Goodyear all-season tyres-Ford chooses as Original Equipment fitment –

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres

Goodyear all-season tyres

All recently-launched Ford vehicles will be available with the option of fitting Goodyear all-season tyres Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2 all season tyre as OE fitment.

All-season tyres

The vector 4 Seasons tyres for new Ford car models.

Ford will be fitting the Goodyear all-season tyres.Hence, to versions of its Galaxy, C-Max, Focus, Fiesta and S-max models.

The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, came out with very good results. Especially, in a recent German Auto Magazine tyre test.  The Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres came with excellent wet braking results. Of course, on snow and icy conditions and also did well in all the other disciplines during the test.

There is no doubt that winter and all season tyres have become a popular choice for UK and European motorists in recent years. In my opinion it is a faster life style and more safety conscious drivers that are looking to fit safer tyres to their cars.

We are also having more unsettled winters. The weather can change from mild and wet to a heavy snow storm over night. Motorists are more aware of this now and are fitting winter tyres such as the Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres.

The original Goodyear all-season tyres were brought out more than thirty years ago. Today’s tyre is a different animal with the use of up to date materials used the tyre compounds. This includes the addition of “Silica” and natural rubber in the compound mix.

Ford has made a good move fitting these Goodyear vector 4 Seasons tyres, and I am sure that other car manufacturers will follow.

The Goodyear all -season tyres are said to have the following attributes.

  • Excellent year-round performance
  • Traction for all road conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better control on wet and dry roads

These tyres follow in the the Goodyear tradition of supplying excellent quality tyres at a reasonable price and are available from Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

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