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Of course, as we all know ? Car batteries are also known as lead acid batteries. Hence, the lead acid battery has now been in use for over a hundred years. So, the basics of the lead acid battery are the same now as they were when cars first came out.
Having knowledge about the car battery. Consequently, will enable you to have fewer problems. Especially, when looking after and buying a new vehicle battery. Therefore, batteries are not so complicated. Thus this video will give the motorist a better idea about connecting batteries together.
Of course truck batteries are power storage units. Accordingly, what you take out of the battery, must be put back in? Naturally, the modern day commercial battery does a massive amount of work. Modern vehicle have many electrical appliances on-board. Because of this the battery must be kept in top condition.
For this reason, your battery has to power the cars computer system. The computer system helps the car to run as efficiently as possible. So to comply with emission rules. Some cars and motorhomes are coming onto the market, with more than one battery.

069 Car battery-Apollo-Power battery or upgrade to a Quality Lucas battery.

069 Car battery

Consequently, we are now coming up to our main battery season? winter time. Therefore, as the nights get shorter and colder. Then your car battery will have to work twice as hard. This Apollo-Power battery from Batteriesontheweb in Halifax Yorkshire. Is a top class battery at a budget battery price.

The battery in the image is in fact a 069 and fits many imported Japanese car and pickup truck models. Nissan’s in particular use this model of battery. The 069 car battery also fits Mitsubishi L300 2.5 Diesel pickups and also the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 5.2i many more include Isuzu Trooper SUV 3.2 petrol, in fact this battery fits many similar types of vehicle not forgetting our own Land Rover 069 Car batteryDiscovery (most models).

069 Car battery

The battery is a sealed lead acid, low maintenance battery. Hence, which are commonly used on today’s modern cars. Many of these large pick-up trucks are actually fitted with more that one 069 car battery. Thus ,two batteries are required to turn the large diesel engines over on a cold winters morning.

The label name of Apollo-Power batteries was the brainchild of Eric Roberts. “We source the batteries from the best companies, at the best prices and pass the savings on to our customers” said Eric.

Apollo-Power batteries have a full range of batteries to fit most cars imported into the UK.

The batteries are all spill proof and come with a three year warranty.

Lucas Premium  batteries

This battery brand was originally manufactured in the UK by a private company, but closed down due to cheap imports. The brand was revitalised by a battery importer from the Manchester area of the UK.

The Lucas battery brand comes with a three year warranty and is a spill proof sealed lead acid battery.

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Varta batteries in yorkshire – We offer Varta batteries at cheap battery prices online, with a next working day delivery…

Varta batteries

We offer Varta batteries at cheap battery prices online, with a next working day delivery…

Of course, Varta batteries are amongst the best batteries in the world. Traditionally, these batteries are made by the famous Johnson controls in various factories across the EU. Updating they have now been bought out ?

Varta car batteries come in three distinct qualities.

Lower end of the car battery market comes the Varta Black. So, which is a most suitable battery for the regular car that’s perhaps over five year old.

Secondly, comes  the Varta Blue (the one in the image). Importantly, this battery  is more upmarket. Consequently, for vehicles with electric windows and mirrors.

Lastly, comes the Varta Silver. Award winning battery, which is the top of the range. So, for both starting and supplying power. Importantly, to the cars with many electrical components.

Varta also have an excellent range of EFB and  AGM Start-Stop batteries. Of course, for the cars that are coming out with Stop-start systems. Also adding  such technology such as the new hybrids.

Here in Halifax we also stock many other Varta battery products.

Including things such as truck batteries,leisure batteries and motorcycle batteries. Naturally, they all come with an excellent guarantee and can be shipped all over the UK. Of course to most post codes. This can be done by our online battery shop Online payment can also be made with a next working day delivery by courier.

Eric Roberts

H2USA, Department of Energy Announce New Tools for Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Deployment | FuelCellsWorks


Hydrogen filling station

H2USA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced two new tools and the release of two reports developed through H2USA to support hydrogen fueling

To follow recent article. Hence, the USA are studying ways of setting up the Hydrogen fuel cell car filling station network. This is well worth a look at ?.Because as far as i know.As expected the Americans are well ahead of anything .

“H2USA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced two new tools and the release of two reports developed through H2USA to support hydrogen fueling infrastructure deployment.  H2USA is a public private partnership co-launched in 2013 by DOE and industry to develop hydrogen infrastructure and deploy fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) across the United States”


In the USA the Department of Energy. They have launched a private/public joint venture. That therefore, will be looking at ways of setting up a network of filling stations. Thus,  to accommodate the growing possibility of Hydrogen cars.
Her in the UK. For this reason, are also looking at the problem through the eyes of the UK.  Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

As a result, the association have been spurred on by the plan to provide £11 million to support. So for a network of hydrogen filling stations to be rolled out across the UK. This follows a recent successful campaign. As expected, from a group known as UKH2 Mobility, who supports the network of hydrogen fuel facilities.
As you can see from my image. Naturally, there is already hydrogen fuel filling stations. All dotted around Europe. Therefore it will only be a matter of time. Before we see these as common place on the existing forecourts across the world.Thus, similar to the addition of LPG gas pumps.

To bring this post more upto date.  Countries are expecting to roll out the pumps. Henvce,  to be able to sell Hydrogen fuel to motorists.


Toyota Mira—on the hydrogen highway – A race between hydrogen and batteries-

Toyota Mira

toyota mira

Consumer Reports drives the 2016 Toyota Mira

—on the hydrogen highway. The promise of free fuel for three years makes this fuel-cell car an intriguing option.

This is one of my best bets for the car of the future.Hence, along with the battery driven car. Toyota have indeed spent millions of dollars. Thus , developing the Mira. Which are expected to travel 300 miles. So using the fuel that consists of a high pressure hydrogen gas. As expected, the gas will be stored in two fiberglass  fuel tanks.

This will give the Toyota Mira a big advantage over the battery driven Lithium-Ion cars, that are at present being developed by a number of car makers.

The hydrogen fuel. Therefore, is expected to be eventually rolled out. Therefore, onto conventional filling stations. Thus, across Europe and the USA, including Japan. The car will fill up in a similar manner to LPG cars are now, and only take a few minutes to fill.

toyota mira
Hydrogen filling station

Department of Energy (DOE) are looking at setting up a network of Hydrogen fuel stations across America. H2USA are looking at the financial implications and costs of setting up a network.

My own opinion is that all the new technologies will be battling it out for the most cost effective solution to fuels for cars of the future. Crude oil prices,will still have a say in the matter. As new oil fields are still being found. Even in the UK. We have found new oil reserves in the county of Kent. I do believe that the fuels such as hydrogen that could run along the same infrastructure as petrol (gasoline), will be the more successful fuel. The sales of battery driven cars are already falling because of the massive drop in petrol prices so the regular driver is only concerned about his pocket and not the environment.


leisure batteries -Which one do you buy- a guide from the The Camping and Caravanning Club

leisure batteries
leisure batteries

Selecting the correct leisure battery for your needs is not as easy choice, this data sheet is aimed at providing knowledge of the anatomy and principals behind leisure batteries to help you make an informed decision.

This leisure batteries article is a very long and drawn out article, but you can pick up some good bits?

As a result, I think that it could be complicated subject to some people . Hence ,I would recommend that two basic types of batteries should be used . Especially, for the leisure market. Mostly used by motorhomes and caravan users. The best one  for the person who goes away . So for long weekends is the specified leisure batteries. Specially, developed for this market. Thus, they are a crossover between a starter battery and a storage battery . Coming in the Amp sizes of which the most popular ones are. hence, the 100 amp and the 110 amp batteries.

The other type of leisure batteries is the one for use on more adventurous outings and longer journeys. These  in my opinion are the AGM batteries, such as the Optima range of batteries, or indeed most good makes of battery.

The AGM battery is a deep cycle battery and will take much more dis-charge than the other type of leisure batteries. You can totally drain the battery and it will recover on charging.

Which type of leisure batteries for you?

It is now the middle of March and motorhome and caravan people are getting ready for another busy season ahead. In my opinion it is right that you buy the correct battery, which suites your type of vacation, so buy the best battery that you can afford, the choice of battery is fantastic, but you get what you pay for?

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

Eric Roberts



solar-Charged battery-could challenge Australia’s soaring electricity prices 

solar-Charged battery

solar-Charged battery-ZCell developer says its battery for homes is more efficient and recyclable

This is where the countries with good sunshine will benefit in the future?

solar-Charged battery
solar-Charged battery-Roof tiles blended in with roof tile shape Solar panels will be a common site including Australia

battery storage systems have already been successful in different parts of our planet. This includes whole Island communities. The batteries are stored in 20 ft containers and are charged by the sun during the day. The energy stored in the batteries is then released at night, making aa 24-hour cycle.

This system would be ideal for the remoter parts of Australia. And then spread to the outskirts of towns near to the outback. This will relieve the coal and oil powered national grid and become more eco-friendly.

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Scrap car battery-What to do with your old scrap car battery – Independent Online

Scrap car battery

scrap car battery
This looks like it is heading to be a scrap car battery

Independent Online What to do with a scrap car battery Independent Online But last weekend a friend and I were chatting over a recalcitrant carburetor in his garage when I noticed a number of (obviously second-hand) car batteries in one corner,…

This article is about car battery care more than what to do with your scrap battery. For some really strange reason drivers in the UK keep the old scrap car battery in their garage? this is really strange? when i have asked them why they do this they all reply with a similar answer.

The answer is that they are saving the old battery in case they need it in the future. When i asked them why they say that,”you never know when you might need one”

But i explain that their battery is dead and only scrap, then they don’t believe me and still precede to keep it.

Your old car battery is actually worth a few pounds! As a

scrap car battery
scrap batteries piled up waiting to be processed at a facility. 95% of waste batteries are recycled an excellent achievement

battery retailer we collect the old batteries and then take them to the waste collection centre.

All of the waste scrap car battery journeys are covered by the “transfer of waste” regulations, here in the UK and waste collection centres can only accept the scrap  battery delivery, if they are officially registered with the government.

The movement of waste battery products in the UK is strictly regulated. if you are disposing of a single scrap car battery, then you can take it to your local council waste facility, where you can place it in a specially marked place. Please do not throw it away or in your household bin.

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Leisure Battery Scheme to launch at the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2015 – Caravan Times

Leisure Battery Scheme

Never worry about buying the wrong battery again, thanks to the NCCs new Leisure Battery Scheme, set for launch this October

Leisure Battery Scheme-NCC launches its Verified Leisure Battery Scheme? Will it work?

As the owner of online battery site, I think that this is a step in the right direction. When I look and see all the different types and sizes of so called leisure batteries for sale, it makes me cringe?

How the owner of a caravan or motorhome chooses a new battery I will never know. I also hope that the National Caravan Council (NCC) distinguish the different battery types. The one that complicates people is the normal sealed lead acid battery and the AGM battery.

In my experience many leisure vehicle owners should be fitting AGM batteries and not the so called leisure batteries.  The AGM batteries are deep cycle batteries, which can be discharged down to practically zero percent. The battery can then totally recharge to full capacity without any problems. This type of battery is also a truly sealed Leisure Battery Schemebattery and can be fitted in any position.

This is also the ideal partner for the growing army of leisure vehicle owners who are using solar panels, as I have said the AGM battery will discharge to much lower levels than the so called standard type of leisure battery.

The NCC will launch the new Leisure Battery Scheme at the 2015 Motorhome and caravan show. The NCC also wants the leisure vehicle manufacturers to take up the Leisure Battery Scheme, when fitting the original equipment batteries. This is a good move and gives the owners the correct replacement battery, by using the Leisure Battery Scheme.

All the batteries that are verified will be tested by independent testing companies and then put into different categories and labelled with the information for the leisure battery buying public. The categories will be A, B and C.

A-     This will include the batteries for users who require a high storage capacity away from hook-up sites.

B-      This group will be for owners who use the hook-up facilities, but also use extras such as caravan motor movers.

C-      This group will be the regular vehicle owner and will be of lower capacity to be used over short periods, an example of this would be the 75 amp LV22MF battery.

If the correct leisure battery is purchased, then the cost can be as much as £150 or more, so it important advice to give to the consumer. The Leisure Battery Scheme should make buying one of these batteries a bit easier and clearer. I think that you should stay with the tried and tested products made by say Lucas or Numax batteries. These makes have been proven over years of service to the leisure industry, which should not be overlooked.

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Car battery Fitting-Should I Install a Car Battery Myself?

Car battery Fitting

Car battery Fitting

Car battery Fitting

RT @interstatebatts: When it comes to Car battery Fitting, DIY may leave you calling SOS:

This is a good article that warns about the dangers of car battery fitting.

Hence, in my opinion though i think that the car battery.Naturally, can be changed by the car owner. Thus, is a relatively easy job to do. Of course, the problem with car battery fitting comes with some of the newer car models.Therefore,  I think that some so called battery experts are just scare mongering. Many of the batteries that we sell online. Therefore, are fitted to older models. In these cases it is just a case of replacing the new battery. Replacing, the exact same way as the old one is removed.

One of the worst scenarios. Is when car battery fittings are the battery hold down nuts and bolts type.Therefore, may be seized up. The best thing to do is to apply some easing oil on the nuts about ten minutes before you try to remove them. If the nuts do happen to break. Then you must find some other way to secure the new battery?

Car battery Fitting-A loose fitting battery is an MOT failure here in the UK?

The article warned about the newer types of BMW cars. The problem with newer cars is that they all have on-board computer systems. This is to control the cars emissions and the whole thing is connected and powered by the car battery. These cars a mainly “start-stop

Car battery Fitting
Car battery Fitting;testing the battery with a voltmeter

cars? if you own one of these cars it would probably be the best thing if did have the car battery fitting done  by your local battery dealer. Some cars have to have an electric gadget to keep the computer happy while a new battery is fitted.

These cars are fitted with AGM batteries to give the car more battery power. it is important that you fit the exact same AGM battery when replacing the battery.

Happy battery fitting

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