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Point-S Development and Point S UK are celebrating the addition of Kerr’s Tyres to their network. Based in Northern Ireland, Kerr’s tyres is the first tyre retailer from the country to join the net…

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As a member of Points myself, i am very pleased that other members are coming on board. The more members will mean better benefits to us all across the UK.

Why Point-S?
Many of our customers in the Halifax area of Yorkshire UK, may have noticed that we have re-vamped our fitting depot and painted it in blue and white, which is to fit in with the Point-S corporate image.
Point-S is a company that was formed many years ago in the European mainland. It was

Point-S tyre depot in Germany

First started in Paris, France by a small group of tyre retailers who tried to get better buying terms from the tyre manufacturers, by purchasing in a larger group and not as individuals. The venture became very successful and soon spread throughout France and into some bordering countries.
It was decided that a separate company had to be formed to complete the everyday running of the business because it was getting too large to handle for the founders, who had their tyre businesses to run.

The Point-S setup was just what the independent tyre companies were looking for to compete with the fast-growing multi-national companies.

The company soon spread throughout Europe and became popular in all the states including a significant presence in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy.
Point-S spreads to the USA and the UK
Point-S is now the largest tyre retailing organisation in the World and because of this has secured fantastic deals on tyre prices for its members over the years. This also includes the accessories and things such as tyre fitting machinery at discount prices. The tyre manufacturers that were not interested in dealing with small tyre retailers were now

Point-S sign at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

fighting to supply the Point-S members.

Rebate schemes were set up for all the members, and more and more countries were eager to join the Point-S club. Also includeding the UK, where independent tyre retailers were in the same position as they were in France years earlier. The tyre manufacturers did not want to supply small tyre retailers like us at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. Eventually, they asked certain individuals here in the UK if they would like to start a British arm of Point-S.
Point-S soon spread, because this is just what we were looking for, to be part of a large organisation and also keeping our independent status. We are now reaping the benefits of being in a bigger club. Including better-buying power.

It enables us to compete or even beat the tyre prices from the large tyre companies. At Pellon Tyres. We even have our prices on the internet. Furthermore, we have professional tyre lookup facilities. That enable our customers to feed in their registration number and it will tell them their correct tyre size, and they will then be able to look up our very competitive tyre prices and buy tyres from our website online.
Some of the brands that we are now stocking are Yokohama and Avon tyres. These brands passionate to supplying Point-S members. They have also helped us to bring the image of our fitting station into the 21st century, by fitting us up to date signage and display materials. Finally, any of our recent customers will have noticed the significant improvements that could have only being possible by being a member of Point-S.