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Electric cars

electric cars

Electric cars

Electric cars

All-electric cars powered by coal electricity are potentially less Eco-friendly than their gas-powered counterparts.

Source: www.cnbc.com

This is something that many of have been saying all along? Electric cars are not green because they charge up on coal fired power stations?

Dirty power stations are powering our so-called “green” electric cars.

This is not a new idea; in fact, it is one of those stories that will not go away . Because of the politicians who have set the world racing. Hence, to beat their self-set climate emissions control targets,. In my opinion, what they really want is alternative energies.

 Other than the costly price of oil,. To replace gas-driven cars with electric cars.
All the leading national governments. Began to throw huge amounts of money into their universities. Thus, to help discover alternative fuels,. For this reason, they are greener and more sustainable than oil.

I must admit that I am impressed with the new research and development. Hence, that has come along in the past ten years. But at what cost. After all, wasn’t the world supposed to be in a huge recession?

Electric cars In my own field of business. Then there have been massive developments. Consequently, in battery technology,. So, even the tyre companies are making an effort to produce more fuel-efficient tyres.

Of course, that enables vehicles to reduce their emissions. Thus, by fitting these tyres to their products,.
However, I cannot get it out of my head. Incredibly, that these electric cars are now being produced.

As a result, “dirty” electricity is generating the electricity that is charging us.
Dirty electricity. Means that the power companies are using fossil fuels. Such as “coal” and “gas” .Hence, to produce the electricity that will eventually charge up these electric cars.

I think that we are all been hoodwinked. By our governments into pretending that they are going to save the world. By make it a much greener place, or even a totally greener place? But I may be pessimistic but I don’t think it will ever happen.
Coal is still a cheap form of energy. Although the UK says that we are going to use more nuclear power,

. We are talking years ahead. Anyway, nuclear power surely cannot be classified as “green fuel”.Look what recently happened in Japan. A horrific accident on one of their nuclear power stations.

Electric cars

The next problem to come along will be the problem of regulating the power companies and controlling the ever-increasing growth of home solar panel units and the ability of the public to be able to control their use.

At the moment, we are restricted to the number of panels we can fit onto each household roof, but in my opinion, we should be able to fit as many as we like and produce as much clean solar energy as we can, but sadly, we are restricted from pressure by the utility companies and can only produce so much power to go back into the national grid.

electric car

I feel that I am drifting a little now, but I cannot see how the issue of dirty electricity can be cleaned up, And one other thing?

The price of oil is now tumbling on the world’s oil markets, and I wonder what effects this will have on the price of developing alternative energies?
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