Do I need winter tyres ? Everything you need to know about winter tyres in 2020 – get reading

Do I need winter tyres

Do i need winter tyres

Do I need winter tyres ? Everything you need to know about cold weather tyres.

A great question. Hence, that I have tried to answer a million times. We all live very busy lives. Therefore, we do not like to be hampered or hindered in our daily dash. Thus, from home to work or home to school.

The roads in the UK are packed to the brim with our cars. Every family now owns two or three cars. We just cannot do without them?

On the other side of the coin. We all want safer cars and safer roads. Our families are very precious to us.

This in my opinion is where I answer the question “do I need cold weather tyres”. The answer is a big fat YES we do need  tyres to aid us in bad winter weather.

The past five or six winters here in the UK. Of course, have shown us all just how bad winter can be. As I am sat here writing this. The weather forecast is for snow to fall. In parts of the UK and this is usually in the Halifax area of Yorkshire, where my tyre business is.

Do I need these tyres

A good point to remember is that  a winter performs much better when the temperature drops to bellow 7 degrees C. The tyre stays more flexible, because of certain additives in the tyres compound and enables the tyre to grip much better in cold winter weather, This makes winter tyres much safer to drive on in the winter time.

My winter tyres business has built up because of “word of mouth” from the customers that have bought these type of  tyres in the past, and have spread the word, about how good the really are.

Coming forward to 2020 then we are hoping for a cold snowy winter. Because, it will give us a chance to catch up with the loss of business. Of course caused to us by the recent “lock-down” . Consequently, due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

To summarise winter tyres are a major safety asset for your family and yourself.