Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme
Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

I must admit that this comes as a surprise to me?

Here in the UK, rumour has it that Michelin is looking to buy a “home tyre fitting” company, “tyres on the drive.” Hence, this would tie up the ends after Michelin purchased the online tyre retailer, “Black Circles.” Of course, these acquisitions have thrown the UK tyre market into turmoil. For this reason, the other large-tyre players are scrambling to speed up their own expansion plans.

“A Local Perspective from Pellon Tyres, Halifax: Michelin Tyres’ Ambitious Drive to Expand in the UK Market.”

Hello, friends and those who share your passion for tyres! The topic that I am going to discuss today is one that has been generating a lot of attention in the world of tyres, and that is Michelin’s ambitious aspirations to increase its market share right here in the United Kingdom.

In Halifax, particularly at Pellon Tyres, where we keep a close eye on the most recent occurrences in the tyre sector, this is something that we find to be extremely significant and interesting.

While Michelin is a name that is synonymous with quality, Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

In addition to innovation in the tyre sector, the company has been making attempts to strengthen its presence in the market in the United Kingdom.

Michelin, which is well-known for producing tyres that are both long-lasting and high-performing, is not only a well-known brand on a global scale; it is also a brand that we respect and recommend in Halifax.

When it comes to small businesses like ours at Pellon Tyres. Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

What does this effort in the United Kingdom signify, and why is it being made? This is not a secret; the market for tyres in the United Kingdom is highly competitive and diverse.

Michelin’s strategy appears to be centred on capitalising on their reputation for manufacturing tyres that are both long-lasting and fuel-efficient in order to appeal to shoppers in the United Kingdom who are both price-conscious and quality-conscious.

There is a constant demand for dependable all-season tyres

Including in Halifax, which is a city that experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from sunny spells to the rain that we all know and love.

The collection of Michelin tyres, which are well-known for their great grip and safety features, is a good fit for the requirements of drivers in Halifax and throughout the United Kingdom.

By expanding their market share in this region, Michelin is not only increasing the number of tyres they sell, but they are also encouraging safer driving conditions in our communities.

Pellon Tyres has long been a strong advocate for the significance of ensuring that cars are equipped with tyres of superior quality.

Michelin’s decision to expand its presence in the United Kingdom. Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

is in line with our dedication to providing the highest quality products and services to our clientele. In spite of the fact that we cater to a wide variety of preferences and budgets, the presence of a reputable brand such as Michelin enables us to offer solutions that guarantee both effective performance and increased durability.

Furthermore, the measures that Michelin has taken to be environmentally friendly are in line with the growing environmental consciousness in the United Kingdom.

The fact that they are committed to lowering their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability is something that many of us here in Halifax, where we take great pleasure in the beauty of our landscapes and work hard to preserve them in their natural state, find inspirational.

It is not simply about selling more tyres. Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Hence, Michelin is expanding its operations in the United Kingdom; rather, it is about establishing greater standards in the tyre sector. For local companies such as Pellon Tyres, this means keeping up with the latest developments in the industry and continuing to provide our clients with the best products and services available on the market.

In conclusion, the goal that Michelin has set for itself is to grow

Its share of the tyre market in the United Kingdom is an encouraging development, particularly for shops that place a strong emphasis on quality, such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

It is a reflection of the increased need for tyres that are safe, high-performing, and kind to the environment. More options, improved quality, and the peace of mind that comes with driving on tyres that are designed to last for a long time are all benefits that our customers in Halifax and beyond may enjoy as a result of this.

Keep yourself safe on the roads

And don’t forget that here at Pellon Tyres, we’re not just about selling tyres; we’re about keeping you moving in a way that is safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible!

Michelin, in the form of Black Circles, has also put the “cat among the pigeons” by drastically lowering their online tyre prices. This has caused other online tyre retailers to bring down their prices to try and compete.

As we all know, margins are low as they are. We at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK, are still sticking to our policy of competitive online pricing. Of course, this adds to our excellent service. This combination keeps my business very busy. As expected, other local tyre retailers are struggling.

We are rapidly approaching the volatile new-year period. Accordingly, this is when businesses usually make company decisions. a sort of new year’s resolution. The release of new-year strategies is always an exciting time in the tyre industry.

2024 come out fighting

Moving onto 2024, we are still battling along. The business world is going down the road of huge conglomerates. So, leaving the little guys further and further behind,.

The giant Halfords have recently bought out national tyres with their hundreds of branches. However difficult, we still have to battle away and try to hold onto our share of the tyre market.

Here at Pellon Tyres, we have a good online presence, both national and local. Because of this, I believe we are keeping up with the best of the rest. Sales are good, and we may be heading for a cold and snowy winter at last.

At the moment, the United Kingdom economy is taking a battering.

Inflation is high, and heating and fuel costs are through the roof. However, I think that this is where we do score against our larger rivals.

Because of our hands-on approach, we are able to control costs better and make swift and precise decisions regarding business costs. Once we have costs under better control, we can operate a fair pricing scheme for our cash-strapped customers.

Visitors to the US-based onsite.michelin.com website are now being met with the message that “this service is no longer being offered.”

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Cars today are more advanced than ever, but they still depend on tyres to use their power and technology. In this episode of The Art of Driving, presented by Apollo Tyres, tyre experts share why it’s time the tyre got its due. For more, visit autocarindia.in/ApolloTyres and www.apollotyres.com Follow […]

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Since their acquisition of Vredestein Tyre, the large Dutch tyre manufacturer. As expected, they are establishing a strong foothold here in the UK. As many of my customers already know, we are Apollo Tyres stockists for the Halifax area of Yorkshire, here in the UK.

 Apollo also makes a winter tyre.

The winter tyre is also of good quality, although not as good as the Vredestein products. These series of pieces of information about “fitting the correct tyres” are part of the big picture about the drive from tyre manufacturers for better tyre safety.

Cars today are more advanced than ever, but they still depend on tyres to use their power and technology. In this episode of The Art of Driving, presented by Apollo Tyres, tyre experts share why it’s time the tyre got its due.

Apollo Tyres Presentation
Apollo Tyres Presentation

Going forward to 2024,. Apollo Tyres Presentation

The acquisition of Vredestein Tyres by Apollo Tyres is expected to have a significant impact on the tyre industry and have a ripple effect in Halifax.

Today, let’s discuss a topic that has been causing significant impact in the tyre industry. Apollo Tyres, a prominent industry leader, has acquired Vredestein Tyres. This decision has had a significant impact, not just on a worldwide level but also in our local area of Halifax. It has particularly affected us at Pellon Tyres.

Vredestein winter tyres were a great favourite of ours

Going back perhaps thirty years. Even longer, I remember building up a good following for the winter tyre products in my previous business, Kut-Kost Tyres. It was a shock to hear the buyout news.

In my opinion, takeovers of businesses always end up as disasters, one way or another. Vredestein was a very family-oriented business. Now they were in the hands of a giant, ambitious Indian tyre company.

To begin, let’s familiarise ourselves with Apollo Tyres. Apollo Tyres Presentation

This Indian tyre conglomerate has been experiencing consistent success for a prolonged period. Renowned for their dependable and durable tyres, they have been a preferred choice for customers seeking high-quality products at an affordable price.

 Subsequently, as I have said, they disrupted the market by procuring Vredestein Tyres, a renowned Dutch brand established in 1909. Discuss the process of integrating traditional elements with modern ones.

Now, what implications does this have for our group?

 Vredestein has consistently been known for producing high-quality winter tyres, which are essential for us in Halifax. In the face of the capricious Yorkshire climate, it is imperative to own dependable tyres, much like a satisfying cup of Yorkshire tea.

At first, the merger resulted in an expanded selection of high-quality tyres at Pellon Tyres, since it combines Apollo’s cost-effectiveness with
Vredestein’s premium European craftsmanship.

However, the matter at hand extends beyond the tyres. Apollo Tyres Presentation

It looked at first as if this combination was introducing some impressive
advancements. We were discussing state-of-the-art technology in tyres
production, which results in improved safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. That is a mutually beneficial outcome in my perspective,
particularly as we all strive to contribute to the preservation of the

Here is a touch of local allure for you.

 Were you aware that Halifax has been a longstanding centre for transport and innovation? Since the establishment of the Halifax Piece Hall in 1779 to cater to handloom weavers, our town has consistently demonstrated a talent for being at the forefront of progress. our
trend continues with contemporary enterprises like ours. We are upholding the tradition by introducing these Apollo-Vredestein tyres to our local community.

Additionally, I would like to present a notion. As the number of people in the UK opt for staycations Instead of travelling abroad, the importance of dependable tyres for road trips across the beautiful Yorkshire landscapes has never been greater.

 Furthermore, we must not overlook the individuals

who have a keen interest in history. Vredestein, with its extensive  European heritage, offers a unique experience equivalent to embarking on a historical journey with every road trip. It is bridging the gap between the
past and present, directly beneath us!

It looked at first light as if the merger between Apollo and Vredestein transcended being a just financial transaction. In my mind, things were going to be much the same. Our goal was to bring the finest aspects of two different worlds directly to Halifax.

At Pellon Tyres, we were delighted to be involved in this thrilling endeavour, providing you with tyres that combine excellence, ingenuity, and a hint of heritage. Apolo tyres were to be sold in the regular niche of summer tyres. Thus, keeping the Vredestein brand for their excellent winter tyre range.

with Apollo Tyres. Apollo Tyres Presentation

Now, what implications does this have for my tyre business? Vredestein has consistently been known for producing high-quality winter tyres, which are essentially important for us in Halifax. In the face of the capricious Yorkshire climate, it is sensible to own dependable winter tyres, much like the need for a satisfying cup of tea.

 Would the merger result in an expanded selection of high-quality tyres at Pellon Tyres? On the surface, it looked good, since it combined Apollo’s cost-effectiveness with Vredestein’s premium European craftsmanship.

Only time could tell. Apollo Tyres Presentation

Apollo became very aggressive in the advertising of Apollo Tyres. I remember well an all expenses paid day visit to Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. Apollo became one of the sponsors of this giant football club. Of course, this is soon to be followed by other large tyre companies sponsoring football clubs here in the UK.

As expected, things would be changing at a fast rate. Vredestein in my
Opinions were beginning to take a backseat. The closure of the Vredestein distribution warehouse in the south of England made deliveries of the product more difficult. Trading terms were altered, and the Vredestein products became more difficult to source.

In fact, at this time. Apollo Tyres Presentation

 I started to trade with Nokian for another good quality winter tyre. Apollo was also starting to get a little more aggressive concerning their sales tactics. The tyre industry can move along very quickly with a constant supply of tyre products from various tyre manufacturers. In my business, a small independent fast-fit centre in Halifax, things can’t stand still.

Apollo was looking for bigger fish to fry, supplying much larger companies who were so happy to undercut the smaller guys. Believe me one thing I have learned in business as a tyre dealer is to move quickly and not hang around.

Change tyre suppliers and brands to suit your own business.

We have found over the years that our customers visit us for the all-round package. If the customer has an open mind about which tyre brand to buy, then they will accept our recommendations.

We are always looking for a niche brand. Apollo tyres were being offered to “Tom Dick and Harry!”, This, of course, did not fit into the way of running a good tyre business.

Here is a touch of local allure for you.

As a tyre guy working in the industry all my life, I find Halifax a great
place to do business. Consequently, like many UK towns and cities, we are always battling with larger multinational tyre companies. However, because of the climate and geography, we are not reliant on having to sell one type of tyre.

In fact, we sell every type of car tyre for summer and winter use. Apollo
tyre came and went, unfortunately, they took away the excellent Vredestein brand. Vredestein is still a great tyre, but it is not easy to access. 



Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys: American Tyre Retail Giants

Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

Bridgestone tyres may have joined the crazy world of tyre company buyouts. They recently bought out an American fast-fit network. Thus, they are known as Pep Boys.

An Analysis of Bridgestone’s Major Developments in the United States and What They Mean for Pellon Tyres in Halifax .

Greetings, dear people! At Pellon Tyres, we would want to have a conversation about a fairly intriguing event that has been taking place on the other side of the ocean and how it might have an impact on our lives here in Halifax.

Particularly how it might affect us. Bridgestone, a major player in the tyre industry, has been expanding their operations in the United States ever since they purchased the “Pep Boys” brand products.

There is a possibility that you are wondering,

“What does all of this have to do with us in Halifax?” To tell you the truth, in the tyre sector, a significant move such as this one over the Atlantic can cause waves that can even reach our little corner of the planet.

The acquisition of Pep Boys, a prominent automotive aftermarket chain in the United States, is a monument to Bridgestone’s growth goals. Bridgestone is known all over the world for producing high-quality tyres, and the company has been growing its reach throughout the world.

The expansion of Bridgestone has not been slowed down. Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

in any way since the acquisition of this company. The fact that they have been working to increase their position in the worldwide market is likely to be excellent news for those of us who work in the tyre industry in Halifax.

It indicates that there is a possibility of increased innovation, improved tyre technology, and possibly more competitive pricing, all of which are factors that we at Pellon Tyres keep a close eye on in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.

In Halifax, where we have a wide range of weather conditions

From casual drizzles to the occasional snow flurry, the requirement for dependable tyres is just as important as the need for a delicious Yorkshire pudding with a Sunday roast.

The expansion of Bridgestone and the company’s ongoing investment in tyre technology could mean that we have more options available to us. These options could include tyres that provide improved grip, a longer lifespan, and increased safety features. Isn’t that basically what we all want?

When it comes to our customers’ automobiles. Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

We at Pellon Tyres are committed to providing them with the greatest options possible. In light of Bridgestone’s efforts to broaden their product offerings and improve their performance, it is fascinating to contemplate the potential introduction of new tyre possibilities.

In this context, we are discussing tyres that have the potential to better adapt to the specific driving circumstances that exist in Halifax. These tyres would provide you with the peace of mind you need, whether you are driving on the busy roads of King Cross Street or the picturesque pathways that wind around the Calder Valley.

Now, let’s not overlook the environmental implications

of this situation. As Bridgestone continues to expand, they are also putting an emphasis on environmentally responsible business practices. In Halifax, where we love our green hills just as much as we enjoy our beers, this is ideal since it fully coincides with our philosophy.

Not only are more environmentally friendly tyre alternatives beneficial for your vehicle, but they are also beneficial for our lovely town.

It is important to note that although the development of Bridgestone in the United States may appear to be a piece of news that is far away, it is actually highly pertinent to us here in Halifax.

It marks the beginning of developments and options in the tyre industry that may be to our collective advantage. You may also rest confident that we at Pellon Tyres will keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the road in order to bring these worldwide benefits directly to your doorstep.

Keep up with the latest information. Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

and don’t forget that Pellon Tyres is the place to go in your neighbourhood for the greatest tyre advice and options. Be careful behind the wheel, and let’s keep the traffic flowing smoothly on our roads in Halifax!

In my opinion, it all kicked off when Stapleton’s and Kwik-Fit were both bought out by a Japanese bank. This gave a wholesaler a complete tyre distribution network of tyre retailers.

This was followed by Michelin tyres. Bridgestone Tyres Buy Pep Boys

Of course, buying from an online tyre retailer in Germany. European wholesaler Ihle Baden-Baden AG. They also purchased a 40 % stake in Allopneus. Of course, France’s largest tyre web shop. Subsequently, for 60 million euros, then, to complete the set,.

purchasing from the UK online tyre wholesaler Blackcircles. Offering tyre fitting across a network of UK fitting stations. Similar thing to what happened in the seventies and eighties. Of course, with the large tyre manufacturers buying up pieces of tyre retailers. Hence, to build their own chains.

These later became ATS, which is still owned by Michelin tyres. The other chains, such as Tyre Services Group, were formed by Goodyear Tyres, which eventually fell apart. Pirelli founded Central Tyres, which also experienced this. So, they also fell apart.

Other tyre companies on the buyout trail

I worked for National Tyre, which was formed by Dunlop BTR, but yes, as you can guess, they also fell apart (although a smaller network still exists). BTR sold the company to Continental tyres and they then sold it to Axle Group Holdings Ltd.

I bet that with what’s happening now, I’ll regret selling it. I have heard rumours that National is for sale, so with things as they stand, watch out for a couple of bids? Who knows, it could be Continental again or even Bridgestone Tyres, who are cash-rich and on a spending spree.

The whole of the tyre market looks to be clambering for position.

We also have tyre wholesaler Micheldever buying out independent tyre retailers here in the UK. A well-known Leeds retailer, Alba Tyres, has just sold their tyre business to Micheldever.

It is well known that they are expanding their Pro- Tyre retail network. Then I would not be surprised at the whole thing being sold off to a tyre manufacturer. Once again, Bridgestone Tyres is in the market for tyre retailers and wholesalers in the UK.

Bridgestone Tyres is now the world’s number-one tyre company

and is extremely cash-rich. Bridgestone Tyres has not shown any past hesitation in buying out smaller tyre manufacturers, and in my opinion, they will not want to fall behind Michelin in setting up an internet and retail chain network.

I do find I strange that companies such as  Bridgestone Tyres would allow their tyre products to be sold on a Michelin-owned website and have them fitted in a Michelin-owned fitting station, ATS?

#Eric Roberts

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.usatoday.com

BMW Kumho Championship

BMW Kumho Championship

BMW Kumho Championship
BMW Kumho Championship

BMW Kumho Championship

With nearly constant activity each year

The Kumho BMW Championship is a favourite among racers and fans of the UK-sold BMW.

The championship, which has a rich history spanning more than 30 years, features some of the most recognisable models from the German manufacturer and has emerged as an appealing option for those looking to race rear-wheel-drive cars on a tight budget.

The Kumho BMW category

which includes all BMWs, is divided into a number of classes according to the number of engines that the rivals’ cars have. Overall, victory is one goal for everyone on the track at once, but races inside the race make sure that there is never a dull moment as drivers pursue class supremacy.

I was running quite well despite knackered old tyres, until lap 4 when I got hit…BMW Kumho Championship

It’s a great video to watch as the driver of this BMW puts his car through its paces. The cars are all fitted with Kumho tyres, and these are events that I love to see and visit the races at whenever possible.

This inside camera gives you a great view as the car puts the Kumho tyres through their paces.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, the knowledge gained from motorsport experience is applied to the development of a better tyre for regular passenger vehicles.

The guy in the video finished sixth out of twelve cars in the BMW Kumho Championship

1 Q: Why do tyre companies get involved in motor racing?

A: Tyre companies use motor racing as a platform for research and development. The high-performance demands of racing push tyre technology to its limits, allowing companies to test new materials and designs under extreme conditions. It’s also a powerful marketing tool, associating their brand with speed, durability, and performance.

  1. Q: Which motor racing events are popular among tyre manufacturers for testing their tyres? Formula One, NASCAR, MotoGP, and the World Rally Championship are among the most popular motor racing events for tyre manufacturers. These events offer different challenges, from high-speed track racing to off-road conditions, providing a comprehensive testing ground for tyre performance.
  2. Q: How does the technology from racing tyres trickle down to consumer tyres? Innovations developed for racing tyres, such as improved tread patterns, rubber compounds, and tyre construction techniques, often find their way into consumer tyres. This transfer of technology enhances the safety, performance, and efficiency of everyday tyres.
  3. Q: Can you give an example of a tyre technology developed in racing? A: Run-flat technology is a great example. Initially developed for racing, where it’s crucial to maintain control and performance even after a puncture, this technology allows drivers to continue driving on a flat tyre for a limited distance, enhancing safety.
  4. Q: How do tyre companies measure success in motor racing? A: Success is measured not just by winning races but also by the performance and reliability of their tyres under race conditions. Feedback from racing teams and drivers is invaluable for future tyre development.
  5. Q: Do tyre companies create special tyres for racing? A: Yes, racing tyres are specially designed for the unique demands of motor racing. They are made from different compounds and have different tread designs compared to regular tyres, optimised for maximum grip and performance on the racetrack.
  6. Q: How does motor racing help tyre brands in marketing? A: Motor racing offers tyre brands high visibility among enthusiasts and a broader audience. Successful involvement in racing can enhance the brand’s image, showcasing the company’s commitment to quality and performance.
  7. Q: Are there any environmental advancements in tyre technology emerging from motor racing? A: Yes, motor racing has become a testing ground for eco-friendly tyre technologies, such as tyres made from sustainable materials or those designed to reduce fuel consumption through increased efficiency.
  8. Q: How does the partnership between racing teams and tyre manufacturers work? A: Tyre manufacturers and racing teams often work closely, with teams providing real-world performance data which the manufacturers use to improve their products. In return, teams get tyres that are custom-developed for their specific needs.
  9. Q: Has the digital age impacted how tyre companies use motor racing for development and marketing? A: Absolutely. The digital age has amplified the marketing benefits, with social media and online platforms allowing tyre companies to reach a global audience instantly. It also allows for more sophisticated data collection and analysis from racing, speeding up the R&D process.

Of course, it was held at Donnington Park in the East Midlands of England in the UK.

The BARC’s BMW Kumho Championship is open to all BMW production cars that can be bought in the UK. These cars’ tyres are in fact “street legal control tyres,” and Kumho Tyres is the company that provides them.

The Kumho tyres are all made from the same compound : BMW Kumho Championship

and there is only one tread pattern available to the BMW racers. The cost of the tyres is kept as low as possible in order to help all competitors keep racing costs as low as possible.

These BMW cars are really put through their paces, along with the tyres, of course. At a recent meeting at the Croft race track in North Yorkshire, I was able to ask a few of the drivers what they thought of the Kumho product, and to my surprise, they all agreed that they were excellent to drive on and were an excellent tyre in both wet and dry conditions.

The BMW Kumho Championship races are very exciting to watch, and I would recommend a visit if the racing is in your area.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Pirelli grips: talks with drivers over F1 wet tyres

Pirelli grips

Since the 1930s, Pirelli’s name has been virtually inseparable from top-tier performance tyres. Pirelli uses a variety of coloured tyres in Formula One racing, which helps the company stand out from the competition. These different-hued tyres aren’t simply a flashy advertising ploy; they also help drivers and teams plan out their strategies for the race.

Pirelli is the exclusive supplier of tyres for Formula One racing teams.

Pirelli grips

Tyres can be categorised as hard, medium, or soft. Several tyre types, each with its own designated colour, are optimised for use on specific track configurations.

For those who are interested in racing in Halifax, here is a colourful story about the rainbow of Pirelli racing tyres used in Formula One.

Hello there, fans of racing in Halifax! Today, let’s shift gears and speak about something that is as colourful as it is essential in the world of Formula One racing: the many coloured tyres that Pirelli runs on their vehicles.

The question that may be on your mind right now is, “What do these flashy tyres have to do with us here in Halifax?” Let me teach you everything there is to know about it as you relax with a lovely cup of coffee. Not only is it about the speed, but it is also about the strategy, which is something that we at Pellon Tyres are well-versed in.

Because Pirelli is the sole provider of tyres for Formula One, the company does not simply bring black tyres to the race; rather, they bring a rainbow.

Each colour denotes a distinct category of tyres, each of which has its own set of qualities and functions that are distinct from the others.

Having a different pair of shoes for walking on the cobblestone streets of Halifax, trekking up Wainhouse Tower, and meandering around Shibden Park is analogous to having various shoes for each activity since each activity requires a distinct sole.

These colours will be broken down as follows: Pirelli grips

Those are the hard tyres, and they are white.

It is comparable to a robust pair of walking boots; they are not the quickest, but they last for a longer period of time.

They perform exceptionally well for extended periods of time during a race, much like we require sturdy tyres for the lengthy journeys that we take through the picturesque landscape of Calderdale.

These yellow tyres are the medium-compound tyres. Pirelli grips

Also known as all-rounders. They are similar to the shoes you wear on a daily basis and are suitable for a wide range of weather situations. They find a happy medium between speed and longevity in Formula One racing.

Oh, the soft tyres, the red ones. Pirelli grips

You should wear these shoes for sprinting because they are designed for speed but not for endurance. Although they offer the highest possible level of grip and performance, they wear out very rapidly, much like how you wouldn’t wear your best trainers for a walk through the mud in Halifax.

The green tyres are the intermediate tyres

that are used for conditions that are slightly wet. Think of these as your lightweight rain boots, which are ideal for the typical drizzles that Halifax experiences.

Last but not least, the blue wet tyres, Pirelli grips

which are meant to perform well in severe weather. Because they are similar to your heavy-duty wellies, they are ideal for splashing around in puddles after a rainstorm in Halifax.

So, why is all of this so significant in Formula One?

It’s important about having a good strategy. The teams are responsible for determining which tyre to use and when to use it, taking into consideration the weather, the conditions of the track, and how the tyres are wearing during the race.

It is similar to how we, in Halifax, select the appropriate tyres for our vehicles according on the time of year and the conditions of the roads; safety and performance are always of the utmost importance.

Although we at Pellon Tyres do not deal with tyres for Formula One racing,

we are aware of the significance of selecting the appropriate rubber for the specific conditions that you will be driving in. A good set of tyres may make all the difference in the world, whether you’re driving through the congested streets of Halifax or cruising along the M62 of the United Kingdom.

As a result, there you have it: a dash of strategy and a splash of colour, both of which play an important part in the world of Formula 1 racing, which is characterised by high speeds.

It is important to pay attention to the colours of the tyres

the next time you are watching a race because they tell a tale that is more interesting than simply seeing fast vehicles racing around a track.

Also, keep in mind that Pellon Tyres in Halifax is your pit stop for exceptional service and knowledge, whether you are looking for tyres for your family car or your dream racing machine. They can provide you with any advise or assistance you may require. Keep those wheels rolling in a secure manner, everyone!

The colourful tyre technology. Pirelli grips
Flash by Shekhar Dhingra / 13 hrs ago Pirelli racing director Mario Isola met with Formula 1 drivers at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to discuss how to improve its wet tyres.
The performance of the wet Pirelli was criticised by several drivers after the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix […]
I must admit, that it has been a “topsy turvy ride” when assessing the good and the bad points about the involvement of Pirelli tyres in the F1 racing scene.
pirelli have certainly given the sports writers, something to write about. In my opinion the main feature of contention, has indeed been the compound differentials.
Pirelli have changed around the compounds to try make more interesting racing. Well it certainly worked?.


DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter: Everything you need to know about DPFs

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

Technical advice and know-how from aftermarket supplier, Bosal As a leading supplier for the aftermarket, Bosal Automotive and Industrial Components exploits its expertise in the automotive sector to pioneer state-of-the-art technology for exhaust systems. A DPF operates as an emission-reducing measure in diesel engines by trapping the exhaust…

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter
DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

I thought that this article would be a great follow-up to the last one about MOT changes. Of course, the changes will not be coming in until next May. Mechanics and MOT testers  will know all about the DPF and the illegal removal of it.

DPFs Represent the Unsung Heroes of Halifax’s Struggle to Achieve Cleaner Air

Howdy, fellow residents of Halifax! Let’s have a conversation about diesel particulate filters, often known as DPFs, which are extremely important for the air quality in our gorgeous town as well as for the health of your vehicle.

Especially if you are a frequent customer at the Pellon Autocentre

In Halifax, you have most likely heard a few tidbits about them while you were at your neighbourhood garage or while you were enjoying a cup of coffee.

What exactly is the commotion about diesel particulate filters (DPFs), particularly for those of us who drive diesel motors? The use of these ingenious devices is essential to reducing contamination. Imagine the charming streets of Halifax, from the bustling activity of the market to the peaceful walkways of Shibden Park.

We all want to make sure .DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

that they continue to look and feel magnificent, right? That’s where DPFs step in, catching soot and other unpleasant particles from diesel engines and making sure they don’t mess up our air.

So, let’s talk about turkey now. In what way does this DPF thing function? Imagine that it is a silent watchdog in your exhaust system, capturing small particles before they are able to make their way into the atmosphere.

The filter requires a decent “regeneration” on a regular basis.

This is a technical word that refers to the process of burning off this soot at high temperatures, which helps to keep the filter clean and functional.

It is possible for diesel particulate filters (DPFs) to become clogged, particularly if you are merely toddling around town for brief periods of time, such as a brief visit to The Piece Hall.

Whenever they become obstructed.DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

Your engine may have a slow feeling and consume more gasoline, and the air quality may also suffer as a result.

Our dealership, Pellon Autocentre, which is located in the middle of Halifax, is experiencing a significant number of DPF problems. It is necessary to keep a close eye on this essential component.

If the warning light for your diesel particulate filter glows, it is time to get it checked out; don’t waste any more time!

The maintenance of your DPF is not beyond the realm of science.

It is essential to perform routine maintenance, and a good run on the highway can be helpful in clearing it out. Having a motor that is well-maintained will result in a more contented DPF.

In order to comply with European pollution rules, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) were initially developed. It’s all about maintaining a clean air environment, which is something that we in the UK are quite concerned about. It is not only about automobiles; we must also take note of the state of our environment.

To summarise, the DPF is not merely another component

of the vehicle. The air in Halifax is kept clean and pleasant thanks to this essential piece of equipment that we have. It is recommended that you visit Pellon Autocentre if you are concerned about your DPF.

Every once in a while, we don’t mind having a conversation on how to keep your motor operating smoothly and how to keep our environment cleaner.

Stay safe on the roads.DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

And let’s do everything we can to ensure that the air in Halifax is as clean as the air you would breathe in the countryside of Yorkshire in the morning!

Hence, the UK Ministry of Transport has decided to update the MOT test in May 2017. This should eliminate the grey area that exists at the moment.

Naturally, a DPF operates as an emission-reducing measure.

As a result, diesel engines trap particulate matter in the exhaust stream through the filtration process.

This process is an efficient and effective way of removing diesel particulate matter (DPM) from the exhaust stream.

During a ‘regeneration’ process, the soot collected is incinerated at high temperatures with virtually no residues.

Pirelli All-Season Tyres: Specialists-Pellon Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres
Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Pirelli All-Season Tyres

Only a couple of years ago, we had a clear distinction between summer tyres and winter tyres. This was much easier, then?

Moving on to today’s tyre market, things are very different. Tyre manufacturers are capitalising. Hence the fact that motorists are indeed thinking more about safety. So, we are fitting more and more winter tyres.

Of course, there are different types of tyres.

Consequently, they match different weather and road conditions.  The tread pattern plays a major role. Because it is the part of the tyre that comes into contact with the road. Naturally, providing most of the traction.

Winter tyres are totally different from summer tyres. Therefore, in today’s tyre market, winter tyres have to be made in many sizes. So, to meet the demand for different types of vehicles,.

Pirelli All-Season Tyres- to meet the demands of SUV’s

All the latest powerful SUV’s have to be catered for? Winter performance tyres  have millions of  small slits. Known as “sipes” built into the tread pattern. Of course, Pirelli Scorpion winter tyres  are an excellent choice and are comparable to Pirelli Scorpion verde tyres.

As a result, this allows more rubber to come into contact with the road. While at the same time dispelling the water , slush, and snow away. Due to the action of these variable-sized sipes,.

Pirelli is the latest tyre maker to introduce a new tyre.

Hence, they are compatible for summer and winter driving . Subsequently, in countries that do not have harsh winters,. Italy is a good example. Of course, including here in the UK.

Many European countries do have a winter tyre law. This makes it mandatory to fit winter tyres in certain months. Whereas Italy does enforce the use of winter tyres,. Then the UK does not?

Pirelli All-Season Tyres look for the winter tyre emblem

Snow can always be a problem. Especially if you live near the Alps? Italian law requires that all cars be fitted with either winter tyres or snow chains on most major roads, including motorways, from November 15 to April 15.

Indecently, snow tyres are defined by a symbol on the tyre sidewall. This has a three-peak mountain with a snowflake embedded on the sidewall.

WINTER SOTTOZERO 3: The Latest Pirelli winter offering

Of course, just like all tyre manufacturers, Pirelli has brought out their latest winter offering. Including the Pirelli Sottozero, run flat winter tyres. Importantly for owners of vehicles with the run-flat technology tyre fitted and living in snowy areas.

Like the UK. So in France, winter tyres have not been made mandatory. However, they insist on snow chains and spikes. Especially when driving to the ski resorts . Say in the “Alps.”.

The solution

Finally, here in 2024, we are proud to be Falken Tyre dealers for the Halifax district of Yorkshire, UK.

may be to carry a set of all-season tyres, which can then be used on snow roads as well, provided they have the “three-peak-mountain with snowflake” emblem mark on it.

Eric Roberts

Acknowledging tyre growth in all-season tyres in the UK, Pirelli continues to recommend the use of winter tyres for its target performance car market, especially in extreme conditions.

Source: Pirelli all-season fitments extend winter mobility, alongside UHP specialists : Tyrepress

Modified MOT changes: DPF investigation

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes
Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

New methods to better detect the presence of DPFs are under development, Department for Transport tells GW Research to better detect DPF removal through emissions follows fears that the current MOT is failing to identify many cases of DPF removal because it only includes a ‘visual inspection’ of the […]

An Analysis of the Crucial Function of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in Maintaining the Cleanness of the Air in Halifax

Welcoming you all! Modified MOT changes

The Diesel Particulate Filter, more often referred to as the DPF, is something that I would want to discuss today since it is extremely important not only for the health of your car but also for the lovely environment that we have here in Halifax.

You might have heard about it at your neighbourhood garage or while you were stopping by Pellon Autocentre in Halifax for a quick cup of coffee. Both of these places are located in Halifax.

What exactly is the big deal about DPFs, then?

This small gem is an important contributor to the reduction of pollution, and it is especially important if you drive a diesel car. Imagine the beautiful streets that we have in Halifax, from the lively environment of the Halifax Borough Market to the serene tranquilly of Shibden Park.

Isn’t it our goal to preserve them in the most pristine condition possible? By capturing the soot and exhaust pollutants that diesel engines produce, the DPF can help us achieve this goal.

It’s possible that you’re wondering,

“How exactly does this DPF thingamajig function?” Because it is located in your exhaust system, it acts as a silent environmental hero, catching small particles before they are released into the air.

In order to maintain the filter’s clarity and functionality, it is necessary for it to undergo a process known as “regeneration,” which is a fancy phrase for burning off this soot at high temperatures.

On the other hand, here’s the catch: Modified MOT changes

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) have the potential to become clogged, particularly if you frequently drive small distances around town, such as to The Piece Hall for some shopping.

In the event that this occurs, your car may experience a loss of power, an increase in fuel consumption, and, to tell you the truth, it is not very good for the purity of the air.

At Pellon Autocentre: Modified MOT changes

which is located near the very centre of Halifax, we have a greater than average number of DPF problems. It is an essential component of routine car maintenance to keep a close eye on it.

Unlike the Christmas jumper from the previous year, you should not ignore the warning signal for your DPF if it turns on. At this point, it is time to get it examined.

You are probably wondering,

“How can I keep my DPF in tip-top shape?” and I am aware of what you are thinking. The first thing that can be helpful is to give your vehicle a good run on the highway.

This allows the DPF to heat up to the point where it can clear itself. Moreover, routine maintenance is essential. For a car to have a happy DPF, it must be adequately maintained.

Did you know that the DPF was developed in order to conform to the emission requirements that are in place in Europe? Here is a piece of trivia for you.

All of this is a component of maintaining the cleanliness of our air

which is something that we in the United Kingdom are quite enthusiastic about. The environment is not the only thing that we are concerned about; we are also concerned about our automobiles.

To summarise, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is not merely an additional component of your vehicle.

This component is one of the most important factors

that contributes to the cleanliness and freshness of the air in Halifax. Taking care of our lovely town and the areas surrounding it is the focus of this endeavour.

Visit the Pellon Autocentre if you have any problems

regarding your vehicle’s depreciation (DPF) system. When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings and the proper operation of your car, we are always up for a conversation.

Keep in mind that taking care of your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is not only beneficial to your vehicle, but it is also beneficial to our community.

Continue to drive cautiously, and let’s make sure that the air in Halifax is as clean as the morning air in Yorkshire!

DPF is short jargon for “Diesel Particulate Filter,”

a sort of catalytic converter for diesel cars. Many owners of diesel cars. Hence, here in the UK. Of course, have them removed. The DPFs are also cut open with cutting gear. So all the insides are removed, and then the DPF is welded back up.

This is, of course, illegal. The removal of the DPF helps the diesel cars perform better. Accordingly, the drawback is that the engines then release more pollution into the atmosphere.

It is an offence under the Road Vehicles Regulations: Modified MOT changes

to use a vehicle that has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet.

Heavy fines for removing this from your car could be as much as £1000 or £4000 for a van owner. The Department of Transport, is looking to develop a machine for testing cars with a DPF fitted. Of course, at the moment, the regulations only say that a visual examination is required.

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres: How a £10 part-worn tyre could lose your driving licence

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres
Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

Of course, this is something that I am very passionate about. Hence, the sale of illegal part-worn tyres here in the UK. I have also given this much thought. Why would people buy these lumps of rubber rubbish? Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, we are losing tyre sales to these people who are selling the illegal tyres.

The Reasons Why Part-Worn Tyres Are a Choice That Is Affordably Priced but Not Worth It

Good morning, everyone! With that in mind, let’s have a chitchat on something that frequently comes up in conversations at our neighbourhood garages and all across Halifax:

the subject of tyres that have only a portion of their tread remaining. It is possible that you have heard about them as a less expensive alternative to purchasing new tyres; nevertheless, I am here to tell you that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

And here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, we have a pretty clear attitude on this matter:

We do not sell tyres that have been partially worn, and there is a strong explanation for how we feel about this.

To begin, let’s have a basic conversation about what part-worn tyres are. These tyres are repurposed from another vehicle and have been used on that vehicle in the past.

It’s true that at first sight, they can appear to be a good deal; nevertheless, there is an old proverb that is absolutely applicable to this situation: “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

You might be able to save a few pounds in the beginning. Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

by purchasing tyres that are only partially worn, but in the long run, they might wind up costing you more money and putting your safety at risk.

Now, let’s take a little trip into the centre of Halifax for a split second. Imagine that you are driving down King Cross Street, which is a very busy street, or that you are navigating the challenging and winding roads that surround Shibden Valley.

Your tyres giving out on you is the last thing you want to happen to yourself. Tyres that are only partially worn typically have a history that is concealed from view. This history may include uneven wear, hidden faults, or even earlier repairs that are not always obvious.

This indicates that they could put your safety at risk. Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

particularly on roads that are slippery and rainy, which is something that we are accustomed to experiencing here in Halifax.

Nevertheless, it is not only about safety. What matters is that you get good value for your money. Part-worn tyres have a tread depth that is lower than that of new tyres.

However, despite the fact that they are less expensive, they will require replacement much sooner. What would be the use of purchasing a bottle of Yorkshire tea that is only halfway full? It just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

At Pellon Tyres, we feel it is our responsibility

to give our customers the greatest possible value for the money they have worked so hard to achieve. We place a strong emphasis on quality and safety, two aspects that are sometimes neglected in part-worn tyres.

Keep in mind that the only portion of your vehicle that makes contact with the road is the tyres; therefore, they are extremely important for braking, accelerating, and steering.

If you allow yourself to compromise with them, it would be like going on a walk through the breathtaking countryside of Calderdale while wearing flip-flops. Isn’t that the worst idea?

One further thing to take into consideration is expensive. Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

is the environmental aspect. When you purchase new, high-quality tyres, you reduce the frequency with which they need to be replaced, which in turn helps our beautiful city of Halifax’s environment.

Consider the fact that whenever we opt for quality and durability rather than a quick and inexpensive solution, we are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Consequently, the next time you are thinking about purchasing partially worn tyres as a way to save money, you should reconsider. During the short term, it can appear to be a good deal; nevertheless, when viewed over the longer term, it is a false economy.

New tyres are the best option. Expensive Part-Worn Tyres

to go with because they offer peace of mind, safety, and overall value. Pellon Tyres is a great place to visit if you are in the Pellon area. We will provide you with some high-quality tyres that will not only keep you safe while driving on the roads but will also provide you with the most value for your money!

Remember that when it comes to tyres, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so keep rolling safely, everyone, and don’t forget anything!

I tried to sift out the type of people who would buy these tyres? In fact, the thing stood out like a “sore thumb.”. It was the young drivers that we were losing. Therefore, the young drivers must be buying part-worns.

I started to ask some young drivers

including my own daughter. Brooke is her name, and she drives a two-year-old Ford Escort. Brooke has a good job at M and S in Keighley. Naturally, we give Brooke any tyres that she requires.

So it was slightly misleading, but I asked her the question, Where would you buy your tyres and “What would you pay for, Expensive Part-Worn Tyres?”. I was amazed by her reply. She said that she would just go for the cheapest tyres? and had seen some for sale at £20 each; these were the ones for her?

I was gobsmacked ? She truly did not know what these tyres were and did not care, as long as they were cheap. Of course, she spends a fortune on makeup  and clothes, but she would buy the cheapest tyres.

This must be the same for millions of young people

, and I am sure that she would not be on her own when forming this opinion.

More than £3 million in part-worn tyres were sold last year in the UK as drivers looked to save cash. Soaring petrol prices, insurance, and road tax costs mean running a vehicle can be a very expensive business.


Click here to view original web page at www.thesun.co.uk

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality
run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

This article is exactly what I have been saying in my other articles about running flat tyre articles? Should safety come at any cost?

The concept is a great idea, but how many lives do they really save at a high cost to the customers who have just a normal puncture? I have yet to meet a driver who can say that the run-flat tyres on his car helped to avoid an accident.

Or is it that they just do not know?

I mean, if they were doing 70 MPH on a busy motorway and the run-flat tyre-deflating reality kicked in, the TPMS light would come on, but how could they compare this with, say, having a normal tyre blowout in a bad position?

This scenario is, in fact, very rare, and I suppose that a blowout on a normal tyre would have caused an accident in any case.

“Run-Flat Tyres: The Unsung Heroes of the Road”

Okay, my good friends, let’s have a conversation about something that is quite cool: run-flat tyres. Have you heard of them? It is possible that you have heard about these ingenious pieces of technology, particularly if they were installed on your vehicle as part of the original equipment package. But why are they so convenient that they are comparable to a pocket on a shirt? What is the hoopla all about? Let’s jump right in.

At the outset, let’s establish the context.

There you are, driving along the M62, going in the direction of good old Halifax, when all of a sudden—blimey!—you discover that you have a flat tyre. In a normal environment, this would be a real pain on the rear end.

On the other hand, if you have run-flat tyres, it is not the end of the world. Even if you have a flat tyre, you can continue driving for a considerable distance (often about fifty miles).

Consequently, you will not be required to fumble around

on the side of the road in order to change a tyre, and you will be able to get yourself to shelter or a garage. In addition, let’s be honest: who would like to be struggling with a spare tyre in the regular weather conditions of the United Kingdom?

Safety is now a significant advantage in this situation. Having standard tyres can make a blowout difficult to manage, making your vehicle more difficult to drive than a bar of soap that has been wet. Run-flats, on the other hand, are constructed to maintain their form, which provides you with improved control and assists you in avoiding a sticky wicket.

However, hold on, there is more! run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

It is possible that run-flat tyres will save some space. There is more space in the trunk for you to store your football equipment or your groceries from the Halifax Borough Market because you do not need to carry a spare tyre as you drive.

There is also the possibility that a lighter load in the vehicle will result in improved fuel economy, and who doesn’t like to save a few pounds on petrol?

This is exactly what you are thinking right now:

Are they really worth it? That being said, if they were included in the original equipment package of your vehicle, the manufacturers believe that they are the best option for your specific automobile.

They are a component of the complete package, and they are calibrated to the suspension and handling of your vehicle in the same way as a traditional Yorkshire pudding goes well with a Sunday roast.

There is no such thing as a flawless tyre. run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

When it comes to the road, run-flat tyres may be a little bit firmer, and the cost to replace them may be higher. They are, however, just as nice as a cup of coffee at the end of a long day when it comes to providing peace of mind and convenience.

Therefore, there you have it: run-flat tyres-Deflating reality may not be as widely discussed as the most recent football scores, but they are really helpful. If you are fortunate enough to have them installed as original equipment on your vehicle, you will be provided with a ride that is both smooth and secure.

Also, if you ever find yourself in Halifax and are interested in having a conversation regarding tyres or require assistance with your vehicle, feel free to stop by our garage, Pellon Tyres. A conversation and a little bit of tyre discussion are always welcome with us!

run flat tyres problems. run-flat tyres-Deflating reality

One of the biggest problems is that  the concept is a good idea, but it does leave some motorists stranded without a spare wheel.

Just the other day, I had a meeting arranged, and the guy that I was to meet had a tyre blowout in his BMW. He had no spare and eventually had to call out the AA. The only place that had a replacement tyre was 120 miles away, and it cost £290 for a replacement tyre.

BMW run flat tyres are expensive, especially when the car becomes a few years old and belongs to the second or third owner. This is where the danger lies?

Drivers will resort to fitting anything if they cannot afford the right tyre.

From the dreaded part worn to fitting a non-run flat regular tyre. This is all part of the run-flat tyre. Deflating reality? People cannot afford to keep buying these tyres every time they have a puncture?

The BMW Mini is a great example. These cars are very popular with young female drivers. They buy a second-hand car and cringe when they have to buy some new run-flat tyres. Is it all worth it?

From the safety angle, yes, it is, but from the cost? I am not so sure.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.consumerreports.org