Irish Tyre Tax? Alan Kelly under fire for ‘stealth tax’ adding €12 to set of tyres – Irish Independent

Irish Tyre Tax

The Government has been accused of introducing a new Irish Tyre Tax with plans to impose a levy on the purchase of tyres for cars, tractors and trucks.

Irish tyre tax

This has come as a huge surprise to me.Hence, as the owner of UK tyre business?

The Irish government are to place a Tyre Tax. Of 2.8 euros on all new car and truck tyres that are sold in the Irish republic. This will mean almost 12 Euros on a set of four tyres.

In my opinion.This is just another tax. To try fill the massive shortfall in the Irish government’s coffers.Therefore to reduce their massive debt.

I understood that here in the UK where i own a tyre business, the waste tyre problem has almost been eradicated.

Tyre retailers near the border with Northern Ireland will be losing out as drivers head over the border to buy the cheaper tyres.

margins are already low in the tyre market due to cheap imports from China, but in my opinion this Irish Tyre Tax is just a stab in the back for the  tyre industry

Irish Tyre Tax

One of the spokesmen for the Irish government a certain Mr Kelly said that the claims of massive job losses, due to tyres being cheaper, in Northern Ireland, was untrue. I am not sure if this is on top of the waste tyre removal fee or not? I suspect it is though. This will make the tyres in the Provence a few pounds cheaper than the Irish

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Sights like this are not so common now in the UK

republic due to the Irish Tyre Tax.

This does give them a price advantage, and the Irish tyre companies near the border will suffer, due to this Irish Tyre Tax. This happened a while ago with the price of petrol. For some reason petrol was cheaper in Northern Ireland, than in the Irish republic. Drivers were travelling in their hoards because of cheaper prices across the border.

Irish Tyre Tax-Waste tyres are the excuse to put up taxes?

As I say I always thought that the waste tyre problem had sorted itself out? We in the UK pay about £1 per scrap tyre for disposal. The tyres are sent to facilities and dealt with in different ways. The final outcome is a recycled tyre. We do still see tyres dumped from time to time, but in general we appear to have solved the waste tyre problem.

Ireland is a similar trading country and therefor the same should apply to them. An extra Irish Tyre Tax on tyre disposal is ludicrous in my opinion. It is just a tax on the good guys. The bad guys who often sell part worn tyres at the same time will carry on disposing of the waste tyre illegally.

The tax will be 2.8 Euros per tyre, making it just under 12 Euros for a set of four tyres. This cost will be passed onto the customer and in my opinion is just a cheap way of getting more tax out of the Irish public.

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