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Self-Driving cars-Doomsday Scenario

Wow if like me you work in the auto industry then we had better be looking for another job?

This article portrays a nightmare scenario for the whole of the motor industry?

Self-Driving cars

Self-Driving cars
Self-Driving cars

Self-Driving cars

You have to read it

and keep nipping yourself every now and again. I still do not see a future for self driving cars and I just think that it is for huge companies with loads of money to burn.

I cannot see how you could even start mixing self-driving cars on the same roads as cars with human drivers.

These self-driving cars cannot think like humans.

It was proven when self-driving cars got stuck on a roundabout during testing. The car could not think how to join the roundabout because all the human drivers were using their brains and speed of thought. They were nipping out, leaving the  self-driving cars with nowhere to go.

Also, the auto industry generates billions of dollars for various exchequers and employs billions of workers. How are these things going to replace the lost revenue from taxes?

Also, what about the insurance? Self-Driving cars

problems and the emergency services, What are they going to use?

My blood is boiling at the moment. So I will cut it short, but I don’t think it will ever happen, perhaps on a new planet in three hundred years.

I was recently lucky enough to be able to visit Rome, the capital of Italy. When I saw the organised chaos of the Italian traffic system, I had a little chuckle to myself at the thought of the introduction of self-driving cars into their system.

No disrespect to any Italians who may read my blogs, because their traffic system does work, albeit at high speed. We will have to see.

2020 Update. Self-Driving cars

Of course, here in 2020 we have the Corona virus outbreak, which has brought most things to a halt. Including the progress of the driverless car.

Here in Halifax, we just keep on plodding along, fitting tyres and servicing cars the good old-fashioned way. In my opinion, these “fads” will come and go! Moving forward, I believe that the horrific cost of this pandemic will put many of these crazy ideas on hold.

2024 article update. Self-Driving cars

Certainly, let us engage in a discourse regarding the most recent advancements in the realm of autonomous vehicles, a subject that is presently generating considerable interest and chatter.

It’s truly remarkable, particularly when you consider the potential transformative impact of this technology on our transport infrastructure as well as the far-reaching implications for daily commutes and delivery processes for organisations such as ours.

What then has emerged in the domain of autonomous vehicles? The most significant news is consistently how these intelligent vehicles are improving their ability to navigate our unpredictable streets.

Due to the fact

that the software has been fine-tuned and improved by the technologists, these vehicles are becoming increasingly adept at handling a variety of obstacles, including stray cyclists and pedestrians.

There have been several additional industry titans dipping their caps into the ring. Conventional automakers are collaborating with technology companies in order to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

It is comparable to observing a high-stakes relay race in which all participants transfer the technological baton in an attempt to gain an advantage.

The developments in artificial intelligence

that enable vehicles to make decisions in real time have been a major highlight. This technology is about more than just travelling from A to B; it also improves the safety and efficiency of travel.

One could envision a future in which traffic congestion and accidents are relegated to the annals of history; that sounds fairly enticing, wouldn’t you say?

Significant urban trials generate considerable anticipation in the United Kingdom. These trials serve the purpose of determining the compatibility of self-driving vehicles with our current road infrastructure, which, let’s face it, is not always the most spacious or uncomplicated!

Furthermore, there is considerable discourse surrounding the regulatory framework that must be adhered to in order to guarantee ethical conduct and safety. It is comparable to establishing the regulations for an unorthodox game; a comprehensive understanding of the stipulations is imperative prior to commencing actual gameplay.

As tiny business owners and locals

The ramifications are enormous. We are discussing the possibility of drastically reducing delivery times due to the continuous operation of these vehicles.

And it’s quite exciting to consider the possibilities, especially for someone like me, who is constantly on the lookout for the next great thing in technology to help the company grow—perhaps even delivering car batteries to customers without a driver!

Thus, maintain vigilance.

The self-driving car industry is advancing rapidly, and all hands are on deck. Not only does it pertain to technology, but also to equipping our communities and enterprises for an intelligent and streamlined future.

Who knows, then? Potentially approaching sooner than we anticipate, these intelligent vehicles will be navigating the thoroughfares of Halifax, thereby considerably enhancing road safety and simplifying our daily lives.

Anticipation is warranted for the voyage ahead; it deserves to be a thrilling one!

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