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Kumho Tyres – Yokohama Tyres Expand Partnership –

Kumho Tyres

Tire Review
Kumho Tyres, Yokohama Expand Partnership
Tire Review
Business Korea reports Kumho Tire and YRC have started discussing the supply of OEM parts.

This is a story that in my opinion will keep on growing?

Kumho Tyres and Yokohama are both great mid-range tyre brands. They are operating in a vastly over supplied tyre market and in my opinion something will have to give.

In all my 40 years experience in the tyre industry, i have never seen so much choice. Tyre manufacturers are falling over themselves to supply us and something has to give.

We have seen the recent acquisition of the mod-range tyre maker from Holland, Vredestein tyres by Apollo tyres and i am sure that other such deals will be taking place in the near future.

it looks like Kumho Tyres and Yokohama are taking the slow road to joining forces, and are dripping small snippets of news out to the tyre trade press.

In my opinion this will become a complete tyre manufacturing partnership in the future and one of the names will disappear.

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Yokohama VW Scirocco Tyres- Sporting tyre story from Adam Beeston on Twitter

Yokohama VW Scirocco Tyres

Can highly recommend these @YRC_Global Yokohama tyres they stick like glue on the scirocco @VWUKNews #stickytyres

Yokohama VW Scirocco Tyres

Of course, Yokohama Tyres are on their way to become a top ten contender in the world tyre companies. Must be remembered that Yokohama are a Japanese tyre company. So, with great ambitions to be one of the globes best tyre companies.

Not only do they sell a good product but, they have also developed a green environmental tyre, called the “BLUE EARTH’.

The guy who tweeted is certainly happy with his new tyres, fitted to his VW Scirocco, and like thousands of our customers here in Halifax,Yorkshire,UK he will get years of great service from his new Yokohama VW Scirocco tyres.

As many of my readers will know. This Japanese tyre company. Are also very well known for their involvement in manufacturing and supplying tyres for motorsport. This involvement helps in research and development. Designing new tyres for the regular passenger car market.

Pellon tyres in Yorkshire UK, became a Yokohama tyre dealer

So, we have  had nothing else but praise for  this  excellent tyre product. Point-S are our main suppliers now in 2018. So we buy direct with  Point-S rebate.

It came  as no surprise to me when the Twitter guy Adam Beeston, thought it necessary to tweet about the  VW Scirocco tyres. These tyres have always appealed to the younger sportier type of driver.

Yokohama have had many years of motorsport experience. Research and development that has emanated from their tyre products . So, has been passed onto the passenger car tyre market. Making a tyre that has compounds to ensure that the tyre sticks to the road.

Yokohama are also renowned for their expertise in creating a greener tyre. This is known as the “Blue Earth tyre” and is now becoming one of their best sellers.

Other brands we recommend are General tyres and Continental tyres. 

Eric Roberts


Yokohama tyres Shirt Sponsor Chelsea FC-Tyler Wilson on Twitter

Yokohama tyres Shirt Sponsor Chelsea FC

Yokohama tyres at Chelsea FC

Just bought a new car this #EPL eve. Had to have @YokohamaTC tyres! Up the Chels! #CFC @ChelseaFC #KTBFFH

Yokohama tyres Shirt Sponsor Chelsea FC

I must admit that Yokohama pulled off a great coup when they did a deal to become Chelsea FC’s tyre sponsors.

Other tyre companies are teaming up with big time premier league football clubs including a recent deal between Manchester United and Apollo Tyres.

Apollo tyres are now getting a foothold in to the British tyre market with the recent acquisition of Dutch tyre company Vredestein Tyres, who are famous for producing some of the best SUV and winter tyres in Europe. This has enabled Apollo tyres to compete with Yokohama as one of the up and coming tyre players in the UK tyre market.

The world of tyres has been making massive profits.

Due to modernisation and innovation coming from all the major and mid-range tyre companies. This has enabled the tyre companies to compete with other big businesses and compete with the advertising potential that comes from deals with the big football clubs across Europe. This includes the  Yokohama tyres at Chelsea FC recent deal.

I can remember when tyre companies. Could only afford to spend their advertising money on “billboard advertising”. TV advertising was used, but only as general style TV ads. Subsequently,  not the massive shirt sponsorship deals that we see today, like the  Yokohama tyres at Chelsea FC and the Apollo tyres at Manchester United deals in recent years.

As the owner of a Tyre shop here in Halifax ,Yorkshire

So, for the past 27 years, i welcome the wealth that has flowed into the tyre industry in recent years. Tyre companies have been falling over themselves to Yokohama tyres at Chelsea FCdeck out my depot in their very professional logos and advertising expertise. Yokohama have been very proactive and have practically re-designed my depot,(a big thanks to Yokohama?)

We do of course sell their products but in the past we were always starved of any corporate help from the tyre companies. Michelin would give the odd Michelin Man to stick up somewhere in the depot and the odd tyre pressure chart, but i must say things have moved in the right direction in recent times and most independent tyre shops are looking much better for the makeovers.

Eric Roberts

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Yokohama run-flat sports tyres-Now Available in the UK from Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK.

Yokohama run-flat sports tyres

Yokohama run-flat sports

Prevalent yokohama run-flat sports tyres.: sSqI

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Yokohama tyres. Are one of the world’s most up and coming tyre companies. Hence, they have achieved this by developing an excellent tyre range available to the public. As a result, this tyre range has been developed. Together,  with the aid of research and development. So, through their involvement in motorsport.

Yokohama once only appealed to the younger sportier driver. But is now acclaimed as one of the best car tyres available. hence, for all classes of driver. naturally, from the sports hatch to the lucrative SUV market.

The news is now out. Yokohama having brought out a new run-flat tyre. Thereby, the Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS run-flat tyres. Like all run-flat tyres that are made. Thus, the Yokohama will have much strengthened sidewalls. Of course, that will allow the car to run on . After a rapid tyre deflation. This enables the driver to drive their car at 50 mph. Thus, for up to 50 miles to get the tyre changed.

Yokohama run-flat sports tyres

Many drivers did not like the idea at first. But they can be a real life saver. Especially, that I think that they are now more appreciated. The Yokohama run-flat sports tyres.Therefore, will run alongside the Yokohama Advan Sport tyres. Which also comes out on many German car models. Such as Mercedes, Porsche and Audi and now including Bentley cars.Yokohama run-flat sports tyres
The Yokohama run-flats will be fitted on BMW’s in the factory including the Mini’s and will be available from Yokohama stockists such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK.
The new run-flat tyre is manufactured using Yokohamas latest compound technology enabling excellent grip and safety to be maintained at all times.

The new tyres will also have a specially designed bead wire on Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS run-flat tyres from Yokohama Tyres ensures that the tyre remains in good contact with the alloy wheel rim when in use. This bead wire along with the bead filler ensures that the tyre gives the car a rigid and comfortable ride all the time.
The new Yokohama run-flat sports tyres will just slot in the already impressive range of tyres from this exceptional Japanese tyre manufacturer.
Eric Roberts

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Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres, For City, Performance and SUV Cars — Which Tyres?

Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres

yokohamas bluearth tyres

Which Tyres? takes a look at just how ‘Eco’ and eco friendly tyre can be. Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres range starts us rolling.

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Yokohama are one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. They are also a great tyre supporter in the motorsport scene. This involvement helps the Japanese tyre company to create better tyre products for the car replacement tyre market.

yokohamas bluearth tyres
Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

one such innovation has been the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres range of tyres. As Yokohama dealers for their tyres here in Halifax we are big fans of their commitment to the BluEarth range which in my opinion demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally.

The Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres AE-01 tyre developments

Are the results of much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and experience. As a result, the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres pioneered “Orange Oil technology”. Thus, in which oil from the peel of citrus fruit is used. Hence, to replace some of the more dangerous ingredients in the tyre itself. Therefore, reducing the harmful petroleum-based particles by up to 80 per cent.

Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres feature a combination of “NANO” blend compound technology. Including, external aerodynamic features.Naturally, and lightweight inner liner which makes the tyres more leak-proof and also lighter.
Yokohama is well known for their commitment to the motorsport scene. For this reason, this is where many of the new tyre developments have come from. Including, the race track speeds up research and development for their tyre products. The Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres are made for the replacement tyre market and are aimed at small and mid-range car market; these are the AE-01 tyres.
For the drivers of larger cars. Yokohama have added their most recent addition. Of course, the BluEarth-A (AE-50). Which also uses the latest NANO-blend compound technology. Hence, which improves the levels of wet weather grip and also improves the vehicles fuel efficiency.
Yokohama’s flagship ADVAN Sport (V105) tyres also get the BluEarth treatment in certain sizes. Replacement V105 tyres with Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres technology allows vehicle manufacturers to offer a high grip greener tyre option for their top-of-the-range performance tyre models.

Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres have also won “original Equipment” approval

from Mercedes-Benz for many of its models, the V105 complete with the BluEarth symbol, are factory fitted to the latest S-Class, SL-Class and AMG C63 models.
Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres have also been chosen by many other leading car manufacturers such as Honda and Lexus as “original equipment”. Lexus recently chose the BluEarth E51A tyre as OE fitment for its new Crossover model, the NX in 225/60R18. This tyre also fits the Lexus NX, which also has hybrid engine technology and will be fitted on the range-topping F-Sport and Premier models.
These are great steps forward for the Japanese tyre company who have recently announced a research and development partnership with Kumho Tyres of South Korea, who by the way are also great participants in motorsport, to aid tyre development.
Eric Roberts

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre-environmental commitment in 3 tyres

Yokohama BluEarth tyres range demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally. The BluEarth AE-01 tyre encompasses much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and exper…

There is no doubt in my mind that the Yokohama BluEarth tyres will become one of the big tyre players shortly.

Their commitment to the motorsport scene and research and development is second to none in the tyre world.

Yokohama Compounds were tested as far back as the 1980’s
It is common knowledge that Yokohama tyres were first starting to develop more

Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

Environmental friendly tyres back in the 1980’s. The giant Japanese have always believed that motorsport participation would lead them to better research and development opportunities. However, this seems to be the case with many of the leading tyre companies, who are now developing more and more tyre products on the quest to obtain the best rolling resistance, by using different products in their compound mixes and indeed creating more diverse tread patterns to achieve this goal.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre uses orange peel oil technology on new race tyres.

It is no secret. That it was back in the 1980’s that Yokohama tyres started to experiment. By using Orange peel oil, in some of their tyre compounds. The first tests were carried out on some of their motorsport racing slick tyres. These are the tyres that have no tread and look like a

blue Earth symbol

bald car tyre. These slicks are used to drive the racing cars on a dry circuit. They are a soft compound tyre. These tyres have to be warmed up in special sort of tents. In which they place a portable blow heater to pre-warm the tyres before a race commences. This orange oil helps give a softer compound and has now being incorporated in some of their tyre product range a tyre known as the “Ascend”. I am not familiar with the name of this product, and I think that it is made in Virginia and is only for sale in the USA.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

“Yokohama is the only tire company to have perfected this science,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama director of product planning and motorsports. “The result was the ADVAN® ENV-R1™, which debuted in 2009 at Sebring International Raceway and became the world’s first tire in a racing series that used sustainable materials.” This would later replace the ADVAN ENV-R2.
To bring things up-to-date Yokohama has started to develop a common tyre concept yokohamacalling it the BluEarth concept. The complete line of the BluEarth tyres with the new concept mark on the tyre.

The new technology will provide the driver with a better driving experience, through newly evolved tread designs and rubber compounds that include orange peel oils. Finally, the new concept of tyres also gives the driver a better return on his fuel costs, because of the improve fuel efficiency of the tyre range.
Yokohama’s tyre innovations are born on the race track and end up supporting the regular guy with their regular cars.