Pirelli All-Season Tyres+fitments extend winter mobility+ alongside UHP specialists+Pellon Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Only a couple of years ago we had a clear distinction between summer tyres and winter tyres. This were much easier then?

Moving on to today’s tyre market, things are very different. Tyre manufacturers are capitalising. Hence, on the fact that motorists are indeed thinking more on the lines of safety. So, are fitting more and more winter tyres.

Of course, there are different types of tyres. Consequently, match different weather and road conditions.  Tread pattern plays a major role. Because, it is the part of the tyre that comes into contact with the road. Naturally, providing most of the traction.

Winter tyres are totally different to summer tyres. Therefore, in today’s tyre market then winter have to made in many sizes. So, to meet the demand of different types of vehicles.

Pirelli All-Season Tyres to meet the demands of SUV’s

All the latest powerful SUV’s have to be catered for? winter performance tyres  have millions of  small slits. Known as “sipes” built into the tread pattern. Of course pirelli scorpion winter tyres  are an excellent choice and are comparable to the pirelli scorpion verde tyres.

As a result, which allow more rubber to be in contact with the road. While at the same time dispelling the water , slush and snow away. Due to the action of these variable sized sipes.

Pirelli are the latest tyre maker to introduce a new tyre. Hence, that are compatible for summer and winter driving . Subsequently, in countries that do not have harsh winters. Italy is a good example. Of course including here in the UK.

Many European countries do have a winter tyre law. This makes it compulsory to fit winter tyres in certain months. Whereas Italy does enforce the use of winter tyres. Then the UK do not?

Pirelli All-Season Tyres look for the winter tyre emblem

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Snow can always be a problem. Especially, if you live near the Alps? Italian Law requires that all cars are fitted with either winter tyres or snow chains on most major roads; including motorways; from 15 November-15 April .

Indecently, snow tyres are defined by a symbol on the tyre sidewall. This has a three-peak-mountain with snowflake embedded on the sidewall.

WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 Latest Pirelli winter offering

Of course, just like all tyre manufacturers then Pirelli have brought out their latest winter offering. Including the pirelli sottozero run flat winter tyres. Importantly for owners of vehicles with the run-flat technology tyre fitted and living in snowy areas.

Like the UK. So in France, winter tyres have not been made mandatory. However they insist on snow chains and spikes. Especially when driving to the ski resorts . Say in the “Alps”.

The solution may be to carry a set of all-season tyres, which can then be used on snow roads as well provided it has the “three-peak-mountain with snowflake” emblem mark on it.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts
Eric is a keen blogger for the winter tyres blog

Acknowledging tyre growth in all-season tyres in the UK, Pirelli continues to recommend the use of winter tyres for its target performance car market, especially in extreme conditions.

Source: Pirelli all-season fitments extend winter mobility, alongside UHP specialists : Tyrepress

Modified MOT changes-to be introduced in May following DPF investigation

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

New methods to better detect the presence of DPFs are under development, Department for Transport tells GW Research to better detect DPF removal through emissions follows fears that the current MOT is failing to identify many cases of DPF removal because it only includes a ‘visual inspection’ of the […]

DPF is short jargon for “Diesel Particulate Filter” a sort of catalytic convertor for diesel cars. Many owners of diesel cars. Hence, here in the UK. Of course, have them removed. The DPFs are also cut open with cutting gear. So all the insides are removed and then the DPF is welded back up.

This is of course, illegal. The removal of the DPF, helps the diesel cars to perform better. Accordingly, the drawback is that the engines then turn out more pollution into the atmosphere.

It is an offence, under the Road Vehicles Regulations to use a vehicle which has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet.

Heavy fines for removing this from your car could be as much as £1000 or £4000 for a van owner. The Department of Transport, are looking for of developing a machine for testing the cars with a DPF fitted. Of course, at the moment the regulations only say that a visual examination is required.



Kumho Tech Talk – Tyre Selection to suit the conditions.


http://rally.com.au Tyres are a big part of rallying and with Kumho providing the control tyre, they come to each rally with a very large truck filled with all the …

Kumho tech talk videos are well worth a look at.

They show the amount of expertise that goes into making tyres for motorsport. This expertise is then passed onto the production of the regular passenger tyres that Kumho sell in their dealer network all kumho tech talkacross the UK and the rest of the world. An excellent product.

The Kumho tech talk videos are produced in Australia, where kumho Australia give a lot of support  to the motorsport scene.

The South Korean tyre company also support motorsport in many other countries, including here in the UK. In fact one of my customers in Halifax UK enters a car in the BMW touring car series. The guys name is Oliver and i last watched him race at the Croft racing circuit in North Yorkshire.

Although it was the coldest day of my life, i thoroughly enjoyed the racing and was impressed by the strength and endurance of the kumho ecsta tires, that were used in the race.

kumho tech talk
I took this picture from the last race that i visited at Croft in North Yorkshire, showing the Kumho tyre clad BMW, ready for a race.

I also went into the pits area and asked a few of the drivers what they thought of the Kumho tyres and their response was positive. I explained that i was a kumho dealer, in Halifax Yorkshire and they were very forthright and helpful with my questioning.

The touring BMW’s gave a great race in the wet conditions and i really enjoyed the event. Kumho tyres have also supported the rally scene for many years, but are sadly moving their motorsport division out of the UK to germany. A decision that many dealers in the UK are not happy about.

Eric Roberts


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres-How a £10 part-worn tyre can cost you £2,500 and you could lose your driving licence

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

SAVING cash by buying old tyres might seem like a quick-fix solution for motorists. Soaring petrol prices, insurance and road tax costs, mean running a vehicle can be a very expensive business. Drivers can face a maximum fine of up to £2,500 via courts if their cars are stopped […]

Expensive Part-Worn TyresExpensive Part-Worn Tyres

I tried to sift out the type of people that would buy these tyres? In fact the thing stood out like a “sore thumb”. it was the young drivers that we were losing. Therefore, the young drivers must be buying part-worns.

I started to ask some young drivers, including my own daughter. Brooke is her name and she drives a two year old Ford Escort. Brooke has a good job at M and S in Keightley. Naturally, we give Brooke any tyres that she requires.

So it was slightly misleading, but I asked her the question,”where would you buy your tyres”and “what would you pay for them”. I was amazed by her reply. She said that she would just go for the cheapest tyres? and had seen some for sale at £20 each, these were the ones for her?

I was gobsmacked ? she truly did not know what these tyres were and did not care, as long as they were cheap. Of course, she spends a fortune on makeup  and clothes, but would buy the cheapest tyres.

This must be the same for millions of young people, I am sure that she would not be on her own when forming this opinion.

More than £3 million part-worn tyres were sold last year in the UK as drivers looked to save cash. Soaring petrol prices, insurance and road tax costs, mean running a vehicle can be a very expensive business.


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run-flat tyres-Deflating reality – ConsumerReports.org

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

Run-flat tires promise to remove a key travel worry—being stranded roadside. However, the ownership experience can be both expensive and frustrating, as we have heard from owners.

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality


This article is exactly what i have been saying in my other articles about run flat tyre articles? Should safety be at any cost.

The concept is a great idea, but how many lives do they really save at a high cost to the customers who have just a normal puncture. I have yet to meet a driver who can say that the run flat tyres on his car helped to avoid an accident.

Or is that they just do not know? I mean that if they were doing 70 MPH on a busy motorway and the run-flat tyres-Deflating reality kicked in, the TPMS light would come on, but how could they compare this with say having a normal tyre blowout in a bad position.

This scenario is in fact very rare and i suppose that a blowout in a normal tyre would have caused an accident in any case.

run flat tyres problems

One of the biggest problems is that  the concept is a good idea, but they do leave some motorists stranded, without a spare wheel.

Just the other day i had a meeting arranged and the guy that i was to meet had a tyre blowout in his BMW. He had no spare and eventually had to call out the AA. The only place that had a replacement tyre was 120 mile away and it cost £290 for a replacement tyre.

BMW run flat tyres are expensive, especially when the car becomes a few years old and belongs to the second or third owner. This is where the danger lies? drivers will resort to fitting anything if they cannot afford the right tyre. From the dreaded part worns  to fitting a non-run flat regular tyre. This is all a part of the run-flat tyres-Deflating reality?people cannot afford to keep buying these tyres every time they have a puncture?

The BMW Mini is a great example. These cars are very popular with young female drivers. They buy a second hand car and cringe when they have to buy some new run-flat tyres, is it all worth it i ask?

From the safety angle then yes it is, but the cost? i am not so sure.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.consumerreports.org

Global tyre rankings-Bridgestone retains global tyre crown for 8th straight year

Global tyre rankings

Based on report published in ERJ’s Global Tire Report in the November/December issue: In the global tire world, 2015 was a bit of déjà vu all over again There was only one change in the ranking among the 20 largest tire makers, as Japan’s Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. […]

Global tyre rankings

Global tyre rankings



Bridgestone are still ahead of Michelin in the world tyre manufacturers rankings. However , I think that it is only a matter of time before Michelin catch up. Hence, in my opinion Michelin are making great strides to capture the lion’s share of the car and van tyre market.

Of course, Michelin have been making recent acquisitions. Notably, online tyre retailers from all over Europe. Including , BlackCircles here in the UK. Rumour has it that Bridgestone are looking at the National Tyres setup. As a result though, they think that they are over priced and may have reached a stale mate.

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