Landsail LS988-Winrun tyres come out well in recent tyre tests-Getting to grips with Landsail tyres as they bid to banish the ‘budget’ tag –

Landsail LS988 tyres

When we claimed Landsail LS988 tyres were ‘not very good”, the manufacturer exercised its right to reply and gave us a set of tyres to try for ourselves. So has the once-budget brand come good – or not?

Landsail LS 988 came above the Michelin tyre brand in recent tests in Finland. This was a great achievement for the tyre that was branded as a budget tyre.

it comes as no surprise then that Landsail  were “not amused” when they were recently catagorised in a top ten of tyres “not to Buy”

The writer of the article, has had to promise to test the tyres for himself?

he will be using his brother BMW and has had a set of Landsail LS988 tyres were fitted for testing.

Landsail are one of the up and coming cheap tyre brands that are at the moment flooding our market. We also recommend another good budget tyre brand called Winrun. Both these brands offer good value for money. but the proof of the pudding is in tyre tests.

Continental tyres came out in first place, as you would expect, but landsail came above a Michelin tyre, which was not expected?

The tyre market has become a wash of many different tyre brands, especially coming out of China. Some of the tyres perform very well as the tyre makers try to upgrade their products from cheap budget tyres to the mid-range tyres bracket.

Most are just what they are, but they are inspected and tested and are a better alternative to buying “part worn tyres”. They are better quality because they are brand new tyres.

Another benefit to buying new tyres is that the price has plummeted in recent years. On our web site you can now buy a 205R55x16 new tyre for £38.48 all inclusive. How can you compare this when paying £20 to £30 for a part worn tyre?

Eric Roberts

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