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Apollo Tyres and Manchester United extend Partnership to 129 Countries : TMG

Apollo Tyres and Manchester United






Apollo Tyres and Manchester United

Apollo Tyres and Manchester United to expand Brand Awareness

As the Apollo tyre retailer in Halifax Yorkshire UK, I am always interested in any news that is related to the Indian tyre manufacturers. This article is no exception?

Apollo tyre has seven manufacturing plants in India making them the largest tyre makers in India. They also now make tyres in Holland at the Vredestein Tyre plant. Vredestein were bought by Apollo and he brand is now known as Apollo-Vredestein. They are also setting up a new manufacturing facility up in Hungary.

Apollo tyres and Manchester united are to expand their joint brand awareness venture to as many as a hundred different countries, including the whole of Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Brunei. The Indian tyre company, will be promoting their Apollo Tyres and Manchester United in the whole of India the UK and Thailand and now want to add a further 67 countries to the list. This will include other European countries and some African countries.

Marco Paracciani, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd, said, “The last two years of our association with Manchester United Football Club has helped increase the awareness for the ‘Apollo’ brand across select markets. This expansion will help us in our brand building journey in the African and South East Asia regions and support our growth initiatives in various countries in the regions.”

I must admit that I was invited to a Apollo Tyres and Manchester United day out at the Old Trafford ground, which included a visit to the famous Manchester United museum and a pitch tour. The whole day out culminated with dinner at the Manchester United restaurant and a speech by one of their ex-players (whose name escapes me?)

One thing is for sure that the Apollo Tyres and Manchester United partnership will bring great publicity to both sides of the deal and help push Apollo to the top of the tyre manufacturer’s pecking order.

Eric Roberts


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