Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres, For City, Performance and SUV Cars — Which Tyres?

Yokohama’s BluEarth Tyres

yokohamas bluearth tyres

Which Tyres? takes a look at just how ‘Eco’ and eco friendly tyre can be. Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres range starts us rolling.

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Yokohama are one of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. They are also a great tyre supporter in the motorsport scene. This involvement helps the Japanese tyre company to create better tyre products for the car replacement tyre market.

yokohamas bluearth tyres
Yokohama orange peel oil symbol

one such innovation has been the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres range of tyres. As Yokohama dealers for their tyres here in Halifax we are big fans of their commitment to the BluEarth range which in my opinion demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally.

The Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres AE-01 tyre developments

Are the results of much of Yokohama’s environmental technology and experience. As a result, the Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres pioneered “Orange Oil technology”. Thus, in which oil from the peel of citrus fruit is used. Hence, to replace some of the more dangerous ingredients in the tyre itself. Therefore, reducing the harmful petroleum-based particles by up to 80 per cent.

Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres feature a combination of “NANO” blend compound technology. Including, external aerodynamic features. Naturally, and lightweight inner liner which makes the tyres more leak-proof and also lighter.
Yokohama is well known for their commitment to the motorsport scene. For this reason, this is where many of the new tyre developments have come from. Including, the race track speeds up research and development for their tyre products. The Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres are made for the replacement tyre market and are aimed at small and mid-range car market; these are the AE-01 tyres.
For the drivers of larger cars. Yokohama have added their most recent addition. Of course, the BluEarth-A (AE-50). Which also uses the latest NANO-blend compound technology. Hence, which improves the levels of wet weather grip and also improves the vehicles fuel efficiency.
Yokohama’s flagship ADVAN Sport (V105) tyres also get the BluEarth treatment in certain sizes. Replacement V105 tyres with Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres technology allows vehicle manufacturers to offer a high grip greener tyre option for their top-of-the-range performance tyre models.

Yokohama’s Bluearth tyres have also won “original Equipment” approval

from Mercedes-Benz for many of its models, the V105 complete with the BluEarth symbol, are factory fitted to the latest S-Class, SL-Class and AMG C63 models.
Yokohama’s BluEarth tyres have also been chosen by many other leading car manufacturers such as Honda and Lexus as “original equipment”. Lexus recently chose the BluEarth E51A tyre as OE fitment for its new Crossover model, the NX in 225/60R18. This tyre also fits the Lexus NX, which also has hybrid engine technology and will be fitted on the range-topping F-Sport and Premier models.
These are great steps forward for the Japanese tyre company who have recently announced a research and development partnership with Kumho Tyres of South Korea, who by the way are also great participants in motorsport, to aid tyre development.