MOT tester guilty

MOT Test Dilemna

MOT Test Dilemna

MOT Test Dilemna
MOT Test Dilemna

MOT Test Dilemna

MOT Test Dilemna: Last year, some 27.48 million vehicles took the MOT test with a pass rate of 60 percent. A DVSA report said 18.1% of those who passed should have failed, which is up from last year.

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First MOT Test from Three to Four Years- will put drivers in Danger?

I must declare myself as the owner of an MOT testing station in the UK.

The article in the Auto Express from its editor in chief, Steve Fowler, looks a little scary. I think I know where it is coming from, though. The new government is looking for all sorts of tin-pot ways to save money.

They have already reduced the number of staff that is working to keep our MOT testing system in one piece, but we are now getting close to the limits that the DVSA (old VOSA) can cope with.

A few years ago, the MOT system was split into three parts. Each

MOT station was allocated a colour red, amber and green.

If you were a clean station without complaints or any testing problems in the past, you would be in the green zone. If you have had many problems in the past, you would be in the red zone, the amber zone was for those in between.

Points are awarded against you. Depending on how serious the offence may have been,. Depending on which zone you were in,. Also accounted for is the number of visits that you would get from VOSA.

We are in the green lane- MOT Test Dilemna

So we have the minimum number of visits. So, we are more trustworthy to carry out the testing procedures. Of course, according to the law and the manuals.

At the same time, the number of inspectors was reduced, and in my opinion, this is where the problems arise that are coming out in these figures. Not all garages are completely trustworthy. Three million cars that have wrongly  passed  the MOT are a massive claim and a major MOT test dilemma?

The next cost cutting measure

will be the extension of the period that a new car requires an MOT test. The government claim that it will save motorists money, but it will also save them money as it will take out millions of cars for testing when the three- to four-year period comes in.

The attached article is a very good read because it gives many facts and figures that I don’t really want to repeat regarding the MOT Test dilemma.

I know that they are making our roads more dangerous

by messing about with petty cutbacks; they have even dumbed down the excellent computer system, which, by the way, crashed recently, leaving millions of drivers without a valid MOT test certificate.

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