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An old customer recently came into our tyre depot in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Fred as we will call him. Bought a second hand car from a lady whos husband had recently passed away. The car had been stood in a garage for a few years. Consequently, the car was in good condition. The mileage was 47000 and the car was a Vauxhall Vectra.
The vectra was in immaculate condition. However, Fred only wanted the tyres checking. The car had two makes of tyres fitted. Accordingly, two were Michelin zx and the other two were both BF Goodrich. The tyres had tell tale “cracking”. Hence, on the bead and shoulder area of the tyres. Cracking is a tell tale sign of aging tyres? – promoting UK tyre safety and highlighting the dangers of driving on defective tyres  was set up with the responsibility of raising the awareness of the importance of the dangers of defective and worn tyres.

Hi Judging at some of the tyres that we are removing, in our Halifax Tyre shop. So, you can see why we need such a great organisation as Tyresafe. Constantly, trying to educate and inform the car owning public. Hence, about the proper care and safety when it comes to their tyres.

The image i have used. Of course, is an every day sample of the tyres that we take off our customers cars.
The tyre that is stood on edge. So, is actually worn down to the steel belt. Consequently, the left hand side of the tread area. The driver said that he was too busy to check his tyres. But he was shocked to see them in such bad condition.

As i have said on many occasions, Tyresafe are a none profit making organisation. Trying to educate the motoring public. Thus, with different safety awareness campaigns. Of course, throughout the UK. They also produce excellent tyre safety videos. Subsequently,  the website is worth a look.  established itself  in 2006. Naturally, it is a non- profit making organisation. Tyresafe campaigns for the tyre safety part of the tyre industry. Hence, in line with the legislation that is current at the moment. Including,  the current duty of care regulations. receives its support from many areas

Of the tyres industry, this includes most of the large tyre manufacturers, tyre retailers and tyre wholesalers. Tyresafe has also some  equipment suppliers and a number of vehicle manufacturers.

To get the safety message over to the driving public, works  closely with a huge range of commercial and government organisations,these include the Highways England, Road-safe,police forces, fire services, councils and many other such government bodies.

Eric Roberts

Worn Tyres-Drivers warned of worn tyres risk

Worn Tyres
worn tyres

Drivers warned of worn tyres risk. Read more here:

This article is yet another reminder from the British motoring organisation, the AA.

It states that motorists here in the UK should take more care of their tyres, than they perhaps do.

Tyres are treated the same as extras, but the small patch of rubber that sits between you car and the road makes your tyres more important than just extras.

Drivers should also check their tyres for cracks and lumps, as well as the tread depth and pressures. This cracking can be very serious and could eventually lead to the complete tread coming off. The image clearly shows a tyre with cracks forming.

These cracks will widen and become very dangerous. The cracks are usually a sign of other underlying problems, such as an illegal repair, inside the tyre. These are very often found in part worn tyres, which are illegally sold to cash strapped  motorists, who are unaware of the hidden horrors inside of these tyres.

One of the main reasons for removing a tyre that has still got some tread left,is because the tyre may have developed a “bubble” or “egg” somewhere on the tyre tread area or side wall. Most times the egg only develops when the tyre is in an inflated state. When the air is let out of the tyre the egg very often goes down and is not visible.

worn tyres
This tyre was a car tyre fitted with a bubble on the tread without the owner knowing anything about it?

Worn Tyres

This then looks like a perfectly good tyre, but to all intents and purposes is indeed a dangerous tyre and when re-fitted could blowout. I have seen many cases of this here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax. The worst case can be seen in this attached image.

These tyres somehow may find there way into the hands of illegal worn tyres dealers and sold onto an unwitting customer who thinks that they have a bargain buy, but may in fact be sitting on a disaster waiting to happen. A cheap 20555R16 Autogrip brand new economy tyre is now only £37.97. Not much more than a part worn tyre would cost you.

Eric Roberts

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Discarded tyres to be used to battle against earthquakes –

Discarded tyres

A mixture of crushed pieces of discarded tyres and sand around foundations can protect buildings during earthquakes, civil engineers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) say.

The world is coming up with some great ideas fro waste and discarded tyres. They are now used in the making of tarmac for road surfaces, right down to the householder making garden planters from discarded tyres.

They can also be used in making barriers against land subsidence, by

Discarded tyres
Waste discarded tyres are now used for many things including these fine plant holders

weaving a wall and filling the old tyres with soil or concrete as the wall is been built.

Sea defenses are also made from discarded tyres. some are even used as a type of barrier reef and are fastened together under water. This idea has been very successful to attract breeding water life, who use the reef for shelter and also breeding purposes.

This new idea comes out of India.

The article explains discarded tyres are crushed and mixed with concretes. The mix forms a perimeter around the building and the foundations before the building starts to be built. The waste tyre and concrete mix  will take any of the vibrations caused by an earthquake. A similar idea has been used in some countries to make walls on eroded river beds and road sides. As you can see in the image, the tyre sidewalls have been removed and the centres are stacked on top of each other. The wall is sloped back and filled in with earth or concrete as the wall rises, making an effective barrier against erosion.

Discarded tyres
These old Discarded tyres have been converted into a re-enforcing wall to protect the land against soil erosion.

India is very prone to earthquakes and this new development will protect new buildings as well as using millions of old discarded tyres.

Eric Roberts

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Insight-Winter Tyres- Best Places to Buy Snow Tyres

Insight-Winter Tyres

Winter is just getting started! And, for those who drive their cars during this snowy season, it’s time to get your remote car starter ready and change your tires out for snow tires. It doesn’t matter if the snowy road you’re driving down is dry or wet; having quality […]

Insight-Winter Tyres

Insight-Winter Tyres

I am writing this article, with the threat of an imminent snow storm, here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Hence, many of our customers are already well equipped with their winter tyres fitted to their vehicles.

This article lists some of the best winter tyres on the market today. Therefore, it will be well worth a click onto the web page below. We here at Pellon Tyres recommend a couple of makes. Thus, these are makes that we are very familiar with. Naturally, these are brands that our customers have fitted and are tried and tested.

Apollo-Vredestein are perhaps one of the best known. We have had good results from economy brands. These include Jinyu winter tyres and also General winter tyres.

SHOCK WEATHER WARNING: Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK


BRITAIN is facing the most savage winter in more than 50 years with months of shock weather will bring heavy snowfall and bitter Arctic winds set to bring the country to a total standstill.

The Express, a UK daily newspaper started to put out these shock weather warnings a couple of years ago,

I though they were scare mongering for some unknown reason. The thing that surprised me was that they began to get accurate with their forecasts. Here in the Yorkshire area of the UK we began to have shock weather conditions with very heavy snow and low temperatures.

I was ecstatic, because we sell winter tyres and car batteries, we could not have wished for nicer weather.

It was just right, drivers could just about get about in their cars, and

shock weather
This snow fell in November a couple of years ago catching many drivers off their guard.

they soon found that with winter tyres fitted, then the job got much easier to get about our very hilly countryside.

Now as the winter of 2015 approaches we will be watching out for another bad winter that the Express paper has already predicted in this article.

We also know that the weather people are predicting an El-Nino weather effect which brings rally cold weather to the UK, so hold on to your hats we could be in for a rough ride this winter.Oh and don’t forget your winter tyres?

This time of year is also very busy with our wise customers having their cars serviced. After the schools summer holiday break, then some drivers look to prepare their cars for the winter. We are already selling tyres for winter use . One tyre that is already looking popular is the Michelin CrossClimate tyres. We fitted a set of CrossClimate on a customers Renault last Saturday.

Eric Roberts

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Slashed tyres Police release description of a man they believe in Pocklington -100 tyres slashed

Slashed tyres

POLICE have a description of a man they want to speak to the case of the Pocklington tyre slasher, who punctured Slashed tyres on nearly 100 cars in the…

This sort of vandalism ,Slashed tyres is becoming common place across the country. The thing is that it is extremely difficult, to stick a knife into an inflated tyre with and the weight of the car brought into the equation, it becomes even more difficult.

This Slashed tyres incident happened in the picturesque market town of Pocklington, situated in the York area of North Yorkshire. This is normally a very sleepy little town with a small amount of vandalism on a Saturday night, but i do not think the town has seen the Slashed tyres on a hundred cars before?

I have visited Pocklington on many occasions, as it is the home of Bonds of Pocklington. Bonds are one of the countries leading tyre wholesalers and the Bond family were involved in Pocklingtons leading garage, a Ford dealership.

Joe York of the Humberside police, are now looking into the matter, thinking that someone in this close knit community, should have seen something during the mass stabbing of a hundred cars tyres.

Tyre slashing is a modern day common thing, but not to this extent. Not a week goes buy without one of our customers here in Halifax Yorkshire come to the depot or call us out with a tyre that has been cut with a knife or stabbed with a dart or other sharp object, it must be a sad reflection of our modern day society when people get kicks from going round slashing car tyres.

Slashed tyres are very seldom repairable and it almost always resorts to the customer having to buy a set of new tyres. in many cases this can put a heavy strain on the houshold budgets of the car owners.

Eric Roberts

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Canada Weather Tough Tyres-Learn How to Drive for the Conditions

Canada Weather Tough Tyres

Snow and ice push our driving skills to the limit. Do you know how to drive properly in winter conditions? The following tips could save you from problems when you are out on the road: Maintain a safe following distance. The posted speed is the maximum speed under ideal […]

Learn How to Drive for the Conditions

Canada Weather Tough Tyres

In my opinion this is advice from a country that has one of the toughest winter weathers in the world. For this reason, if the Canadians can’t cope with winter then nobody can.

As a tyre retailer in Halifax Yorkshire, UK. I sometimes envy the amount of snow that Canada can get in most winters.

However, the same principles apply. As a result, do you know how to drive your vehicle the correct way in winter conditions? The following words of advice  could actually save you many problems when you are out on the road. Especially in sub zero winter snowy weather.

Winter tyre market in Belgium-that is expected to grow …

Winter tyre market
The winter tyre market is expected to pick up shortly if the El-Nino takes affect and gives us snow like this above Sowerby in West Yorkshire in 2013.

New report explores the winter tyre market in Belgium that is expected to grow …

Winter tyre growth expected for Belgium

This week will see the start of colder night in some parts of Europe. The prediction is that the El Niño weather system will start again this year and affect the world’s climate and the Winter tyre market . Here in the UK it affects our winter temperatures and we suffer periods of very cold weather which bring us snow and ice.

Car drivers have in the past been caught out by these sudden snow storms and even whole motorways (M11) have been cut off with thousands of cars stranded with their summer tyres skidding and getting their cars stuck.

In my opinion the UK has woke up to our winters and we have seen a big surge of drivers fitting winter tyres to their cars and a large increase in the Winter tyre market . This has been a good move and now like the UK drivers in Belgium are waking up to the idea of fitting winter tyres.

Winter tyres are called all sorts of names, including snow tyres, all-season tyres and cold weather tyres. In general these tyres do the

Winter tyre market
Snow Flake emblem on the tyres sidewall the winter tyre marking

same job and are most beneficial to drivers in winter time.

Today’s winter tyres are a different animal to the ones when I first started in the tyre industry. Early winter tyres were virtually a summer tyre casing fitted out with a very tread pattern (similar to my image of an early Firestone winter tyre) new tyres for winter use have been developed through the tyre companies involvement in motorsport. Especially rallying, where tyres needed to grip in very bad conditions and bad weather.

The whole tyre structure had to be developed to give modern cars the ride that they were used to. This meant more flexible casings in low temperatures. Silica was going to be the answer? It enabled tyres to flex more in lower temperatures. This combined with modern tread pattern design, brought out new winter tyre designs, which performed very well on new car designs such  as SUV’s and luxury saloons.

Belgium like all the other European countries is no exception to the rules and the winter tyre market is expected to grow as safety conscious motorists lower their risks to bad winter weather.

The new revolution will be an improvement in the all-weather tyre. If these are fitted to your car then there will no need to fit winter tyres. These tyres will be fitted all the year round. I feel that this will be the main aim of the tyre companies in future. The trend has already been started with the excellent Michelin CrossClimate. This tyre is already proving to be popular and only time will tell, whether this type of tyre will replace the traditional winter tyres.

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Sumitomo Tyres- buys Micheldever Tyre Services for £215m-Great News from Japan

Sumitomo Tyres

Micheldever supplies around six million tyres a year to more than 6,000 retailers and direct to motorists Britain’s second biggest tyre maker has been snapped up by Sumitomo Rubber Industries for £215 million, the latest in a series of post-Brexit takeovers by Japanese firms. Micheldever Tyre Services, based in […]

sumitomo tyres

Sumitomo Tyres

Above anything else this shows us that global companies such as Sumitomo have confidence in the UK economy after the Brexit vote.

As a tyre retailer here in Halifax, Yorkshire I also think it is good news. As a result of this acquisition, we will feel more confident for the future. I regard Sumitomo tyres as the best option going forward. Rumors have been going about in the past two years about who would buy MD’s. The worst scenario for me would have been the rumor that Michelin tyres were interested.

Here at Pellon Tyres, we have been very close allies of MD’s ever since their takeover of Southam Tyres. Eric Roberts has always regarded Alan Baldwin(MD sales director)as a friend and business advisor.

MD’s are Britain’s second largest tyre wholesaler.Hence, have now been snapped up by Sumitomo Rubber Industries for £215 million.As a result, are the latest in a series of post-Brexit takeovers by Japanese firms. I am convinced that Japan see the UK as an increasingly important trading partner on the doorstep of the EU.

MD’s(Micheldever Tyre Services), first started out and are now based in Hampshire. After a few sales including the original owner Tony Todd. Hence, was sold by private equity firm Graphite Capital. Thus, meaning the country’s two largest tyre wholesalers now belong to Japanese companies.As a result, following Itochu’s acquisition of Stapleton tyres and Kwik-Fit  back in 2011.

Japanese companies spent over £27 billion on 43 British firms in 2016, up from £7.6 billion for 29 the previous year, according to figures from Dealogic.

Do winter tyres work? A good look at Winter Tyres by

Do winter tyres work

Winter Tyres Safety Tools

Do winter tyres work

So, my answer to that would be definite yes ! After working in the tyre industry now for 40 years, I think I am qualified to give the answer.

Not just “do winter tyres work” but in my opinion the are now essential !what do I mean!

First thing to remember is the massive increase in traffic volumes on our roads. Therefore having the power to stop your vehicle is crucially essential. I personally fit winter tyres on all my vehicles. Indeed we leave winter tyres on our vans all the year round. Including the Ford transit van that I often drive about in.

Vans are a massive part of our traffic

With the increase in van traffic then good tyres are important. Many vans do carry some weight. As a result we have all been in situations when we have had to brake very hard. So, sometimes you only have to look away for a few seconds when the traffic in front has stopped.

This coupled with a wet or slippy road can be the difference between stopping an having an accident. The difference can be your tyres. In my experience then winter tyres have saved me on winter roads several times.

And I dont just mean getting out of snow. Although they do help in that situation. Consequently, winter tyres can be the difference to whether you actually stop the van or not.

Although I say “van” then its just as important for car drivers ! with winter tyres fitted you know that your are in a safer driving environment. Believe me when I say that they will get you out of trouble several times in an average winter.

So, van drivers mark my word ! you wont regret fitting a set of winter tyres and keeping them on all year round.

Eric Roberts

Two BMWs, two different tyres and lots of snow – we test the effectiveness of winter tyres. More videos at