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solar-Charged battery-could challenge Australia’s soaring electricity prices 

solar-Charged battery

Importantly, solar-Charged battery-Z Cell developer says its battery for homes is more efficient and recyclable

Of course, this is where the countries with good sunshine will benefit in the future?

solar-Charged battery
solar-Charged battery-Roof tiles blended in with roof tile shape Solar panels will be a common site including Australia

battery storage systems have already been successful in different parts of our planet. This includes whole Island communities. The batteries are stored in 20 ft containers and are charged by the sun during the day. The energy stored in the batteries is then released at night, making a 24-hour cycle.

This system would be ideal for the remoter parts of Australia. And then spread to the outskirts of towns near to the outback. This will relieve the coal and oil powered national grid and become more eco-friendly.

Solar Battery Storage

Coincidently, then I have just had my storage batteries changed due to the batteries being faulty. Fortunately, the batteries were under warranty. The ones fitted were tubular cells made by Leoch. We have 6 x 110Ah sealed batteries fitted but they were under performing.

My Powervault system came with a 5 year warranty and we were on the second battery change. So, when the guy arrived to change the batteries then I had a conversation about why the batteries did not last so long.

In his opinion then solar charging is too erratic. Consequently, he thinks that the charge and discharge is too spasmodic and no good for the batteries health.

Regular charging a must!

Of course, this is a good point. Importantly, batteries require a good steady charge and di-charge cycle. In my case then I also use “Economy 7” to charge the batteries at a cheaper rate at night.

However, even with this then I have had 2 battery changes in 4 years?

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