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Snow Tyres-Now Are Also Known as Winter Tyres – Boston.com

Snow Tyres

Snow Tyres

Have been around a long time. But now it’s time for a name change.

Tyres for winter were known as Snow tyres in early days. From the nineties on. These tyres were developed to cope with better cars . So and better road surfaces. So away went the heavy tread patterns. That were associated with the old snow tyres. In came the tyres with more and more refined tread patterns. Complete with sipes. To get rid of the slush and snow from building up in the tyres tread.Also, they were now much better in just wet rainy conditions. Tyre makers also introduced silica in the tyres compound. Thus, to reduce the freezing affects when the temperature fell below 7 degrees. This has helped cars drive in winter time. Hence, with much better handling and steering. Which keeps the car on a straight course when braking heavily.

Also a tyres pressure drops by 10psi when the temperature drops below freezing a fact that is seldom mentioned. Also winter tyres are better designed to be fitted on the vast range of SUV vehicles that have emerged onto our car market over the past 10 years.

The old snow tyres would not have coped with the handling qualities of these specialized vehicles in winter time

they would have been too rigid and heavy on the tread pattern, it would have been like fitting heavy duty off road 4×4 tyres on to your SUV, they would have been very noisy and difficult to handle on a normal dry road in between spells of bad

snow tyres
Firestone winter tyres are now regarded as the old fashioned type snow tyres used in the late 1960’s


Now that we have the development of the winter tyres, these vehicles act and can be controlled to a far better standard, you would not even know that you have had winter tyres fitted.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.


Source: www.boston.com

Budget winter tyres a false economy, says Continental – Tyrepress.com





When the budget is tight the car may end up staying in the driveway a few years longer than planned, and the temptation to plump for a cheaper set of winter tyres is strong. But Continental argues that it…

I agree that the better the winter tyre then the more expensive it will be. But in my humble opinion a cheap winter tyre is better than no winter tyres at all. The braking distances are important. But we are still living in a cash starved society. Most  people will only be able to afford what they can. So buying budget winter tyres will be better than none .

Budget Winter tyres are better than none

At first this looks like sour grapes coming from Continental tyres. But in the end they are in a huge battle. To hold up their share of the tyre market. Also the bigger tyre companies are now realising. What a great job that  tyre retailers have done. As a result over the past five or six years. In promoting the safety aspects of winter tyres.

The upsurge in the take-off of winter tyres has been a success for the cheap winter tyre makes. I can only speak for my own area, because different areas of the country have populations of varying wealth. Here I Halifax we on the lower side of the wealth scale, due partly to the fact that we are an old wool producing mill town and in my opinion we have been neglected by various governments over the years, as far as any re-development has been concerned, with many of the traditional large businesses shutting down or

Scenes like this from two year ago can remind us just how bad it gets.This was in Sowerby north of Halifax UK



This does not reflect on the great people of Halifax who have knuckled down and made the best of what they have. Anyway I digress? Going back many years we had a spell of very mild winters, with only a few days of snowfall in any given winter. Because of the very hilly nature of this area, there has always been a certain amount of the population who did fit winter tyres to their vehicles. These were wealthy company bosses and farmers. Who needed to get about even in bad snowy conditions?

As far as I can remember winter tyres were never a priority for the bigger tyre companies, they never promoted these products. Then we were hit by a run of very bad winters and it was the importers who were the quickest to respond to the demand of the winter tyre market. There are now hundreds of tyre manufacturers from China competing with the likes of Continental tyres and I believe that they are starting to feel the pinch.


We at Pellon Tyres fit budget winter tyres to all our vehicles and we never get stuck in snow and they are a genuine safety benefit to me and my drivers. If you require a new set of tyres on your car at this time of year, just before winter then please fit winter tyres, you know it makes sense and you will not regret it.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Winter Tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size.

Bridgestone Tyres-Encourages Motorists to Consider Tyre Safety in the Winter

bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is actively encouraging motorists to switch to winter products. This message comes with the aim of boosting tyre safety in the upcoming cold months.

Source: www.tyreblog.co.uk

Bridgestone Tyres is actively encouraging motorists to switch to winter products. This message comes with the aim of boosting tyre safety in the upcoming cold months. With the conditions all set to become more and more unpredictable, and with the increasing number of casualties due to unsafe tyres, Bridgestone has taken it upon itself to educate people about the importance of tyre safety in winter.


Bridgestone Winter tyres

In all my experience I have never known any winter tyre that stands out above the others. There are many reasons why our customers prefer a certain brand or even type of tyre. We have a few particular instances that stick out, one of them is a guy who imports and fits carpets. His work takes him to all over Europe, and he travels thousands of miles a year. His main destination is Belgium, because of their large carpet manufacturing industry.
The only thing that he will fit in his Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base van is Michelins. The guy just did not want any old Michelin’s he wanted Michelin Agillis Alpin winter tyres. The man insisted on nothing else and sometimes we have to get them from Holland for him. He says that he gets all year round grip and feels totally confident in all road conditions and any inclement weather. 

Bridgestone Tyres

Another thing that we always see. Some drivers will only stick to the make of tyre as original equipment. These tend to be middle-class gentlemen.  A good example is the owners of new VW cars. These are the guys who ask for the Bridgestone brand of tyres.
Although Bridgestone tyres come out in all sorts of makes of cars.  VW cars are one of the most modern cars to have these tyres fitted. Audi cars are also equipped with the Bridgestone brand. Again these drivers will stick to the same make of tyres. Consequently, the reason that we sell the Bridgestone Blizzak winter tyres because the customers who drive these cars will stick to the same make of tyre. My opinion is that it is good for business, and it would not be a good thing for us all to be the same, and all buy the same products.

bridgestone tyres
Bridgestone Blizzac tyre

There is no doubt that the large tyre manufacturers are getting more involved with their winter products.  Here in the UK market. On the continent, drivers have to fit winters by law.So the tyre companies sell as many as they can make.
It has to said though we have to battle for the crumbs of the left over tyres once they have supplied the rest of Europe, but we have been helped by imports from places like China and other Eastern tyre makers.



Yokohama BluEarth Tyre-environmental commitment in 3 tyres

Yokohama BluEarth tyres range demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally. The BluEarth AE-01 tyre encompasses much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and exper…

There is no doubt in my mind that the Yokohama BluEarth tyres will become one of the big tyre players shortly.

Their commitment to the motorsport scene and research and development is second to none in the tyre world.


Yokohama Compounds were tested as far back as the 1980’s
It is common knowledge that Yokohama tyres were first starting to develop more

Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

Environmental friendly tyres back in the 1980’s. The giant Japanese have always believed that motorsport participation would lead them to better research and development opportunities. However, this seems to be the case with many of the leading tyre companies, who are now developing more and more tyre products on the quest to obtain the best rolling resistance, by using different products in their compound mixes and indeed creating more diverse tread patterns to achieve this goal.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre uses orange peel oil technology on new race tyres.

It is no secret. That it was back in the 1980’s that Yokohama tyres started to experiment. By using Orange peel oil, in some of their tyre compounds. The first tests were carried out on some of their motorsport racing slick tyres. These are the tyres that have no tread and look like a

blue Earth symbol

bald car tyre. These slicks are used to drive the racing cars on a dry circuit. They are a soft compound tyre. These tyres have to be warmed up in special sort of tents. In which they place a portable blow heater to pre-warm the tyres before a race commences. This orange oil helps give a softer compound and has now being incorporated in some of their tyre product range a tyre known as the “Ascend”. I am not familiar with the name of this product, and I think that it is made in Virginia and is only for sale in the USA.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

“Yokohama is the only tire company to have perfected this science,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama director of product planning and motorsports. “The result was the ADVAN® ENV-R1™, which debuted in 2009 at Sebring International Raceway and became the world’s first tire in a racing series that used sustainable materials.” This would later replace the ADVAN ENV-R2.
To bring things up-to-date Yokohama has started to develop a common tyre concept yokohamacalling it the BluEarth concept. The complete line of the BluEarth tyres with the new concept mark on the tyre.

The new technology will provide the driver with a better driving experience, through newly evolved tread designs and rubber compounds that include orange peel oils. Finally, the new concept of tyres also gives the driver a better return on his fuel costs, because of the improve fuel efficiency of the tyre range.
Yokohama’s tyre innovations are born on the race track and end up supporting the regular guy with their regular cars.

Source: www.tyrepress.com

Part Worn Tyres-Council’s unsafe tyre fines double – New Zealand Herald

part worn tyres
Part Worn Tyres

  Part Worn Tyres; The number of motorists fined by Auckland Council parking wardens for having unsafe tyres has almost doubled in the past three years. – New Zealand Herald

What will help to control this out of hand practice the selling of illegal part worn tyres?. Right on Aukland and may, many others follow their suite.


Some Authorities are clamping down on the part used tyre sellers.
Trading standard officers all over the world are gradually clamping down on these hot part used tyre dealers. There is no doubt in my mind that this is indeed a western world problem that has raised its ugly head again since the early 1990’s.

It is also no coincidence that these operations (selling illegal part worn tyres) are carried out by the immigrant population, especially here in the UK.
Small what I call bucket shops, have opened up all over the place, at the same rate as the car washes. In fact, the two types of operation are linked, the car washes usually sell part worn tyres.

Part Worn Tyres

We have seen this all before, but the authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to the matter. Here in the UK, a law was introduced to regulate the quality of part worn tyres sold; this was in 1994.

Things started to improve. Furthermore, with the onset of the financial crisis, cash-strapped families became an easy target for the part used tyre market. We now know that 22% of the tyre buying public have bought part worn tyres. A huge slice of the tyre market, almost a ¼ of tyres purchased are part worn’s.
It is also no coincidence that the number of tyre related road accidents have increased. Over the same period. I must repeat myself that I have nothing against selling part worn tyres as long as they come within the present laws.

We have seen a massive increase of tyres removed from cars that were bought as part worn tyres. Furthermore. they are downright dangerous.
Government departments should deal with the part worn tyre problem with more vigour.
Indeed because of the number of tyre related accidents, then it has been announced that various government agencies, including Department for Transport, Highways Agency and Transport for London, have had meetings about the need to improve the standard of tyre safety and help reduce the number of tyre-related incidents and accidents here in the UK.

Part Worn Tyres

Stuart Jackson the head of Tyresafe.org said.
“It’s clear that the tyre industry has a shared vision of how we can work collaboratively to help reduce road casualties further and with further support from the government, its agencies and other stakeholders, I’m confident we can continue to make a real difference.”
There is no doubt that this was an important meeting, but let us hope that we can get some conclusive results and move on outlawing this despicable trend of selling illegal part worn tyres and restrict it back to third world countries.
– See more at http://www.tyresafe.org/media-centre/latest-news/708-government-and-tyre-industry-unite-to-reduce-casualties#sthash.7cR7MMyJ.dpuf
Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Point-S – Kerr’s tyres joins -Tyrepress.com

Point-S Development and Point S UK are celebrating the addition of Kerr’s Tyres to their network. Based in Northern Ireland, Kerr’s tyres is the first tyre retailer from the country to join the net…

Source: www.tyrepress.com

As a member of Points myself, i am very pleased that other members are coming on board. The more members will mean better benefits to us all across the UK.

Why Point-S?
Many of our customers in the Halifax area of Yorkshire UK, may have noticed that we have re-vamped our fitting depot and painted it in blue and white, which is to fit in with the Point-S corporate image.
Point-S is a company that was formed many years ago in the European mainland. It was

Point-S tyre depot in Germany

First started in Paris, France by a small group of tyre retailers who tried to get better buying terms from the tyre manufacturers, by purchasing in a larger group and not as individuals. The venture became very successful and soon spread throughout France and into some bordering countries.
It was decided that a separate company had to be formed to complete the everyday running of the business because it was getting too large to handle for the founders, who had their tyre businesses to run.

The Point-S setup was just what the independent tyre companies were looking for to compete with the fast-growing multi-national companies.

The company soon spread throughout Europe and became popular in all the states including a significant presence in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy.
Point-S spreads to the USA and the UK
Point-S is now the largest tyre retailing organisation in the World and because of this has secured fantastic deals on tyre prices for its members over the years. This also includes the accessories and things such as tyre fitting machinery at discount prices. The tyre manufacturers that were not interested in dealing with small tyre retailers were now

Point-S sign at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

fighting to supply the Point-S members.

Rebate schemes were set up for all the members, and more and more countries were eager to join the Point-S club. Also includeding the UK, where independent tyre retailers were in the same position as they were in France years earlier. The tyre manufacturers did not want to supply small tyre retailers like us at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. Eventually, they asked certain individuals here in the UK if they would like to start a British arm of Point-S.
Point-S soon spread, because this is just what we were looking for, to be part of a large organisation and also keeping our independent status. We are now reaping the benefits of being in a bigger club. Including better-buying power.

It enables us to compete or even beat the tyre prices from the large tyre companies. At Pellon Tyres. We even have our prices on the internet. Furthermore, we have professional tyre lookup facilities. That enable our customers to feed in their registration number and it will tell them their correct tyre size, and they will then be able to look up our very competitive tyre prices and buy tyres from our website online.
Some of the brands that we are now stocking are Yokohama and Avon tyres. These brands passionate to supplying Point-S members. They have also helped us to bring the image of our fitting station into the 21st century, by fitting us up to date signage and display materials. Finally, any of our recent customers will have noticed the significant improvements that could have only being possible by being a member of Point-S.


Snow Tyres? Yes We Do Need Them- Boston.com

Snow Tyres

Snow Tyres

A reader wonders if snow tires will help a Toyota Camry reach the top of a very steep hill.

Snow Tyres

Source: www.boston.com

In my opinion the answer to this is a resounding YES. Hence,this type of pick-up truck do not grip the road very well at the best of times. As a result, of owning  a Nissan Navarre and lost the thing on a few occasions. Even, in the summer time on a wet road.

I fitted a set of winter tyres (snow tyres)and the truck was a different animal in summer and winter.


For this reason, snow tyres are not just for SUV vehicles?
Therefore, in my opinion snow tyres and winter tyres are the same thing. Because, in the past we always associated snow tyres as being very heavy treaded tyres. Thus,  looking more like today’s 4×4 tyres used for mud and slush. Especially, on farms and in fields.
The new breed of winter tyres are far from this and have to combine good grip in bad weather along with the ability to drive down motorways. In fact I believe that these tyres were first developed in Germany for the drivers who could speed down the motorway‘s and then have to climb up mountains to get to the ski resorts in ice and snow, usually in their BMW or Mercedes.
The old fashioned snow tyre would be too noisy for this, because of the lumpy heavy tread pattern.

The car would also have been difficult to control with these heavy tyres fitted. Anybody with an old fashioned 4×4 vehicle that is equipped with heavy duty M&S tyres will tell you how bad the vehicle is to handle and the noise that these type of tyres make, certainly no good for the modern car, that needs to be driven at speed and still retain the safety aspects that a modern winter tyre will give them.
The ideal time to fit your car with winter tyres is from October to Easter time, although the year before last gave us an exceptionally cold spell with heavy snow falls at the end of March. In general though, this is the best time period to fit your winter tyres (snow tyres), when the temperature begins to drop, below 7 degrees.

Snow Tyres

snow tyres
Firestone winter tyres are now regarded as the old fashioned type snow tyres used in the late 1960’s

Although I am writing this article in early November there are signs that we may be running out of certain sized snow tyres, this is because winter tyre production is based on last year’s sales figures and once a certain sized tyre has sold out then that is it until next year.

Most tyres for winter use are pre-ordered by the countries that have to fit winter tyres by their countries law and that leaves the rest for the remainder of Europe to scrap over , including us here in the UK.
Bridgestone Tyres have set out a list of 16 good reasons to fit winter tyres and I thought it would make good reading for our customers and readers…

Snow Tyres

“1. Winter tyres perform better in winter conditions like frost, snow or ice-covered roads
2. Winter tyres have shorter braking distances, better grip and improved steering performance on snow and ice-covered roads.
3. Winter tyres offer greater safety when travelling in winter conditions.
4. Summer tyres are simply not suitable for driving on snow or ice
5. In certain countries, driving on appropriate tyres in winter conditions is required by law and can be sanctioned if not followed.

6. These fines can be much higher if you disrupt traffic because your car has the wrong tyres.
7. Winter tyres are made using a special compound and tread pattern to make them more suited to cold weather.
8. Not even the most advanced car technology can compensate for tyres which are not suitable for the road conditions.
9. Modern winter tyres are just as comfortable and can be as quiet as summer tyres.
10. Winter tyres provide significantly higher levels of safety even in highly changeable autumn weather.

———————————————————————————11.At low temperatures even when there is no snow, summer tyres become less efficient
12. Even 4×4 vehicles need winter tyres in snowy and icy conditions.
13. All-year tyres typically do not perform as well in winter conditions as winter tyres but are still more effective than summer tyres.
14. Statistically in central Europe, if you add up all of the days where it was wet, icy, and frosty or snowing you have 185 days of winter weather each year.
15. Modern winter tyres cost more or less the same as summer tyres.
16. Fitting winter tyres saves you money because you aren’t using your summer tyres and are extending their lifespan”.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights- that means that it is Winter Tyres time again

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights

This is the time of that I dislike driving at. I love driving my car and have driven all over Europe. But when the nights start to get darker and the weather turns colder. Thus,  I am a little more uneasy when I am driving.
I am lucky in one respect that I own a garage. Therefore, my staff always keep my car in good shape. Before the really bad weather arrives. I always give the car a winter service. Consequently, making sure that the antifreeze levels are well up for the engine. Hence and also my washer bottles contain a de-icer liquid. So that I do not get caught out with the first bad frost of the year.

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights

I always get some winter tyres fitted

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights
Scenes like this from two year ago can remind us just how bad it gets.This was in Sowerby north of Halifax UK

The problem that we have with British winters is that they are so unpredictable. The 2013-2014 winters were the mildest for 20 years, but the three years before that were very bad. We had many periods of snow fall in those bad winters and push was on to get our customers to buy winter tyres.

As it happened we did not have to try very hard. Many of our customers who needed tyres anyway decided to go for the winter tyres. This made a great deal of sense because the cost of winter tyres has come down in recent years and they have become an affordable safety feature for their cars.
We all live in a very fast world these days and drivers are more aware of the need for winter tyres, because they now have to get to work and take their kids to school, in fact we found in recent winters that one of our main customers were the mums in their crossover cars and people carriers. The mums normally control the household budget and they made buying winter tyres one of their safety priorities for their families.

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights-When the snow came the winter tyres were flying on

Once we had our first snow fall of the winter, then the word gets around of how good the winter tyres were, especially if you live in a hilly district, similar to Halifax here in Yorkshire UK. We have even had thank you letters from satisfied customers and all sorts of stories telling of tales about how they got out of difficulties in the snow, because they had winter tyres fitted. One guy run his sister home from Halifax to Leeds in a blizzard, when

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights
Toyota MR2 in for the winter tyres fitting

hundreds of cars were stuck at the road side, because of the snow and he rang me up and thanked me personally for my advice to him about having winter tyres fitted to his car.
Not to exaggerate but we had three and four people from the same family buying winter tyres for their cars and SUV’s. We at Pellon Tyres operate a “tyre hotel” system where we store our customers tyres and change them from summer to winter tyres and back again in the spring, but the demand has been so great that we are almost full to busting and even now in October when I am writing this article, we have been fitting our customers winter tyres, so great was the demand.

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights

Winter Brings Colder Dark Nights
One of the things that you should be aware of when buying winter tyres is to watch out for the car behind. I know that the matter is out of your hands, but if it is snowing and sticking to the road surface, then you will be able to stop with your winters on but the car behind with his summer tyres on might not be able to stop. There is nothing you can do but just be aware, if you see him coming towards you then you might just have time to take evasive action and get out of the way.
Winter tyre time is normally November time but if you need new tyres now, then you would be wise to have winters fitted. You can fit them to the drive wheels only but the safest way is to have them fitted to all four wheels. We can offer cheap winter tyres or the more upmarket brand of tyres, whichever suits your pocket, so as I have said they are well the extra few pounds and you and your family will be much safer if you ever get caught out in bad weather this winter.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website


How winter tyres work? A look at the Dunlop Sports 4D winter tyre

How winter tyres work?

How winter tyres work; As many of my readers know, I am a big fan of Dunlop Tyres. In my earlier career, I used to work for them as an office manager. At the beginning of 1970,s. Dunlop tyres were one of the leading tyre companies in those days.

Tyre manufacturers were more localised to their country of origin. Globalisation was a word that had not entered into the world of tyres. Most of the other large tyre companies originated from the USA.

The 1970’s were the beginning of the world car boom. People could afford to buy a car. Blue collar workers were entering the new car market, for the first time. Times were good in the Auto industry.

National automakers were doing well. Car sales were hitting new records. Higher car sales. Would mean that the tyres makers were seeing their market share rising. Tyre companies were starting to expand across countries. Michelin was very active in Europe and the USA.

Dunlop tyres were dipping their toes into the motorsport market. Michelin was also investing in motorsport to promote their tyre products. Dunlop became an important tyre supplier to the Prestige Jaguar cars.

Consequently, Dunlop was starting development work alongside the Jaguar engineers, to develop new products. However, this did not always work out the way they would have liked it. A new textile radial tyre had to be prepared for the Jaguar XJ6.

How winter tyres work

The XJ6 was having problems with road noise. A specific tyre size would have to be developed by Dunlop especially for this car model. The infamous ER70VR15 tyre. This was to be the textile radial tyre. The tyre had problems with the shape. Believe it or not, the tyres were not round?

To counteract this, Dunlop had to develop a unique machine. This machine would skim the tyre tread area to re-shape the tyre. I remembered clearly having to take the Jaguar cars to the Dunlop tyre depot in the centre of Leeds here in Yorkshire UK.How winter tyres work

However, the Dunlop tyres of today are a vastly different animal. The tyres are of superb quality. This includes the  SP Winter Sports 4D These winter tyres, exhibit excellent handling and grip for high-performance cars in wet and icy conditions. The fuel efficient design and enhanced snow and ice traction make it a popular choice amongst performance enthusiasts.

Car Tyres are going to get Taller and Thinner

Size and shape of car tyres will be changing

This is a good story for let’s say for the more mature garage owners amongst us, (the older guys). We are the ones that remember the cars and their car tyres back in the 1960’s and on from there. The tyre industry is about to do a turn around when it comes to car tyres design and sizes and will revert back to similar ones that were used in the early days, they are to start making taller and thinner car tyres.
This reversal has come about by pressure from governments to encourage car manufacturers to design and make their cars more ECO friendly. By reverting back to the tall thin tyre they are helping the car designers to reduce fuel consumption and help give their cars better carbon emissions figures.
When I first worked in the industry this type of tyre sizes were the norm. The MGB sports car came out on 165×14 tyres a narrow tyre by today’s standards. The early E-Type Jaguars were originally fitted with 185v15 size tyres as were the Ferrari 250 GT’s. Even the more every day type of cars such as the VW Beetles and Volvos were fitted with 155×15 and 165×15 size tyres, which were very narrow compared with some of the tyre sizes that were later to be developed.

bridgestone ecopia tyre
Bridgestone tyre showing the tall and thin effect of the new car tyres.

Pirelli one of the companies to develop the slimmer car tyres.

Pirelli have said that they will be driven to come out with new sizes by stricter European Union regulations that will force them to develop tyres that have the best ratings. The idea of this is to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyres. The first target for the regulations is 2016 and then a higher target in 2020. The new tyre rules will be getting stricter and stricter, and so it will not be long before we see this type of tyre coming into our garages and tyre shops.

What is rolling resistance?

Rolling resistance is basically the friction between the wheel and tyre and the road surface. The broader the tyres footprint then the more resistance is created, we would normally put this down to a better grip and this is one of the reasons that the low profile tyres were developed, firstly for motorsport and then for road cars.
Also at the bottom of the tyre where the tyre meets the road surface, there is a flat spot, this is known as the “compact patch “and as you roll over it going forward the flat section moves round the tyre. The shape of the tyre is constantly changing. This gives an extra resistive force. This why the car uses more fuel when your tyres are not inflated correctly (under-inflated), the engine is having to work harder to push the car along with its flatter tyres. A simpler way of putting it is that if you have a half flat tyre on your bicycle you know that it is much harder to peddle, then it is the same for your car, this is known as “rolling resistance”.
Also because of more modern tread designs, then there has been no loss of “wet and dry grip,” This is also due to more modern tyre compounds and treads patterns with deeper sipes. Sipes are the tiny slits that help to dissipate the water in wet driving conditions. This tyre design is incorporated in Michelins new tyre the Michelin AS all season tyres, as the tyre wears down then the sipes do as well, giving excellent grip as the tyre wears down, https://www.wintertyres-yorkshire.co.uk/michelin-premier-s-season-tyre/
In fact Bridgestone and Michelin are two of the tyre companies that are involved in the development of the taller, thinner tyres.
In fact the new BMW i3 concept car has come out on 19 inch wheels, tyre size 155/70×19 but the tyres are half the width of the conventional BMW 3 series cars, according to Michelin by increasing the tyres diameter by 2 inches will reduce rolling resistance by about 5%.
The new Citroen C4 cactus will use 18 inch wheels, which will be just 155mm wide (about 6 inches).
One good thing about this is that I love change? I believe that these new tyre designs are what makes our job more interesting, especially for us older guys who remember the original skinny tyres going back 40 or 50 years.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.