Tyre-Wall Markings-things you should know about as a car driver

Tyre-Wall Markings

tyre-wall markings

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A great instagraph explaining the reasons also showing the tyre markings this is well worth a look at?

Tyre-wall markings are there for the benefit of us all?

It still astounds me that 75% of drivers that come into my tyre business, do not know what size tyres they have on their cars. I also know that many of our customers do like us to check the size for them. This applies to the lady drivers especially.
I think that it is understandable that ladies should not have to bend or kneel to check their tyre size. This applies in winter time more than anything, but we do understand this and would never let a lady have to check her own tyre size.
Male customers do have more knowledge about these things and I think it is about 50/50 of men who know their tyre size and where to find it.
It is important when ordering online that you look at the following information about your tyre size.

Our own website at www.pellontyres.co.uk has a facility for entering your car registration, but this is not always accurate and it is best to double check it with the size of tyres that you can find on the tyre-wall markings. This online information is important because the internet is the best place to buy Cheap Car Tyres.
The following information is about the 20555R16 91W tyre size and is the commonest size of tyre at the moment.

Tyre-Wall Markings

tyre- wall markings

• 205 This is the width of the tyre and is measured in millimeters
• 55 This is the “aspect ratio” of the tyres. Although it sounds complicate it means the        height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tyres width. In this size the aspect ratio is 55%, hence the 55.
• R Stands for radial
• 16 is the measurement of the diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches in this case 16 inch.
• 91 is the load rating of the tyre. This is calculated from a table issued by the tyre manufactures, and simply means the maximum weight that the tyre should carry; in the case of this tyre size it would be 615 Kilogram’s.
• W This is the speed rating of tyre. It indicates the maximum speed that the tyre should do when fully loaded. The W rating can go up to 168MPH and once again is available on a speed rating chart that is supplied by the tyre manufacturers.
• A more recent mark that you can see on the tyre-wall markings is “E4” This is the European type approval marking to show that this tyre has been tested to the highest standards, before being sold in the European Union.
These are no doubt the most important tyre-wall markings for the regular motorist to know about. It is also important to match your original tyres to the same numbers that are on your car.

Tyre-Wall Markings

Never fit tyres that are below the speed and load rating. Remember that tyres are tested to a very high standard and it is important that you observe these rules. If you have any doubts, call in to see your local tyre retailer, who will be only too pleased to help you.

For more important tyre safety information go to… http://www.tyresafe.org/