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An old customer recently came into our tyre depot in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Fred as we will call him. Bought a second hand car from a lady whos husband had recently passed away. The car had been stood in a garage for a few years. Consequently, the car was in good condition. The mileage was 47000 and the car was a Vauxhall Vectra.
The vectra was in immaculate condition. However, Fred only wanted the tyres checking. The car had two makes of tyres fitted. Accordingly, two were Michelin zx and the other two were both BF Goodrich. The tyres had tell tale “cracking”. Hence, on the bead and shoulder area of the tyres. Cracking is a tell tale sign of aging tyres?

Tire Rack Tire Test – Winter/Snow vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires on Ice

Tire Rack Tire Test

Tire Rack Tire Test;  Firstly, we compared all-season and winter/snow tire performance on our snowy test track. Now watch as Tire Rack compares the difference between winter/snow tires, all-season tires and summer tires by evaluating acceleration, stopping and cornering capabilities — this time using an ice rink as our test track.

My own opinion is that the tougher the climate where you live then the tougher the type of tyres that you should fit. Also, the further north that you drive in ,then the colder it usually is. Therefore you should fit the winter tyres.

In places like Spain or Portugal then i think that the all-weather tyres will be the best option. These tyres are excellent in heavy rain storms and also snow or sleet showers. If you live in a mountainous area then snow tyres will be the order of the day.

We are in a similar position here in Halifax in the UK. Some winters we experience heavy snow and other winters practically no snow at all. To be on the safe side we do recommend that our clients fit winter tyres in November at the beginning of the winter driving period.

There is no doubt that all-weather tyres are getting more and more popular. In my opinion, many parts of the UK would be better fitting the all-weather tyres. Flat areas, such as Lincolnshire, would not require winter tyres. All-weather tyres would be a much better option due to the long road stretches and then leading to a sharp bend.

All-weather tyres would cope much better in really wet winter weather, that the standard summer tyres.

Tyre Safe Van-Tyre Information- Tyre Safety Information also applies to Van drivers ?

Tyre Safe Van-Tyre Information

Tyre Safe Van-Tyre Information;TyreSafe was set up with the responsibility of raising the awareness of the importance of the dangers of defective and worn tyres.Once again have hit on a safety issue that we tend to overlook? this is Van Tyres.Tyre Safe Van-Tyre Information

Van tyres  do a tremendous amount of hard work during their life- time. Van drivers only notice them when they are down to the steel cords. Van tyres are just as important as car tyres. Because of the weight and the fact that these vans are out in all weathers, then they may even be more important as a safety aspect, than car tyres.

rk during their life- time. Van drivers only notice them when they are down to the steel cords. Van tyres are just as important as car tyres. Because of the weight and the fact that these vans are out in all weathers, then they may even be more important as a safety aspect, than car tyres.

Please remember that all safety information about car tyres applies just as much on van tyres.

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Fuel Efficiency Good Tyres- Use Less Fuel- Fuel Efficiency Good Tyres Use Less Fuel

Fuel Efficiency Good Tyres

Fuel Efficiency Good Tyres-A tyre which is more fuel efficient helps you to reduce your driving costs and CO2 emissions. Tyres will be ranked in one of seven fuel efficiency categories on the new labels.

Another great article from Britains leading tyre safety organisation

This has a slightly different edge to it? it explains how the motorist can actually save money on their fuel bills, by making sure that the tyres on their cars are legal and have plenty of tread on them.

Fuel Efficiency Good Tyres
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This is one of the things that my customers just don’t get. If you do not inflate your tyres to the correct pressures, then the car or van will use much more fuel on a journey. This can be very important if you are driving long distance.

We all know that when we are driving our cars say on holiday we load them up the roof. The last thing we think about is the cars tyres?

We all know the scenario? we are going to say Cornwall from the north of England. The wife has packed everything ,including the kitchen sink. The kids won’t go to bed because they are too excited, and you have to load the car before it gets dark.

You have a five o’clock start and everybody is rushing about, making sure that nothing will be forgotten. having eight children, then I have done this hundred of times myself?

Did nobody think about their cars tyres? There could be any air pressure in the tyres, but as usual, they were neglected. There are hundreds of accidents in the holiday season due to defective and under pressure tyres. The most stupid thing is that when your tyres are under pressure, due to neglect or overloading, then you are throwing money away. because when the tyres are under the recommended pressures, then your car engine has to work harder to propel the car along and therefore use more fuel to drive the car along?

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Tyre Repair Area-Tyre Puncture Repairs On car tyres  

Tyre Repair Area
Tyre Repair Area

Tyre Repair Area

When an object pierces through the tyre and penetrates the Inner liner it creates an escape route for the tyres air pressure to leak out.

This is a great clear image? it is self-explanatory and shows the exact area  where a tyre can be repaired legally. We have all seen the back street part worn tyre operations springing up here in the UK. These guys have no morals and will repair a tyre wherever they can. In the sidewall  and shoulder. They have no respect fo road safety, but people carry on buying from them.

Here at Pellon tyres in Halifax, we have a steady stream of customers with puncture repair problems. The problem is either they can’t see the object that has penetrated their tyre or they can see it but the don’t know where the correct Tyre Repair Area is, in order to carry out a legal repair.

To be truthful 75% of tyres are in the legal area and can be repaired. Here at Pellon Tyre in Halifax Yorkshire Uk, we charge a fee £13.90 for a complete and legal repair job, including re-balancing the wheel, and of course, testing the tyre in water for the possibility of further objects.

What we often find is that the tyre has been penetrated by say two screws or nails, and may require two repairs to be carried out. Two repairs are the maximum number of repairs that we would carry out on one tyre.

One  of the other major problems with flat tyres is the leaking alloy wheel. This is caused by the corrosion of the alloy metal, between the tyre and wheel bead area. We can see air bubbles coming from the bead area when the wheel is submerged in a bath of water.

To correct this we simply remove the tyre from the wheel and give the wheel a good clean with a wire brush. We then apply a special bead sealing paste to the wheel and re-fit the tyre. We then re-check the wheel assembly in the water bath and fit the wheel back onto the car, job done?

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