Wheel Alignment is a Necessity

Wheel Alignment Halifax

Wheel Alignment Halifax

Wheel Alignment Halifax

On most occasions, we take it for granted

that our cars are going to work perfectly for most of the time? We also take it for granted that our tyres will make perfect contact with the road. But do you know what? That’s not the case.

Tyre design and testing by the tyre manufacturers takes most of our problems away from us. By “us” I mean the tyre trade in general. Tyre products these days are perfect. We very rarely see any faulty tyres. The tyre makers work in clean and dust free factories, and this gives us the almost perfect product.

wheel alignment halifax

All we have to do here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK

is give the customers wheels the perfect balance and ensure that the steering format is correctly adjusted before the car leaves our depot.

When we fit new tyres, we always recommend a car have a wheel alignment check. The reason for this is because we reset the steering geometry back to the car manufacturers original recommendation. This work ensures that the tyres will wear evenly and not wear off on the inside or the outside. This wheel alignment makes sure that the customer will get their full life out of the new tyres.

Wheel alignment in Halifax

When we set the wheel alignment. We always make sure that the steering wheel is in the correct position. It is a common thing for our customers to complain that when new tyres are fitted, their steering wheel is not straight. Or the steering pulls to the left or right.

Wheel alignment is all about giving the motorist the best ride possible when they buy new and often expensive tyres.

The cost of a front wheel alignment

is £39.90 for most cars. Wheel alignment is a low price to pay when you consider that you can scrub a set of tyres of in no time with a car that has out-of-line steering problems, which we could easily rectify.

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