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All Neutral Tyres Stuff

An old customer recently came into our tyre depot in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Fred as we will call him. Bought a second hand car from a lady whos husband had recently passed away. The car had been stood in a garage for a few years. Consequently, the car was in good condition. The mileage was 47000 and the car was a Vauxhall Vectra.
The vectra was in immaculate condition. However, Fred only wanted the tyres checking. The car had two makes of tyres fitted. Accordingly, two were Michelin zx and the other two were both BF Goodrich. The tyres had tell tale “cracking”. Hence, on the bead and shoulder area of the tyres. Cracking is a tell tale sign of aging tyres?

Tyres Save Fuel-Learn how your tyres can help you save fuel

Tyres Save Fuel

Tyres are a crucial element of your vehicles and inextricably linked to performance ; they provide fleet managers, or anyone responsible for fleets, with immediate notice of any potential issue. Having properly managed tyres as part of an efficient tyres maintenance system can only benefit fleets as well as […]

Tyres Save Fuel

Tyres Save Fuel

This is a fact that the general public do not know about. The title should actually be “correctly inflated tyres” save money. This is one of the things that I always try to explain. Accordingly, correctly inflated tyres will give the driver the correct miles to the gallon.

Under inflated tyres will increase the amount of fuel that you car will use. The word that we use in the trade is “rolling resistance”. Hence, tyre manufacturers are always trying to improve, rolling resistance. For this reason, the tyres will be more efficient and also fuel Tyres Save Fuel.

There has been a lot of debate upon the importance or implementation of all-season tyres and whether they are really effective enough at providing consistent performance throughout all weather conditions, or whether it is better to use low-rolling resistance tyres. The latter, in general, minimize wasted energy by decreasing required rolling effort; and in the case of automotive applications, are particularly effective for improving vehicles’ fuel efficiency: approximately 5–15% of the fuel consumed by a typical car may be used to overcome rolling resistance.

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres-Good solid advice about Snow tyres- tested by

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

Winter tyres versus 4x4 tyres

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

This has always been a good talking point. However ,to me it is a no brainer. So, if you need tyres and winter is approaching. Then you must consider all-weather tyres or winter tyres.

Winter here in the UK can last as long as 5 months. Of course it has been known to snow in April and even May. So the investment will be well worth it!

Most compelling evidence to me is the great reports we have from customers who have had winter tyres fitted. It is important to realise the safety features that winter tyres have built into them.

Firstly, the tread is a special design

Tread is designed to be more tougher. These tyres look aggressive and actually they need to be! Secondly comes the actual compounds that the tyres are made of. Of course these days “silica” is a great new additive to give tyre more flexibility in cold weather.

Winter tyres do not go hard when the temperature drops below 7 degrees. Sipes are the next great benefit! these are all the tiny slits in almost all winter tyre designs. Significantly, sipes are the thing that clears away the water, slush and snow as you are driving along.

This combined with the tread pattern helps clear away the dreaded winter weather that comes along every year. In my opinion November is the best time to fit your winter tyres. Here in Halifax we are a 1000 feet above sea level and the first snow usually falls in November.

So, if you live in a hilly area then winter tyres are for you. If am sure that you wont be disappointment ?

Eric Roberts

Which works best in the snow, winter tyres or four-wheel drive? We test two otherwise identical Skoda Yetis to find out which is best. Read a full Skoda Yeti review at

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres | Blog | Practical Motorhome

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

Checking the tyres on any newly-purchased motorhome is critical, writes Nigel Donnelly, a few weeks into ownership of his T25 VW campervan

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres,have yours checked

This article has reminded me about the importance of tyres for the motorhome?. I must admit that i envy the owners of these homes on wheels and it is a thing i must look at for the future.

The motorhome market has just exploded in recent years, replacing  the once popular caravan for use on holiday adventures. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and it is no surprise that so do the tyres?

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres check out the load ratings

The new style motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes, including large ones with twin rear axles, that can carry large weights.

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres
This tyre was a car tyre fitted to a heavy caravan, causing it blowout under weight stress.

These are the main ones to look out for?

It is very important that you take your tyres really seriously and take a good look at tyre sidewall markings. if you buy a second hand motorhome please make sure that the previous owner has fitted the correct tyres before he sold it to you.

Most reputable motorhome companies will have checked to see if you have the correct tyres fitted, but it is your responsibility to double check the tyre size and just as important the load ratings and ply ratings.

Some tyre companies such as Michelin even make a special tyre to fit motorhomes, called the Agilis Camping. This tyre has a great tread pattern to ensure that your motorhome does not get stuck in a field or other off road situation. The tyre also has the correct load ratings for such a heavy vehicle and so are well worth looking out for.

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New Car Tyres-Keep Your Car in Perfect Condition with New Tyres

New Car Tyres

It’s vital that you are able to drive safely, and your tyres can cause many problems if they are not in good condition. A reliable garage can offer you services for tyres in Petersfield . Their goal is to help keep your vehicle in great condition by providing you […]

New Car Tyres

New Car Tyres

From the point of view of a tyre retailer. Hence, It is important that you drive your vehicle safely. For this reason, that looking after your tyres is imperative for your families wellbeing. Including, the very important aspect of “safety”.

Therefore a good connection with your local garage is a must. In  Halifax Yorkshire, then we have the excellent Pellon Tyres. As expected this garage has been around for many years, “Forty” to be precise. Pellon Tyres main aim is to help the customer to keep their cars in the best condition.

There tyre care policy is second to none. All types and makes of new tyres are cold. Of course, the tyre company do related work. So such as puncture repairs, wheel balancing and wheel alignment to name few.

There are a few ways that you can tell when your tyres are in need of care. Perhaps you have noticed a certain tyre is lower than the rest, or it is flat. This is usually caused by a puncture and can either be repaired or replaced. Maybe your car pulls due to bad alignment. Wheels that are not balanced well can cause excessive wear for your tyres and make it more difficult to keep your grip on slippery or wet pavement. In some cases your tyres may just be showing general wear-and-tear. No matter why you need new tyres or repairs the professionals can ensure that your wheels are kept in peak condition.

Eric Roberts

Winter Tyres Insurance Discounts-Ontario: car insurance discounts for snow tires

Winter Tyres Insurance Discounts

ETOBICOKE, Ontario (Dec. 16, 2016) — The Ontario provincial government has mandated that companies that sell car insurance in Ontario offer their customers discounts for using winter tires. The winter tire discount mandate — which took effect Jan. 1, 2016 — is one of several ways the province is […]

Winter Tyres Insurance Discounts

Winter Tyres Insurance Discounts

This is something that I have written about in the past. Of course, we all know that winter tyres are much safer for drivers. Hence in the long dark winter days.

Canadian insurance companies have taken up this. Naturally, by offering motorists that fit winter tyres. Accordingly, a discount on their insurance policy. Of course, I think this is an idea that could be carried to the UK.

Winter tyres are safer, we all know that. Therefore it would give drivers an incentive of cheaper insurance if they fit winter tyres. A win/win situation.

The winter tire discount mandate — which took effect Jan. 1, 2016 — is one of several ways the province is seeking to help reduce insurance costs for Ontario’s 10 million drivers, according to Yvan Baker, the Parliamentary assistant to Minister of Finance Charles Sousa.

Eric Roberts.

Winter Tyres Explanation- A Look into the age old question-Why Winter Tyres?

Winter Tyres Explanation

Previous winters have resulted in scenes of chaos on the UK roads, creating dangerous driving conditions and bringing the country to a standstill. In many European markets it is now considered a common part of the motoring routine to change from summer to winter tyres in order to avoid […]

Winter Tyres Explanation

Winter Tyres Explanation

Many of our past winters has produced scenes of chaos on the UK roads. As a result, making dangerous driving conditions. Hence, bringing the UK roads to a complete standstill. Of course, other European tyre markets it becomes a natural thing. Thus, to fit winter tyres. Indeed, it is now considered an essential part of their driving routine.

Of course to change from summer to winter tyres. As a result, Europian drivers are to be much safer when driving in severe winter weather. As expected,   several European countries which include Sweden, Austria and Germany recognise the safety benefits of fitting winter tyres onto their vehicles.

Therefore, these countries have introduced motoring laws that make it compulsory to fit winter tyres at certain times of the year. Of course, I am not sure that this will happen here in the UK. However, drivers are becoming more aware of the winter tyre safety factor.

Goodyear’s Winter Tyre range has been developed specifically with your safety in mind. They are designed to perform not just in ice and snow, but at temperatures of 7 degrees or below. They offer better responsiveness and braking distances due to a softer compound than Summer Tyres.

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General Tyre Sponsorship-South Africa kicks off sponsorship of Lifesaving SA

General Tyre Sponsorship

General Tire. Hence, a brand of Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA).Consequently, is making a significant contribution to safety this holiday season.For this reason,  and beyond by sponsoring Lifesaving South Africa (LSA). So along with its wide range of essential support services provided countrywide. This initiative. Sees General Tire becoming the high-profile title sponsor of […].

Of course, tyre companies are looking at all types of sponsorship and advertising deals. For this reason, we can see all kinds of tyre companies advertising on our TV sets. Including massive football clubs such as Liverpool and Chelsea AFC. lesser known tyre companies are constantly involved in promoting other sports. Hence this General tyre life saving deal is a good example, to what we may expect to see.

Other tyre advertising projects including the tyre companies. Involved in car rallying and many other motorsport events. Pirelli are a good example of this. Naturally, as the tyre supplier to the F1 racing teams.

General Tyre Sponsorship

“Lifesaving South Africa plays an important role looking after our beaches and waterways, particularly during the holiday seasons, and we are proud to be associated with this organization and its commendable work. It’s a perfect fit with the General Tire brand’s adventurous ‘Anywhere is Possible’ tagline and the focus on making your beach and holiday General Tyre Sponsorshipadventure safe,” Langner adds.

Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist-Winter time is now with us -5C today in Yorkshire

Winter Auto Maintenance

Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images By Matthew Wright Auto Repair Expert With winter weather comes winter driving. Whether you’re reading this in a snowstorm or it’s still balmy outside, getting prepared for winter is a right-now job. While safety is an important consideration all year long, there are certainly some auto maintenance […]

Winter Auto Maintenance

Winter Auto Maintenance

Wow!! just taken my son Matthew to work and it is -5C outside. However, I am rubbing my hands a little this morning.Because firstly we are open for the first time after the Christmas break. Of course, secondly, we sell and fit car batteries.

While I am on about batteries. Hence, I could not believe the Halfords TV advert. Hence they were saying in the ad that they would fit a car battery(from them of course) for £10 only.

Consequently, I could not believe my ears? A similar quality battery from Pellon Tyres would cost much less than Halfords and we will fit the battery FREE of charge for you. So, we all know and understand the word”PROFIT”, but charging a £10 fitting fee takes the pre-vapre variable Micky.

With winter weather comes winter driving. Whether you’re reading this in a snowstorm or it’s still balmy outside, getting prepared for winter is a right-now job. While safety is an important consideration all year long, there are certainly some auto maintenance jobs and safety checks that are specific to chilled air and winter driving that are a good idea to check into before we’re knee deep in the season.

Winter Auto Maintenance

To carry on. This really is the time when the bad weather can catch you out. Please make sure that your battery is in good condition. Also check your levels.Including, you window washer bottle. Please make sure that you have put some de-icer in the water. Fit winter tyres if you want to be a safer driver in the possible ice and snow fall.

make sure that you have cleaned all the frost from your screen and side windows before setting off on a journey. Naturally, you should check your lights and replace any dud bulbs.

Winter Auto Maintenance

Point-S come to the UK-on Twitter

Point-S come to the UK


#Tyres #UK #Apollo #Michelin #PointSTyres

Point-S come to the UK-better late than Never

It was good to see this tweet from the Point-S organisation?

Point-S has become one of the largest independent tyre dealer organisations in the world.

They started with humble beginnings, in Paris France. A small group of tyre dealers in the Paris region decided that they were under pressure from the large tyre groups and so decided to get together and form a buying group.

Point-S come to the UK
Point-S tyre depot in Germany

They soon realised that  tyre manufacturers became more interested in supplying them, making the group more competitive. In tyres BIG is good!!!

The word soon got around and other independent tyre dealers in the rest of France , became interested and joined the tyre buying group, now to be known as Point-S,(i think the “S” stands for “service”) but i am not sure.

The tyre buying group then spread across the rest of Europe and gave them incredible buying power, with tyre manufacturers falling over themselves to supply them.

When “Point-S come to the UK” joined the party,which was probably late in the game they jumped from zero to  about 150 members, i

Point-S come to the UK
Point-s are now worldwide, this tyre depot is in Turkey

must admit that i was one of them.

We can now buy better which helps us to compete with the large discount tyre companies and it has opened the doors to suppliers that otherwise were not interested in supplying a single depot tyre retailer.

Point-S come to the UK and open doors for tyre retailers

From a personnel level, we at Pellon tyres feel that is important for the remaining independent tyre shops to be part of a bigger organisation. Joining has opened up doors that were previously closed to us.

The UK is a very competitive tyre market, coming closely to our American cousins ways of marketing tyres, but some of the European ideas are now coming through to us, such as cooperate marketing of tyres. WE now sell our own brand of “Point-S” tyres that are made for us by the worlds top tyre company, Continental tyres. This is a great bonus to us and we are finding them very popular here in our tyre shop in Halifax,Yorkshire,UK.

Eric Roberts

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Possible B.F.Goodrich Upgrade-Michelin pondering BFG plant expansion

Possible B.F.Goodrich Upgrade

WOODBURN, Ind. (Dec. 14, 2016) — Michelin North America Inc. is considering a “potential investment” over the coming five years in its BFGoodrich Fort Wayne tire plant to support its “ambition to grow the BFG brand in the U.S. and around the world.” In a statement, Michelin said “no […]

Possible B.F.Goodrich Upgrade

Possible B.F.Goodrich Upgrade

To my knowledge, Michelin Tyres of North America. Consequently, makes B.F. Goodrich tyres.Thus, the B.F. Goodrich Corporation. Which was formerly called B.F. Goodrich Company. Accordingly, stopped making their tyres in 1988. and sold the business and the B.F. Goodrich name to Michelin.

B.F. Goodrich was one of the world’s leading 4×4 tyre makers and sold the business and the B.F. Goodrich name to Michelin. In my opinion, Michelin wanted the 4×4 side of the business, to fill in a missing link in their tyre portfolio.

Here at Pellon Tyres, we have a great interest in BFG tyres. Consequently, we are members of a UK 4×4 web-site. Therefore, BFGoodrich tyres have a great reputation. Especially, when it comes to the 4×4 enthusiasts. Because these guys know all about some of the very best 4×4 tyres that are available in the Uk and the rest of the world.

BFG 4×4 tyres are number one when it comes to all 4×4 tyre classes of the off-road requirement. hence, the “Off-Road” tyre, are renowned for their durability, strength and mileage.

Therefore, a $50 million investment in the BFG brand will bring many new jobs and perhaps an upgrade to the present line of car tyres and light truck tyres.

Eric Roberts

WOODBURN, Ind. (Dec. 14, 2016) — Michelin North America Inc. is considering a “potential investment” over the coming five years.Hence, in its BFGoodrich Fort Wayne tire plant to support its “ambition to grow the BFG brand in the U.S. and around the world.”×4-tyres/tyre-brand/premium/bfgoodrich-tyres