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TyreSafe.org  was set up with the responsibility of raising the awareness of the importance of the dangers of defective and worn tyres.

Hi Judging at some of the tyres that we are removing, in our Halifax Tyre shop. So, I can see why we need such a great organization as Tyresafe. Constantly, trying to educate and inform the car owning public. About the proper care and safety when it comes to their tyres.

The image I have used. Of course, is an every day sample of the tyres that we take off our customers cars.
The tyre that is stood on edge. So, is actually worn down to the steel belt. Consequently, the left hand side of the tread area. The driver said that he was too busy to check his tyres. But he was shocked to see them in such bad condition.

As I have said on many occasions, Tyresafe are a none profit making organization. Trying to educate the motoring public. Thus, with different safety awareness campaigns. Of course, throughout the UK. They also produce excellent tyre safety videos. Subsequently,  the website is worth a look.

Tyresafe.org  established itself  in 2006. Naturally, it is a non- profit making organization. Tyresafe campaigns for the tyre safety part of the tyre industry. Hence, in line with the legislation that is current at the moment. Including,  the current duty of care regulations.

Tyresafe.org receives its support from many areas

Of the tyres industry, this includes most of the large tyre manufacturers, tyre retailers and tyre wholesalers. Tyresafe has also some  equipment suppliers and a number of vehicle manufacturers.

To get the safety message over to the self driving cars public, Tyresafe.org works  closely with a huge range of commercial and government organizations, these include the Highways England, Road-safe, police forces, fire services, councils and many other such government bodies.