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Tyres-Halifax-Yorkshire-UK- in the beginning of my new online career

This is a web site that I opened. Because of my passion for the tyre industry . Including, the importance that winter tyres . Hence, that are now playing regarding role in road safety.
Since my illness a couple of years ago. I no longer take part in the everyday running of my Tyre centre .

Thus, and general garage in Halifax. Consequently, a small town in  Yorkshire here in the UK. Therefore, I now work from my office at home. Also carrying out some deliveries of our battery products . Hence, that we sell on our online business . I also run this web site and its

associated blog.
I also run the main website, which is, and write the blog associated with this web site. I love writing articles for my blogs, because I have 40 years’ experience in the tyre and garage industry and find that things do not change a great deal and I can easily come to grips with modern developments, especially in tyres, where the techniques are the same, but there have been major developments in the materials that are used by the tyre manufacturers.


I have always been a big fan of the battery industry and one of my blogs is called . I find that the battery industry is also changing at a fast rate, with the need for the world to become more environmentally friendly, the race is on for a battery that will power a car for the same distance as a petrol driven car on one charge of the cars battery.

These are very exciting days, and I feel that I have embraced the days of the internet to compete with the large multinational companies. One way of competing was to join an independent tyre buying group. This has helped me get my foot in the door of many of the large tyre manufacturers by becoming part of a large group.
We also have a part of our main Pellon Autocentre web site where our customers can buy tyres at very competitive prices. My latest venture was to run a new web site, which gives my customers the option to buy other brands of tyres at huge discount prices.

Of course we sell many brands including the top five-Pirelli tyresMichelin TyresBridgestone Tyres, Goodyear Tyres and Continental Tyres.

Thanks Eric Roberts