Best SUV Tyres-The best tyre for your SUV? Goodyear : according to Choice

Best SUV Tyres

Best SUV Tyres

Best SUV Tyres

We love Choice – when they are putting products head to head for the ultimate consumer test – there’s no-one that does that better, so when they make a recommendation about tyres on your SUV it’s worth listening to.

Recently Choice experts tested a range of tyres from 12 brands made just for SUVs.  These 225/60 R17 tyres were put through a series of tests on a Kia Sportage. Lastly, the tests included dry cornering, wet

There is no doubt that the car industry put tyres to the test. Naturally, this includes the Kia car company with their excellent “Sportage” range of SUV’s.

Of course, tyres are tested in many different ways. Including, dry and wet cornering. As expected, many of the results are mixed. As a result, In this case Goodyear tyres came out best.

In my opinion, I would just stick to the tyres that were fitted as original equipment. Hence, when the car was first bought. Of course, unless you were not satisfied with them.

Source: The best tyre for your SUV? Goodyear : according to Choice