Winter tyre market in Belgium-that is expected to grow …

Winter tyre market
The winter tyre market is expected to pick up shortly if the El-Nino takes affect and gives us snow like this above Sowerby in West Yorkshire in 2013.

New report explores the winter tyre market in Belgium that is expected to grow …

Winter tyre growth expected for Belgium

This week will see the start of colder night in some parts of Europe. The prediction is that the El Niño weather system. So will start again this year and affect the world’s climate and the Winter tyre market . Here in the UK it affects our winter temperatures. Most winters we suffer periods of very cold weather which bring us snow and ice.

Car drivers have in the past been caught out by these sudden snow storms. Even affecting whole motorways (M11) have been cut off with thousands of cars stranded. Caused by their summer tyres skidding and getting their cars stuck.

In my opinion the UK has woke up to our winters. Consequently, we have seen a big surge of drivers fitting winter tyres to their cars. At the same time with a large increase in the Winter tyre market . This has been a good move . So, like the UK drivers in Belgium are waking up to the idea of fitting winter tyres.

Winter tyres are called all sorts of names. Including snow tyres, all-season tyres and cold weather tyres. In general these tyres do the

Winter tyre market
Snow Flake emblem on the tyres sidewall the winter tyre marking

same job and are most beneficial to drivers in winter time.

Today’s winter tyres are a different animal. For the most part to the ones when I first started in the tyre industry. Early winter tyres were virtually a summer tyre casing. In effect fitted out with a very tread pattern (similar to my image of an early Firestone winter tyre). New tyres for winter use have been developed. Importantly, through the tyre companies involvement in motorsport. Especially rallying, where tyres needed to grip. Especially, in very bad conditions and bad weather.

The whole tyre structure had to be developed

Of course to give modern cars the ride that they were used to. This meant more flexible casings in low temperatures. Silica was going to be the answer? It enabled tyres to flex more in lower temperatures. This combined with modern tread pattern design, brought out new winter tyre designs, which performed very well on new car designs such  as SUV’s and luxury saloons.

Belgium like all the other European countries is no exception to the rules and the winter tyre market is expected to grow as safety conscious motorists lower their risks to bad winter weather.

The new revolution will be an improvement in the all-weather tyre. If these are fitted to your car then there will no need to fit winter tyres. These tyres will be fitted all the year round. I feel that this will be the main aim of the tyre companies in future. The trend has already been started with the excellent Michelin CrossClimate. This tyre is already proving to be popular and only time will tell, whether this type of tyre will replace the traditional winter tyres.

Of course we also highly recommend Nokian winter tyres.

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Sumitomo Tyres- buys Micheldever Tyre

Sumitomo Tyres

Sumitomo Tyres
Sumitomo Tyres

Micheldever supplies around six million tyres a year to more than 6,000 retailers and direct to motorists Britain’s second biggest tyre maker has been snapped up by Sumitomo Rubber Industries for £215 million, the latest in a series of post-Brexit takeovers by Japanese firms. Micheldever Tyre Services, based in […] 

Sumitomo Tyres

Above anything else this shows us that global companies such as Sumitomo have confidence in the UK economy after the Brexit vote.

As a tyre retailer here in Halifax, Yorkshire I also think it is good news. As a result of this acquisition, we will feel more confident for the future. I regard Sumitomo tyres as the best option going forward.

Rumours have been going around

in the past two years about who would buy MD’s. The worst scenario for me would have been the rumour that Michelin tyres were interested.

Here at Pellon Tyres, we have been very close allies of MD’s ever since their takeover of Southam Tyres. Eric Roberts has always regarded Alan Baldwin (MD sales director) as a friend and business advisor.

MD’s are Britain’s second-largest tyre wholesaler.

Interestingly, MD, has now been snapped up by Sumitomo Rubber Industries for £215 million.

As a result, they are the latest in a series of post-Brexit takeovers by Japanese firms. I am convinced that Japan see the UK as an increasingly important trading partner on the doorstep of the EU.

MD’s (Micheldever Tyre Services)

first started out and are now based in Hampshire. After a few sales, including by the original owner. Tony Todd, it was sold by private equity firm Graphite Capital.

Thus, the country’s two largest tyre wholesalers now belong to Japanese companies. As a result, following Itochu’s acquisition of Stapleton Tyres and Kwik-Fit  back in 2011,.

Japanese companies spent over £27 billion on 43 British firms in 2016, up from £7.6 billion for 29 the previous year, according to figures from Dealogic.

Do winter tyres work

Do winter tyres work

Do winter tyres work
Do winter tyres work

Do winter tyres work

So, my answer to that would be definite yes ! After working in the tyre industry now for 40 years, I think I am qualified to give the answer.

Not just “do winter tyres work,” but in my opinion, they are now essential !what do I mean!

first thing to remember is the massive increase in traffic volumes

on our roads. Therefore, having the power to stop your vehicle is crucially essential. I personally fit winter tyres on all my vehicles. Indeed, we leave winter tyres on our vans all year. Including the Ford transit van that I often drive about in.

Vans are a massive part of our traffic

With the increase in van traffic then good tyres are important. Many vans do carry some weight. As a result we have all been in situations when we have had to brake very hard. So, sometimes you only have to look away for a few seconds when the traffic in front has stopped.

This, coupled with a wet or slippy road,

can be the difference between stopping and having an accident. The difference can be your tyres. In my experience, winter tyres have saved me on winter roads several times.

And I dont just mean getting out of snow. Although they do help in that situation. Consequently, winter tyres can be the difference to whether you actually stop the van or not.

Although I say “van,”

then its just as important for car drivers ! with winter tyres fitted, you know that your are in a safer driving environment. Believe me when I say that they will get you out of trouble several times in an average winter.

So, van drivers mark my word ! you wont regret fitting a set of winter tyres and keeping them on all year round.

Two BMWs, two different tyres and lots of snow—we test the effectiveness of winter tyres. More videos are at

Tyres Save Fuel-Learn how your tyres can help you save fuel

Tyres Save Fuel

Tyres are a crucial element of your vehicles and inextricably linked to performance ; they provide fleet managers, or anyone responsible for fleets, with immediate notice of any potential issue. Having properly managed tyres as part of an efficient tyres maintenance system can only benefit fleets as well as […]

Tyres Save Fuel

Tyres Save Fuel

This is a fact that the general public do not know about. The title should actually be “correctly inflated tyres” save money. This is one of the things that I always try to explain. Accordingly, correctly inflated tyres will give the driver the correct miles to the gallon.

Under inflated tyres will increase the amount of fuel that you car will use. The word that we use in the trade is “rolling resistance“. Hence, tyre manufacturers are always trying to improve, rolling resistance. For this reason, the tyres will be more efficient and also fuel Tyres Save Fuel.

There has been a lot of debate upon the importance or implementation of all-season tyres and whether they are really effective enough at providing consistent performance throughout all weather conditions, or whether it is better to use low-rolling resistance tyres. The latter, in general, minimize wasted energy by decreasing required rolling effort; and in the case of automotive applications, are particularly effective for improving vehicles’ fuel efficiency: approximately 5–15% of the fuel consumed by a typical car may be used to overcome rolling resistance.

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres-Good solid advice about Snow tyres- tested by

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

Winter tyres versus 4x4 tyres

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

This has always been a good talking point. However ,to me it is a no brainer. So, if you need tyres and winter is approaching. Then you must consider all-weather tyres or winter tyres.

Winter here in the UK can last as long as 5 months. Of course it has been known to snow in April and even May. So the investment will be well worth it!

Most compelling evidence to me is the great reports we have from customers who have had winter tyres fitted. It is important to realise the safety features that winter tyres have built into them.

Winter tyres versus 4x4 tyres

Firstly, the tread is a special design

Tread is designed to be more tougher. These tyres look aggressive and actually they need to be! Secondly comes the actual compounds that the tyres are made of. Of course these days “silica” is a great new additive to give tyre more flexibility in cold weather.

Winter tyres do not go hard when the temperature drops below 7 degrees. Sipes are the next great benefit! these are all the tiny slits in almost all winter tyre designs. Significantly, sipes are the thing that clears away the water, slush and snow as you are driving along.

Considering winter driving, two common options for tyres are winter tires and 4×4 tyres – so which is superior?

Winter tyres are ideal for driving in chilly temperatures, snow, and on frozen surfaces due to their special tread pattern which makes them more reliable regarding hold and adherence on slippery roads. The rubber utilized in winter tyres is formulated to stay pliable at low temperatures, enhancing traction further.

Benefits of winter tyres:

1 Enhanced grip on snow and ice
2 Shorter distances needed to stop in cold weather
3 Improves stability and handling when driving on winter roads

Drawbacks of winter tyres: Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

Less useful on dry pavement or in higher temps
Typically more expensive than all-season or summer tyres
4×4 Tyres:
Tyres made for four-wheel-drive vehicles that are outfitted on four-wheel-drive vehicles. Four-wheel-drive tyres offer enhanced performance on uneven surfaces and terrains. They are able to offer better grip compared to other tyre types, although they may not be as effective in icy or snowy conditions as winter tyres.

1 Advantages of 4×4 tyres:
2 Improved off-road capability
3 Better traction on rough terrain
4 Can be used year-round

Disadvantages of 4×4 tyres: Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

May not provide as much traction and grip in winter conditions as winter tyres. While 4×4 tires enhance off-road performance, they may not give the same level of traction and hold in winter weather like winter tyres do.

Winter tyres have been specially created for operation in extreme, snowy, and icy environments. Although more expensive than all-season or summer tires, winter tyres may be better for winter driving.

In conclusion, if you are located in an area that experiences harsh winter weather, buying a set of winter tyres is the best method to have safe and efficient winter driving.

On the other hand, if you often drive on rough terrains or trails, 4×4 tyres may be preferable.

Winter tyres versus 4×4 tyres

This combined with the tread pattern helps clear away the dreaded winter weather that comes along every year. In my opinion November is the best time to fit your winter tyres. Here in Halifax we are a 1000 feet above sea level and the first snow usually falls in November.

So, if you live in a hilly area then winter tyres are for you. If am sure that you wont be disappointment ?

Which works best in the snow, winter tyres or four-wheel drive? We test two otherwise identical Skoda Yetis to find out which is best. Read a full Skoda Yeti review at

Varta batteries in Yorkshire – We offer Varta batteries at cheap battery prices online, with a next working day delivery…

We offer Varta batteries at cheap battery prices online, with a next working day delivery…

Varta batteries in Yorkshire

Here is an article discussing the perks of selling Varta batteries in Yorkshire.

It is clear that Varta batteries are superior when compared to other car batteries due to their quality and dependability. Yorkshire consumers can benefit from this distinction.

Varta has earned a great reputation in the automotive sector, with customers being willing to pay more for their goods due to the brand’s trustworthiness.

The company also has a range of batteries appropriate for many different vehicles and applications that can handle the extreme climates of Yorkshire with reliability.

If one requires a battery for a car, truck, or motorcycle, Varta has a battery to fulfil that need.

In addition to this, the company offers great support to its partners including training and marketing materials. Selling Varta batteries can be extremely lucrative due to the positive reputation they have for longevity and reliability.

In conclusion,

selling Varta batteries in Yorkshire offers numerous benefits – from increased customer satisfaction due to the superior quality and reliable reputation, to the extensive range and higher profit margins resulting from the customers’ willingness to pay a premium. All of these factors make Varta a great choice for retailers in the region looking to supply car batteries.

Of course, Varta batteries are amongst the best batteries in the world. Traditionally, these batteries are made by the famous Johnson controls in various factories across the EU. Updating they have now been bought out ?

Varta car batteries come in three distinct qualities.

Lower end of the car battery market comes the Varta Black. So, which is a most suitable battery for the regular car that’s perhaps over five year old.

Secondly, comes  the Varta Blue (the one in the image). Importantly, this battery  is more upmarket. Consequently, for vehicles with electric windows and mirrors.

Lastly, comes the Varta Silver. Award winning battery, which is the top of the range. So, for both starting and supplying power. Importantly, to the cars with many electrical components.

Varta also have an excellent range of EFB and  AGM Start-Stop batteries. Of course, for the cars that are coming out with Stop-start systems. Also adding  such technology such as the new hybrids.

Here in Halifax we also stock many other Varta battery products.

Including things such as truck batteries, leisure batteries and motorcycle batteries. Naturally, they all come with an excellent guarantee and can be shipped all over the UK. Of course to most post codes. This can be done by our online battery shop Online payment can also be made with a next working day delivery by courier.

Wheel Alignment Safety Features-A message from the organisation.

Wheel Alignment Safety Features

Wheel Alignment Safety Features
Wheel Alignment Safety Features

Wheel Alignment Safety Features

To ensure a car drives safely, efficiently and behaves as the vehicle manufacturer intended, it’s important that its wheels are correctly aligned. However, through everyday driving or factors such as hitting a curb or a pothole, the wheels can become misaligned, bringing a host of tyre-related problems. During […]

Of course, yet another great article from the organisation. In my opinion, Tyresafe is the number one organisation that promotes tyre safety here in the UK.

So, Wheel alignment helps to promote these safety tips.

Hence, to ensure a car drives safely,. Accordingly, your car should operate efficiently. Importantly, it behaves as the vehicle manufacturer intended it to. One of these safety standards. Therefore, it’s important that the vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned. According to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Correct wheel alignment of your vehicle

also stops the car from pulling to the left or right. Given these points, some drivers are having a daily battle trying to keep the car in a straight line. So, if this is your problem, then have the alignment adjusted!

To me, there can be nothing worse than having your car pull to one side when driving along. Wheel alignment is the primary cause. Hence, when having new tyres fitted, it is worth a little extra money to have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted.

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Michelin UK Tyre Makers

Michelin UK Tyre Makers

Michelin UK Tyre Makers
Michelin UK Tyre Makers

Michelin UK Tyre Makers

Just like their tyres, Michelin, keep rolling on. They never seem to bang a big drum about themselves — they just get their head down and get on with the job. That’s how they arrived in Dundee.

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Consequently, this is the tyre factory

that I had completely forgotten about?  The Michelin tyre factory is in Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Of course, Michelin made its first tyre on November 6, 1972.So, in the next four years, they will start. It is important to realise that the giant French tyre company. Had manufactured the five millionth tyre! a great achievement.

The first thing to remember. Michelin UK Tyre Makers

is that the factory capacity was increased in 1978. So, many different car tyres were made their. Including the then-new run-flat tyres as far back as 1983.

The factory is due for further expansion. Another key point is that it will be one of the few tyre manufacturing plants. Hence, in the whole of the UK.

Michelin’s UK head office and commercial headquarters are in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Stoke site used to manufacture truck tyres and I think Earth mover tyres,(but i could be wrong about that). I do remember visiting the factory in Stoke to collect some earth mover tyres, but they could just have been stored there.

I know that they manufacture tyres in Ballymena (northern Ireland) because they have recently threatened to close the factory, but I think that government help has postponed the closure.

The famous Michelin truck remoulds

are still made in Stoke, along with their training centre and offices. There was a time when no other tyre manufacturer could touch Michelin with the quality of their truck carcasses (a name for the old, new truck tyres that could be used again as a remould).

Of course, Michelin still makes car tyres

at their factory in Dundee, Scotland. Subsequently, this factory makes over 7 million car tyres. Which are exported all over the globe. The factory is also famous for saving energy by building wind turbines. Helping reduce emissions and lower its carbon footprint.

The past and the days to come. Michelin UK Tyre Makers

Although the production plant in Dundee will be shut down in June of 2020, Michelin’s heritage will continue to live on in the city. The Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP), which will serve as a centre for innovation in the fields of low-carbon energy and sustainable mobility, is now undergoing transformation at the location.

The goal of this programme, which is a partnership between Michelin, Dundee City Council, and Scottish Enterprise, is to carry on the tradition of innovation by concentrating on sustainable development and generating new opportunities in the field of green energy.

The participation of Michelin in Dundee

is illustrative of the ways in which industries can develop and have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate. Furthermore, the transformation of the Michelin site into a centre for innovation in sustainable practices is not only a continuation of the company’s dedication to the environment, but it is also a beacon of hope for future advancements in sustainable industries in Scotland.

As we reflect on the decades that Michelin has spent in Dundee, it is abundantly evident that the relationship has been mutually beneficial, as it has been the driving force behind both economic growth and technological breakthroughs in the automobile manufacturing industry.

It is anticipated

that the transition towards sustainability at the MSIP will ensure that Dundee remains at the forefront of industrial innovation. This will ensure that the legacy of Michelin in Dundee will be felt for a considerable amount of time to come.

This tale of adaptation and forward-thinking serves as an encouraging chapter in the rich tapestry of industrial history that Dundee possesses. It demonstrates that even established industries are capable of pivoting towards a more sustainable future.

Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016: 2024 Update

Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016
Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Why are winter tyres necessary? And what is the difference between discount winter tyres and Vredestein premium tyres? Vredestein joined forces with Autoblog to create a video to find out the answers. The video is part of this year’s winter campaign ‘driving safely below seven degrees’, which aims to […]

Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Although we are now half way through the 2016 winter. Hence, I would like to comment about the Vredestein supply chain. Of course, as far as I am concerned, there has not been one?

Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire, UK. As a result, made the right decision to start to sell the Mother brand of Vredestein, Apollo tyres. This decision meant that I have had a good supply situation. Especially of winter tyres.

However, my friend in Huddersfield

decided to continue selling the excellent Vredestein tyre brand. As stated, Apollo bought out Vredestein a couple of years ago. I did fear that things would change?

Apollo tyres changed the Vredestein management, making some redundancies. Things like this always happen as the mother company starts to throw their weight about and make changes.

As I have said, things like this always happen. As a result of the takeover, Vredestein tyre supplies began to run short. Tyre retailers, such as my friend in Huddersfield, were very badly let down. Thus, there is a lack of Vredestein stock available.

Apollo Tyres’ Acquisition of Vredestein Tyres: What It Means for 2024 and Beyond

Strategic acquisitions have the potential to transform market landscapes and reinvent company trajectories in the fast-paced world of tyre manufacturing.

One such noteworthy move was the acquisition of Vredestein Tyres by Apollo Tyres, a prominent participant in the worldwide tyre market based in India. This acquisition not only strengthened Apollo’s position in European markets, but also laid the groundwork for exciting developments as we approach 2024.

Background of the acquisition, Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Vredestein Tyres, a company with a rich history dating back to 1909 in the Netherlands, has long been known for producing high-quality tyres, particularly in the premium and high-performance categories. Apollo Tyres’ buyout, announced in 2009, was part of Apollo’s strategic aim to strengthen its position in Europe and capitalise on Vredestein’s strong brand and technological strengths.

Strategic Advantages for Apollo Tyres

The acquisition has given Apollo Tyres a key entry point into the European market, allowing them to leverage Vredestein’s strong distribution networks and client base.

It also allowed Apollo to broaden its product line by combining Vredestein’s experience in the development of high-performance winter tyres, an area where Apollo had previously been less prominent.

Furthermore, the acquisition enabled Apollo to expand its R&D capabilities by incorporating Vredestein’s innovative approach to tyre technology, notably in developing tyres tailored to the specific needs of European consumers and weather conditions.

This strategic shift has helped Apollo match with industry trends centred on sustainability and efficiency, which is critical in today’s environmentally sensitive market.

Ramifications for 2024, Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

As we approach 2024, the implications of this takeover become more serious in numerous critical areas:

Market Expansion: Apollo Tyres plans to expand into other European countries, leveraging the Vredestein brand. This expansion is not only global in scope, but also includes deeper penetration into specialist areas such as electric car tyres and sustainable tyre solutions.

Innovation and Product Development:

As the world evolves towards more sustainable modes of transportation, both firms are likely to focus more on manufacturing environmentally friendly and technologically innovative tyres. Apollo and Vredestein’s combined R&D competence is anticipated to catapult them forward in the innovation race.

Competitive Dynamics: Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Apollo’s acquisition of Vredestein has increased rivalry among European tyre makers, challenging other firms to improve their innovation and customer involvement. This is intended to result in better products and services for customers, but it may reduce producers’ profit margins.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Efficiency:

By integrating Apollo and Vredestein’s activities, manufacturing and supply chain management have become more efficient. By 2024, these advancements are predicted to result in cost savings and a shorter time-to-market for new tyre designs.

Branding and Consumer Perception: Vredestein Winter Campaign 2016

Keeping the Vredestein brand strong while incorporating it into Apollo’s overall corporate identity is a key problem. The management’s approach to branding initiatives will be critical to maintaining consumer loyalty and acquiring new customers.


The acquisition of Vredestein by Apollo Tyres marks a watershed moment in the tyre business, distinguished by strategic growth and new challenges. As 2024 approaches, the entire impact of this transaction will become clear, potentially setting new benchmarks in the tyre manufacturing sector.

Apollo’s continuous integration of Vredestein not only offers increased market reach, but also positions them at the forefront of the transition to more sustainable and creative tyre solutions. This enterprise is more than simply about growth; it is also about creating a vision for the future of mobility.

Eric Roberts   writer of the Pellonautocentre blog

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres
All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

Checking the tyres on any newly-purchased motorhome is critical, writes Nigel Donnelly, a few weeks into ownership of his T25 VW campervan

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

This article has reminded me about the importance of tyres for the motorhome?. I must admit that i envy the owners of these homes on wheels and it is something I must look at for the future.

The motorhome market has just exploded in recent years, replacing  the once popular caravan for use on holiday adventures. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and it is no surprise that so do the tyres?

All tyres are out-of-home tyres check out the load ratings

The new style motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes, including large ones with twin rear axles, that can carry large weights.

All tyred out-Motorhome tyres
All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

These are the main ones to look out for? All tyred out-Motorhome tyres

It is very important that you take your tyres really seriously and take a good look at tyre sidewall markings. if you buy a second hand motorhome, please make sure that the previous owner has fitted the correct tyres before he sold it to you.

Most reputable motorhome companies will have checked to see if you have the correct tyres fitted, but it is your responsibility to double check the tyre size and, just as important, the load ratings and ply ratings.

Some tyre companies, such as Michelin .

even make a special tyre to fit motorhomes called Agilis Camping. This tyre has a great tread pattern to ensure that your motorhome does not get stuck in a field or other off-road situation. The tyre also has the correct load ratings for such a heavy vehicle, so it is well worth looking out for.

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