Winter Tyres-Rental Cars: If you rent a car in winter for skiing then ask for winter tyres fitting.

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

6 Reasons for winter tyres when going skiing

  1. Improved traction: Winter tyres are designed with a special tread pattern and softer rubber compound that provides better traction on snow and ice. This can be especially important when driving in mountainous areas with steep inclines and declines, where traction is crucial for safety.
  2. Enhanced handling: Winter tyres are designed to provide improved handling on cold, slippery roads. They have a higher lateral grip and a lower rolling resistance, which allows for better cornering and stability on icy roads.
  3. Quicker braking: Winter tyres are also able to stop more quickly on snowy and icy roads because of their special tread pattern and rubber compound. This can be especially important when skiing, as you may need to brake quickly to avoid obstacles or other vehicles on the road.
  4. Increased safety: Using winter tyres can significantly improve the safety of your vehicle when driving in cold, snowy conditions. They provide better traction and handling, which can help you avoid accidents and reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision.
  5. Better fuel efficiency: Winter tyres are generally more fuel efficient than all-season or summer tyres because of their lower rolling resistance. This can be especially important if you are driving long distances to your ski destination.
  6. Legal requirements: In some areas, it is required by law to use winter tyres during the winter months. This is because they provide improved safety and performance on cold, snowy roads. It is important to check the laws in the areas where you will be driving to ensure that you are complying with all necessary regulations.
Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

before the start of the winter. Hence, you should consider a set of winter tyres. As a result, the most effective way to keep your vehicle moving and safe is of course, on the roads during inclement weather. Especially in areas where driving a vehicle with regular summer tyres is difficult. Hence, once you leave the city and enter open country or a hilly area. Then your need for winter tyres will increase.

Many of our customers are looking at all-season tyres. Because they are a hybrid of summer and winter tyres. As a result, I’m not sure if all-season tyres are useful in areas where snow is likely. It has been proven that in dry, cold weather with a temperature of 5 °C, the winter tyres far outperformed the all-weather tyres.

As a result, a study was put out

by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. demonstrated that winter tyres can improve braking by up to 25%. Compared to all-season tyres, they can consequently improve accident avoidance by about 38 percent.

Winter tyres generally have deeper tread with specifically designed patterns that allow snow and slush to be cleared as the car drives through the snow. Winters are made with a specific rubber compound that includes a silica compound. Hence, it stays softer and more flexible in the cold weather. As a result, that provides more contact with the road surface and thus more control.

As a result, winter tyres are absolutely necessary for winter driving safety. if you are lucky enough to be going to the local mountains to ski. In fact, in some countries, snow tyres are often mandatory. As a result, winter tyres must be fitted from March to November.

Winter Tyres-Rental Cars

This advice is also applicable to rental cars. Consider renting one with snow tyres in any mountain area. Including vans. Sometimes it will cost a little extra, but it is well worth paying.

When getting out of the city at any higher elevation, it is likely you will encounter winter conditions and therefore will require snow tyres to get you to where you have to go safely.

Our terrain here in Halifax is very hilly and rugged in places. Thus, many of our customers fit winter tyres. especially with the rise of the SUV vehicle. SUVs are notoriously bad at gripping in inclement weather conditions. As a result, these Nokian Winter SUV tyres are the most popular tyres that we fit.

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