MOT changes to be introduced in May following DPF investigation

Modified MOT changes-to be introduced in May following DPF investigation

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

Modified MOT changes

New methods to better detect the presence of DPFs are under development, Department for Transport tells GW Research to better detect DPF removal through emissions follows fears that the current MOT is failing to identify many cases of DPF removal because it only includes a ‘visual inspection’ of the […]

DPF is short jargon for “Diesel Particulate Filter” a sort of catalytic convertor for diesel cars. Many owners of diesel cars. Hence, here in the UK. Of course, have them removed. The DPFs are also cut open with cutting gear. So all the insides are removed and then the DPF is welded back up.

This is of course, illegal. The removal of the DPF, helps the diesel cars to perform better. Accordingly, the drawback is that the engines then turn out more pollution into the atmosphere.

It is an offence, under the Road Vehicles Regulations to use a vehicle which has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet.

Heavy fines for removing this from your car could be as much as £1000 or £4000 for a van owner. The Department of Transport, are looking for of developing a machine for testing the cars with a DPF fitted. Of course, at the moment the regulations only say that a visual examination is required.