and driver feedback, increasing the drivers control and therefore optimising lap times.
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