Wheel Alignment Problems: And How To Fix Them.

Wheel Alignment Problems

wheel alignment problems

Fixing wheel alignment problems should not take too much stress. Check the following and fix your wheel alignment problems in standby.

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Another good article about your wheel alignment?

I guess that it is coming up to that time of year. When it is time to blow all the winter cobwebs off your car. Therefore,  prepare it for the summer ahead (if we have one?)

The Significance of Wheel Alignment:

Keeping Your Car on the Straight and Narrow Hey there, fellow drivers of Halifax and beyond! Today, I want to chat with you about something that might not always be on your radar but is crucial for the health of your car: wheel alignment. Now, I know we’d rather be talking about local landmarks or the best fish and chip joints, but trust me, understanding wheel alignment is just as important for your beloved vehicle.

 Picture this:

You’re cruising along the scenic roads of Halifax, taking in the stunning views, when you notice that your car seems to be pulling slightly to one side. Or maybe your steering wheel isn’t centred anymore. What’s going on? Well, my friends, that’s where wheel alignment comes into play.

What Exactly Is Wheel Alignment?

Before we dive deeper, let’s break it down into simple terms. Wheel alignment is all about making sure your car’s wheels are pointing in the right direction—not too much to the left or right, but perfectly straight. Think of it as a car’s posture check. Just like we Brits appreciate proper posture, your car needs it too!

Why Does It Matter? Wheel Alignment Problems

 Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I care about wheel alignment?” Well, my fellow Brits, there are several good reasons: Safety First: Proper wheel alignment ensures that your car handles well and stays steady on the road. No one wants to wrestle with the steering wheel, especially when navigating the tight corners of Yorkshire’s countryside.

Tyre Lifespan:

 Misaligned wheels can lead to uneven tyre wear. This means you’ll be shelling out for new tyres more often than necessary. With the cost of living in the UK, who needs that extra expense?

 Fuel Efficiency:

 Yes, you read that right! When your wheels are correctly aligned, your car doesn’t have to work as hard to move forward. This translates to better fuel efficiency and more money saved for a weekend trip to the Dales.

 Handling and Comfort:

 A car with proper alignment handles better, giving you a smoother and more comfortable ride. You’ll appreciate this, especially during those long journeys to visit relatives or explore the local countryside.

Local Angle:

Halifax’s Historical Roads Speaking of local interests, did you know that Halifax has a rich history dating back centuries? The very roads we drive on today have witnessed countless tales of trade and industry.

To truly appreciate our town’s history, it’s essential to maintain our vehicles, starting with wheel alignment. Imagine the cobblestone streets of the past and how important it was for carriages and carts to have their wheels properly aligned for a smooth journey.

The same principle applies to our modern-day cars. By taking care of our vehicles, we not only ensure our safety but also pay homage to the traditions of our town.

 In conclusion, so, my fellow drivers-Wheel Alignment Problems

don’t overlook the importance of wheel alignment. It’s not just about keeping your car on the straight and narrow; it’s about safety, savings, and the comfort of your rides through the stunning landscapes of Halifax and the UK.

Next time you’re enjoying a drive through our charming town, remember that proper wheel alignment is not just a technical detail but a nod to our rich history. Keep your wheels aligned, and your car will thank you with smoother, safer journeys. Until next time, drive safely and explore the beauty of our local roads!

Car servicing is all important.

So is wheel alignment. Not only does it wear your tyres down. But at a much faster rate. Accordingly, it can also affect the way that your car steers.

We have all felt the affects of your car’s steering and pulling. Either to the left or right? then this is usually caused by the car’s wheel alignment being out of alignment. Thus, most of our customers are now familiar with wheel alignment problems?

The obvious problem is that your tyres will wear off

at either the inside or the outside edge. This causes premature wear and, indeed, costs you money. The second most common problem is that their car will try to pull to the left or right when it is driven?

In my opinion, the best thing to do is to start by having your car wheel aligned when you buy some new tyres. You should then keep an eye on the tyre for any signs of irregular wear. It is also a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked at regular intervals. Make sure that your garage checks it when you have your car serviced.

if your car is pulling to one side, then it is very likely to be caused by your alignment being out?

Wheel Alignment Problems

A good tip is also to ask your garage to rotate the wheels from left to right or back to front. This will give you more even wear on your tyres. You have probably noticed that on most models of cars, your front tyres wear much quicker than your back tyres.

By changing them over (rotating) them, you will get more even wear and also spread out the cost when you require new tyres. Wheel alignment problems should not be a big deal and should be a part of your regular car servicing.


Wheel Alignment Explained : Camber, caster and toe?

Wheel Alignment Explained

Wheel Alignment Explained

Alright, folks, let’s dive into a topic that might not be on everyone’s radar but is absolutely crucial when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly –

Castor and camber.

 These two elements are like the unsung heroes of your car’s steering geometry, and understanding their importance can make all the difference in your driving experience.

So, picture this: you’re cruising down the road, wind in your hair (or not, depending on your style), and you notice that your car isn’t handling as it should. It feels a bit wonky, and you’re constantly correcting the steering wheel. Well, my friends, that could very well be a castor and camber issue.

 Let’s start with castor, shall we?

Castor is all about the angle at which your car’s steering axis tilts. In simpler terms, it’s the angle of your steering pivot when you look at it from the side. Think of it like the fork on your bicycle – when it tilts forward or backward, it affects how your bike steers. The same goes for your car.

Now, why is castor so important?

Well, it plays a significant role in stability and self-centring of your steering. When you’ve got the right amount of castor, your car will naturally want to go straight ahead without you constantly wrestling with the wheel. It’s like having a built-in compass for your car. On the flip side, if your castor angle is off, you’ll experience all sorts of steering woes.

 Too much positive castor can make your steering heavy and sluggish

 While too much negative castor can lead to instability, especially when cornering. Finding that sweet spot is essential for a smooth ride.

Now, let’s talk about camber: Wheel Alignment Explained

 The tilt of your wheels when viewed from the front or rear of the car. Imagine looking straight at your car head-on. If the tops of your wheels lean outward, that’s positive camber; if they lean inward, its negative camber. This might sound a bit like a geometry lesson, but bear with me because it’s vital.

Camber affects your tyre’s contact patch with the road.

 When you’ve got the right camber angle, your tires wear evenly, and you get optimal grip during turns. But when it’s off, you’ll notice uneven tyre wear, reduced traction, and that dreaded feeling of your car pulling to one side.

 So, why does this all matter?

Well, it’s not just about the smoothness of your ride; it’s also about safety. Correct castor and camber angles ensure that your tyres make full contact with the road surface, especially during those hairpin turns or emergency stops. And who doesn’t want maximum grip when it matters most?

But here’s the thing: Wheel Alignment Explained

 castor and camber aren’t set in stone. Over time, they can go out of whack due to normal wear and tear, hitting potholes, or even minor accidents.

That’s why regular wheel alignments are crucial. It’s like giving your car a check-up to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape. So, my fellow road warriors, the next time you’re behind the wheel and something feels a bit off, remember the unsung heroes of steering geometry – castor and camber.

They might not get the spotlight, but they play a vital role in keeping you safe and your ride smooth. Get that alignment done, and you’ll be cruising like a champ in no time. Safe travels!

Camber plays an important role in wheel alignment, as explained. Caster and toe both work in conjunction with camber to ensure proper tyre wear as well.

Wheel Alignment Explained, because it is a very important part of your car’s overall performance. This is not known by many car owners.

In my opinion, caster, camber, and toe are not things that the general public wants to know about?

They just want to know that their wheel alignment is correct and adjusted correctly.

I do feel that caster and camber will become more important in the future, with integrated electronic systems that will link the tyres, steering, and suspension more closely together.

This will be carried out on the expensive super-cars at first, before it is rolled out on the regular cars that you and I drive. Caster, camber, and toe can be better seen on the image rather than trying to explain them.

In my opinion, it becomes a little bit too complicated for the general public to know about. Mechanics should know to give them a clearer understanding of the mechanics of steering when carrying out a wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Explained

Wheel alignment explained does not go too deeply into the inner depths of steering geometry, and as long as our customers trust us to carry out a good job, then that is all that counts.

Caster and camber are something that are most affected when a car has a front end bump. This causes the front steering and suspension to become out of line. if this happens then the accident repair centre, has to completely realign your cars steering and suspension.

This is done using highly specialised and expansive equipment.

This equipment is very accurate and uses laser beams to help the technician to realign  the cars steering. This is also done from corner to corner and is known as four wheel alignment.

In most cases your car will just require a normal wheel alignment to correct the cars steering back to the original settings. The cost of this should be no more than £30 at your local tyre centre or garage.

Wheel Balancing should not be confused with Wheel Alignment? they are two completely different things.


Continental Tyres Hotel promotion

Continental Tyres Hotel promotion

Continental Tyres Hotel promotion

2023 Update, Of course, this promotion has now ended. However, I am keeping the blog running just out of interest.

The giant German tyre company. Hence, they are better known for their football-related offers. Such as the recent World Cup ticket offer, but they are now reverting to their old style.

The latest offer will be a free hotel stay for two. Therefore, for consumers who buy two or more of their car tyres. As a Continental tyre retailer. Continentals Tyres Hotel promotion offer will be available at the Pellon Auto Centre tyre finder.

Thus, we are looking for your size of tyre under Continental here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.
The competition will run from April to the end of May. As a result, they hope that their tyres will make the journey as pleasant as their stay in a hotel. The Continental Tyres Hotel promotion. Will be covered by radio promotions. Accordingly, social media and other things, such as Google, add words.

Here in Halifax, we will be advertising the Continental Tyres Hotel promotion on Phoenix Radio. This is the radio station local to the area of Calderdale.

Continental Tyres Hotel promotion

There will be two ways that you can choose which hotel. Hence, that you would like to stay in. The first way is to go online. Of course, to the Continental Tyres Hotel promotion road trip finder. Then choose to stay at one of their recommended hotels.

I suspect that they have done a deal with one of the large hotel groups. Perhaps, such as Premier Inns, but I am only guessing?
Or the second way. Will be just to choose from a selection of one of the 200 hotels on the website. In my opinion this will be a good deal for the customer.

Thus, and for Continental tyres, as the summer can be a slow time for tyre sales.
When you buy your tyres and select your hotel, you may want to go for a jog in the new Continental/Adidas running shoes.
The two companies have teamed up using the Continental M traction compound rubber, which will give the runner excellent grip on both wet and dry roads even in snow and ice a spokesman says…
“The Adidas innovation team faces exactly the same challenges when it comes to developing the perfect out-sole for trail and outdoor sports shoes.

So the obvious answer was to exploit the expertise and competence of both companies. The outcome of this technology and marketing cooperation will be available in the shops soon: superb trail running shoes with an innovative sole that sets new standards”.

Continental Tyres Hotel promotion

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. https://www.continentalroadtrip.com/

Firestone Tyre Technology Shared Between Race Cars And Passenger Cars – CBS Local

Firestone Tyre Technology

A short history about Firestone tyres

Firestone is an American tyre company that was founded in 1900 by Harvey Firestone. The company initially focused on producing tyres for waggons, buggies, and other forms of transportation that were popular at the time. In 1906, the company introduced the first mass-produced pneumatic tyre for automobiles, which quickly became popular and helped to establish Firestone as a major player in the tyre industry.

Over the years,

Firestone has expanded its product line to include a wide range of tyres for various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and farm equipment. The company has also been involved in motorsports, sponsoring various racing events and supplying tyres to teams and drivers.

In 1988, Firestone was acquired by the Japanese company Bridgestone, which is now the parent company of Firestone. Today, Firestone continues to be a leading global tyre manufacturer, with a strong presence in the United States and other countries around the world.

Firestone Tyre Technology

This is the kind of story that I like writing about?

The way that Firestone Tyre Technology. They are using different compounds and tread designs on their racing tyres. This research will eventually get back into the development of regular car tyres, which are used by you and I.

I am old enough to go back.

Accordingly, when Firestone tyres were introduced to the British tyre market in the early days, Firestone had many major problems. Especially with the radial tyres that are imported and manufactured in the UK.

like all the other major tyre companies. Firestone was attempting to replicate Michelin’s success with steel-belted radial tyres. Firestone Tyre Technology. This tyre was very popular among American automakers. because it was developed along with their type of suspension.

Firestone Tyre Technology

The Firestone 500 was their new radial tyre. This was to compete with Michelin. The radial tyres were more suitable. As a result, European cars were equipped with suspension, and Firestone Tyre Technology created a radial tyre. As a result, that caused them all sorts of problems.

The main problem was the belts in the tyres.

Hence, they were twisting because of rust entering the steel belt. This is known as tread separation. As expected, this can still happen if your tyre has a puncture, allowing the steel belt to slip.

However, this was a long time ago, and only old folks like me can remember these things. Firestone has become a part of the Bridgestone tyre empire and participates in numerous motorsport events. Firestone Tyre Technology is now assisting them in the development of tyres in order to create a better product for the ordinary cars that we all drive.


Pirelli Intelligent Tyres – P-ZERO tyres are tested on the new LA Ferrari

Pirelli Intelligent Tyres

Pirellis intelligent tyres

Pirelli Intelligent Tyres

Pirelli Intelligent Tyres Data streamed from hi-tech rubber set to transform performance

Nothing ever stops moving. Especially in the hectic world of tyres? The major tyre companies are always looking for ways to better their rivals. In my opinion, it all benefits the end user, the everyday driver like you and me.

This is the latest disclosure about Pirelli’s intelligent tyres, the P-ZERO tyres, seen here being tested on a Ferrari in Italy.


A History of Pirelli Intelligent Tyres

Pirelli is an Italian company that is known for its high-quality tyres, including its line of intelligent tyres. Pirelli has a long history of innovation in the tyre industry, and its intelligent tyres are the latest example of this.

Pirelli’s first intelligent tyre was introduced in 2014. It was called the Pirelli Cyber Tyre, and it was developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Cyber Tyre was equipped with sensors that could monitor the tyre’s performance in real-time, including its pressure, temperature, and tread depth. The tyre also had a built-in wireless communication system, which allowed it to send data to the car’s onboard computer and display the information on the dashboard.

In 2016, Pirelli introduced its second-generation intelligent tyre

Of course, the Pirelli Cyber Tyre 2. This tyre was even more advanced than the first, with improved sensors and a more robust wireless communication system. It was also designed to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Since then, Pirelli has continued to develop and improve its intelligent tyres. In 2020, the company came out with the Pirelli Cyber Tyre 3. It had a new tread design that was more durable and better sensor technology. The tyre was made to be even more energy-efficient and better for the environment. It could also talk to other vehicles and infrastructure, which made driving feel more connected.

Pirelli Intelligent Tyres have been well received by both consumers and the automotive industry. They are well-known for their high performance and durability, as well as their ability to provide drivers with useful information about their tyres and the performance of their vehicles.

These new tyres are being tested on the new Ferrari FXXK track car. Pirelli Intelligent Tyres

Just like other tyre manufacturers. Pirelli is at the thick end of research and development.

The tyre world is not going to be left behind. Naturally, when it comes to involvement in car technology. so, and the advancements in car electronics.
This applies to whether the Pirellis intelligent tyres are for the motorsport industry. Thus, or the common car that we drive on our roads. In a recent interview with Maurizio Boiocchi of Pirelli Tyres, he said, “We’re continuously working on the P Zero family of products.” 

Specifically, to have electronics working inside the tyre interacting with the main computer in the car—something more than a tyre pressure monitoring system,”
Which works from signals emitted from sensors. These sensors are about the size of the British 50p coin. The sensors are fitted in each quadrant of the tyre belts.

Pirelli Intelligent Tyres

Pirelli’s intelligent tyres’ equipment Hence, it has been tested on the LA Ferrari-based FXX K track special cars. It is to be used on supercharged street cars within a five-year period.
Pirelli’s intelligent tyres can pick up the friction coefficient, which can send information about the tyres.

The sensors can provide information. Therefore, such as longitudinal, lateral, and radial acceleration. Likewise, the temperature and pressure of the tyres.
Pirellis intelligent tyres As a result, it sends the information back to the car’s ECU, which helps calibrate other important factors such as steering and braking.

This can enable things like the softening of the suspension in real-time racing events. Finally, they can also be combined with the car’s traction control system, which would enhance the car’s braking capabilities.

Bald Tyres-Halifax: are still Common

Bald Tyres-Halifax

bald tyres in halifax
These bald tyres in Halifax were removed recently and are down past the steel belt?

Bald tyres-Halifax

6 Dangers of having Bald tyres on your car

  1. Reduced traction and grip: Bald tyres have less tread depth, which means they have less surface area in contact with the road. This can lead to reduced traction and grip, particularly in wet or slippery conditions. This can make it more difficult to control your vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents or loss of control.
  2. Increased braking distance: Bald tyres may also have a shorter lifespan and may not perform as well as new tyres when it comes to braking. This can result in longer braking distances, which can be dangerous in emergency situations.
  3. Increased fuel consumption: Bald tyres can cause your vehicle to be less fuel efficient due to increased rolling resistance. This is because the tyre’s tread is designed to reduce friction with the road, and when the tread is worn down, it can increase the amount of energy required to keep the tyre rolling.
  4. Increased risk of aquaplaning: Aquaplaning occurs when a layer of water builds up between the tyre and the road, causing the vehicle to lose contact with the road surface. Bald tyres are more prone to aquaplaning because they have less tread depth to displace water and maintain contact with the road.
  5. Increased tyre wear: Driving on bald tyres can lead to increased tyre wear and damage. The lack of tread depth can cause the tyre to wear more quickly, resulting in the need for more frequent tyre replacements.
  6. Legal consequences: In some countries, it is illegal to drive on bald tyres, and you may be fined or have your vehicle seized if you are caught doing so. In addition, if you are involved in an accident and it is determined that your bald tyres were a contributing factor, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries that result.

Bald tyres-Halifax: are an every day occurrence?

The tyre in the original image is the type of thing that we see every day. especially here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

Burnt Tree is a reputable vehicle hire company. Thus, this tyre would have been picked up before it reached such a bad state.

It never stops to amaze me. As a result, the number of cars arriving at my tyre retailer depot is increasing. Accordingly, with bald tyres-Halifax In fact, tyres make up the vast majority of what we remove. Therefore, we are now beyond the bald tyre stage. They are down (and, in some cases, past the steel belt stage). This makes driving the car on these tyres extremely dangerous.

It is hard to imagine. that some of these vehicles could have been travelling at high speeds just a day before the new tyres were installed. I do realise, though, that tyres are one of the last things on drivers’ minds. In today’s busy world, we are all flying about at the speed of light with other things on our minds.

Bald Tyres-Halifax

It is important, though. Therefore, you should step back once in a while and consider your poor car. I believe it is safe to say that the vehicles have extremely poor tyres As expected, these are the same cars that have never been serviced. If the cars are serviced on a regular basis, the garage will notice any worn tyres. When the car is picked up, these tyres will be reported to the driver.

We find that when we report such things, it is on the driver’s mind. If they do not have the new tyres at the time, then they usually save up for them or have them fitted in the near future.

These Bald tyres-Halifax, are very dangerous, and the tread limit should be adhered to. All you have to do is call in to your local tyre centre and they will check them and the tyre pressures for free. thanks .

Michelin-F1 Interest

Michelin-F1 Interest

F1 News. Michelin tells Crash.net it will consider a return to Formula 1 should the FIA accept its proposals to create tyres that a driver can ‘use at the limit at all times’.. Read more at Crash.net!

Source: www.crash.net

Michelin-F1 Interest

This is going to be an interesting time ahead for the tyre world. Michelin could be interested in bidding for the right to supply F1 tyres in the near future?

This would be if the FIA looked at using tyres. Hence, with a different size. So, say, from 13-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels, giving the teams a choice of tyre compounds.

Hence, to use at their own discretion at the different race venues. This would add a whole list of new skills. especially for the drivers and ground teams to take into consideration on race day.

Winning a race.

Thus, we would have to take into consideration the correct choice of tread and compound. Naturally, on that particular day, add more excitement to the proceedings.

Michelin Tyres: Pioneering Excellence in F1 Racing Today

We’re delving into the world of Michelin tyres and how they’re consistently pushing the boundaries to enhance F1 racing performance. Michelin, the French tyre giant, has a long-standing history of dedication and innovation in the world of motorsport.

 A Legacy of Excellence Michelin

is a name synonymous with quality and performance in the tyre industry. When it comes to F1 racing, they’ve been a formidable force for years, striving to deliver the best possible tyre solutions for the world’s fastest cars.

 The Pursuit of Performance In the high-octane world of Formula 1,

Performance is everything. Michelin understands this like no one else. They work hand in hand with F1 teams to develop tyres that offer: Grip and Control:

Michelin tyres provide unrivalled grip, enabling F1 drivers to take on hairpin turns and straightaways with confidence. It’s all about maximising traction and control on the racetrack.

 Durability: F1 tyres

Must withstand immense forces and high-speed racing conditions. Michelin tyres are engineered to endure the rigours of the track, ensuring they last the distance of an intense race. Safety: Safety is paramount, and Michelin takes it seriously. Their tyre technology is designed to keep F1 drivers safe even in the most challenging racing scenarios.

 Innovation at Its Core Michelin doesn’t rest on its laurels;

They’re constantly at the forefront of innovation: Sustainable Solutions: Just like a fine French wine, Michelin tyres get better with time. They’re committed to sustainability and are developing eco-friendly tyre solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

Advanced Materials:

Michelin is like a laboratory for tyre technology. They’re always experimenting with new materials and tyre designs to enhance performance. Data-Driven Precision: In the digital age, data is king. Michelin employs cutting-edge technology to collect and analyse data, fine-tuning their tyres for optimal performance.

Michelin tyres, though of French origin

play a vital role in the world of F1 racing. Their tyre solutions are a testament to precision engineering, safety, and constant innovation. So, next time you’re watching a thrilling F1 race, remember that Michelin is behind the scenes, ensuring those tyres deliver the performance needed for victory.

According to  Michelin motorsport director Pascal Couasnon.

For this reason, the French tyre giants would be interested in bidding for an F1 tyre supplier if there was to be a change in the size of the F1 tyres and also a change in the tyre compound strategy.

This is also the aim of the current tyre supplier, Pirelli. Who have been part of car testing on 18-inch tyres. Martin Brundle completed a few demo laps in a GP2 test car equipped with 18″ tyres around Monaco the other Friday.

Michelin-F1 Interest

There has also been much speculation about the tyre companies wanting to use a variety of compounds. These would be used at the discretion of the F1 teams and drivers during a race. This could give the race even more bite. The teams would choose their own tyres and compounds, meaning that the cars could and would be racing on different tyres.

This would mean that the team making the best choices would have a better chance of competing for the winning podium, making racing more interesting and exact. If these rules came in, then Michelin F1 interest could be on the cards,

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars: If you rent a car in winter for skiing then ask for winter tyres fitting.

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

6 Reasons for winter tyres when going skiing

  1. Improved traction: Winter tyres are designed with a special tread pattern and softer rubber compound that provides better traction on snow and ice. This can be especially important when driving in mountainous areas with steep inclines and declines, where traction is crucial for safety.
  2. Enhanced handling: Winter tyres are designed to provide improved handling on cold, slippery roads. They have a higher lateral grip and a lower rolling resistance, which allows for better cornering and stability on icy roads.
  3. Quicker braking: Winter tyres are also able to stop more quickly on snowy and icy roads because of their special tread pattern and rubber compound. This can be especially important when skiing, as you may need to brake quickly to avoid obstacles or other vehicles on the road.
  4. Increased safety: Using winter tyres can significantly improve the safety of your vehicle when driving in cold, snowy conditions. They provide better traction and handling, which can help you avoid accidents and reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision.
  5. Better fuel efficiency: Winter tyres are generally more fuel efficient than all-season or summer tyres because of their lower rolling resistance. This can be especially important if you are driving long distances to your ski destination.
  6. Legal requirements: In some areas, it is required by law to use winter tyres during the winter months. This is because they provide improved safety and performance on cold, snowy roads. It is important to check the laws in the areas where you will be driving to ensure that you are complying with all necessary regulations.
Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

before the start of the winter. Hence, you should consider a set of winter tyres. As a result, the most effective way to keep your vehicle moving and safe is of course, on the roads during inclement weather. Especially in areas where driving a vehicle with regular summer tyres is difficult. Hence, once you leave the city and enter open country or a hilly area. Then your need for winter tyres will increase.

Many of our customers are looking at all-season tyres. Because they are a hybrid of summer and winter tyres. As a result, I’m not sure if all-season tyres are useful in areas where snow is likely. It has been proven that in dry, cold weather with a temperature of 5 °C, the winter tyres far outperformed the all-weather tyres.

As a result, a study was put out

by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. demonstrated that winter tyres can improve braking by up to 25%. Compared to all-season tyres, they can consequently improve accident avoidance by about 38 percent.

Winter tyres generally have deeper tread with specifically designed patterns that allow snow and slush to be cleared as the car drives through the snow. Winters are made with a specific rubber compound that includes a silica compound. Hence, it stays softer and more flexible in the cold weather. As a result, that provides more contact with the road surface and thus more control.

As a result, winter tyres are absolutely necessary for winter driving safety. if you are lucky enough to be going to the local mountains to ski. In fact, in some countries, snow tyres are often mandatory. As a result, winter tyres must be fitted from March to November.

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

This advice is also applicable to rental cars. Consider renting one with snow tyres in any mountain area. Including vans. Sometimes it will cost a little extra, but it is well worth paying.

When getting out of the city at any higher elevation, it is likely you will encounter winter conditions and therefore will require snow tyres to get you to where you have to go safely.

Our terrain here in Halifax is very hilly and rugged in places. Thus, many of our customers fit winter tyres. especially with the rise of the SUV vehicle. SUVs are notoriously bad at gripping in inclement weather conditions. As a result, these Nokian Winter SUV tyres are the most popular tyres that we fit.

Tyre Compounds-could change The future of Formula 1 tyres for the 2017 season

Tyre Compounds

Free compound choices, 18-inch wheels, a new tender for 2017 – Formula 1’s tyres are back in the spotlight. Adam Cooper analyses what can be expected in the near future.

Source: www.motorsport.com

It looks like Pirelli tyres could have agreed to accept the idea of teams choosing their own preferred tyre compounds to use in future F1 races.

The Italian tyre company would also offer a larger choice of tyre compounds. Thus, six compounds have been branded around. Hence, there are two teams to choose from.

The choice would have to be put forward to the teams. But the general consensus is that the proposal will make racing more interesting. Naturally, with the winning driver and their teams. As expected, having made the best choice of tyres, along with other factors of course.

This has worked to a lesser extent.

So, in the past, some of the teams have coped better. Hence, with the different compounds on offer for each race,

Although the tyre compounds are the same for each team. Therefore, some teams are able to cope better with the compounds on offer. Because who knows, in the future they will be able to choose their own tyre compounds. Making the choice more crucial to the winner.

In my opinion, this will make racing more competitive and indeed more skillful.

Other factors may also come into the equation. Both Pirelli and Michelin (who are now considering putting in a bid for future tyre supply) are looking at the prospect of increasing the wheel and tyre size from the current 13-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels.

Tyre Compounds

In fact, Martin Brundle recently completed a test trial on 18-inch wheels on a GP2 car at the Monaco Circuit. This gives an indication of where things may be heading. It is all very interesting, and things are changing all the time.

Hi, I would like to introduce myself.

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Kumho Tyres UK-give further backing to the Auto GP racing series

Kumho Tyres UK

kumho tyres uk

#AutoGP has arrived in the UK! #Silverstone will be welcoming the team and lots of Kumho #tyres. pic.twitter.com/vHQihqlm4B

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Kumho Tyres UK

All the drivers in Auto GP racing. Hence, we are equipped with exactly the same tyres and the same cars. The tyres are supplied by Kumho Tyres. Therefore, they are also a well-known mid-range tyre brand. Thus, the normal motorist buys and uses their cars.

In the Auto GP car racing.

Naturally, all the tyres have the same compound and sizes. This ensures that winning is down to the skill of the drivers. Hence, and of the team effort. While the race is in progress on the track during race day.

kumho tyres uk

These race tyres by Kumho Tyres UK, are extensively tested before the racing season begins. The tyres were put through their paces with extensive testing in Barcelona, Spain, and the drivers can look forward to a great season of racing.

Kumho Tyre saw a successful start

to the Italian Auto GP motorsport series in Hungary this weekend, of which Kumho Tyre has been  the sole tyre partner since 2012.


Kumho tyres. We have also been awarded the title of tyre supplier for the  Australian V8 Touring Car Series. Kumho Tyres Australia has confirmed this. Therefore, who will continue as the control tyre supplier? So, until at least the end of the 2016 race season.

Kumho Tyres UK

The supply agreement’s renewal. Hence, between Kumho tyres and the Australian V8 Touring Car Series. It continues as an arrangement that began in the 2008 race season, as the Korean tyre company has done before. During the next three seasons, Kumho Tyres will provide on-track support to competitors during all rounds, as they do here in Europe with the Auto GP race series.

Kumho is one of the world’s up-and-coming tyre companies,

with their fingers in many motorsport pies. We are proud to stock Kumho tyres at our Halifax, Yorkshire, tyre depot and offer these great tyres to the public.