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Bridgestone Winter Tyre Tips-Winter Driving Tips-Watch out for the cold snaps

Bridgestone Winter Tyre Tips

It’s December first and the heavy frosts are beginning to set in as the evenings grow colder. Despite our mild Winter experience so far in 2016, rest assured these helpful tips from Bridgestone tyres will help keep you safe as the cold snaps hit. Managing Director of Bridgestone Robin […]

Bridgestone Winter Tyre Tips

Bridgestone Winter Tyre Tips

These winter tyre tips come from Bridgestone tyres MD, no other than Robin Shaw.

Managing Director of Bridgestone Robin Shaw has recommend these simple tips to protect drivers over the Winter period. “Driving in winter conditions is something everyone must prepare for. It is not only about having the right tyres; the driver’s behaviour is also essential in these conditions as he or she needs to understand and adapt to different winter hazards.

I must admit that in my opinion all the hard work. Hence , from the tyre industry regarding winter tyres, is starting to pay off. Our winters here in the UK have become more severe and spasmodic. As a result, over the past twenty years or so.

Last year was extremely mild. For this reason, we only had a couple of frosty nights, here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Other years have brought some heavy snow falls. Catching motorists out.

Therefore, a large majority of our car owners now prepare their cars for winter. Winter tyres have become very popular because of their contribution to safer driving in extreme weather  conditions. Especially, in hilly and mountainous regions of the country. Including here at the foot of the Pennine mountain range.

“It is therefore crucial to not only prepare our vehicles, but also ourselves when the weather gets cold.”

Wheel Alignment does really Matter?-Ivan Kerr Tyres on Twitter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter

Wheel Alignment does really Matter


Laser guided wheel balancing. Makes us feel like a Bond baddie! #gsp9700 #roadforcebalance #wevebeenexpectingyou pic.twitter.com/R1oHmoguvo

Wheel Alignment does really Matter for a better ride?

I know the tyre  industry keeps on harping about wheel alignment. Hence, it is a good revenue for us. But it is very important to have a comfortable and safe ride. So when you are driving your car.

The holiday season will be starting here in the UK very shortly and many families will be heading off on their holidays. Hoe annoying is it to find that two miles down the motorway, you car starts to pull to the left or the right and you are constantly trying to keep the car in a straight line.

Most drivers are now familiar with the fact that Wheel Alignment does really Matter? When they have new tyres fitted, they will very often ask for a wheel alignment check. Tyres are very expensive items and the drivers now know that the new tyres can be scuffed off very quickly if the wheel alignment is is not correctly set up.

wheel alignment does really matter
This tyre looks like it has developed a fault.This looks like poor wheel alignment or a faulty steering part such as a ball joint

Another common alignment fault is that the cars steering wheel has to be constantly corrected. So as your car pulls to the left or the right, as you are driving along. This is very uncomfortable? A simple wheel alignment adjustment will correct this, nine out of ten times, so Wheel Alignment does really Matter.

The other bad experience is a “wheel wobble”?

This is when your car steering wheel starts to shake at a certain speed. It it usually right on the speed limit(70 mph) here in the UK.

You have to drive slower or faster to be able to drive the car more comfortably, without the steering wheel shaking you to bits.

The best thing is to have your wheel alignment and wheel balancing checked the week before you set off on your journey. You knoe it makes sense.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: twitter.com

General Grabber AT3-The latest tyre in the excellent Grabber range of 4×4 tyres

General Grabber AT3

I have used General Grabber AT tyres on previous Landrovers have been impressed. I see they have now launched the AT3 which looks great, but they don’t do a size to fit my 20″ wheels (which I regret getting if I am honest!) So I was wondering what size […]

General Grabber AT3

One of the down sides of marketing a tyre product comes when a popular tyre is replaced. Of course, I mean the general Grabber tyre range.  I still have some customers in Halifax Yorkshire, UK who drive about on the original grabbers.

Because it fits Land Rovers, then we sell many of these tyres to farmers. Because of this then the farmers are the worse people for changing their minds. Especially when they like a certain product.

In the farmers defence, they do take notice of what we say and also recommend? In the early days we were getting rave revues about the original grabber tyres. SUV owners and Land Rover owners were very impressed with the product.General Grabber AT3

The tyre did a good job in the rougher conditions of a farm and were reasonably quiet on  tarmac roads. Then as in most western markets, General decided to make a better tyre , the grabber AT2. This was all well and good. But it replaced the standard Grabber and we had to resell it. It was a case of “if its not broken dont fix it”.

General Grabber AT3

The new AT2 tyre was a little more aggressive and together with new compounds, was actually a better tyre. For that reason, we sold the replacement tyre type to the same farmers and SUV owners and life went on.

Then the other saturday morning, a guy came in to order two more AT2’s . He was highly delighted with them and wanted two more. When we checked his tyre size, we soon found out that general had now moved onto the AT3 tyres.

At first the guy was not a “happy bunny” he went away sulking. Because there was only the AT3 available now in his tyre size. He said that he could get them on the internet?

Off he went, but he rang us up about an hour later. Thus , to order two for him. We are general tyre dealers and would be very surprised if we ever were beaten on price. Therefore , this job was no exception and we received the order for the tyres.

Dunlop Race Tyres on this Nissan Altima-Not Sure?Rick Kelly on Twitter

Dunlop Race Tyres

Dunlop Race Tyres

Dunlop Race Tyres

12 seconds = Fresh tyres a fuel tank of fuel and a fresh drink added (Fanta). #GoPro #HERO4SESSION #v8sc pic.twitter.com/NVdTb8e0UR

Dunlop Race Tyres on Nissan Altima

This is one of the best images I have ever seen?

The Jack Daniel’s Racing Nissan Altima driver. Rick Kelly’s Sunday race performance placed him 16th position. Exactly the same as the Saturday race. The race took place  from the Castrol Edge Townsville 400.

This was an improvement from his qualifying position of 18th place. In this one of Australia premier racing events. I was lucky enough to watch the race live here on UK TV.

I am not sure which tyre Kelly’s car was using. Thinking that it would have been Dunlop race tyres. All of the other Jack Daniels sponsored Nissan’s run on  Dunlop race tyres. So although i watched on TV. Then i  did forget which tyres were used.As a result, i am almost certain that they would have been the “racing circuit slicks” .Because of the dry hot conditions on the racing days.

dunlop race tyres
Dunlop race tyres are used in many motorsport events across the world.

When approaching the chequered flag . Rick Kelly was just overtaken by fellow competitor Nick Percat. Having to settle for 16th position.

The V8 Supercars Championship. Hence, continues at Queensland Raceway from July 31st to August 2nd. Kelly is in tenth position in the championships after competing in 17 races.

Dunlop  tyres Australia are the official tyre suppliers to the V8 Supercars  race series,and as we all know in the tyre industry are  one of the world’s leading makers of high performance and ultra high performance tyres. It has been involved in motorsport and has been at the forefront of motoring research development for 125 years.

Dunlop Race Tyres

Like their great rivals Michelin, Dunlop tyres have  an impressive track record of motorsport success. Dunlop are an icon of the road and over the years have been the choice of racing legends due to their tyre products high performance qualities.

Dunlop continues to design. Develop and produce tyres right up to the present moment. Supplying tyres that constantly question and push the limits of technology. Helping to create a faster and safer racing experience .Hence, for the teams that they support in the motorsport industry.

This is the reason  that in 2015 . This will be Dunlop racing tyres 14th consecutive year. Supplying the V8 Supercars in Australia and Dunlop racing series control tyres.

After winning its fourth control tyre contract in succession, its current contract will run from 2013-2017, and as in F1 racing the battle will commence for the right to supply tyres to this prestigious race series.

I cant wait to watch the next races in August.

Eric Roberts.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: twitter.com


Michelin Truck Tyres-says accidental damage claim rate demonstrates premium reliability

Michelin Truck Tyres

Michelin’s accidental damage guarantee for its regional and construction tyre ranges is delivering on its promise of first class reliability and uptime for commercial vehicle fleets. Michelin has received just 98 claims for damage in the six months from 1 May to 31 October 2016, of which 92 were […]

Michelin Truck Tyres

Michelin Truck Tyres

When I was younger. I used to carry out some tyre work. Hence,  involving trucks and earthmoving plant and equipment.So, one of the first things that I learned.  Was that Michelin were the best.

For this reason, I never saw a genuine faulty truck tyre. Because of the quality of the tyre build and the first class materials. Thus, that were used by Michelin in their tyre manufacturing. Of course, this also included the use of the first time truck casing for remoulding.

Therefore, when it came to making truck remoulds, then the number one make that remoulders wanted, was Michelin. As far as I am concerned, this tradition of excellence has carried on to this day.

In my opinion, this is the reason that Michelin can offer such highly rated warranties. This is in the massive American market. The excellent record that is listed below speaks for itself. I must stress though that this is an accidental damage warranty. I can only suspect that actual tyre warranties, due to faults would have been zero.

As I have stated earlier, this would be because of the expertise and quality of the Michelin tyres build.

Michelin’s accidental damage guarantee for its regional and construction tyre ranges is delivering on its promise of first class reliability and uptime for commercial vehicle fleets. Michelin has received just 98 claims for damage in the six months from 1 May to 31 October 2016, of which 92 were accepted as valid – from more than 54,000 eligible tyres sold on the replacement market.

Eric Roberts


Tyre Tread Scam-Here’s How Scam Artists Make Old Tyres That Are Unsafe Look Like New Again!

Tyre Tread Scam

There are countless scammers looking to make money off of others’ poorly placed trust, but this is the most dangerous scam to emerge in a long time.

Tyre Tread Scam

So, this type of scam is typical of what unscrupulous people will do. Especially, when it comes to  to selling illegal part worn tyres. Subsequently,  to the unsuspecting motoring public?

Massive profits can be made by making old tyres into part worn tyres. Amazingly whatever we say then the public still go out and buy these dangerous tyre products.

So, I do know that it is mainly young drivers who go out and buy these £20 tyres. Consequently, it looks like these tyres are bought because the drivers think it is good economics. However, it has been proven time after time to be “false economy”.

Now tyre re-cutting ?

Incidentally, I did a recent article about part worn car tyre re-cutting. In fact  about a year ago. Of course, it opened a few eyes. But  this attached video still shows that the illegal practice is still going on.

Through experience, I know all about re-cutting tyres. So in another life, I used to do the job But only on certain  truck tyres. Firstly, truck tyres have much more tread rubber than a car tyre.

Subsequently this extra rubber enables them to be re-cut. Simply this means cutting a few more millimeters in the  tread pattern of the truck tyres. Of course, to get more miles out of the tyre. Importantly in a safe and legal way !


Significantly, car tyres do not carry a thick rubber layer in between the tread area and the carcass of the tyre. Therefore, re-cutting cannot take place safely and legally.

However a skilled hand can still cut a few millimeters of rubber out of the existing tread pattern. Of course illegally on  a car tyre. This is what is happening in this video. It makes my blood boil and is dangerous and illegal to do this.

There are countless scammers looking to make money off of others’ poorly placed trust, but this is the most dangerous scam to emerge in a long time.

Eric Roberts

Continental Winter Tyres-Braking on Snow a great video

Continental winter tyres one of the best

As winter approaches. Then many writers including myself start to publish winter tyre advice ! So, the past few years have seen a great increase.

Importantly,  in the number of safety conscious drivers. Of course, fitting Continental winter tyres onto their vehicles.  Naturally, because of the onset of winter !  Then the most popular time to have your winter tyres fitted is the November period.

October is the time when tyre writers start to put together their articles. Of course, about the safety aspects of winter tyres and other related products.

This particular video is  indeed produced by Continental tyres. Continental winter tyres are one of the best on the market and often come top in the international motoring magazine tyre tests.

I am fortunate that we are the Continental winter tyres dealer in the Halifax area of Yorkshire here in the UK.

One of the good things about Continental winter tyres, is the fact that they have a vast range of winter tyre products, including winter tyres to fit the huge range of tyres that are fitted to SUV vehicles. These  winter tyres are becoming more and more popular as the drivers of this type of car realise that they do need winter tyres to drive more safely in the winter weather.

Another good point about Winter Tyres is the amount of testing that they carry out. These type of tyres are tested extensively in all the

Continental winter tyres
New Continental winter TS850

types of winter conditions that are possible. When they are satisfied about the quality of the product then they submit them for testing against their competitors tyres.

This can be seen with the new Conti Winter Contact TS 810 tyre. This tyre came out tops in recent winter tyre tests in Germany.

Eric Roberts


Tyre troubles- prompt RI consumer complaints on out of date tyres

Tyre troubles-“They were sitting in the guy’s warehouse for three or four years before he sold them as brand new tires,” said LaPan.

Tyre troubles-

Probably, this problem could have raised its ugly head again ! So, in the past, tyre wholesalers have being buying tyres at a cheap price . Hence, saving them until they can  get a  higher  price. Probably when the pound loses value ! Consequently, the market price goes up. Of course, this is also common in many other industries. However, tyres have a certain shelf life . Meaning some tyres are out of date.  By two and three years and even more.

This all kicked off, coming from one of my customers. While he was away on holiday he had a puncture and because his spare tyre was flat? He had to buy a new tyre from the local tyre depot, somewhere in Devon.

Tyres bought on holiday !

He had no need to tell me really, but he just wanted to warn us of what was going on. The tyres that he had on his car were Bridgestone Potenza S02 tyres. The guy at the tyre centre did not have them in but he said that if he returned the next day, then he

Tyre troubles
this tyre was coded as been made on the 14th week of 2011 hence the 1411

would get one in for him.

The guy was at the start of the holiday so he left his car and carried on with his holiday. The guy went back and the new Bridgestone tyre had been fitted and the puncture repair to the spare had been completed.

My customer is a fussy kind of guy and had recently been reading an article about “how to age a tyre, by the coding on the tyres sidewall”. He could not believe that the tyre was made in the year 2000 and was in fact 12 years old.

The life limit of a new tyre is 6 years. All tyres that have been kept in storage should not be sold or put to use if they are over 6 years old, from their date of manufacture. Also, when a tyre has been in use, on a vehicle, then the effects of ageing will be lessened to a degree, but these tyres should be replaced after 10 years. This is the tyre manufacturers recommendation and there does not appear to be a law against it. Tyre troubles are imminent.

The consumer does not know this?

Eric Roberts

There are ways of reading a tyre so that you know what age it was, see the attached post ...https://www.pellonautocentre.com/outdated-car-tyres/ 


General Grabber AT-Testing-With Freelander 2


Testing my new General Grabber AT 255/60/18 on the Land Rover Freelander 2 It`s not the real off road thing,, but I was alone on a sunday afternoon in my .

I have always been a fan of the General Grabber AT tyre. I know that they are good. Because they are popular in my area Halifax in Yorkshire UK.

The area is very hilly. We have many farms in the area. Therefore, we often get severe and snowy winters. The farming community is loyal to the Land Rover. Hence, as a vehicle of preference.So we sell many tyres for these types of vehicles.General Grabber AT

This General Grabber AT testing video is exactly how I would imagine.

For this reason, for the tyre to perform in any condition.Naturally, that is thrown at it. As I said, earlier. Farmers and other country dwellers swear by these tyres. General are now part of the large Continental tyres group.

Another market niche that the General Grabber At has entered is the SUV market. The massive increase in this type of vehicle has definitely increased the popularity of these type of tyres. The SUV ‘s are also driven by lady customers, who put their families first and will pay extra for a tyre that also gives them grip in the winter time.

General Grabber AT

The General Grabber AT fits well into this category, and the tyre has become very popular here in the Halifax area of Yorkshire, where the terrain is very hilly with many small isolated roads. The female drivers want a tyre that will enable them to get the kids to school safely and not get stuck in ice and snow.

The summer tyres that are fitted to the SUV’s are useless in winter weather, and the General Grabber AT tyres will do the trick. One of the disadvantages of fitting tyres with extra grip was the road noise. The General Grabber AT tyres have been modified to run much quieter in normal road conditions and have now become a great all round tyre to fit on your SUV or 4×4.

Eric Roberts



Old Tyres Biofuel discovery: start-up company breathes new life into old tyres

Old Tyres Biofuel discovery

A green start-up technology company has surprised scientists by producing a biofuel from old rubber tyres that can run turbo-charged diesel engines while reducing emissions by 30 per cent. Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) can produce 3,000 litres of bio-oil from one giant seven-tonne mining truck tyre. It hopes to […]

Old Tyres Biofuel discovery

Old Tyres Biofuel discovery

Of course, in my opinion, this is another step in the right direction. Hence in the battle to turn our waste tyres into green energy. Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) can produce 3,000 litres of bio-oil from one giant seven-tonne mining truck tyre.

As a result, this Australian company are already producing biofuel from old waste earthmover tyres. Therefore, this biofuel can be used to run diesel engines,that are turbocharged. Thus, reducing emissions by at least 30%.

“The process is emission-free and some of the recycled oil is used as the heat source for the production process.

“The process is emission-free and some of the recycled oil is used as the heat source for the production process.

Click here to view original web page at www.abc.net.au