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UK Tyre – Tyre Safety that covers the UK

UK Tyre Safety


UK Tyre Safety;important to remember that correct tyre care and maintenance is essential for your road safety and tyre life.

As a life time worker in the tyre industry. Then it seems crazy that we in the industry have to keep going on about Tyre Safety. Yet figures show that the amount of road accidents.Thus, due to tyre problems are rising.

One of the main factors has to be the sheer volume of traffic that we now have driving about on the roads of this relevantly small island. We only have to drive to work and back each day to realise how much the traffic levels have grown.

Although I only tend to write about UK Tyre Safety concerning cars and vans, then it should also include any other road vehicle, such as trucks and coaches.

According to accident figures then the main reason for your vehicle having an accident is because your tyres are below the legal limit, (very little tread). The current legal limit in most European countries is 1.6 mm from the centre of the tread outwards.

The chance of having an accident also increases significantly if the road that you are driving on is wet. You would think that this was common sense? But NO? Drivers still think it is a good idea to keep their tyres on until they have a last slither of rubber on the tread. It often also goes further than this and tyres are not replaced until they are completely “Bald”.

UK Tyre Safety

This now brings into play the use of winter tyres. It proves that winter tyres are a great benefit to drivers in all bad weather countries, including us here in the UK. Snow is not the main culprit of accident’s, but WET roads combined with little tread are the thing that drivers must learn about and put into use to make their cars a safer place in inclement driving conditions.

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Tyresafe do great work promoting the important part that tyres play in road safety?

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Under-inflated Tyres-Research into effects of under-inflated tyres

Under-inflated Tyres

Under-inflated Tyres

Under-inflated Tyres;Research carried out by Michelin revealed that drivers are letting tyre pressure affect them money-wise.


There is no doubt that drivers are throwing away money, by not checking their tyre pressures at regular intervals. The images tell it all? Day after day we remove tyres from cars that could have been used for at least another month.

You can clearly see the affect that under and over inflated tyre pressures have on the wear of your tyres. The drivers of SUV’s and the larger saloon cars are the worse culprits. Even with the price of tyres dropping so much, they are still an expensive item?

Under-inflated Tyres

The premature wear is costing motorists some money and they don’t even know it. Under-inflated Tyres must cost the country billions of

Under-inflated Tyres
Under-inflated Tyres;tread depth should be taken at least every two weeks

pounds in premature tyre wear. I think that it could come down to the waste culture in general. It seams the bigger and more expensive the car, then the less care is taken about the state of the tyres?

Tyre wear also affects how your car reacts in certain driving conditions. We have all followed a car and caravan along the motorway and noticed how the caravan begins to sway from side to side.

This is caused by two things ,either the tyres are under inflated, or just one of the tyre may be under inflated, or the caravan is overloaded and with the wrong load indexes on the tyres.

The swaying can be the same as your car. it causes under steering and over steering.

We have all felt this affect, when cornering a little too fast. If your tyres are near to the limit or if you have incorrect tyre pressures, then you could lose control of the car when braking or cornering.

All because you cars tyre pressures had not been checked?

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Tyre tread legal limit-when to replace tyres and stop you breaking the law

Tyre tread legal limit

Tyre tread legal limit


checking and maintaining good Tyre tread legal limit conditions.

This is a good video.Therefore and shows an easy way for the tyre buying consumer.To check their remaining Tyre tread legal limit.

Tyre tread legal limit
The Tyre tread legal limit indicator can be clearly seen on this tyre. The rubber bar from tread to tread is sat at 1.6 mm in depth and is the UK legal tread depth limit

I remember this law coming into the UK. The minimum Tyre tread legal limit was set at 1.6 mm.Hence, across two thirds of the tread from the centre of the tread outwards.

This has now lasted for a few years. It is thought though. That the trade think the Tyre tread legal limit.Thus, should be raised to 2 mm.

This is primarily because car designs and speeds.Consequently, have changed significantly in the past ten years. As expected, tyre companies have had to keep up with these changes. Naturally, the introduction of the SUV and Crossover vehicles.Thus, has meant much larger tyre sizes.

The relevance of this is.That tyre companies such as Continental tyres. Have now stopped putting sipes,(the tiny slits in a tyre that dispel water from the tyre) at 2 mm.

Tyre tread legal limit

This means that the Tyre tread legal limit at 2 mm, certain tyres are bald apart from the drainage grooves that run down the circumference of the tyres.

Tyre manufacturers were quick to use technology into their tyre design and included the addition of a bar of thin rubber that runs from one side of the tread edge to the other.

This bar of rubber is exactly 1.6 mm in depth. It was put there so that the public(and the police) could see if the tyre was illegal or not. When the tyre tread had worn down to these bars, then the tyre was at the end of its life and should be replaced. it is at the Tyre tread legal limit and bellow this makes the tyre illegal.

So watch this space, the tyre guys are campaigning for a 2 mm tread limit. 

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