Cars and Vehicles

Cars and Vehicles

This page is to post articles about anything else that is to do with Cars and Vehicles and the auto trade.

This covers car repairs, car servicing, mot testing, wheel refurbishment. Also , car exhaust fitting, and anything to do with the upkeep of your car.

cars and vehicles
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I am also going to include the involvement of the new technology cars. Hence, this is because I believe that tyre technology will develop . Along side the new battery driven . Including, hydrogen driven cars of the near future. All the tyre makers are developing greener tyres . Thus, with less rolling resistance .Companies such as Goodyear tyres are developing tyres . As a result, that can add to the charging of the battery.

Cars and Vehicles

I believe that cars and vehicles all come under the same banner. Including, new tyre development. Naturally, as a garage owner and a Tyre shop . Consequently, for forty years . I  feel confident to write about any of these items on my blog.

I will be covering most things Cars and Vehicles. Including car servicing and brakes to the use of Poorboy’s cleaning products.

As a result, I am passionate about my business . In the past six years I have written many articles(not all to googles liking,I may add). Although i am not an SEO expert . So I always try my best .Sticking to my niche subject. Cars and Vehicles.

I have recently joined a buying group called Point-S and i am very pleased with the progress that my business has taken since joining the group, three years ago. When we joined it opened up many doors with the tyre manufacturers and we now stock exciting makes such as Continental tyres, Apollo Tyres and Yokohama tyres to name a few.

We do also sell many other makes of course, but we are pleased with the help and cooperation that we have received from the three tyre manufacturers that are mentioned.

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