Goodyear spherical tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre
Goodyear spherical tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre

Goodyear Spherical Tyre

Goodyear spherical tyre: Goodyear has wrapped up two concept tyres designed for the autonomous cars of tomorrow, including a spherical tyre that allows cars to drive sideways and one that can sense road conditions and adapt to them. …

Due to modern manufacturing techniques, tyres can be made with any special sidewall markings or tread designs that they want. This Goodyear concept tyre is a fine example of that, and what a stunner it looks?

This comes along with the news that Goodyear in partnership with the Luxembourg government, is to build a lucrative technical centre. This will replace the present facilities and house about 1,000 Goodyear employees.

This will include around one thousand scientists, tyre engineers, and development technicians. The whole new location is expected to accommodate over four thousand workers.

These are the guys who helped to develop the new type of tyre and many other new Goodyear and Fulda tyre products.

Goodyear have still got a wire plant in Bissen

Luxembourg, for making bead and steel wire for radial tyres. This will be closed, and the land will be sold off to the Luxembourg government. The development of the Luxembourg Automotive Campus. So, it will create business growth and development opportunities.

Consequently, inside the European automotive sector for the Goodyear Company.  It is also going to create the same opportunities. Naturally, for its campus partners and also the country of Luxembourg,.

As one of the founding partners and one of the first to move into the new facility at the campus. Hence, Goodyear looks forward to joining in with other progressive automotive companies. Especially, on the design, testing, and hatching of new concepts and ideas. Importantly, once again, there is the concept tyre, the Goodyear spherical tyre.

I have been very fortunate to visit one of the Goodyear facilities in Luxembourg and would like to wish Goodyear good luck in the new

2024 Goodyear product update. Goodyear spherical tyre

Okay, let’s talk about Goodyear’s concept tyre developments, which is as exciting as a twist in a Yorkshire soap opera. This isn’t just about putting rubber to the road; it’s about innovation, technology, and a bit of foresight. So take a cup of coffee and prepare to go on a fascinating adventure into the world of tyres, Goodyear style.

Goodyear’s Concept Tyre Developments: Not Just Air and Rubber

Do you know Goodyear? They’ve been there since Queen Victoria’s reign (well, almost – since 1898, to be exact), and they’re more than simply tyre manufacturers. These people are like the Heston Blumenthal’s of the tyre industry, constantly coming up with new ideas.

Eagle-360: A glimpse into the future.

First, let’s talk about the Eagle-360. This is not your normal tyre; it’s spherical. Consider a world in which cars have tyres as round as footballs. It sounds like something from “Doctor Who,” doesn’t it? This design allows cars to go in any direction, making parallel parking as simple as a Sunday morning. It’s like giving cars the agility of cats!

Oxygene: Bringing Life into Cities. Goodyear spherical tyre

Next, there’s oxygen. This is more than just a tyre; it’s a breath of fresh air, literally. These tyres contain living moss growing on the sidewalls. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! As the tyre rolls, it absorbs road water and sucks in CO2, releasing oxygen. It’s like having a portable Yorkshire Dales in your car, cleansing the air when you drive down to the store.

IntelliGrip: Smart as a Whip.

Then there’s the IntelliGrip. These smart tyres are similar to the clever clogs of the tyre world. They adjust to weather conditions, which, let’s be honest, in the UK are as unpredictable as a game of cricket. These tyres utilise sensors to change their grip according to the road surface and weather. It’s like having a weather forecaster built right into your tyres!

Sound Comfort: Peace and Quiet. Goodyear spherical tyre

Have you ever been on a motorway and had to shout above the traffic? Goodyear’s Sound-Comfort technology is here to help with that. These tyres are designed to significantly reduce interior vehicle noise. It’s similar to soundproofing your tyres, allowing you to listen to The Beatles, The Stones, or whatever music you want without being interrupted by road noise.

EfficientGrip Performance 2: Go the Extra Mile

Finally, let’s discuss EfficientGrip Performance 2. Goodyear claims that these tyres get 50% more mileage than their predecessors. This means fewer trips to the tyre shop and more money in your pocket for a rainy day (or a bright day out in Blackpool, perhaps).

A Step into the Future. Goodyear spherical tyre

Goodyear isn’t just producing tyres; they’re rethinking what they can be. It’s all about moving forward, from environmentally responsible advances to technologically advanced solutions. Sure, these concept tyres may not be on your car tomorrow, but they do provide a glimpse into what’s to come.

To summarise,

Goodyear’s concept tyre advancements are about more than just travelling from point A to point B; they’re also about innovation, sustainability, and a little futuristic fun. It’s fascinating to consider what’s around the corner—or, in this instance, the roundabout!

So there you have it, a quick overview of Goodyear’s most recent tyre developments. It’s more than just putting the correct shoes on your automobile; it’s about seeing a world with smart, green, and silent tyres. Isn’t that something to look forward to while you drink your tea?

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Hankook Winter Tyres

Hankook Tyres Winter Tyres

With a decisive snip, more than a year’s work was officially complete. Four representatives from Hankook Tire’s global and European operations, suitably rugged up for the occasion, were on hand to …

Hankook Tyres Winter Tyres

This article reinforces my own opinion about the huge amount of interest in winter tyres. This time, it is Hankook tyres that are putting in efforts. Hence to produce a great winter tyre. Therefore this article is about Hankook’s efforts to rigorously test their winter tyre products.

Tough track conditions in ice and snow were provided from Finland.

Source: Technotrac: Hankook Tire opens own winter test facility in Finland

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre
Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre; Motorsport news from Formula 1, GP2, GP3, Formula E, WEC, Indycar and MotoGP

As a tyre dealer for over 40 years. I have always admired the Firestone tyre brand?

There were numerous issues with Firestone tyres.

in the early days of steel-belted tyres. The North American tyre company were primarily making bias-belted tyres for the American market. These bias tyres suited the type of suspension that was used on many American cars at the time.

However radial tyres were being fitted to cars in the European car market and were coming out with staggering mileage figures. These tyres were becoming the buzz word in the tyre markets of Europe, with Michelin X tyres leading the way.

Other tyre manufacturers were struggling to keep up with the performance of the steel-belted tyres from Michelin. The problem was that the tyre manufacturers could not find a way to coat the steel wire that made up the steel belts with protection from oxidation (rusting).

Michelin had patented their method.

Hence, of protecting the steel cords from rusting. When a tyre steel belt rusts,. Then it causes the tyres layers to separate. Thus, an “egg” forms, and the tyre goes out of shape and vibrates the car. This makes the car almost impossible to drive and the tyre has to be changed.

Firestone tyres.Were to be the victims of the same thing. Along with Goodyear tyres. Firestone started to have major problems when making their first steel radials. Tyres were separating, causing all sorts of problems, both in the USA and in Europe.

Firestone Indy 500 Tyre

Firestone has always had a long-established connection to the motor-racing scene including the making of the Firestone Indy 500 Tyre. Eventually, Michelin sold the patent for making their steel wire rust proof and the tyre world’s steel belt issues fell.

Firestone then suffered a second period of tyres with best problems, mainly on Ford 4X4 trucks. This time, Firestone were sued and became very close to bankruptcy.

The sizable Bridgestone Tyre Corporation of Japan bought the business. Since then, Firestone tyres have begun to regain some credit and now make excellent tyre product. The Firestone Indy 500 tyre is a perfect example of the quality of the tyres that are produced today.

Firestone has always been an iconic tyre brand, for all my tyre life and they still are. I must congratulate them for producing such a great-looking tyre.

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BFG Mud Terrain tyres

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

Mud-terrain tyres;

The Jeep Chief is sporting a custom fuel door, 2″ Lift Kit, and 37″ Mud-Terrain tyres. This Jeep is ready to ride!

Mud-terrain tyres. Were originally made to provide the vehicle with traction. Therefore, that could go anywhere. They were developed to give the 4X4 driver. Excellent durability. Whilst also giving good wear and traction in any weather.

Hence, that the vehicle could come up across. Including heavy snow falls. Mud tyres are technically designed with the help of racing tyres. As a result, they were derived from a “cut-chip and tear-resistant tread compound”.

This would give the tyres exceptional grip.

Also, wear resistance when driving on roads that would normally tear tyres to shreds, such as gravel roads.

The compound on these  tyres. Are therefore generated from computers. Hence, to provide the tyres with tread patterns. Also with high-void all-terrain pattern.

Thus, with interlocking   tread blocks

This is also supported by placing the sipes. Consequently, in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel,. At one time, tyres with many sipes would also be noisy. As a result, when driving on normal tarmac roads,

The Mud Terrain tyres, with all their siping, can now run much quieter on normal tarmac roads due to the computer design.

BFG Mud Terrain tyres

The upper shoulder sidewall armour. Consequently, features a tougher sidewall rubber compound. That’s twice as thick as previous range of BFG Mud Terrain tyres.

According to the 4X4 site,. Of which, we at Pellon Tyres are members for the Halifax area of Yorkshire, UK.

“its predecessor and extended Side-Biter Lugs. That deliver additional traction. Thus, by providing the clawing  action necessary to develop traction. Including, steering control in deep dirt, sand or on rock. Especially, during “aired down” off-road driving. The tyres internal structure. Thus, includes twin steel belts. Naturally, reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon. So on top of Goodrich’s TriGard, 3-ply polyester cord sidewall. With ply construction (2 plies for Load Range C tyres) for strength and durability. Single strand beads (a single strand of bead wire. Is continuously wrapped multiple times. Accordingly, until the desired strength is provided) enhance the tyres fit to the wheel. Therefore, to improve uniformity and ride quality”.!2fT

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Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple
Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

According to a flurry of votes on social media, the new Pirelli F1 P Zero Purple tyre’s sidewall stripe will be purple in colour for dry conditions.

In my opinion.This is a great choice of tyre.Hence, to add to the Pirelli family of F1 tyres.Hence, the tyre looks good in its bright purple lettering?  if you are a tyre or an F1 racing enthusiast.

In the coming race season

Pirelli will be using their medium compound tyres (white). Hard compounds (orange) and soft compounds (yellow) with supersoft (red) compoundsConsequently, a fifth ultra-soft (purple) compound will join these. Thus, it is the softest compound in the Pirelli racing range.

The racing will be more exciting. Because the winning team would have made all the right decisions. Including the correct tyres to race on.Hence, that particular day? The previous race seasons have brought Pirelli tyres much controversy. Drivers and officials have been blaming the tyres. As a result, there are all sorts of problems.

In fact, at one stage

I thought that Pirelli would lose the contract. Indeed, to their arch enemy Michelin tyres. Undoubtedly, they were in the hunt for the lucrative F1 tyre contract. Things settled down towards the 2015 season and Pirelli came up trumps in the bidding war. Pirelli also brought out some new tyre compounds. Including the new Pirelli F1 P Zero Purple, softer compound.

Pirelli F1 PZero Purple

As we are speaking about the 2016 race season, then The BBC has learned that the FIA, which governs F1, will instruct Pirelli to design a tyre that will allow drivers to push hard for longer.

Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera told teams and drivers at a meeting earlier this month, where dissatisfaction with the current tyres was discussed, that it could produce whatever the F1 wanted as long as it had clear commission.

Pirelli has been given preliminary information about the performance the cars are expected to have in 2017 so it can start working on tyre design.

The FIA plans to outline how it wants tyres to perform and will provide all necessary data to the company by the end of March.

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Van Brakes Require Regular Attention

Van Brakes Require Regular Attention

Van Brakes Require Regular Attention

Van Brakes Require Regular Attention

Your Van Brakes Require Regular Attention and are the ultimate defense against the accidents.

Van Brakes Require Regular Attention; A good informative article about the need to look after your car brakes? although there are many such articles, this is a better one. it shows how important it is to look after your cars brakes and have them serviced at regular intervals.

This also includes VANS? Van Brakes Require Regular Attention

Vans are often filled to their capacity and the brakes are used much more and  faster than the average cars brakes. So if you are a van driver, then make sure that you have your brakes checked at regular intervals. Van brakes can wear down much faster, and are put under much more road stress than say, the regular family car.

I am not accusing van owners of neglect, but they are often pushed to the limit by their delivery schedules. I presume that the large fleets of vans, such as parcel companies, have some sort of night service scheme. Any brake problems can then would be corrected through the night, before it was loaded.

The other scenario is the one man driver owner.

Here at Pellon Autocentre, in Halifax UK, we try to give our van driving customers a quick turn round. This saves them some time? The only problem is that Van Brakes Require Regular Attention. When the servicing

Van Brakes Require Regular Attention
modern van Hand brake showing the shoes assembly clearly

times have been stretched  it usually means that the brakes will be in a bad way, when they are finally examined.

Worn brake pads lead to worn  worn out brake discs,

if they are left too long without any brake examination. Worn brake discs can then lead to seized up brake calipers, or worn out and leaking brake cylinders. Deteriorated, brake cylinders then lead to contaminated brake shoes and less efficient braking.

Van drivers and car drivers should be fully aware of having un-safe and dangerous brakes, so the message is have them checked at regular intervals.

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Checking Your Tyre Pressures

Checking your tyre pressures.

Checking Your Tyre Pressures

Checking Your Tyre Pressures

90% of vehicles that visit our centres have the incorrect tyre pressure. Here’s our guide for how to check:

Checking Your Tyre Pressures

What if i dont know my tyre pressures?
This is one of the inquiries I receive from some of my clients at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Apart from the internet, vehicle car manufacturers often place the tyre pressures in three locations of the car.

Here are the three places:

Finally, you can find the vehicle’s handbook in the driver’s door frame as well as the petrol/diesel cap.
If you are in the Halifax area, then we will always supply details when checking your tyre pressures. We recommend, though, that you keep your own tyre pressure gauge as part of your cars tool kit.

They are only small items and can even be kept with your locking wheel nuts under the dash. Gauges are on offer at most car accessory stores and also from Michelin and the road safety organizations, here in the UK we have the AA and the RAC.

I can also give you drivers a few simple tips that you should remember about tyre pressures and inflating your tyres.

a. Always keep your valve caps in a safe place when inflating and checking your tyre pressures. if the caps are cracked or broken, then replace them with new ones.
b. Try not to damage the thread on your tyre valves. Some valves are Tyre Pressure Motoring Systems and if damaged are expensive to replace. So do not force the tyre pressure gauge or the air-line onto the tyres valve and damage the thread.
c. Always check the tyre pressures when the tyres are cool preferably before you start a journey. Heat builds up in the tyres and they will give the wrong reading when checking your tyre pressures.
d. Check each tyre more than once to ensure that you have a good fit between the tyres valve and the pressure gauge.

Any good tyre centre will carry out checking your tyre pressures

free of charge, including us at Pellon Tyres here in Yorkshire, UK. This should also be done FREE of charge.

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Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres
Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Winter Pirelli Sottozero Tyres

Cruising the alpine roads of nothing Italy with Winter Sottozero Tyres #ThePerfectFit, and #Maserati.

Winter Sottozero Tyres: This is the stuff that proves the benefits of fitting winter tyres. These top-of-the market sports saloons can really show off when

driven with the correct tyres for the job?

in this case, the Pirelli Sottozero 3 tyres. Italian flare car use Italian flare tyres, a great combination. Pirelli also produces many other great winter tyre products, including the one in the picture, the Scorpion Ice winter tyre.

The Winter Sottozero Tyres

are a product that has been developed by Pirelli tyres to fit the super car range, including this Maserati. These cars are well equipped to speed down the German motorway system at 150 MPH and then drive up the snow-covered mountain roads that lead to the ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland.

For small to medium cars, then the Pirelli Cinturato All season is the tyre for them. This tyre can be left on the car all year. If, however, you live in a more northern area with heavy snowfalls, then i would suggest that you go for the Scorpio Ice and Snow tyre.

This tyre is a more aggressive tyre

in the snow and ice of countries such as Norway and Sweden, which are likely to witness very harsh winters. These recommendations are, of course, aimed at the driver who is a complete Pirelli tyre fan. Other tyre brands are just as good but Pirelli have a very good name and a large following

The more up-to-date type of vehicle driver would own an SUV. it is most advisable to fit all-weather or winter tyres to these vehicle, as most of them are useless in bad weather. For this reason, Pirelli advises the Scorpion Winter.

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Why rotate tires? Next to inflating your tires to the proper air pressure, tire rotations are an easy and inexpensive way to extend the life of your tire.


Tyre rotation, became very popular when the radial tyres first came out. Hence, it was a way of increasing tyre life. Because, wheel alignment machines were not very accurate and difficult to use. Tyre care has evolved with the development of the wheel alignment machines.

Therefore, we are now more likely to have a wheel alignment

than to have the wheels rotated. Of course, it is easy to rotate the wheels of your car when it is in for a service. In my opinion, we should rotate the wheels and then carry out a wheel alignment.

Consequently, when a tyre wears out on one side

, changing the wheels around will not correct the tyre wear. Because it is the casing that deforms. This wears out the tread unevenly. We have all seen our tyres worn out at the edges, with perfectly good tread in the centre of the tyre.

In my opinion,

The damage has been done, and this tyre will not be corrected by switching it around. In this case, all I would do is have the car’s wheel alignment corrected.

So if you have time to change your wheels around,. Of course, you should re-check the tyre pressures and have a new wheel alignment carried out

.Source: WHY ROTATE TIRES? – Kal Tire

Winter Tyres Tweet

Winter Tyres Tweet

Winter Tyres Tweet

Winter Tyres Tweet
Winter Tyres Tweet

Winter Tyres Tweet,

The moment when you realise you should have bought winter tyres #scottishwinter #winteriscoming

Eric Roberts sourced through

This is the problem? it is often too late if you did not get prepared for bad weather before the winter. Many drivers simply get caught out, when the snow arrives unexpectedly. This Winter Tyres Tweet shows the point.

I also think that it is the younger generation of drivers, who seam to be the ones caught out? I think it may be the “it will never happen to me scenario”. It is important to fit winter tyres before the onset of winter, then you know that you will be much safer, and winter can throw all it wants at you, at least you will stand a chance.

I am convinced that the tyre trade

are not targeting young drivers when it comes to teaching about tyre safety. As the owner of Pellon Tyre in Halifax, UK, i am finding it more common for young drivers to make tyre-related mistakes that only slight observations would correct.
This includes running on tyres that are completely bald and well over the legal limit. many young drivers, including married and single people, do not appear to know or just do not want to know anything about

Winter tyres tweet
Snowflake emblem on the tyres sidewall, winter tyre marking

the car, especially the tyres?
This brings me back to winter tyres. Any driver who fits winter tyres on a regular basis, knows how much safer it is to drive about in winter weather.

Even in heavy rain,

Hence, the driver will feel much safer. Especially with a good set of winter tyre fitted to their car. You can handle anything that a British winter can throw at you.
Some of these young drivers are driving around without any tread. Scarily, on their summer tyre, never mind winter tyres.

Winter Tyres tweets from these drivers. hence, are also the ones that take the risks on bends and speeding on our roads. This is combined with bald tyres.

Consequently, this is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, this is what happens. How often do we see a car on its roof in a ditch? too often, many would say.
So lets target young drivers with more education about tyre safety and the use of winter tyres.