Best SUV Tyres-The best tyre for your SUV? Goodyear : according to Choice

Best SUV Tyres

Best SUV Tyres

Best SUV Tyres

We love Choice – when they are putting products head to head for the ultimate consumer test – there’s no-one that does that better, so when they make a recommendation about tyres on your SUV it’s worth listening to.

Recently Choice experts tested a range of tyres from 12 brands made just for SUVs.  These 225/60 R17 tyres were put through a series of tests on a Kia Sportage.Lastly, the tests included dry cornering, wet

There is no doubt that the car industry put tyres to the test. Naturally, this includes the Kia car company with their excellent “Sportage” range of SUV’s.

Of course, tyres are tested in many different ways. Including, dry and wet cornering. As expected, many of the results are mixed. As a result, In this case Goodyear tyres came out best.

In my opinion, I would just stick to the tyres that were fitted as original equipment. Hence, when the car was first bought. Of course, unless you were not satisfied with them.

Eric Roberts

Source: The best tyre for your SUV? Goodyear : according to Choice

Tyre Accidents-NTSB launches investigation after deadly tyre-related accidents – WSLS

Tyre Accidents

Tyre Accidents

Tyre Accidents

Thousand of drivers will travel the highways over the Thanksgiving holiday, but a recent report from the National Transportation Safety Board shows improvements are needed when it comes to Tyre Accidents rec…

This is a great article that actually shows the tyres that have caused Tyre Accidents in the past.

For years we have known this. But, the figures are hardly published. This article is from the USA.They show things that perhaps we should see here in the UK.

Reports of accidents never show the true cause.Hence, we in the tyre industry know that a good deal of these accidents. Are caused by Tyre Accidents problems.

More information should be published.Thus, for the public to see. Many of the accidents are caused by tyres having the wrong pressures. For this reason, I have even seen cars with the incorrect size tyres fitted.

The one that worries me the most. Is the growing number of part worn tyres that are being fitted to the cars in recent times.It’s these tyres that cause  Accidents.Therefore, should be presented to the public on television. This would show the public the problems they may encounter.Naturally, when not treating their tyres correctly.

Tyre Accidents

Another recent discovery we have made is the number of tyres that drivers have bought that were years out of date. One Michelin that we removed was 19 years old? These ancient tyres are  Accidents, waiting to happen.

Tyre Accidents
crack like the ones that can be seen on this tyre, are very often overlooked. They can get deeper and eventually cause a Tyre Accidents

It is easy for us to check the age of tyres, because the date of manufacture is one of the sidewall markings that tyre manufacturers have always thought necessary to put on their tyre products.

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Michelin Worldwide Campaign-Super Bowl launch for Michelin global campaign

Michelin Worldwide Campaign

Michelin Worldwide CampaignA premium-price timeslot during yesterday’s Super Bowl marked “an important change” in Michelin’s marketing strategy. The 30-second advertisement – the first Michelin advertising appearance during …

Michelin Worldwide Campaign

I must confess, I am not a fan of the “American Superbowl” series. However, I am a sports fan and did see some of the highlights. I did however notice the Great Michelin tyres advert during the proceedings.

What I did not know, is that this was the start of a Global advertising campaign from Michelin tyres. I am thinking that it could start a war of giants. Hence, the other big tyre companies wont stand still.

Companies the like of Continental tyres, Bridgestone tyres and Pirelli tyres will all want to compete. This and rising tyre prices, should make 2017 an interesting year?

Eric Roberts

Source: Super Bowl launch for Michelin global campaign

SUV Winter Tyres or Four Wheel Drive-which are the best options for your SUV ?

SUV Winter Tyres

SUV Winter Tyres

SUV winter tyres make a huge difference

Hi this is one of those great videos that can explain many things at a glance. One of the great things about owning a tyre shop these days is the diversity of the car models and tyre types and sizes.

One of the surprises to me was the popularity of the SUV vehicles in the past five or six years?

suv winter tyres
This Land Rover Discovery has his SUV winter tyres fitted every year.

In fact my wife drives about in a Mitsubishi Outlander and loves to be driving above the normal car height (feeling of power perhaps?).

Many of these SUV’s are now driven by our lady customers, but for some reason they think they are drive anywhere vehicles.

the truth is that the SUV’s come out on summer tyres only ,in most cases. The drivers think that they can drive them in all kinds of weather conditions,even on snow.

Even the 4X4 drive vehicles are mainly on summer tyres?

Because the tyres are also of a large size and width it is even more important to fit SUV winter tyres.

This video shows exactly what i mean. Even the four wheel drive car was hopeless in snow when fitted with summer tyres. The cars where completely different when fitted with SUV winter tyres. The SUV winter tyres made a complete difference to the handling of the cars when tested on a snow covered ski slope.

SUV Winter Tyres have been proven to work very well in winter weather before i saw this excellent video. One of the vehicles that benefit very well by fitting  General SUV Winter Tyres, is the BMW range of SUV’s. These cars have massive tyres, which work great in summer, but their owners will tell you that they are hopeless in any kind of bad weather, especially snow and ice.

Eric Roberts


Do I need winter tyres ? Everything you need to know about winter tyres in 2015 – getreading

Do I need winter tyres

Do i need winter tyres

Do i need winter tyres ? Everything you need to know about cold weather tyres.

A great question.Hence, that I have tried to answer a million times. We all live very busy lives. Therefore, we do not like to be hampered or hindered in our daily dash.Thus, from home to work or home to school.

The roads in the UK are packed to the brim with our cars. Every family now owns two or three cars. We just cannot do without them?

On the other side of the coin. We all want safer cars and safer roads. Our families are very precious to us.

This in my opinion is where I answer the question “do I need winter tyres”.The answer is a big fat YES we do need winter tyres.

The past five or six winters here in the UK. Of course, have shown us all just how bad winter can be. As I am sat here writing this. The weather forecast is for snow to fall. In parts of the UK and this is usually in the Halifax area of Yorkshire, where my tyre business is.

Do I need winter tyres

A good point to remember is that  a winter performs much better when the temperature drops to bellow 7 degrees C. The tyre stays more flexible, because of certain additives in the tyres compound and enables the tyre to grip much better in cold winter weather, This makes winter tyres much safer to drive on in the winter time.

My winter tyre business has built up because of “word of mouth” from the customers that have bought winter tyres in the past, and have spread the word, about how good the really are.

To summarise winter tyres are a major safety asset for your family and yourself.

Eric Roberts…

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Winter Tyres Safety Tools-Should I buy winter tyres? –

Winter Tyres Safety Tools

Winter Tyres Safety Tools

Winter Tyres Safety Tools

As the temperature drops and thoughts turn to winter, many buyers will be wondering once again whether it’s worth investing in Winter Tyres Safety. Here’s our guide.

This is a good article written with some good sense?

In my opinion the Winter Tyres Safety debate should be non existent. Wherever there is going to be a chance of bad weather. So this includes snow, ice and rain. Of course, winter tyres are one of the biggest safety improvements. Hence that you should make for your car and your family.

In a recent article. I explained how some Canadian insurance companies were giving a discount bonus. Thus, to drivers who were sensible enough to fit Winter Tyres Safety to their cars.

Winter Tyres Safety Tools- Insurance companies know when they are on a winner?

Another recent development that i am not too sure about is the so called “all-weather” tyres that are now appearing on the tyre market. Tyres such as the one in the image, the vredestein Quatrac, have been around for years now and if they were going to be a better option for the genuine winter tyre then the Winter Tyres Safety would have gone out of existence?

I would still recommend that my customers fit a genuine winter tyre and not an all round summer and winter tyre, they do perform as well

winter tyre safety
Snow ploughs will be a common site shortly as winter comes sneaking in?

Winter Tyres Safety Tools in winter, its as simple as that.

In my opinion Winter Tyres Safety is not an issue with arguments any more. There are of course people who just cannot afford them. This is fine, but it may just be worth making a small sacrifice and divert e little money away from other less important things, to be able to afford some winter tyres.

This will ensure that you will be safer if winter strikes with vengeance, and you get caught out in lets say a less hospitable situation without any Winter Tyres Safety, to get you out of trouble.

We at pellon Tyres are now stocking General winter tyres

Eric Roberts

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Hankook Venture Retail TradeNews – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Hankook Venture

Hankook Venture

Hankook Venture

This is all part of a continuing trend. Because, tyre manufacturers are looking to trade direct with the public. Hence, by buying out tyre retail  groups. Therefore, to increase their market share.

I have seen all this kind of thing before. In the sixties and the seventies all the big tyre companies bought out retail tyre groups. It became a mad frenzy? Thus to try and build up the largest retail organisation.

Dunlop began to build it’s Tyreservices empire. This is where I first started in the tyre industry. A tyre fitter at National Tyres Dewsbury, UK.

One big thing that came out of it is that Tyre manufacturers could not handle running the retail sector. The whole thing eventually fell apart. Most of the best guys worked for the independent tyre retailer.

I suspect that this is what will happen again. Tyre manufacturers have no idea about running a retail organisation. Who knows? only time will tell. Meanwhile people like Hankook tyre think that this is the way forward and only time can tell.

Sumitomo tyres of Japan. Have taken the best route in my opinion. Hence, by buying the wholesale group known as Micheldevers.

News – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Apollo Tyres plans- They are to set up new unit in Malaysia

Apollo Tyres plans
Apollo Tyres plans

Apollo Tyres plans to set up a subsidiary in Malaysia over the next two years as the c

This Indian based tyre company are having expansion plans all over the world. They also make a great tyre product including their excellent winter tyre range.

As Apollo agents here in the Halifax area we will be offering the Apollo tyres winter tyre range to the public this winter.

Apollo tyres plans over the next two years include setting up the Malaysia venture and then increasing their worldwide presence by 15 %

They intend doing this by exports. Part of the Apollo tyres plans, include increasing their capacity to expand their truck and bus tyre range from the tyre manufacturing plant in Chennai. The capacity is expected to rise from the production of 6000 tyres up to 9000 tyres a day.

New investments will double the capacity at the Chennai plant due to an investment of 2700 Rupees crore (crore is an Indian numbering Apollo tyres plans system and is 10 million Rupees). This investment will be spread over the three to four years.

Apollo Tyres plans

The Indian tyre maker Apollo tyres plans for a strong profits performance. Including, a strong operating profit. So combined with lower cost of borrowing.

Apollo tyres plans over the next two years.  Include setting up the Malaysia venture and then increasing their worldwide presence by15 %

They intend doing this by exports. Part of the Apollo tyres plans, include increasing their capacity. Hence, to expand their truck and bus tyre range . Of course, from the tyre manufacturing plant in Chennai. The capacity is expected to rise from the production of 6000 tyres up to 9000 tyres a day.

New investments will double the capacity at the Chennai plant. So, due to an investment of 2700 Rupees crore (crore is an Indian numbering system and is 10 million Rupees). This investment will be spread over the three to four years.

The Indian tyre maker Apollo tyres plans for a strong profits performance. Thus, with a strong operating profit. Combined with lower cost of borrowing.

Here in the UK we have witnessed the acquisition of Vredestein tyres. Of course, a very strong performing Dutch tyre manufacture. Which, now is starting to pay dividends. Vredestein tyres have always been strong in the making of winter tyres. The Apollo tyres plans included the joint names of the companies. The name has now become Apollo/Vredestein.

Apollo tyres plans also include the setting up of a tyre retail network.  Which was the previous Vredestein dealer network.  Made up of independent tyre retailers and now the addition of the Point-S tyre organisation.

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Apollo Tyres Spending Spree-Indian tyre maker buys Reifencom Tyre Distributer

Apollo Tyres Spending Spree I must admit as an Apollo tyre retailer, this one came out of the blue?

Apollo Tyres Spending Spree has taken Apollo tyres spending spreeanother step

With the recent acquisition of the German tyre retailer “Reifencom”. Hence, this is just a part of the mad rush for the cash strapped tyre manufacturers.Hence, to expand their empires.

The agreed price is said to around 45 million Euros. Although, I have never heard of the German tyre company. So they are said to have grown to one of the largest tyre retailers. Thus, with an online presence. Reifencom have 37 retail outlets and also sell tyre products online. Naturally, in Germany and other parts of Europe. Including France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

The Apollo Tyres Spending Spree has not yet hit the UK tyre market, but with tyre retailers the likes of “National”, up for grabs, then who knows?

The nearest we have been was the acquisition of Vredestein tyres in Holland. Vredestein have a very strong presence here in the UK and so I think it is a case of watch this space?

Neeraj Kanwar, is the MD of Apollo tyres and said,” The acquisition is a strategic fit in further growing our European business”, “It will enable Apollo to improve its mix of distribution channels in Germany and Europe and aid in increasing the visibility of Apollo and Vredestein tires in the offline and especially the fast growing online retail space.”

All of this follows in the steps of Michelin tyres who have now acquired online tyre businesses in Germany, France and the UK.

Tyre manufacturer’s boardrooms must be buzzing with conversations about what will be happening next. My money will be on Bridgestone?

Bridgestone are the world’s largest tyre manufacturers are will not want to be left behind. The large Micheldever tyre operation is up for grabs? Now bought by Sumitomo tyres. Who knows.

Eric Roberts

Goodyear all-season tyres-Ford chooses as Original Equipment fitment –

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres


All recently-launched Ford vehicles will be available with the option of fitting Goodyear all-season tyres Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2 all season tyre as OE fitment.

Goodyear all-season tyres

The vector 4 Seasons tyres for new Ford car models.

Ford will be fitting the Goodyear all-season tyres.Hence, to versions of its Galaxy, C-Max, Focus, Fiesta and S-max models.

The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, came out with very good results. Especially, in a recent German Auto Magazine tyre test.  The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres came with excellent wet braking results. Of course, on snow and icy conditions and also did well in all the other disciplines during the test.

There is no doubt that winter and all season tyres have become a popular choice for UK and European motorists in recent years. In my opinion it is a faster life style and more safety conscious drivers that are looking to fit safer tyres to their cars.

We are also having more unsettled winters. The weather can change from mild and wet to a heavy snow storm over night. Motorists are more aware of this now and are fitting winter tyres and all-season tyres such as the Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres.

The original Goodyear all-season tyres were brought out more than thirty years ago. Today’s tyre is a different animal with the use of up to date materials used the tyre compounds. This includes the addition of “Silica” and natural rubber in the compound mix.

Ford has made a good move fitting these Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, and I am sure that other car manufacturers will follow.

The Goodyear all -season tyres are said to have the following attributes.

  • Excellent year-round performance
  • Traction for all road conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better control on wet and dry roads

These tyres follow in the the Goodyear tradition of supplying excellent quality tyres at a reasonable price and are available from Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

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