Tyre business owner

Tyre business owner

Tyre business owner

Tyre business owner
Tyre business owner

Tyre business owner

Tyre business owner illegally stored 85000 waste tyres

tyre business owner illegally stored 85,000 waste tyres

The owner of a tyre business has been jailed for 15 months, suspended for two years, after Tyre business owner illegally stored 85000 waste tyres at sites in Devon.

Andrew Mayhew admitted five offences at…

Source: www.plymouthherald.co.uk

This is a common problem these days. especially here in the tyre business. Many such examples have come to light in recent years. So, where are the unscrupulous. Tyre dealers have just filled old premises with waste tyres and abandoned the building.

The last one that I heard about was in Bradford

Yorkshire, UK. The city used to be a large woollen industry city. Hence, we manufacture all types of materials. Thus, from large manufacturing mills, These premises fell into disrepair when the clothing industry collapsed. When I was younger,

These old mills are now converted into housing complexes. But some are used for storage. These have been the targets of criminals. As a result, they have been receiving money for the scrap tyres and filling the old mills to the roof.

When are the mills full of waste tyres and the dishonest person just locks the doors and walks away? Leaving the problem, to the local council

The last old mill had 100,000 (one million) old tyres filling it to the rafters. WOW.

Tyre business owner filled an old Airfield?

As I have said, this type of criminal activity is nothing new. A few years ago, a new law was introduced. Importantly, to control the movement and disposal of “end-of-life” tyres. Unfortunately, a few criminally minded people set up scams. I was sucked in by these crooks.
The guy approached my depot manager, claiming to be the owner of a tyre business dealing with waste tyres, and I showed him the certificate that was required by law to remove, transport, and dispose of waste tyres.

We pay £1 each for waste tyre disposal. Therefore, if he collects 400 old tyres, Then we have to pay him £400. The tyres are then taken to a registered disposal site, where they are made into tyre crumbs and then re-used in industry.

Unknown to my manager, the certificate was fake?

The guy was found to be getting the money. But all he did with the old tyres was pile them up on an old RAF airfield in North Yorkshire, UK.

The environmental agency became suspicious when the old tyre collection began to grow and started to investigate the guy.
He was also found to be dumping the old tyres in the River Calder and burying them on an old farm. He was eventually arrested and sent for trial.

The guy went to prison for five years.

because of the giant scale of the scam.
He ended up doing this for two years and immediately started the same thing again, only this time we had nothing to do with him and he just floated off, not to be seen since.


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