Point-S come to the UK-on Twitter

Point-S come to the UK


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Point-S come to the UK-better late than Never

It was good to see this tweet from the Point-S organisation?

Point-S has become one of the largest independent tyre dealer organisations in the world.

They started with humble beginnings, in Paris France. A small group of tyre dealers in the Paris region decided that they were under pressure from the large tyre groups and so decided to get together and form a buying group.

Point-S come to the UK
Point-S tyre depot in Germany

They soon realised that  tyre manufacturers became more interested in supplying them, making the group more competitive. In tyres BIG is good!!!

The word soon got around and other independent tyre dealers in the rest of France , became interested and joined the tyre buying group, now to be known as Point-S,(i think the “S” stands for “service”) but i am not sure.

The tyre buying group then spread across the rest of Europe and gave them incredible buying power, with tyre manufacturers falling over themselves to supply them.

When “Point-S come to the UK” joined the party,which was probably late in the game they jumped from zero to  about 150 members, i

Point-S come to the UK
Point-s are now worldwide, this tyre depot is in Turkey

must admit that i was one of them.

We can now buy better which helps us to compete with the large discount tyre companies and it has opened the doors to suppliers that otherwise were not interested in supplying a single depot tyre retailer.

Point-S come to the UK and open doors for tyre retailers

From a personnel level, we at Pellon tyres feel that is important for the remaining independent tyre shops to be part of a bigger organisation. Joining has opened up doors that were previously closed to us.

The UK is a very competitive tyre market, coming closely to our American cousins ways of marketing tyres, but some of the European ideas are now coming through to us, such as cooperate marketing of tyres. WE now sell our own brand of “Point-S” tyres that are made for us by the worlds top tyre company, Continental tyres. This is a great bonus to us and we are finding them very popular here in our tyre shop in Halifax,Yorkshire,UK.

Eric Roberts


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