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Dunlop Racing Tyres

Racing around an 8.47-mile circuit for 24 hours places severe demands on the Dunlop racing tyres used by sports car teams. Here’s how they cope

Dunlop racing division. Will have just finished a busy weekend at the Le Mans 24 hour race meeting in France. The giant Dunlop race tyres trucks. Hence, will be making their way back to the UK . Naturally, to analyze all the data that has been collected during the weekends racing.

This information will be closely investigated and analyzed. Thus, to collate the data that they have collected. For that reason, this will be of great use when deciding which compounds and polymers are used.Thus, in the development of your every day passenger car tyres.

This is what sets the top tyre companies above the rest?

They have got years of knowledge and statistics to look back on when making crucial decisions. Consequently, when it comes to research and development on future tyre products.

Dunlop racing tyres have always had some or other involvement

In the top racing scene the world over. As a result , Would be drivers start out with Dunlop kart racing tyres. So then right up to Dunlop racing motorcycle tyres. Hence, including many of the large car racing events including the prestigious Le Mans 24 hour races.

The top five teams in the LMP2 category were fitted with Dunlop racing tyres in Le Mans. This gave the Dunlop racing tyres the top three spots on the finishing podium in the LMP2 class. The LMP2 stands “LE MANS” PROTOTYPE 2  and is indeed a racing car with no production minimum required.
it is a class of car that will be only available to teams that are independent of car manufacturers and/or engine suppliers.

The top three LMP2 race teams were Oreca, Gibson and Ligier; each team could choose from a different and new range of Dunlop race tyres, this meant that the teams could use different strategies.

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