TyreSafe, Including Winter Tyres

TyreSafe, Including Winter Tyres

TyreSafe, Including Winter Tyres


TyreSafe were set up with the responsibility of raising awareness of the importance of the dangers of defective and worn tyres.

There is no doubt about it but tiresafe.org is the place to go. In the UK for good tyre safety advice. Thus, this site is well worth a look.

Tyresafe is Britain’s number one tyre safety organisation.
They were first set up in 2006 and is a non-profit making organisation. Dedicated to alarming the public of important tyre safety matters. Thereupon, there are problems with the use of defective and illegal tyres.

The awareness campaigns that the group sets up

. Are all in line with the current duty of care regulations. Of course, there is also the legislation that covers vehicles here in the UK.
We at Pellon tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK, have now been members for four years.

As the owner of the tyre business. Tyresafe has given me much confidence to drive my ideas and grievances forward. Including my pet hate, which is the selling of illegally worn tyres.

The organisation have done much work

to make the public more aware. Especially of this growing worldwide problem. Which is the thing that I am always writing about. People are just not conscious of the dangers of part worn tyres.

Over the past few years,. It was good to see that other important organisations have joined Tyresafe. Because of their recognition. As well as tyre manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers (like ourselves).

Their influence on safety issues

has been such that they have gained support from outside tyre groups like automakers and equipment manufacturers.
Tyresafe also works in close cooperation with other organisations. As expected, like the police and fire service. Thus, we are often coordinating with the Highways Agency and Roadsafe, as well as giving advice to local councils.

We at Pellon tyres here in Halifax, UK, are proud members of www.tyresafe.org.


Falken Tyres named

Falken Tyres named

Falken Tyres named
Falken Tyres named

Falken Tyres named

Falken Tyres named VW Original Equipment Tyre

Falken Tyres named VW Original Equipment Tyre

VW wants to use the Falken tyre brand on their new Touran Models, thus. Consequently, this article describes the procedure. Just a quick update: we are now able to purchase Falken tyres through Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK.

Falken tyres has advanced quickly

from being a beginner to being one of the top tyre producers in the world. Whereas it can take some tyre manufacturers decades to even achieve a respectable position in the market, let alone the absolute top,.

Falken tyres have grown to be one of the largest tyre brands in the world thanks to the creation of game-changing tyres, race-winning track tyres, and a variety of road tyres suitable for various conditions.

In this guide, we examine how they got there and some of the game-changing tyres that contributed to their quick ascent to the top.

Given the popularity of Falken tyres, this is crucial. especially among drivers in the Halifax area of the UK who are younger and more fit.

minimal barrier to rolling resistance

Falken tyres thus provide various safety features along with durability to drivers. Future Falken tyre manufacturers will constantly aim to achieve these three characteristics.

PriorityAt Sumitomo Rubber Industries’ primary tyre facilities, scientists and tyre engineers are currently conducting priority research to look at the molecular makeup of tyres.

Modern engineers are achieving

this by using contemporary computers and particle accelerators. now model and regulate the molecular structure of rubber composites thanks to this. enabling features like the ability to spot heat buildups that could happen when a tyre is under load.

When heat builds up in a tyre, the rolling resistance goes down, which means that more fuel is used. With fuel savings of about 5%, this cutting-edge technology has made Falken tyres more environmentally friendly.

Eric Roberts

OE for Volkswagen Touran – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Pellon Tyres are now official Falken tyre dealers starting from July 2022

Studded tyres-Proposed bill requires permit for users – Still illegal in the UK

Studded tyres

Studded tyres

A report just released by the Oregon Department of Transportation estimated that studded tyres cause about $8.5 million worth of damage to Oregon roads every year.

Studded tyres can tear up the road surface and are illegal in the UK

Studded tyres in the UK

One of the UK tyre companies that offers a stud tyre service is Avon Tyres. The stud tyres, however, can only be used in an off-road situation.

Here in the UK, Germany, and France, it is illegal to use stud tyres on the UK roads. Because they do damage the road surfaces.
Other European countries and some North American states can use studded tyres.

Thus, at certain times of the year, But some states are trying to abolish their use.

Because of the damage that they can do to the roads.
Different European countries, especially the alpine countries and Nordic countries, have extreme winters.

Thus, allow tyres to be fitted to their vehicles to give them added grip in icy conditions.

Ice can also be a problem for winter tyres because even winter tyres will struggle in some real ice conditions.
A few examples are countries.

Studded tyres

If you will be driving your car in Austria. Then it is the law for your vehicle to be fitted with a full set of winter tyres.

They should also have a minimum tread depth of 4mm this is from 1st November – 15th April and at other times outside these dates when there is snow, slush or ice on the roads, very sensible in my opinion.

More relevant to this article Studded tyres may be used from the 1st October until the 31st May. Special local requirements may extend this period.
Strangely it is not legal to fit winter tyres in Belgium, but you can have stud tyres and chains provided when the roads are covered in ice and snow, I would say that this is a grey area?

which must be fitted to all wheels – and can be used from 1st November – 15th April.

Studded tyres

Finland, Estonia and Latvia.In Finland, Estonia and Latvia vehicles must be fitted with a set of winter tyres.

This from 1 December to 28/29 February. But can be used as early as November until April. Minimum tread depth is 3mm but in poor conditions 5mm.
Studded tyres.

As well as snow chains.May also be used, studded tyres from November – April.Thus on all wheels and snow chains only during severe weather conditions.

Also you must avoid damaging the road surface; I presume that it means that you should not ride on dry road surfaces with studded tyres fitted?

It is strongly advised that winter tyres or snow chains are used during the winter season from November to April.

All vehicles should be equipped with winter tyres on all wheels, or the driver could be fined. You should also carry a set of snow chains in your car boot, or if you are stopped by the police, you could once again be fined.

As a side issue, you will be charged a fee by Oslo and Bergen, with stickers available for the period that you will be staying in the cities, How strange?
Stud tyres can be used in the winter tyre time but are prohibited on motorways and semi-motorways (DUEL CARRAIGWAYS) except for certain parts of the A13 and A2.
Stud tyres fitted to all the wheels can be used from October – 15th April but some areas do not allow you to use them so you must look out for road signs as they may be banned on some routes.

Most southern European countries do not use studded tyres on the roads.

Source: www.kgw.com


Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyre- is to be launched with a ‘seal inside’ – Tyrepress.com

Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyre

Cinturato All-Season designed for markets like the UK Pirelli has launched a new all-season tyre aimed at increasing premium seasonal tyre sales amongst daily drivers living in markets with tempera…

Pirelli is just one of the major tyre companies to aim for the top spot. I do like the idea of a winter tyre that also has the potential to have a puncture protection system inside. The Pirelli Cinturato all-season tyres are now available.


Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyre launch took place in Sicily

The middle ground appears to have been chosen by Pirelli tyres. particularly between winter and summer tyres. Thus, they added the Pirelli Cinturato All-Season Tyre, a new “all-weather tyre,” to their line-up.
Launched in late January 2015, the tyre, as anticipated, is off the coast of Italy, on the vacation island of Sicily.

This was done to represent the various climates. to demonstrate the tyre’s effectiveness in balancing Mt. Etna’s snow-covered peaks. The area that is warmer is closer to the coast.

This tyre was created for the first time by Pirelli. Its goal will be to boost sales of premium seasonal tyres.
Due to this, daily drivers, particularly those who reside in urban regions and markets with mild European climates,

During the winter, the southern regions of Europe typically remain in the middle because drivers frequently make unusual trips into the mountains, where there is some snow and colder temperatures.

The “three peaks mountain snowflake” insignia on the tyre designates it as a suitable winter tyre. It comes in 15-, 16-, and 17-inch sizes.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyre

A snowflake in the shape of a mountain indicates that the tyre is suitable for use in areas where winter tyres are required.

As a result, by law, at specific times of the year Gregorio Borgo, Pirelli’s general manager, stated that the new tyre would target a significant portion of the automobile tyre market.

In areas with mild winters, the percentage is actually around 74%. Obviously, with hotter summers, the Pirelli Cinturato Any Season tyre will perform well in all conditions, with the exception of the harshest winters and summers.

The winters, in my perspective, are altering. I’m fortunate to own a vacation property in the southwest of France.

As a result, the winters are typically relatively mild.

However, we occasionally see Russian winds that may cause the temperature to drop as low as -17 °C. Last winter, we also experienced 10 inches of snow; fortunately, I had a set of winter tyres installed.

But I believe it rose to 15 degrees Celsius again after a few days. These Pirelli tyres would undoubtedly be ideal for this weather.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season can also be puncture protected.

One of the major benefits for me is this. because the new self-seal technology enables the sale of this new tyre Many tyre businesses are growing. “Seal within” is the name of Pirelli’s variation.
Thus, these tyres are given.
As a result, the edge adds yet another layer of safety features to the tyre. The self-seal delivers on its promise. because a screw could puncture the tyre

The space or hole will be sealed as a result. The driver and the car will be able to continue driving.

On a miserable, cold day, this is quite helpful. If your hands may freeze off while changing a wheel due to a puncture, this, in my opinion, would sell a tyre—not just the all-season part, but the entire package, including the self-seal.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyre

In the UK, especially in the south, where the winters are warmer, this might be a good offering.

According to statistics, the winter tyre market in the UK is less than 2%, but if sales in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK, are any indication, I believe that number to be much higher and that the market is expanding quickly.
Source: www.tyrepress.com

Apollo Tyres- Manufacturing Facility

Apollo Tyres
Apollo Tyres

A Day At Apollo Tyres Manufacturing Facility In Chennai – Plant Visit Report

An absorbing article about one of the world’s up-and-coming tyre manufacturers The Indian tyre giant Apollo Tyres is now expanding across the world via various buyouts.


When I first read this article, I was reminded of my past visits to tyre factories here in the UK. I now know that the tyre-making facilities are very modern and hygienic.

As expected, far from the days in the 70’s and 80’s.
The very first tyre plant that I visited was at Fort Dunlop. On the outskirts of Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK.

Fort Dunlop was a massive tyre making facility. For this reason, it was one of the area’s largest employers. You could see the huge factory from the M6 motorway, with its massive “Dunlop” sign on the top of the building;

it was a landmark that you would never forget once you saw it.

You could see the huge factory from the M6 motorway. Thus, with its massive “Dunlop” sign on the top of the building, it was a landmark that you would never forget once you saw it.

I was a young man at the time.  I can remember seeing the motorsport division as we approached the main factory. It was a very exciting time for me. As it was to be the first time.

Apollo Tyres

I knew that this would increase my knowledge.Naturally, about the product and that it would give me a better understanding.especially of the tyres that would give me a decent standard of living for the rest of my life.
Strangely enough, the thing that stuck in my mind was at the end of the production process.

With all the tyres hung onto a conveyor belt, ready for checking by an inspector, I also remember that mixed brands were coming off the final inspection line.

Apart from Dunlop tyres, I saw Indian tyres being made. I knew that Dunlop made India tyres, but now that I had seen it myself, it gave me greater confidence when I returned to my depot in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK.

Apollo Tyres would buy out Vredestein Tyres from Holland

Later on in my career When I owned my tyre centre. I had the pleasure to become a dealer for the excellent Vredestein tyres. Vredestein is a Dutch company.

Naturally, they have a reputation second to none for quality and value and build their tyres in a factory that I had the pleasure of visiting on three occasions in Enschede, Holland.

They became a vital supplier to me and helped build the business into what it is today.

Vredestein was to be eventually bought out by Apollo Tyres, but before that, I enjoyed many trips to their factory in Holland.
The Vredestein factory was to be the cleanest and most efficient tyre company that I had ever seen.

I was always given the best treatment, and this only cemented our business relationship and my enthusiasm for Vredestein tyres.

apollo tyres
Apollo Tyres

However, like many smaller companies, Vredestein Tyres started to grow and sort of left the little guys a bit behind.

They became more aggressive with their marketing tactics, and as a small tyre retailer in Halifax, we started to drift apart, and I could not get the right deal from them.

The Vredestein sales manager, whom I had known for some years, retired, and I used this particular time to change my main supplier of mid-range tyres to Toyo Tyres of Japan.

Vredestein makes some of the best winter tyres in Europe and can sell all that they make.

They were to become a prime target for Apollo tyres.

Vredestein had used proclaimed star car designer Giorgetto Giugiao to design their tyres in the late 90’s, and the brand of Vredestein had become much sought after in the tyre world.
Thus, Vredestein was now making up to six million winter and summer car tyres and was to become a prime target for the Indian tyre company Apollo Tyres, and the acquisition took place in 1999.

The company is now known as Apollo Vredestein Tyres, and some of the production of things like cycle tyres and tubes has to be done at an Apollo Tyres factory in East Asia.

Also, Vredestein is renowned for their tractor tyres, and some of these will now be made in the Apollo tyre factory in India.
Finally, I am very pleased that I once again have access to the Vredestein products. 

Source: www.motorbeam.com

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

Goodyear Dunlop has introduced the latest AA rated passenger tyre which incorporates eight sizes and inherits Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance Series

More and more of the larger tyre companies are trying to achieve this goal a double A standard well done Goodyear Dunlop

Goodyear Dunlop joined forces in 1999

I have had the pleasure of working for both these giant tyre companies. Of course, before I opened my first tyre retail operation here in Yorkshire, UK,.
Dunlop-owned a retail organisation known as “National Tyres”.  My first job was to become their Dewsbury branch.

Dunlop was the owner of us. Therefore, we had to sell mainly Dunlop products. I can honestly say it was the first step onto the ladder of a lifelong love for the tyre trade.
It was with Dunlop that I first learned about tyres and how they were made. I had many friends in the company, and it was there that I started to gain much confidence in my abilities and was promoted to an office position.
To cut a long story short,. I had the urge to move on. Therefore, I left national tyres for a better job at a Goodyear subsidiary. In Leeds, K Nield tyres.

Nields were truck and earthmover specialists, and this took my tyre knowledge to a new higher level, I Loved every minute of working there, but that’s another story.

Goodyear Dunlop

After a very short spell out of the tyre industry. I was offered the job of depot manager with Goodyear tyres. As expected, this was at one of their retail outlets in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK. Once again, I just loved working for this great tyre company. Therefore, after a few successful years as a manager,. I decided that I could make a go at running my own tyre business. I opened up in Birstall with a good friend, and I never looked back; the rest is history.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

were massive influences on my tyre life. I cannot think more highly of the two giant tyre companies. Accordingly,  who also went on to support me and my new business adventure? At one time or another. Both played a huge part in supplying me and helping to promote my tyre business. Thus,  I made some lifelong friends as a bonus.
The tyre industry grew increasingly competitive over the following years, and in my opinion, there were too many brands in the market, many of which belonged to the larger tyre companies.

Rumours were rife about takeovers and buyouts. One of them was the acquisition of Dunlop by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Of course, from Japan.  Who sold tyres for road vehicles with the Dunlop brand from 1985 to 1999?
Then, in 1999, Sumitomo RI and Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company .Naturally, the USA formed a joint venture and merged. Goodyear Tyres obtained the Dunlop Tyre assets in Europe and the USA. 

Sumitomo RI continued to sell Dunlop tyres in other countries. Naturally, some of the different names used Dunlop tread patterns. For this reason, such as Regal tyres in South Africa, I can remember these tyres being imported into the UK under the name of Dunlop, using an old Dunlop tread pattern.

Goodyear Dunlop. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyres

Dunlop Tyres Europe is now part of the Goodyear Group; which is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tyre makers, and is now based in Akron, Ohio. They work out of 22 countries and produce annual net sales of $21 billion dollars, working out of 52 tyre making factories.
To my knowledge, Goodyear Dunlop shares the same research and development facilities. Including the development of Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyres. Therefore, making excellent variations of both product names. naturally, this includes this latest Goodyear Dunlop product, which comes under the Goodyear Efficient-Grip series and is an excellent double A-rated tyre.

Eric Roberts

Source: www.satreads.com

Tyre Manufacturers Best Winter Tyres

tyre manufacturers

Tyre Manufacturers Best Winter Tyres

Tyre Manufacturers Best Winter Tyres

What’s the best winter tyre on the market? Here are the results from our winter tyre test

Source: www.evo.co.uk

Tyre Manufacturers Best Winter Tyres

Tyre manufacturers are now fighting to produce the best winter tyres
So the article on the link reminded me that not long ago. Then the major tyre companies. Were not all that concerned about the winter tyre trade.

Especially here in the UK. I know that I have written about this before ! But at one time the only people to buy winter tyres were the lets say “better off” drivers . Consequently, who could afford to go  skiing for their winter holidays.

Farmers and other country folk would also buy winter tyres. Especially near the hills of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
One of the reasons ! In my opinion was that the tyre manufacturers were then mostly based in the UK. Producing the tyres here for the UK market . So, would have concentrated on the home market only

All the leading and some smaller tyre manufacturers had tyre factories here in the UK.

The same would be so in the other European countries. Michelin produced most of their winter tyres for the French and German ski industry. Therefor began to develop some excellent winter tyre products. Include a winter version of the Michelin “X” tyre the “X” M+S 89 tyres.

Also producing the “XM S100 S winter and rally tyres.
The French tyre manufacturers are to this day one of the most innovative tyre designers and winter tyre producers in the world, making excellent products such as the excellent Michelin Alpin 4 range of winter tyres.
Avon tyres here in the UK had a good range of winter tyres just as they have today. I can remember that one of the most popular cars was of course the Mini and the Mini Coopers. These cars were good in snowy conditions. But the tyre Manufacturers started to bring out winter tyres for these little cars. Naturally, something to do with the fact that these cars were doing very well in rallying.

Consequently, known as the “Arctic winter range” . These came out originally in the 145×10 tyre size, but as the wheels were becoming wider there was a version on a 165/70×10 tyre size. Avon also make a modern day winter tyre range known as the “Avon Ice Touring ST” range of tyres, which come out on many sizes.
Dunlop tyres were also starting to take an interest in motorsport and rallying and they brought out a rally tyre/winter tyre called the Dunlop “Weathermaster” tyres which were a cross ply construction, which was then followed by the SP44 Weathermaster in a radial ply construction. Dunlop at that time were becoming one of the country’s leading tyre manufacturers and have continued to grow their winter tyre range right up to now with their “Winters-port and Winter response” tyre ranges.

Other early pioneers of winter tyres were Goodyear with their “Ultragrip”

Which came out in an X-ply size and then was used for rallying with a radial version. KelFollowing India Tyres with their “Super Multi-Grip” tyre, Kelly Springfield introduced their “Explorer” winter tyre and later joined Goodyear Tyres. Of course, it is soon to be bought out by Dunlop Tyres.

All these tyre manufacturers and many more have gone on to make excellent winter tyres to serve the whole of Europe; only Avon still makes tyres here in the UK, and Pirelli has a tyre manufacturing plant in Carlisle, Cumbria.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Avon Winter Tyres online from our website .

Eric Roberts

zzz eric roberts


Michelin CrossClimate Plus Tyres

Michelin CrossClimate Plus Tyres

Michelin CrossClimate Plus Tyres

Michelin CrossClimate Plus Tyres

The CrossClimate+ with improved through-life performance

Michelin CrossClimate Plus Tyres

This article from Fleetpoint adds just another recommendation. Hence for this excellent tyre from Michelin. As a result the new “Plus” tyre was introduced at the prestigious Paris Motor Show . In  October.

Moreover, the new model of tyre is said to be improved . Thus, by a better winter performance. In addition, it is said to last the whole depth of the tread. At the moment, this stands at 1.6 mm . Of course, the CrossClimate is a summer tyre with a three-peak mountain snowflake qualification. As a result, that gives the tyre winter capability in snow and ice.

Once again, this tyre should perform

at its near-best, right up to the 1.6 mm legal tread limit. Probably giving Michelin the edge on its competitors tyre products.

In addition to the original product’s unique summer-tyre-with-a-three-peaks-mountain-snowflake qualification, the latest version is said to improve winter performance and consistent whole tread life performance.

Finally, this latter point .

Therefore, picks up on what appears to be an increasingly important theme . Especially to Michelin .The tyres should perform consistently well right up to the 1.6 mm legal tread depth limit.

Eric Roberts

Source: Michelin CrossClimate+ Tyres Offer Consistent Through-Life Traction In Snow – FleetPoint

Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres

Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres

Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres

Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres
Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres

Continental, electric vehicles, hybrids, Conti.eContact

Continental Tyres – low-rolling-resistance tyres

Consequently, the giant German tyre company have developed this new tyre. Hence, with the aid of fellow German company VW,. So it will fall in line with most other leading tyre companies . Who are now making similar models of tyres.


Continental tyres are joining the tyre revolution,

Continental tyres has achieved this by developing more environmentally friendly tyre products. This can be done by improving the rolling resistance of the tyres.

This means the tyres will offer less friction resistance.Naturally, between the road and the tyres, this allows the tyre to go further in one turn. Thus using less fuel and, therefore, making the car more fuel efficient.
This is only one small part of the overall picture.Thus, from the car manufacturer’s point of view,.

Which have to reach severe reductions in their overall emissions reductions. Of course, both individual governments and various groups of countries set those.

Continental tyres use Green Chilli oils in their compounds. Continental Tyres low-rolling-resistance tyres

The tyres will be known as the Conti E Contact.Of course,  are now available for the SUV market. Continental tyres also use a vegetable oil made from a “green chilli” compound.

Which is the latest achievement in reduced rolling resistance and performance. Naturally, for excellent tyre handling, safety, and better braking,.

Yokohama adds Orange peel oil.

Different tyre makers achieve this goal in a variety of ways. Yokohama tyres from Japan have developed the use of the various oils.Specifically orange peel oil in the mix of their compounds to reduce the number of petrochemicals that are used.

This also reduces the tyres reliance on carbon-based chemicals and makes the product greener and more

continental tyres
Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

environmentally friendly.
This new tyre is aimed at the very modern compact car market.  The AE-01 is constructed from a jaw-breaking 80% of renewable materials. Including the orange peel oil and a nano-blend of oils is a great achievement.

Continental tyres are still in the “Dandelion Latex” development story

Continental tyres, along with the giant Bridgestone tyre company. Are still hedging their bets.

On the future use of the dandelion plant to produce latex. With a similar molecular structure to rubber latex. But we are still a few years away from this being used and tested on tyres that are to be used by the public.

The tyre companies are investing millions of dollars in research and development, as they see the dandelion as a great benefit in the future.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs for all makes of tyres.

continental tyres
Russian varieties of dandelions will be grown in vast quantities.

We also sell Continental Car Tyres online from our website, www.pellontyres.co.uk .

Eric Roberts

Winter tyres prove their worth

A winters scene on the boundary fence at Pellon Tyres in Halifax in West Yorkshire UK.

Winter tyres prove their worth

Winter tyres prove their worth
Winter tyres prove their worth

Winter tyres prove their worth

Of course, on dreadful winter days like today! Then it makes me proud to think of all the safety-conscious drivers. Of course, some people have purposefully fitted winter tyres to their vehicles. I call it “winter” now because it shortens the subject of “winter tyres,” about which I write a lot.
This article from Halifax proves to me (not that I need any proof) that winters can be one of the best times of the year. So, it is great when the phone never stops ringing as customers require winter tyres just to go about their regular business.

Winter Tyres have developed and improved over the last few years. Winter tyres prove their worth

Uncompromisingly, then, the tyre manufacturers have had to keep up with the demand. As a result, more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles are being developed. So, this line of developments also includes winter tyres.
This is, of course, the primary reason that winter clothing is now made of various materials. that were used to make their predecessors back in the days of chunky, hard rubber tread patterns. Importantly, the main breakthrough was the use of “silica.” As a result, it must be blended with the rubber compounds that make up the majority of tyre materials. Silica keeps the tyres supple in cold weather. As a result, the tyre’s footprint grows, as does its ability to grip in ice and snow.

Silica keeps a winter tyre flexible in lower winter temperatures. Winter tyres prove their worth

This goes along with the modern tread patterns that are computer designed. So, it helps make winters what they are today. In general, a tyre that is prepared for and capable of dealing with extreme winter weather.
Winter tyres were originally designed for the drivers of mainland Europe. Many people take a winter break to go skiing in the Alps.

The Germans were the most visible! who drive down their autobahns (without a speed limit). Of course, this enables them to do a weekend of skiing. up and down the mountains of the Austrian and Swiss Alps Tyre manufacturers realised that a special tyre would be required for this. That would perform well in all the conditions. Including high speed motorway driving and then having to drive through snow and ice up the mountain passes to the ski resorts

This is why the winters of today were developed and we now all take advantage of these wonderful things.

Drivers will be driving much safer as a result of these advancements in winter tyre ranges. Especially those still running on summer tyres. One of my customers had a set of winter tyres fitted to his car just before we had our first snow in 2010 and was so impressed with their performance in the snow. Inevitably, he instructed us to install them in his fleet of vans.

I could tell you many similar stories; we now have whole families that have fitted winters. So, simply by word of mouth from a friend or relative who has had these fantastic products fitted, So, telling them how good they are and how much safer they have felt being able to keep control of their vehicles when cars around them were skidding all over the place.

This winter in 2020-2021 is turning out to be a bad one,

with more snow and ice forecast for the next few weeks. So you still have time to enhance your winter driving experience and buy a set of winter tyres.
Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offers car and van servicing and repairs for all makes of vehicles. We also sell winter tyres online from our website, www.pellontyres.co.uk, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. So, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us while they are at work. We are also an official MOT testing station.