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Dunlop Tyres racing team

So, this is a great article to read if you are a fan of motorsport. In particular the work that goes into the preparation of racing tyres. Hence, by the  Dunlop Tyres racing team. Of course, before and during the race.

Of course, as the article states. Then the tyre guys are generally overlooked! But do a great and important task. Thus, preparing cars as part of the  Dunlop tyres racing team.

The Dunlop tyres racing team turn up in their huge truck. The truck is equipped with a full stock that will be required for the specific race meeting. it also contains everything to set up a tyre fitting bay which when erected gives the  Dunlop racing team, full access to tyre fitting machines and wheel balancing facilities.

The tyre are constantly changed and tested during a race. The tyre temperatures are recorded, because this is critical to grip and tyre performance.

Of course the racing team also have small tents that fit tyres in with a heater to pre-heat them up to the correct temperature. The heat aspect of the tyres is very critical for the overall tyre performance, and pressure of course.

regular travellers to Europe, especially France will have no doubt seen these giant Yellow trucks holding all the equipment required. Heading for different racing venues across Europe. The one in my image was taken by myself outside the Ibis hotel in Boulogne and heading for the weekends racing at the famous Le Mans racing circuit.

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