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Pirelli Tests New 18-Inch Wheels

Pirelli Tests New 18-Inch Wheels.The car was driven by Charles Pick. Pick completed 14 laps in 1m 44.728s. This was nine seconds better than the time set by Jules Bianchi on the same track in Ferrari with regular tyres.

Although that it is well known that Michelin are fond of introducing 18 inch wheels. Hence, onto the F1 racing scene. So, Pirelli were the first tyre company to make and introduce its brand new 18 inch F1 tyres . Originally, the  18-inch wheel and tyre units were only used on normal passenger cars.

Pirelli Tests New 18-Inch Wheels combined with Lotus to  fit the 18 inch wheels and tyres on to the Team’s E22 Chassis and the new tyres were tested  on the Silverstone race track.

The Lotus car was driven by Charles Pick, who completed 14 laps in 1 minute 44.728 seconds. This easily beat the previous record and was nine seconds better than the time that was set by Jules Bianchi on the same track on a  Ferrari which was kitted out with with regular F1 tyres.

Watch out for further tyre developments with compounds and different tyre sizes?

The fact that Pirelli tests new 18-inch wheels, in my opinion is a step nearer them being used in further trials and on testing, before the new F1 season begins.

Pirelli tyres are the preferred tyre supplier to F1 at the moment, but it is no secret that Michelin tyres are taking interest in a bid not far into the future. Michelin though are well known to want to use 18 inch tyres. They would also like to leave the choice of tyres on any particular race day to the drivers and teams. This opinion is popular with some drivers but not so popular with others.

Some drivers would prefer to stick to the 13 inch tyres that are currently in use. Others are looking forward to trying out the 18 inch tyres. Only time will tell?

Eric Roberts


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Pirelli F1 Tyres-France to return to F1 calendar in 2018?

Pirelli F1 Tyres

According to respected sections of the French media, Paul Ricard will host a round of the Formula One World Championship from 2018. France, which gave the world Grand Prix racing, last hosted a round of the world championship in 2008, which was won by Felipe Massa who retired from […]


Pirelli F1 Tyres

Pirelli F1 Tyres

It may be that the F1 racing scene, will include a return to France. Accordingly, by next season 2018. Hence, the possibility may take place at the “Paul Ricard” circuit.

It is claimed that the event. As a result,  will take the spot on the calendar currently held by Belgium. Thus , with the Spa race moving to the weekend left vacant by Germany, assuming Hockenheim doesn’t host a race in 2018 either.

This will also be good news for British F1 race fans. As a result, who will be able to attend the race with close proximity to France. First class motor racing in France has always been supplied by the annual Le Mans racing series, this may now be joined by the F1 racing event, Thus, if it comes off.

One of the first to react to the reports was Romain Grosjean, who tweeted: “A Grand Prix at home…” accompanying his words with a number of emoticons showing his joy at the prospect.

Airless tyres Road to the Future ? they are already with us

Airless tyres Road to the Future? I am not so sure

This is yet another good video to watch explaining the development of the airless tyres?

These tyres are already in use on garden machinery and other larger digger type machines. I do not think they are especially new

Airless tyres Road to the Future
The Michelin tweel airless wheels are already fitted to some plant and machinery.

technology though as similar types of wheels and tyres are used on fork-trucks and road surfacing machines.

The new wheel assemblies are now made from lighter and stronger materials and i do not think that they should be called tyres at all. They are just strips of tread like rubber stuck to a wheel?

The Michelin Tweel concept wheel ! Of course, is already been used on things such as large lawn mowers . Including, plant equipment such as JCB diggers. Helping to solve the problem of down time. Due to puncture repairs.

So, in my younger days, I would repair many different type and sizes of tyres. Consequently, I was on callout. Of course, to  some of these civil engineering companies. Interestingly, that were constantly getting puncture repairs. So, we had to change the tyres or repair the puncture as quickly as possible.

Solid tyres were to be used on plant and off road vehicles

I must admit that even then . Thus,  I could see the need for wheels with a tread stuck to them. Similar to the fork lift trucks that were using such products at the time. The problem then was that the solid type tyres were no good on rough terrain, where pneumatic tyres were needed to take the weight and pressures between the rough surface and the machines.

This is the difference between the old type solid wheels and the new airless wheel assemblies. Are the Airless tyres Road to the Future ! Well the spokes now replace the job of the tyre sidewall, and the tread that is vulcanised onto the wheel gives the required grip, and so this could be a good idea.

Hankook tyres have already tested their concept wheels on a Kia car with speeds of up to 80 mph. so the idea does look possible. The thing i wonder about though is what will happen to the millions of people who are employed in the tyre industry?

Are these tyre companies just making a “rod for their own backs”?

Eric Roberts


Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

The OnSite programme commenced in August 2015 but didn’t achieve the expected unit volumes Visitors to the US-based onsite.michelin.com website are now being met with the message that “this service is no longer being offered.” The mobile programme, whose pilot rollout began last year, promised to take care of […]

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

Michelin ends USA mobile tyre fitting programme

I must admit that this comes as a surprise to me?

Here in the UK, rumour has it that Michelin were looking to buy “home tyre fitting” company, “tyres on the drive”. Hence, this would tie up the ends, after Michelin purchased the online tyre retailer, “Black Circles”. Of course, these acquisitions have thrown the UK tyre market it turmoil. For this reason, the other large tyre players are scuttling about trying to speed up their own expansion plans.

Michelin in the form of Black Circles, have also put the “cat amongst the pigeons” by drastically lowering their online tyre prices. This has caused other online tyre retailers, to bring down the prices to try and compete.

As we all know margins are low as it is. We at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK are still sticking to our policy of competitive online pricing. Of course, this is added to our excellent service. This combination keeps my company very busy indeed. As expected, when other local tyre retailers are struggling.

We are very close to the volatile new year period. Accordingly, this is when businesses usually make company decisions. A sort of new year resolution. This is always an exciting time in the tyre industry, as companies come out with new year strategies.

Visitors to the US-based onsite.michelin.com website are now being met with the message that “this service is no longer being offered.”

Apollo Tyres Presentation-The Art Of Driving-Video 05-Selecting The Right Tyre

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Cars today are more advanced than ever, but they still depend on tyres to use their power and technology. In this episode of The Art Of Driving presented by Apollo Tyres, tyre experts share why it’s time the tyre got its due. For more, visit autocarindia.in/ApolloTyres and www.apollotyres.com Follow […]

Apollo Tyres Presentation

Since their acquisition of Vredestein tyre, the large Dutch tyre manufacturers. As expected, they are establishing a strong foothold here in the UK. As many of my customers already know, we are Apollo Tyres stockists for the Halifax area of Yorkshire, here in the UK.

I personally think the the tyres are of excellent quality and reliability.  Apollo also make a winter tyre. The winter tyre is also of good quality, although not as good as the Vredestein products. These series of information about “fitting the correct tyres” are part of the big picture about the drive from tyre manufacturers for better tyre safety.

Cars today are more advanced than ever, but they still depend on tyres to use their power and technology. In this episode of The Art Of Driving presented by Apollo Tyres, tyre experts share why it’s time the tyre got its due.

Apollo Tyres Presentation


Bridgestone Tyres+Buy American Tyre Retail Giants+Pep Boys for $835M cash

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Buy Pep Boys The all-cash deal follows pressure from activist investor Mario Gabelli

Bridgestone tyres may have joined the crazy world of tyre company buyouts. They have recently bought out American fast-fit network. Thus, known as Pep Boys.

In my opinion it all kicked off when Stapleton’s followed by Kwik-fit were both bought out by a Japanese bank. This gave a wholesaler a complete tyre distribution network of tyre retailers.

This was followed by Michelin tyres. Of course, buying an online tyre retailer in Germany. European wholesaler Ihle Baden-Baden AG. They also purchased 40 % stake in Allopneus. Of course, France’s largest tyre web shop. Subsequently, for 60 million euro. Then to complete the set. Purchasing the UK online tyre wholesaler Blackcircles. Offering tyre fitting across a network of UK fitting stations. Similar thing to what happened in the seventies and eighties.Of course, with the large tyre manufacturers buying up pieces of tyre retailers.Hence, to build their own chains.

These later became ATS who are still owned by Michelin tyres. The other chains such as Tyreservices group, Were formed by Goodyear tyres, who eventually fell apart. This also happened to Central tyres that were formed by Pirelli. So, they also fell apart.

Other tyre companies on the buyout trail

I worked for National tyre that was formed by Dunlop BTR, but yes as you can guess, they also fell apart, (although a smaller network still remains). BTR sold the company to Continental tyres and they then sold it to Axle Group Holdings Ltd.

I bet that with what’s happening now,  regret selling it. I have heard rumours that National is for sale, so with things as they stand watch out for a couple of bids? Who knows it could be Continental again or even Bridgestone tyres who are cash rich and on a spending spree.

The whole of the tyre market looks to be clambering for position. We also have tyre wholesalers Micheldever buying out independent tyre retailers here in the UK. A well-known Leeds retailer, Alba tyres have just sold their tyre business to Micheldever. It is well known that they are expanding their Pro- Tyre retail network. Then I would not be surprised at the whole being sold off, to a tyre manufacturer, once again Bridgestone tyres, are in the market for tyre retailer and wholesaler in the UK.

Bridgestone tyres are now the world’s number one tyre company and are extremely cash rich. Bridgestone tyres have not shown any past hesitation in buying out smaller tyre manufacturers and so in my opinion will not want to fall behind Michelin in setting up an internet and retail chain network.

I do find I strange that companies such as  Bridgestone tyres would allow their tyre products to be sold on a Michelin tyres owned website, and have them fitted in a Michelin owned Fitting station ATS?

Eric Roberts

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BMW Kumho Championship-Donnington 2015 Race 1


I qualified 6th of 12 runners in the BMW Kumho Championship-with a 1:16.7min lap, my fastest time around the circuit. I was running quite well despite knackered old tyres, until lap 4 when I got hit …

A great video to watch as the driver of this BMW, puts his car through its paces. The cars are all fitted with Kumho tyres and these are events that i love to see and visit the races where possible.

This inside camera gives you a great view as the car puts the Kumho tyres through their paces.

As i have stated on many occasions, the information that is gained through the motorsport experience goes back to making a better tyre for the regular passenger cars.

The guy in the video finished sixth out of twelve cars in the BMW Kumho Championship, held at Donnington park in the East Midlands of England in the UK.

The BARC’s , BMW Kumho Championship is open to all BMW production cars that can be bought in the UK.  The tyres that BMW Kumho Championshipare fitted to these cars are in fact known as  Street legal control tyres are supplied by Kumho tyres.

The Kumho tyres are all made from the same compound and there is only one tread pattern available to the BMW racers. The cost of the tyres  costs are kept to a minimum, to help all the competitors keep down the expense of racing.

These BMW cars are really put through their paces along with the tyre of course. At a recent meeting at the Croft race track in North Yorkshire, i was able to ask a few of the drivers what they thought of the Kumho product and i have to say that to my surprise they all agreed that they were excellent to drive on and were an excellent tyre in both wet and dry conditions.

The BMW Kumho Championship races are very exciting to watch and i would recommend a visit if the racing is in your area.

Eric Roberts



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Nokian Tyres Winner+all-season tyre test+dry performance remains ‘concern’ for segment

Nokian Tyres Winner

Nokian Tyres Winner

Nokian Tyres Winner

There are different types of tyres. Hence, to match different road conditions. There is no doubt that Nokian snow tyres are one of the worlds outstanding tyre products.

These types of pneumatic inflatable tyres are commonly used in vans, cars, SUV’s, crossovers and other types of vehicles . Tread design plays a major role when it comes to winter weather grip. Because,  it is the part of the tyre that comes into contact with the road surface and provides winter traction.

The tyre company have become synonymous  with a great winter tyre product. Which has only improved with tweaking the tread design and compound in recent times. As a result we now have a world beating winter tyre.

Nokian Tyres Winner started out in Finland

Finland is where Nokian started out. As a result of their extreme winters. Then Nokian developed a winter tyre that could cope.

This new product falls in the category of an all-season tyre. Like most other tyre manufacturers then Nokian have fallen in line in making an all-season tyre to add to their excellent portfolio.

As a result of their great success in most of the snowy parts of the world. Including Canada and Russia, then Nokian have set up a dealer network.

Subsequently, here in the UK. Indeed we here a Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK are now  a Nokian stockist for our area of Yorkshire.

Nokian use their online website to direct would be customers to the nearest tyre dealer.
Auto Express has named the Nokian Weatherproof as its number one all-season car tyre in its survey of the segment. Testing a modest six tyres at Nokian’s test centre in Ivalo, Finland for win…

Source: Nokian wins Auto Express all-season tyre test; dry performance remains ‘concern’ for segment : Tyrepress

Pirelli grips- talks with drivers over F1 wet tyres

Pirelli grips

Pirelli grips talks with drivers over F1 wet tyres

Pirelli grips

Flash by Shekhar Dhingra / 13 hrs ago Pirelli racing director Mario Isola met with Formula 1 drivers at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to discuss how to improve its wet tyres. The performance of the wet Pirelli was criticised by several drivers after the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix […]

I must admit, that it has been a “topsy turvy ride” when assessing the good and the bad points about the involvement of Pirelli tyres in the F1 racing scene.

pirelli have certainly given the sports writers, something to write about. In my opinion the main feature of contention, has indeed been the compound differentials.

Pirelli have changed around the compounds to try make more interesting racing. Well it certainly worked?.


DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter-Everything you need to know about DPFs

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

Technical advice and know-how from aftermarket supplier, Bosal As a leading supplier for the aftermarket, Bosal Automotive and Industrial Components exploits its expertise in the automotive sector to pioneer state-of the-art technology for exhaust systems. A DPF operates as an emission-reducing measure in diesel engines by trapping the exhaust […]

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter

I thought that this article would be a great follow-up to the last one about MOT changes. Of course, the changes will not be coming in until next May. Mechanics and MOT testers  will know all about the DPF and the illegal removal of them.

Hence, the UK Ministry of Transport has decided to update the MOT test in May 2017. This should eliminate the grey area that exists at the moment.

Naturally, a DPF operates as an emission-reducing measure. Hence, in diesel engines by trapping the exhaust stream particulate matter by the process of filtration.

This process is an efficient and effective way of removing diesel particulate matter (DPM) from the exhaust stream.

During a ‘regeneration’ process, the soot collected is incinerated at high temperatures with virtually no residues.

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