Continental Tyres Dandelions: 2024

Continental Tyres Dandelions

Continental Tyres Dandelions

Continental Tyres: We made first Winter tyres using Dandelion

Believe it or not, my other interest in life other than being a garage owner has been my love of nature and keeping different animals as pets. One of my favourite pets to keep in the beginning was rabbits and guinea pigs.

These animals have always been a good type of animal . Continental Tyres Dandelions

to keep when starting out looking after pets. Some people think it is cruel to keep animals in small living quarters, but I am convinced that it set me on the road to becoming a sensible, caring person in later life and, as a businessman, passing good attributes onto my staff, to help create a good working environment.

Continental Tyres Dandelions
Continental Tyres Dandelions

To get back to the point, I used to walk a couple of miles each morning to collect greens to feed my animals with. One of their favourite greens was the humble dandelion.

The thing that many people will notice . Continental Tyres Dandelions

The thing about the dandelion is that when you pick them, they leech out a sticky white substance. I used to wonder if this liquid could ever have a beneficial use, in medicine or industry.
When I grew up and went into the tyre industry, I always wondered about the similarity between dandelion juice and the latex that was drawn from trees to manufacture rubber. It was also similar to a product that was used to self-seal tyres if they had a small puncture with, a white, sticky latex type substance.

Continental Tyres-Have made first Winter tyres-using Dandelion

I could not believe that now, in my later years. Continental Tyres has worked together with an organisation known as the “Fraunhofer Institute.”. To actually develop this by-product of nature. Latex from the dandelion plant.

As a result, into making tyres. Continental Tyres Dandelions

Thus  the very thing that has kept me and my family in a living all these years. The molecular structure of the humble dandelion is very similar to the latex. Which is grown for the tyre and rubber industry. Naturally, in vast forests in warmer parts of the world.

Continental Tyres Dandelions
Continental Tyres Dandelions

The plants that have been used are a variety of dandelion from Russia. Hence, it can be grown anywhere in the temperate regions of Europe.

They have been grown in vast quantities all around the Continental factories. Throughout continental Europe.

This is a great environmental achievement. Continental Tyres Dandelions

So and earlier this year (2014). Then the German tyre company was awarded an environmental and economic prize . Known as the “Green Tec Award” in the automobile category. Something that Continental Tyres is truly proud of.

Continental Tyres-Have made first Winter tyres-using Dandelion

The humble dandelion was always seen as a weed. hence, to many gardeners . But in recent times, it has been recognised as one of the earliest wild plants to flower. Providing nectar and pollen for early bees and butterflies.

It is now also used in flower schemes because of its early flowering. Besides, it was once hacked down as a weed. So it is now left in situ to flower. Therefore, this is a new development from Continental. I will put the dandelion up there with all the other important finds. In the search for a greener planet,. Continental tyres are to start building tyres using the dandelion latex

The research has been going on for a number of years now. Continental Tyres Dandelions

armed with a large acreage of Russian dandelion plants. Grown around the tyre factory. They decided to use the new product, now known as “Taraxagum,” in the manufacture of some experimental tyres.

continental tyres
The new material will be called “Taraxagum”

The tyres that are used are winter tyres because they already contain a large amount of natural rubber.

The winter tyre natural rubber has been completely replaced by the new marketing name teraxagum, and will be extensively tested this winter near Hanover in Germany and also in Sweden, where the temperature gets very low.

Continental Tyres-Have made first Winter tyres using Dandelion

Dr. Andreas Topp, Head of Material and Process Development, says… “The development process of Taraxagum has been very promising so far and we are continuing the industrialization together with our partners. We are very confident.

Our current research results will be confirmed. Especially, through the tyre tests. So that they will meet the performance targets,”
In my opinion, Continental tyres have struck gold. Hence, with this new product,. It will also save billions of euros in transport costs. 

Because the dandelions will be able to grow here in Europe .

Close to the tyre manufacturing plants. The new tyres will undergo many trials. Before they were released for sale. A time period of ten years has been mentioned.
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Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

As many of my readers will know,

Coincidentally, the formidable Goodyear Tyre Company once employed me. In fact, I must thank them for helping me become the successful owner of my own tyre business. Consequently, here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK,.

For this reason, I have always had a close affiliation with the giant tyre company. In addition to these compliments, Goodyear has always had a good, up-to-date product range. Including the excellent Wrangler range of tyres.

The Mighty Goodyear Wrangler is a top choice for 4×4 enthusiasts.

When it comes to selecting the perfect tyre for your 4×4, it’s more than simply getting from point A to B; it’s also about how you get there—and what you could encounter along the way. For individuals who enjoy a mix of off-road adventure and city driving, Goodyear Wrangler tyres have become rather legendary. Whether navigating the harsh moors of Yorkshire or fighting the urban jungle of Manchester, these tyres offer dependability and performance.

Why choose Goodyear Wrangler? Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Tough As Nails: Goodyear Wrangler tyres are built for durability. They’re designed with modern technology to withstand any terrain, whether it’s a muddy route, a rocky road, or slippery slopes. The sturdy design decreases the possibility of punctures while you’re miles from anyone, which can be a lifesaver.

All-weather Hero:

British weather is often unpredictable. One minute it’s sunny and blue sky, and the next it’s pouring rain. The Goodyear Wrangler series provides outstanding grip in both dry and wet situations, making safety a top priority no matter the weather. This makes them an ideal ally for the UK’s frequently wet and gloomy weather.

Comfort and Performance: Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Who says off-road tyres can’t provide comfort? Goodyear has done an excellent job of ensuring that these tyres not only handle difficult terrain but also give a pleasant ride on ordinary highways. This implies less road noise on extended trips through the Peak District or scenic routes along the South West Coast.

Local Highlights: Goodyear and British Motoring Heritage

Goodyear’s relationship with British motoring dates back decades, intertwining with the country’s rich automotive history. For many Brits, a tyre is more than just a part of the vehicle; it is an essential component that connects them to the road and, by extension, to the history of British motoring.

Let’s chat about our hometown, Halifax. This old town is famed not just for its gorgeous Piece Hall and its significance in the wool industry, but it also serves as a gateway to some fantastic rural vistas, perfect for putting the Goodyear Wrangler to the test. Imagine you’re getting ready for a weekend drive across the Calderdale countryside in your trusty 4×4 with tyres that reflect the spirit of adventure that is prevalent in our area.

Customer Stories.

Many of my garage customers have told me how the Goodyear Wrangler tyres not only met but surpassed their expectations. From daily commutes to spontaneous off-road adventures in the Lake District, these tyres have been acclaimed for their durability and versatility.

Wrapping Up, Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre

Choosing the proper tyre for your 4×4 requires evaluating your regular routes, driving style, and the unpredictable UK weather. Goodyear Wrangler tyres are a great choice for individuals who appreciate safety, longevity, and performance. They are more than simply tyres; they are your travelling companion, ensuring that each trip is both safe and entertaining.

Whether you’re driving through the rocky terrains of Northern England or cruising through your hometown’s crowded streets, keep in mind that your tyres are your first line of protection against the elements and the unpredictable nature of the road. And with Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre, you’re in good hands—or, should I say, excellent treads?

Drive safely, and have a fantastic journey!

Visit our garage or website for further information on tyre selection and vehicle maintenance. We’re always available to assist you in getting the most out of your driving experience.

In my opinion,

The Goodyear Wrangler line of off-road tyres have always been amongst the most popular and successful all-terrain tyres of its kind. At least for the last 20 years.

To bring things up to date.  Recent consumer reports placed the new Goodyear Wrangler Latest Tyre in second place. For instance, against similar products made by other tyre companies. Thus, in all terrain product groups,.

Hence, the only thing that let the tyre down was the tyre’s rolling resistance. It is thought that an improvement would have given the Wrangler top spot.

Source: New all-terrain adventure tyre

Old Tyres Look Like New

Old Tyres Look Like New


Cutting corners is a way of life for many shady elements in the car community. For them, if it looks the part, it’s ready to sell off to an unsuspecting victim customer.

Old Tyres Look Like New

Wow ! I have never seen this before in all my years as a tyre dealer. As a result, I am completely shocked at what I see. For this reason, it just goes to show what type of people. Are running these part worn tyre companies.

Re-cut Car Tyres-is it common practice in some countries?

I was truly shocked and amazed at the same time. Hence, when I first saw the video,. At first, I was outraged at what was going on.So was the writer of the original article. But after a while, I cannot help feeling that this practice does actually go on in other countries around the world.

 As long as we stick to the rules and regulations. Hence, those are set out for us to follow. But the practice of cutting car tyres. Indeed, has up until now been unheard of. That is, unless somebody can point out where this is a legal thing to do?

  Old Tyres Look Like New-Cases are now cropping up about how many illegal tyres have been repaired

I am sure that many of you are tyre professionals out there. I have come across some pretty bad examples. Consequently, there are things that are related to part worn tyres.

There seems to be little care or thought given the safety. Or the law where the part worn market is concerned.
Only last Saturday we have customer call in. So I bought two part-worn tyres and fitted about two weeks ago.

 Only to find that they had completely fitted the wrong size. They were not even a legal match? they were far too small for the car?

When asked why he had permitted this

The customer claimed that the other person had assured him that it was perfectly acceptable. He also claimed that the other person’s attitude when he questioned him about the incorrect size had made him feel a little threatened.
The worst ones are the subpar repairs that these people have made; this sort of thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have seen some horrific cases where the tyre has only lasted a few days before blowing out or, in some cases, these tyres never keep their pressure and the customer brings them into us for sorting out.

Old Tyres Look Like New

They must know that they are breaking the law when they sellthese things to the public, so do you have to be a special type of person to sell them in the first place, Looking at the state of some of the premises, it is a wonder that people go there in the first place, but as I say, people can and must be desperate to keep their cars on the road, and this includes buying worn tyres.

I only hope that these do not make their way to our shores

But nothing surprises me as to what lengths these people will go to to make money. As I have said on many occasions, I see nothing wrong with selling part-worn tyres as long as they are processed and sold within the law of our land.
Please take a look at this video and let me know what you think??

This post was first published on Pellonautocentre blog…

Michelin Tweels-airless tyres

Michelin Tweels-airless tyres

Michelin Tweels-airless tyres

Michelin Tweels-airless tyres

Michelin Tweels-airless tyres

Michelin Tweel Tyres

Michelin Tweels combine the tyre and the wheel into one unit that can’t get a puncture

This is no doubt a great idea from Michelin and will be a great application on such things as plant items and grass mowers, but I am not sure about long-term plans to use them on cars. Would they eventually do away with the regular car tyre (if there is such a thing)? i do not think so.

Like all the new car technologies that are coming onto the market, I think that they will just be a part of the big mix.

Michelin Tweels are a really good breakthrough

Ever since, I have worked in the tyre industry. I questioned whether a brand-new invention would eventually replace commonplace tyres.
Furthermore, I also worked for a few years.

On the plant and heavy earthmover part of the tyre business. Specifically, these were the massive tyres that we see working in the huge quarries.  Also on industrial sites around Britain.

When one of these giant trucks and earthmoving machines. Tyre issues forced us to stop. It would cost the companies thousands of pounds in down time.

These companies kept spares on site.

As a result, it was inevitable  that our tyre company. I would have to come out and attend to the tyre problem.
The most common problem, though, came from the smaller plant items. 

Such as dumper trucks and JCB machines. When these things had to stop for tyre damage, then it could mean big problems because it could have held the whole operation, such as laying tarmac, which is crucial to timing due to the fact that the tarmac had to be laid while It was still hot.

We really had to be on the ball when attending tyre problems because time really did mean money.

Michelin Tweels are similar to the fork truck tyres

Some machines back then were coming out on a solid metal wheel with a rubber band attached to it; we used to call them solids. A whole new industry grew up, replacing pneumatic tyres with what we then and now call solids.
Once again, fork trucks were very important in the industrial world, and down time due to tyre problems could cost hundreds of pounds a time. Solids replaced the air-filled fork truck pneumatics gradually but surely. The solids would gradually wear their rubber ring out but it took a long time to do this and in the meantime, they never got any punctures.

One of the big manufacturers of these special wheels was a company from Canada called “Bearcat”

. They were a very aggressive company and took over most of the fork truck work in the ICI Chemicals works in Huddersfield, but they did send the business in my direction, and times were good.
I often thought that it would be good to be able to create a product similar to the solid wheels for the larger plant items, which would stop me having to have so many tyre repairs and the down time that went with it.

Michelin Tweels has plugged the gap

This is where the Michelin Tweels came in to the equation. Michelin Tweels have a moulded-treat rubber band like conventional tyres mounted on a metal hub in the centre, very similar to the fork truck wheels but made of a much lighter alloy-based metal.

The big difference between the tread and the metal hub is the flexible spokes, which can flex and deform under weight and pressure.
This is the big difference: the flexibility allows the vehicle to ride over rough terrain, which is very similar to the Mars lander tyres set up.

This means that they are perfect for small and medium plant machines, the type that causes much trouble with punctured tyres.

Michelin are now going to build a $50 million plant

to build these airless tyres. They will be made for agricultural vehicles as well as machines that work on construction sites and land fill sites where puncture repairs have previously been a common problem.
Michelin have been working on the Tweel from 2005 and they was originally thought to be developed for the car industry, but it soon became clear to the giant French tyre company that this invention had other great potentials,

Hats off to Michelin Tweels

Tyre Pressures Looked At

Tyre Pressures Looked At

Tyre Pressures looked at
Tyre Pressures Count

Tyre Pressures Looked At

Pressure is the force exerted on a surface per unit area.

In simpler terms, it’s the force applied to a specific area. You might be familiar with the concept from everyday phrases like ‘feeling the pressure’ or ‘applying pressure to a wound’. However, when it comes to understanding tyre pressure, the measurements can seem a bit tricky, and knowing where to find this information is crucial. So, let’s break it down for you.

There are three common measurements of tyre pressure: PSI (pounds per square inch), BAR, and kPa (kilopascals). Depending on your vehicle, you might need to convert from one unit to another. Understanding these measurements is essential for maintaining your tyres properly.

Tyre inflation pressure refers to the amount of air pumped into your tyre, measured in PSI, BAR, or kPa. Your vehicle manufacturer provides a recommended tyre pressure, usually found in the vehicle’s manual or on a sticker inside the driver’s door. This recommended pressure ensures optimal performance, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Why Tyre Pressure Matters- Tyre Pressures Looked At

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can lead to poor handling, increased stopping distances, and a higher risk of blowouts.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Properly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance, which means your vehicle uses less fuel.
  3. Tyre Longevity: Correct pressure helps your tyres wear evenly, extending their lifespan.

How to Check and Adjust Tyre Pressure

  1. Find the Recommended Pressure: As mentioned, look for the recommended tyre pressure in your vehicle’s manual or on a sticker inside the driver’s door.
  2. Use a Reliable Gauge: A digital tyre pressure gauge is often more accurate than a mechanical one. Check the pressure when the tyres are cold, as driving heats them up and gives a false reading.
  3. Adjust as Necessary: If the pressure is too low, add air until you reach the recommended level. If it’s too high, release some air.
Converting Between Units- Tyre Pressures Looked At

Understanding how to convert between PSI, BAR, and kPa can be helpful, especially if you travel or move to a region using a different unit of measurement. Here’s a quick guide:

  • PSI to BAR: 1 PSI ≈ 0.0689 BAR
  • PSI to kPa: 1 PSI ≈ 6.895 kPa
  • BAR to PSI: 1 BAR ≈ 14.5038 PSI
  • BAR to kPa: 1 BAR ≈ 100 kPa
  • kPa to PSI: 1 kPa ≈ 0.145 PSI
  • kPa to BAR: 1 kPa ≈ 0.01 BAR
Tips for Maintaining Proper Tyre Pressure
  • Regular Checks: Make it a habit to check your tyre pressure at least once a month and before long journeys.
  • Seasonal Changes: Tyre pressure can drop in cold weather, so check more frequently during winter.
  • Spare Tyre: Don’t forget to check the pressure of your spare tyre. You never know when you might need it.
Local Interest: Halifax and Tyres- Tyre Pressures Looked At

For those of us in Halifax and the surrounding areas, it’s important to remember that our often unpredictable weather can affect tyre pressure. Cold snaps can reduce pressure, while warmer spells can increase it.

Regular checks are even more crucial here to ensure your tyres are always in top condition. Additionally, with the scenic drives around the Yorkshire Dales and beyond, maintaining proper tyre pressure ensures you can enjoy these routes safely and efficiently.

In conclusion, understanding and maintaining the correct tyre pressure is a simple yet vital aspect of vehicle maintenance. It enhances safety, fuel efficiency, and the lifespan of your tyres.

So next time you’re checking your tyres, remember to take a moment to ensure they’re properly inflated—your car (and wallet) will thank you!

Winter Run Flat Tyres

Winter Run Flat Tyres

winter run flat tyres
Michelin Premier A-S All-Season Tyre

Winter Run Flat Tyres

Winter Run flat tyres are now in the market.

One thing about the tyre industry:. Moreover, there is diversity and flexibility in the products that they produce. Especially in recent times. All this recent innovation and technology. As a result, the automakers have been driving it.

As a result, who has been under the influence of governments? Hence, to produce tyres that are more safety-conscious,. Such as the run-flat technology. Along with tyres with greater rolling resistance. This is  to help improve the cars greener qualifications. As a result, such as the new ranges of Eco tyres. That tyre companies have produced in recent times.

The winter run-flat tyres are no exception. It was not that long ago that run-flat tyres came onto the market. I was one of the critics who thought that they would never catch on. But how wrong was I? Now they are part of the everyday garage owner’s life.

Subsequently, we are getting these tyres in for customers on a daily basis. Drivers seem to be getting used to the higher prices that they have to pay for extra safety.
This is also includes another recent addition: the flexibility of the tyre manufacturers, and that is winter-run flat tyres.

European tyre laws would have had to include run-flat winter tyres

The tyre companies that produce original equipment tyres for car manufacturers would have had to initiate this new phase in tyre development.

Some of the EU countries have to fit winter tyres by law from November to March of the following year, and so this would have left a gap in the market, leaving the cars that are on run-flats nowhere to go in winter unless they fitted a normal winter tyre to a run-flat rim, which is not recommended and would have caused problems with insurance companies as well as the cars not having a spare wheel.

Bridgestone Winter run-flats

Bridgestone has always been a fast-thinking tyre company, and developing a winter tyre with run-flat capability would have been no problem for them.

The winters have been within their winter tyre range. The Bridgestone Winters are well known for their compound mixes, which include flexible polymers, including silica, in line with other tyre manufacturers. This gives the tyres better performance in winter temperatures, as well as better cornering and braking performance.

The tread design of these tyres is isometric, with three or four (depending on the width due to the tyre size) main draining channels around the circumference of the tread, giving maximum drainage and snow clearance.

These tyres are made to drive a BMW down the Autobahn (German Motorway) at great speeds and then drive up the mountains to a ski resort without knowing that your tyres are, in fact, winter tyres. The same now applies to winter run-flat tyres. You will have the best of both worlds: safety and excellent service in the winter weather.

Dunlop run-flat winter tyres

As another of the world’s finest tyre makers, Dunlop also makes a range of run-flat winter tyres. The Dunlops are also available in a couple of different tread patterns; one of the most popular is the Dunlop winter sport M3 tyre.

As in line with Yokohama, these tyres include silica in their compound mix to give the tyres that extra flexibility in temperatures below 7 degrees, the temperature at which the summer tyre compound will start to go rigid and not function correctly. The tread design also gives great traction and solid braking and steering performance.

Bridgestone now make a run-flat winter tyre

Bridgestone is at the moment the world’s number one tyre maker, and it is no surprise that they have been at the forefront of making winter run flat tyres.

The tyre comes in the tyre range under which the Blizzak winter tyre resonates and is designed to fit and compliment the BMW 1, 3, and 5 series, not forgetting the Z4 and the BMW Mini range. All these winter tyres are adding more safety to an already ultra-safe product.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Snow tyres and winter tyres

Snow tyres and winter tyres

Snow tyres and winter tyres

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Snow Tyres

Have been around a long time. But now it’s time for a name change.

Tyres for winter were known as Snow tyres in early days. From the nineties on. These tyres were developed to cope with better cars . So and better road surfaces. So away went the heavy tread patterns.

That were associated with the old snow tyres. In came the tyres with more and more refined tread patterns. Complete with sipes. To get rid of the slush and snow from building up in the tyres tread . Also, they were now much better in just wet, rainy conditions.

Tyre makers also introduced silica in the tyre compound.

Thus, to reduce the freezing affects when the temperature fell below 7 degrees,. This has helped cars drive in winter. Hence, with much better handling and steering,. Which keeps the car on a straight course when braking heavily.

Also a tyres pressure drops by 10psi when the temperature drops below freezing a fact that is seldom mentioned. Also winter tyres are better designed to be fitted on the vast range of SUV vehicles that have emerged onto our car market over the past 10 years.

The old tyre snow tyres would not have coped with the handling qualities of these specialised vehicles in winter time

They would have been too rigid and heavy on the tread pattern; it would have been like fitting heavy-duty off-road 4×4 tyres on to your SUV. They would have been very noisy and difficult to handle on a normal, dry road in between spells of bad weather.

snow tyres
Firestone winter tyres are now regarded as the old fashioned type snow tyres used in the late 1960’s

Now that we have the development of winter tyres

These vehicles act and can be controlled to a far better standard; you would not even know that you have had winter tyres fitted.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are not now members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.


Budget winter tyres

Budget winter tyres

Budget winter tyres



Budget Winter tyres are better than none

At first this looks like sour grapes coming from Continental tyres. But in the end they are in a huge battle. To hold up their share of the tyre market. Also the bigger tyre companies are now realising. What a great job that  tyre retailers have done. As a result over the past five or six years. In promoting the safety aspects of winter tyres.

The upsurge in the take-off of winter tyres has been a success for cheap winter tyres. I can only speak for my own area because different areas of the country have populations of varying wealth.

Due to the fact that Halifax

is an old mill town that produced wool, we are on the lower end of the wealth scale. In my opinion, various governments have neglected us over the years in terms of any redevelopment, which has resulted in many of the traditional large businesses closing down or moving elsewhere.

Scenes like this from two year ago can remind us just how bad it gets. This was in Sowerby north of Halifax UK

This does not reflect on the great people of Halifax, who have knuckled down and made the best of what they have. Anyway, I digress? Going back many years, we had a spell of very mild winters, with only a few days of snowfall in any given winter.

Because of the very hilly nature of this area, there has always been a certain amount of the population who fitted winter tyres to their vehicles. These were wealthy company bosses and farmers. Who needed to get around even in bad snowy conditions?

As far as I can remember

winter tyres were never a priority for the bigger tyre companies; they neverWhen a string of particularly bad winters hit us, importers were the first to respond to the market’s demand for winter tyres.

There are now hundreds of tyre manufacturers from China competing with the likes of Continental tyres and I believe that they are starting to feel the pinch.

We at Pellon Tyres fit budget winter tyres to all our vehicles and we never get stuck in snow They are a genuine safety benefit to me and my drivers. If you require a new set of tyres on your car at this time of year, just before winter, then please fit winter tyres, You know it makes sense, and you will not regret it.

Bridgestone Winter Tyres-Encourages Motorists

Bridgestone Winter Tyres

is actively encouraging motorists to switch to winter products. This message comes with the aim of boosting tyre safety in the upcoming cold months.

Bridgestone Winter tyres
Bridgestone Winter tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is actively encouraging motorists to switch to winter products. This message comes with the aim of boosting tyre safety in the upcoming cold months.

With the conditions all set to become more and more unpredictable and with the increasing number of casualties due to unsafe tyres, Bridgestone has taken it upon itself to educate people about the importance of tyre safety in the winter.
Bridgestone Winter tyres

In all my experience, Bridgestone Winter tyres

I have never known a winter tyre that stands out above the others. There are many reasons why our customers prefer a certain brand or even type of tyre. We have a few particular instances that stick out; one of them is a guy who imports and fits carpets.

His work takes him to all over Europe, and he travels thousands of miles a year. His main destination is Belgium because of its large carpet manufacturing industry.
The only thing that he will fit in his Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base van is Michelins. The guy just did not want any old Michelin’s; he wanted Michelin Agillis Alpin winter tyres.

The man insisted on nothing else and sometimes we have to get them from Holland for him. He says that he gets all-year-round grip and feels totally confident in all road conditions and any inclement weather. 

Bridgestone Tyres

Another thing that we always see. Some drivers will only stick to the make of tyre as original equipment. These tend to be middle-class gentlemen.  A good example is the owners of new VW cars. These are the guys who ask for the Bridgestone brand of tyres.

Although Bridgestone tyres come out in all sorts of makes of cars,.  VW cars are one of the most modern cars to have these tyres fitted. Audi cars are also equipped with the Bridgestone brand.

Again, these drivers will stick to the same brand of tyres. Consequently, we sell Bridgestone Blizzak winter tyres because the customers who drive them will stick to the same brand of tyre. My opinion is that it is good for business, and it would not be a good thing for us all to be the same and all buy the same products.

There is no doubt

that the large tyre manufacturers are getting more involved with their winter products.  Here in the UK market. On the continent, drivers have to fit winters by law.

So the tyre companies sell as many as they can.
It has to be said that we have to battle for the crumbs of the left-over tyres once they have supplied the rest of Europe, but we have been helped by imports from places like China and other Eastern tyre makers.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre
Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

Yokohama BluEarth tyres range demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally. The BluEarth AE-01 tyre encompasses much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and exper…

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

There is no doubt in my mind that the Yokohama BluEarth tyres will become one of the big tyre players shortly.

Their commitment to the motorsport scene and research and development is second to none in the tyre world.

Yokohama Compounds were tested as far back as the 1980’s
It is common knowledge that Yokohama tyres were first starting to develop more

Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

Environmental friendly tyres back in the 1980’s. The giant Japanese have always believed that motorsport participation would lead them to better research and development opportunities. However, this seems to be the case with many of the leading tyre companies, who are now developing more and more tyre products on the quest to obtain the best rolling resistance, by using different products in their compound mixes and indeed creating more diverse tread patterns to achieve this goal.

Yokohama Blue-Earth Tyre uses orange peel oil technology on new race tyres. Yokohama BluEarth Tyre

It is no secret. It was back in the 1980’s that Yokohama tyres started to experiment. By using Orange peel oil in some of their tyre compounds. The first tests were carried out on some of their motorsport racing slick tyres. These are the tyres that have no tread and look like

blue Earth symbol

bald car tyre. These slicks are used to drive the racing cars on a dry circuit. They are a soft compound tyre. These tyres have to be warmed up in special sort of tents. In which they place a portable blow heater to pre-warm the tyres before a race commences. This orange oil helps give a softer compound and has now being incorporated in some of their tyre product range a tyre known as the “Ascend”. I am not familiar with the name of this product, and I think that it is made in Virginia and is only for sale in the USA.

Yokohama BluEarth Tyre


“Yokohama is the only tyre company to have perfected this science,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama director of product planning and motorsports. “The result was the ADVAN® ENV-R1TM, which debuted in 2009 at Sebring International Raceway and became the world’s first tyre in a racing series that used sustainable materials.” This would later replace the ADVAN ENV-R2.
To bring things up-to-date, Yokohama has started to develop a common tyre concept, calling it the BluEarth concept. The complete line of BluEarth tyres features the new concept mark on the tyre.

The new technology will provide the driver with a better driving experience, through newly evolved tread designs and rubber compounds that include orange peel oils. Finally, the new concept of tyres also gives the driver a better return on his fuel costs, because of the improve fuel efficiency of the tyre range.
Yokohama’s tyre innovations are born on the race track and end up supporting the regular guy with their regular cars.


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