Apollo Tyres-Rock-Road-campaign- takes high performance Vredestein tyres in new direction

Apollo Tyres-Rock-Road-campaign

Apollo Tyres-Rock-Road-campaign-Progressive tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein chose the high-profile setting of this year’s Geneva Motor Show to launch its very latest additions to its PCR range

Apollo Tyres-Rock-Road-campaign
Apollo Tyres-Rock-Road-campaign

There is no doubt that we are now dealing with one of the most progressive tyre manufacturers, in the world and Apollo Vredestein has chosen the high- profile setting of this year’s Geneva Motor Show to launch its very latest tyre products, including the Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre. There will also be additions to its Passenger Car range as well they will be announcing that the company’s ambitious growth strategy has now entered a new and exciting direction.

The new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre is great news to the Vredestein tyre dealers who have for many years promoted this excellent product and the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre, will be Unveiled on the Apollo stand. They will show off the new tyre which incorporates a number of benefits including outstanding driving performance, superior energy efficiency and low noise levels.

Apollo-Vredestein will also unveil the new Vredestein Ultrac Vorti high- performance pattern in 24- inch size option has a special tread pattern for both the front and rear axles and has been specifically designed for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. This is altogether great news for all the Apollo-Vredestein dealers across Europe and the UK

The Vredestein winter tyres were world renowned for quality and performance. Then came Apollo tyres? They saw Vredestein as a door into the European and the UK tyre market. At first things did not change. But as in all take-overs, Apollo began to run Vredestein tyres, their own way. The distribution centre has change along with the computer system.

It looked very much like Apollo were going to “steamroller” Vredestein into the Apollo tyre brand. This announcement of the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre, came as a surprise to me, (a nice surprise)


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Continental Sport Contact 6 – Track Tested to show off its handling and performance

Continental Sport Contact 6

Continental Sport Contact 6-WE head out to the Blister Berg Circuit to test out the Continental Tire’s new ultra high-performance tyre, the SportContact 6.

Continental Sport Contact 6

Continental Sport Contact 6

Designed for sports and high-performance vehicles. Black Chili for maximum grip in all directions enables supreme driving experience.

To enhance the power and performance of the new Continental Sport Contact 6, the guys in the laboratory at Continental have made further developments with the “Black Chili” tread compound. In the new Continental Sport Contact 6, there are two main things, which ensure maximum road holding when the tyre is pushed to its limits.

The Continental Sport Contact 6 tyres rubber compound is so designed as to bind with the surface of the road. At the same time, the tyres footprint generates chemical reactions, between the tyre compound bonds with the road surface, which ensures high adhesion, acting like small suction pads due to the behaviour of individual atoms at nanoscopic level.

All this technology gives the Sport Contact 6 fantastic grip on the road-surface. This give grip during cornering, braking and also fast acceleration, both on dry and wet roads. The tyres top speed has been established at 220 MPH, meaning that the new tyre has to cope with massive structural pressures and forces, due to forces such as centrifugal force.

This of course is established by strong construction materials and manufacturing. These materials are created with new materials such as “Aralon 350”, which is specially developed for the Continental Sport Contact 6.

Using the “Aralon 350” material which as I say was especially for the  Sport Contact 6, Continental utilises a synthetic fibre developed by two yarns made from strong aramid and closely interwoven with a yarn of flexible nylon. The yarn is then impregnated with rubber into belt strips. This fibre is placed under the tread as a joint-less cap ply. This structure is extremely strong and acts like an additional steel belt and offers controlled, behaviour even at maximum speeds.

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Tyre troubles- prompt RI consumer complaints on out of date tyres

Tyre troubles-“They were sitting in the guy’s warehouse for three or four years before he sold them as brand new tires,” said LaPan.

Tyre troubles-This problem could have raised its ugly head again? in the past, tyre wholesalers have beeing buying tyres at a cheap price and saving them until they can  get a  higher  price when the market goes up. This is common in many industries, but tyres have a certain shelf life and some are out of date by two and three years and even more.

This all kicked off, coming from one of my customers. While he was away on holiday he had a puncture and because his spare tyre was flat? He had to buy a new tyre from the local tyre depot, somewhere in Devon.

He had no need to tell me really, but he just wanted to warn us of what was going on. The tyres that he had on his car were Bridgestone Potenza S02 tyres. The guy at the tyre centre did not have them in but he said that if he returned the next day, then he

Tyre troubles
this tyre was coded as been made on the 14th week of 2011 hence the 1411

would get one in for him.

The guy was at the start of the holiday so he left his car and carried on with his holiday. The guy went back and the new Bridgestone tyre had been fitted and the puncture repair to the spare had been completed.

My customer is a fussy kind of guy and had recently been reading an article about “how to age a tyre, by the coding on the tyres sidewall”. He could not believe that the tyre was made in the year 2000 and was in fact 12 years old.

The life limit of a new tyre is 6 years. All tyres that have been kept in storage should not be sold or put to use if they are over 6 years old, from their date of manufacture. Also, when a tyre has been in use, on a vehicle, then the effects of ageing will be lessened to a degree, but these tyres should be replaced after 10 years. This is the tyre manufacturers recommendation and there does not appear to be a law against it. Tyre troubles are imminent.

The consumer does not know this?

There are ways of reading a tyre so that you know what age it was, see the attached post ...https://www.pellonautocentre.com/outdated-car-tyres/ 


Having Four Good Tyres-The Importance of Having a Good Set of Tyres

Having Four Good Tyres

Having Four Good Tyres-In all honesty, I think that most motorists take their tyres for granted? All you have to do is spend a day in my tyre centre, in Halifax UK and listen to what the customers have to say.

With all the focus on the internet and tyre dealers are scrambling to try and get their share of the online market? Although it is a reality, the internet is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is said that the internet sales are at the moment 20% of the tyre market and growing at a steady pace.

This leaves us with the other 80%? We are not looking for all cars to

Having Four Good Tyres
Having Four Good Tyres

have four good tyres, all the time, in fact, many of our customers change their tyres in pairs. This is usually because of the way that modern cars wear their tyres on the front or rear, depending on the drive of the car, front wheel drive cars usually wear down the front tyres first.

Going back to where I started. If you did spend a day in my tyre centre, then you would find that many of our customers, leave their entire tyre problems to us? They do not know the tyre size and have not got a clue if their tyres are illegal or not. These people will not be shopping on the internet for tyres. Four good tyres are all they are looking for, and they rely on us to look after their tyre requirements.

Another proof of this is when we first started our “tyre hotel” scheme. We were and still are inundated with customers, taking our advice and trusting us, when it came to winter tyres and storing their summer tyres. This proves the level of trust that our customers have and in my opinion, will never be replaced by the internet.

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Fulda SportControl 2: Goodyear launches Fulda UHP tyre : Tyrepress

Fulda SportControl

Fulda SportControl

Fulda SportControl

Tyres that take me back a few years. Because, I remember when we were Fulda tyre dealers.Of course, it was in the days when the  Fulda parent company, Goodyear. Allowed us to sell Fulda as our main product.

Fulda are a very good mid-range tyre.For this purpose the Fulda products helped my business to grow. Because, our customers like a bargain. For this reason, that mid-range tyres offer a better deal  for the consumer.

Mid-range tyres are made from the same materials and technologies as the parent company.In this case Goodyear tyres. So you are getting a Goodyear tyre for less money.

A new Fulda summer ultra-high performance tyre, the SportControl 2, is now available, and Goodyear says this latest generation product provides “enhanced performance on wet and dry roads.” The tyre…

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Goodyear spherical tyre – takes autonomous cars sideways into the future

Goodyear Spherical Tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre-Goodyear has taken the wraps off two concept tyres designed for the autonomous cars of tomorrow – including a spherical tyre that allows cars to drive sideways and one that can sense road conditions and adapt to them. …

Due to modern manufacturing techniques, tyres can be made to take any special sidewall markings or tread designs that they want. This Goodyear concept tyre is a fine example of that, and what a stunner it looks?

Goodyear spherical tyre
Goodyear spherical tyre

This comes along with the news that Goodyear in partnership with the Luxembourg government, are to build a lucrative technical centre. This will replace the present facilities and house about one thousand Goodyear employees. This will include around one thousand scientists, tyre engineers and development technicians. The whole new location is expected to accommodate over four thousand workers.

These are the guys who helped to develop the new Goodyear spherical tyre, and many other new Goodyear tyre products.

Goodyear have still got a wire plant in Bissen, Luxembourg, for making bead and steel wire for radial tyres. This will be closed and the land sold off to the Luxembourg government. The development of the Luxembourg Automotive Campus will create business growth and development opportunities inside of the European automotive sector for the Goodyear Company.  It is also going to create the same opportunities for its campus partners and also the country of Luxembourg.

As one of the founding partners and one of the first to move into the new facility at the Campus, Goodyear looks forward to joining in with other progressive automotive companies on the design, testing and hatching of new concepts and ideas, once again such as the concept tyre, the Goodyear spherical tyre.

I have been very fortunate in visiting one of the Goodyear facilities in Luxembourg and would like to wish Goodyear good luck in the new venture.


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Hankook Tyres Winter Tyres-Technotrac: Hankook Tire opens own winter test facility in Finland

Hankook Tyres Winter Tyres

Hankook Tyres Winter TyresWith a decisive snip, more than a year’s work was officially complete. Four representatives from Hankook Tire’s global and European operations, suitably rugged up for the occasion, were on hand to …

Hankook Tyres Winter Tyres

This article reinforces my own opinion about the huge amount of interest in winter tyres.This time, it is Hankook tyres that are putting in efforts.Hence to produce a great winter tyre. Therefore this article is about Hankooks efforts to rigorously test their winter tyre products.

Tough track conditions in ice and snow were provided from Finland.

Eric Roberts

Source: Technotrac: Hankook Tire opens own winter test facility in Finland

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre-American tyre maker Unveils special tyres for 100th Indy 500

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre; Motorsport news from Formula 1, GP2, GP3, Formula E, WEC, Indycar and MotoGP

As a tyre dealer for over 40 years. I have always admired the Firestone tyre brand?

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre
Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone tyres were plagued by problems in the early days of steel belted tyres. The North American tyre company were primarily making bias belted tyres for the American market. These bias tyres suited the type of suspension that was used on many of the American cars at the time.

However radial tyres were being fitted to cars in the European car market and were coming out with staggering mileage figures. These tyres were becoming the buzz word in the tyre markets of Europe, with Michelin X tyres leading the way.

Other tyre manufacturers were struggling to keep up with the performance of the steel belted tyres from Michelin. The problem was to be that the tyre manufacturers could not find a way of coating the steel wire which made up the steel belts, with a protection from oxidisation, (rusting).

Michelin had patented their method.Hence, of protecting the steel cords from rusting. When a tyre steel belt rusts. Then it causes the tyres layers to separate.Thus, causing an “egg” to form and the tyre goes out of shape and vibrates the car. This makes the car almost impossible to drive and the tyre has to be changed.

Firestone tyres.Were to be the victims of the same thing. Along with Goodyear tyres. Firestone started to have major problems, when making their first steel radials. Tyres were separating causing all sorts of problems, both in the USA and in Europe.

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone has always had a long-established connection to the motor-racing scene including the making of the Firestone Indy 500 Tyre. Eventually, Michelin sold the patent for making their steel wire rust proof and the tyre world’s steel belt issues fell.

Firestone then suffered a second period of tyres with best problems, mainly on Ford 4X4 trucks. This time, Firestone were sued and became very close to bankruptcy.

The company was bought by the massive Bridgestone tyre corporation of Japan. Since then Firestone tyres have begun to regain some credit and now make any excellent tyre product. The Firestone Indy 500 Tyre, is a perfect example of the quality of the tyres that are produced today.

Firestone has always been an iconic tyre brand, for all my tyre life and they still are. I must congratulate them for producing such a great looking tyre.


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BFG Mud Terrain tyres-Tear-resistant tread compound

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

Mud Terrain tyres;The Jeep Chief is sporting a custom fuel door, 2″ Lift Kit, and 37″ Mud-Terrain Tires. This @Jeep is ready to ride!

Mud Terrain tyres. Were originally made to provide the vehicle with traction.Therefore, that could go anywhere. They were developed to give the 4X4 driver.Excellent durability. Whilst also giving good wear and traction in any weather.Hence, that the vehicle could come up across.Including heavy snow falls.Mud tyres, wear technically designed with the help of racing tyres.As a result and were derived from a “cut-chip and tear-resistant tread compound”. This would give the tyres tread exceptional grip.Also and wear resistance when driving on roads that would normally tear tyres to shreds, such as gravel roads.

The compound on these  tyres. Are therefore generated from computers.Hence, to provide the tyres with tread patterns.Also, with high-void all-terrain pattern.Thus, with interlocking   tread blocks. This is also backed by placing the sipes. Consequently, in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy. As a result, when driving on normal tarmac roads. The Mud Terrain tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design.

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

The upper shoulder Sidewall Armor.Consequently, features a tougher sidewall rubber compound.That’s twice as thick as previous range of BFG Mud Terrain tyres. According to the 4X4 site web site .Of which, we at Pellon Tyres are members for the Halifax area of Yorkshire, UK.

“its predecessor and extended Side-Biter Lugs. That deliver additional traction.Thus, by providing the clawing  action necessary to develop traction.Including, steering control in deep dirt, sand or on rock.Especially, during “aired down” off-road driving. The tyres internal structure.Thus, includes twin steel belts.Naturally, reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon.So on top of Goodrich’s TriGard, 3-ply polyester cord sidewall.With ply construction (2 plies for Load Range C tyres) for strength and durability. Single strand beads (a single strand of bead wire. Is continuously wrapped multiple times.Accordingly, until the desired strength is provided) enhance the tyres fit to the wheel. Therefore, to improve uniformity and ride quality”.


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Pirelli F1 PZero Purple-The New F1 2016 Ultra soft Tyre

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple
Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple – Purple is the colour of the stripe around the sidewall of the new tyre for dry conditions, as chosen by a flood of votes on social …

In my opinion.This is a great choice of tyre.Hence, to add to the Pirelli family of F1 tyres.Hence, the tyre looks good in its bright purple lettering?  if you are a tyre or an F1 racing enthusiast.

In the 2016 coming race season. Pirelli will be using their medium compound tyres(white). Hard compound (orange)and soft compound (yellow) with supersoft (red) compounds. Consequently, these will be joined by a fifth ultra-soft (purple) compound. Thus,the softest compound in the Pirelli racing range.

The racing will be more exciting. Because the winning team would have made all the right decisions. Including, the correct tyres to race on.Hence, that particular day? The previous race seasons have brought Pirelli tyres much controversy. Drivers and officials have been blaming the tyres. As a result,  for all sorts of problems.

In fact at one stage. I thought that Pirelli would lose the contract. Indeed, to their arch enemy Michelin tyres. Undoubtedly, who were in the hunt for the lucrative F1 tyre contract. Things settled down towards the 2015 season and Pirelli came up trumps, in the bidding war. Pirelli also brought out some new tyre compounds. Including the new Pirelli F1 PZero Purple, softer compound.

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

As we are speaking about the 2016 race season, then The BBC has learned that the FIA, which governs F1, will instruct Pirelli to design a tyre that will allow drivers to push hard for longer.

Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera told teams and drivers at a meeting earlier this month, where dissatisfaction with the current tyres was discussed, that it could produce whatever the F1 wanted as long as it had clear commission.

Pirelli has been given preliminary information about the performance the cars are expected to have in 2017 so it can start working on tyre design.

The FIA plans to outline how it wants tyres to perform and will provide all necessary data to the company by the end of March.


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