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General Winter Car Tyres

So, going forward then we here at Pellon Tyres have enjoyed great success retailing the General tyres products.

General tyres are of course part of the giant Continental tyre group. Consequently, as such are always introducing new tyre designs. Of course for their own brand of tyres but importantly also for the General tyre brand.

Eric Roberts our MD thinks that he made a slight mistake by joining an organisation called Point-S . This did distract him onto a few other tyre brands. However he saw the errors of his ways and recently resigned. So, diverting his energy it retailing the great brand of General tyres.

The Altimax Sport guarantees precise steering . Including safe driving . Hence,  in all challenging conditions. Therefore the  modern silica tread compound. Bridges the gap between wet performance and rolling resistance. Thus, giving shorter braking distances . Including, precise steering response coupled with low fuel consumption.

The synergy of comfort, durability and performance . Hence, in a tyre that offers long life, the Grabber HTS additionally boasts year-round traction. Including in light snow. Born from competition but adapted for the highway. Consequently, this technology provides even tread wear. As a result, for longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions.

The distinctive ‘zig-zag’ grooves of the Altimax Winter Plus . Thus allows the best possible winter traction . Including  cornering stability on snow and ice. For this reason, the wide longitudinal and lateral grooves in the tread ensure additional safety on wet roads.

Finally we have now been selling the General tyre products for five or six years and are achieving great customer satisfaction. Providing our customers with a god reliable tyre at a reasonable price.