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Tyre Compounds-could change The future of Formula 1 tyres for the 2017 season

Tyre Compounds

Free compound choices, 18-inch wheels, a new tender for 2017 – Formula 1’s tyres are back in the spotlight. Adam Cooper analyses what can be expected in the near future.

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It looks like Pirelli tyres could have agreed to accept the idea of teams choosing their own preferred tyre compounds to use in future F1 races.

The Italian tyre company would also offer a larger choice of tyre compounds. Thus, six compounds have been branded around. Hence, there are two teams to choose from.

The choice would have to be put forward to the teams. But the general consensus is that the proposal will make racing more interesting. Naturally, with the winning driver and their teams. As expected, having made the best choice of tyres, along with other factors of course.

This has worked to a lesser extent.

So, in the past, some of the teams have coped better. Hence, with the different compounds on offer for each race,

Although the tyre compounds are the same for each team. Therefore, some teams are able to cope better with the compounds on offer. Because who knows, in the future they will be able to choose their own tyre compounds. Making the choice more crucial to the winner.

In my opinion, this will make racing more competitive and indeed more skillful.

Other factors may also come into the equation. Both Pirelli and Michelin (who are now considering putting in a bid for future tyre supply) are looking at the prospect of increasing the wheel and tyre size from the current 13-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels.

Tyre Compounds

In fact, Martin Brundle recently completed a test trial on 18-inch wheels on a GP2 car at the Monaco Circuit. This gives an indication of where things may be heading. It is all very interesting, and things are changing all the time.

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