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Aquaplaning is a tyre term from the past

When I first heard the word “aquaplaning” in recent times, it took me right back to the seventies. This word became the buzz word amongst tyre manufacturers as the battle for tyre sales dominance took place between the large tyre makers of the time, namely Goodyear and Michelin with Dunlop not too far behind.
I am not sure if it was a word that was made by up the tyre manufacturers, but I can remember that half of tyre kingdom found it a difficult to spell the word? Tyres were beginning to get more sophisticated in the late seventies to keep up with speeds that cars were then able to do.
The new radial tyres were doing better than ever with increasing mileage, especially coming from Michelin. Goodyear tyres were not far behind and in my opinion they had an edge on advertising their tyre products, a sort of Americanism. Their tyre adverts were brash and in your face and included new technical terms such as aquaplaning , often using race car characters and stars, such as Sterling Moss the famous racing driver. Goodyear were also at the forefront of offering there tyre to be used in motorsport, this was also the tactic of Michelin and Pirelli and is still carried on to this day. I can also remember Jackie Stewart extolling the virtues of the Goodyear NCT tyre.

Aquaplaning, is also known as hydroplaning

and occurs when the water between the road surface and your tyres cannot be removed fast enough. This layer of water builds up in front end of the tyres and then the pressure of the water become much stronger than the pressure of the tyre on the road, the result is that the tyres lose contact with the road surface. This loss of traction causes the wheels to slip and prevents the car from responding to steering, braking or accelerating. As a result, it is very likely that your car will go out of control, start to skid or spin. A very, very dangerous situation to find yourself in.aquaplaning
This is why new tread designs were a top priority for the tyre makers, they knew that they were on to a winner if they make a tyre that would cope with aquaplaning and make driving a safer experience. Tyres with a good tread can cope far better than tyres with little or no tread on, but in deep water even new tyres will start to aquaplane if care is not taken.
In 1974 Sir Robert Mark worked with Goodyear in some TV and newspaper advertising sating that (“I believe Goodyear tyres make a major contribution to road safety”) the tyre in question was the Goodyear Grand Prix S. This was perhaps the first time that I had heard the word “aquaplaning” and it became more relevant in the battle to sell more tyres.
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