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Winter Tyres- Nokian Recommend Planning Ahead

Winter Tyres- Nokian Recommend Planning AheadWhile spring seems a strange time to be thinking about snow and ice, it’s the best time for dealers to get a jump on winter tire plans.

Winter Tyres- Nokian Recommend Planning Ahead

There is no doubting, that Nokian are perhaps the best winter tyres on the world market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there winter tyre stocks are depleted as soon as they are produced.

It is therefore frugal to place an order for your tyres straight after the current winter. Consequently, we do not know how hard the next winter will be. So pre-ordering makes lots of sense. Especially in countries where the winters are harsh. Accordingly, countries like Canada and the mountainous areas of North America.

Nokian winter tyres have a great reputation in these countries. Hence, winter tyre stocks could run low. Especially when the winter snow arrives. Steve Bourassa, director of products and pricing at Nokian Tyres recommends dealers such as Pellon Tyres in Yorkshire UK, should stock up with winter tyres as soon as possible.

When there gone ,then there gone?

Eric Roberts

Source: Winter Tires: Planning Ahead – Tire Review Magazine