Apollo Tyres plans- They are to set up new unit in Malaysia

Apollo Tyres plans
Apollo Tyres plans

Apollo Tyres plans to set up a subsidiary in Malaysia over the next two years as the c

This Indian based tyre company are having expansion plans all over the world. They also make a great tyre product including their excellent winter tyre range.

As Apollo agents here in the Halifax area we will be offering the Apollo tyres winter tyre range to the public this winter.

Apollo tyres plans over the next two years include setting up the Malaysia venture and then increasing their worldwide presence by 15 %

They intend doing this by exports. Part of the Apollo tyres plans, include increasing their capacity to expand their truck and bus tyre range from the tyre manufacturing plant in Chennai. The capacity is expected to rise from the production of 6000 tyres up to 9000 tyres a day.

New investments will double the capacity at the Chennai plant due to an investment of 2700 Rupees crore (crore is an Indian numbering Apollo tyres plans system and is 10 million Rupees). This investment will be spread over the three to four years.

Apollo Tyres plans

The Indian tyre maker Apollo tyres plans for a strong profits performance. Including, a strong operating profit. So combined with lower cost of borrowing.

Apollo tyres plans over the next two years.  Include setting up the Malaysia venture and then increasing their worldwide presence by15 %

They intend doing this by exports. Part of the Apollo tyres plans, include increasing their capacity. Hence, to expand their truck and bus tyre range . Of course, from the tyre manufacturing plant in Chennai. The capacity is expected to rise from the production of 6000 tyres up to 9000 tyres a day.

New investments will double the capacity at the Chennai plant. So, due to an investment of 2700 Rupees crore (crore is an Indian numbering system and is 10 million Rupees). This investment will be spread over the three to four years.

The Indian tyre maker Apollo tyres plans for a strong profits performance. Thus, with a strong operating profit. Combined with lower cost of borrowing.

Here in the UK we have witnessed the acquisition of Vredestein tyres. Of course, a very strong performing Dutch tyre manufacture. Which, now is starting to pay dividends. Vredestein tyres have always been strong in the making of winter tyres. The Apollo tyres plans included the joint names of the companies. The name has now become Apollo/Vredestein.

Apollo tyres plans also include the setting up of a tyre retail network.  Which was the previous Vredestein dealer network.  Made up of independent tyre retailers and now the addition of the Point-S tyre organisation.


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Apollo Tyres Spending Spree-Indian tyre maker buys Reifencom Tyre Distributer

Apollo Tyres Spending Spree I must admit as an Apollo tyre retailer, this one came out of the blue?

Apollo Tyres Spending Spree has taken Apollo tyres spending spreeanother step

With the recent acquisition of the German tyre retailer “Reifencom”. Hence, this is just a part of the mad rush for the cash strapped tyre manufacturers.Hence, to expand their empires.

The agreed price is said to around 45 million Euros. Although, I have never heard of the German tyre company. So they are said to have grown to one of the largest tyre retailers. Thus, with an online presence. Reifencom have 37 retail outlets and also sell tyre products online. Naturally, in Germany and other parts of Europe. Including France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

The Apollo Tyres Spending Spree has not yet hit the UK tyre market, but with tyre retailers the likes of “National”, up for grabs, then who knows?

The nearest we have been was the acquisition of Vredestein tyres in Holland. Vredestein have a very strong presence here in the UK and so I think it is a case of watch this space?

Neeraj Kanwar, is the MD of Apollo tyres and said,” The acquisition is a strategic fit in further growing our European business”, “It will enable Apollo to improve its mix of distribution channels in Germany and Europe and aid in increasing the visibility of Apollo and Vredestein tires in the offline and especially the fast growing online retail space.”

All of this follows in the steps of Michelin tyres who have now acquired online tyre businesses in Germany, France and the UK.

Tyre manufacturer’s boardrooms must be buzzing with conversations about what will be happening next. My money will be on Bridgestone?

Bridgestone are the world’s largest tyre manufacturers are will not want to be left behind. The large Micheldever tyre operation is up for grabs? Now bought by Sumitomo tyres. Who knows.

Eric Roberts

Goodyear all-season tyres-Ford chooses as Original Equipment fitment –

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres


All recently-launched Ford vehicles will be available with the option of fitting Goodyear all-season tyres Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2 all season tyre as OE fitment.

Goodyear all-season tyres

The vector 4 Seasons tyres for new Ford car models.

Ford will be fitting the Goodyear all-season tyres.Hence, to versions of its Galaxy, C-Max, Focus, Fiesta and S-max models.

The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, came out with very good results. Especially, in a recent German Auto Magazine tyre test.  The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres came with excellent wet braking results. Of course, on snow and icy conditions and also did well in all the other disciplines during the test.

There is no doubt that winter and all season tyres have become a popular choice for UK and European motorists in recent years. In my opinion it is a faster life style and more safety conscious drivers that are looking to fit safer tyres to their cars.

We are also having more unsettled winters. The weather can change from mild and wet to a heavy snow storm over night. Motorists are more aware of this now and are fitting winter tyres and all-season tyres such as the Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres.

The original Goodyear all-season tyres were brought out more than thirty years ago. Today’s tyre is a different animal with the use of up to date materials used the tyre compounds. This includes the addition of “Silica” and natural rubber in the compound mix.

Ford has made a good move fitting these Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, and I am sure that other car manufacturers will follow.

The Goodyear all -season tyres are said to have the following attributes.

  • Excellent year-round performance
  • Traction for all road conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better control on wet and dry roads

These tyres follow in the the Goodyear tradition of supplying excellent quality tyres at a reasonable price and are available from Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

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AGING TYRES: Are you driving on tyres that could kill you? – News3LV



There were 500 deaths and 19,000 injuries in 2014 from aging tyres-related accidents, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.


Cracks, like the ones in this tyre are probably caused by  aging tyres .Hence, that are too old to be driving about when fitted to your cars.

There has been an increase of tyre related accidents. Naturally, due to the  increase of drivers buying part worn aging tyres. Many of these aging tyres are from breakers yards. For that reason, are well past there sell by date and not fit for the road.

Compounds containing anti-oxidising chemicals. Are used to slow down the natural aging process of rubber. Thus,  in new tyres. The problem arises. because, the tyre becomes older than five years old. On the other hand Michelin and Continental. As expected,say that, under the right conditions a tyre could last up to ten years.


Like anything else you should check out your tyres for any cracking and bulges or bubbles appearing on the sidewall area or the tread area. The tyre in the image could have been running under pressure, but it could also be over age?

The date when the tyre was manufactured is embedded onto a tyres

aging tyres
This tyre .was bought as a part worn tyre and only lasted two week after it was fitted

sidewall. It tells you the week and year that the tyre was manufactured. In the past few years, cash strapped motorists have been buying part worn tyres.


What people do not realise is that many of these part worn tyres have been sold illegally. In the 1990’s we had a similar economic downturn and laws were passed to curb the number of part worn tyres that were sold.

These laws allowed the sale of part worn tyres, providing they were inspected and tested in a correct manor. This resulted in an improved situation, until recent times. All sorts of rubbish part worn tyres are now been sold to the public.

In recent times we have seen tyres with cuts, nails, bubbles, screws and worse of all aging tyres that are passed their best and full of cracks.


Irish Tyre Tax? Alan Kelly under fire for ‘stealth tax’ adding €12 to set of tyres – Irish Independent

Irish Tyre Tax

The Government has been accused of introducing a new Irish Tyre Tax with plans to impose a levy on the purchase of tyres for cars, tractors and trucks.

Irish tyre tax

This has come as a huge surprise to me.Hence, as the owner of UK tyre business?

The Irish government are to place a Tyre Tax. Of 2.8 euros on all new car and truck tyres that are sold in the Irish republic. This will mean almost 12 Euros on a set of four tyres.

In my opinion.This is just another tax. To try fill the massive shortfall in the Irish government’s coffers.Therefore to reduce their massive debt.

I understood that here in the UK where i own a tyre business, the waste tyre problem has almost been eradicated.

Tyre retailers near the border with Northern Ireland will be losing out as drivers head over the border to buy the cheaper tyres.

margins are already low in the tyre market due to cheap imports from China, but in my opinion this Irish Tyre Tax is just a stab in the back for the  tyre industry

Irish Tyre Tax

One of the spokesmen for the Irish government a certain Mr Kelly said that the claims of massive job losses, due to tyres being cheaper, in Northern Ireland, was untrue. I am not sure if this is on top of the waste tyre removal fee or not? I suspect it is though. This will make the tyres in the Provence a few pounds cheaper than the Irish

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Sights like this are not so common now in the UK

republic due to the Irish Tyre Tax.

This does give them a price advantage, and the Irish tyre companies near the border will suffer, due to this Irish Tyre Tax. This happened a while ago with the price of petrol. For some reason petrol was cheaper in Northern Ireland, than in the Irish republic. Drivers were travelling in their hoards because of cheaper prices across the border.

Irish Tyre Tax-Waste tyres are the excuse to put up taxes?

As I say I always thought that the waste tyre problem had sorted itself out? We in the UK pay about £1 per scrap tyre for disposal. The tyres are sent to facilities and dealt with in different ways. The final outcome is a recycled tyre. We do still see tyres dumped from time to time, but in general we appear to have solved the waste tyre problem.

Ireland is a similar trading country and therefor the same should apply to them. An extra Irish Tyre Tax on tyre disposal is ludicrous in my opinion. It is just a tax on the good guys. The bad guys who often sell part worn tyres at the same time will carry on disposing of the waste tyre illegally.

The tax will be 2.8 Euros per tyre, making it just under 12 Euros for a set of four tyres. This cost will be passed onto the customer and in my opinion is just a cheap way of getting more tax out of the Irish public.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.independent.ie


Tyre tread legal limit-when to replace tyres and stop you breaking the law

Tyre tread legal limit

Tyre tread legal limit


checking and maintaining good Tyre tread legal limit conditions.

This is a good video.Therefore and shows an easy way for the tyre buying consumer.To check their remaining Tyre tread legal limit.

Tyre tread legal limit
The Tyre tread legal limit indicator can be clearly seen on this tyre. The rubber bar from tread to tread is sat at 1.6 mm in depth and is the UK legal tread depth limit

I remember this law coming into the UK. The minimum Tyre tread legal limit was set at 1.6 mm.Hence, across two thirds of the tread from the centre of the tread outwards.

This has now lasted for a few years. It is thought though. That the trade think the Tyre tread legal limit.Thus, should be raised to 2 mm.

This is primarily because car designs and speeds.Consequently, have changed significantly in the past ten years. As expected, tyre companies have had to keep up with these changes. Naturally, the introduction of the SUV and Crossover vehicles.Thus, has meant much larger tyre sizes.

The relevance of this is.That tyre companies such as Continental tyres. Have now stopped putting sipes,(the tiny slits in a tyre that dispel water from the tyre) at 2 mm.

Tyre tread legal limit

This means that the Tyre tread legal limit at 2 mm, certain tyres are bald apart from the drainage grooves that run down the circumference of the tyres.

Tyre manufacturers were quick to use technology into their tyre design and included the addition of a bar of thin rubber that runs from one side of the tread edge to the other.

This bar of rubber is exactly 1.6 mm in depth. It was put there so that the public(and the police) could see if the tyre was illegal or not. When the tyre tread had worn down to these bars, then the tyre was at the end of its life and should be replaced. it is at the Tyre tread legal limit and bellow this makes the tyre illegal.

So watch this space, the tyre guys are campaigning for a 2 mm tread limit.


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