How winter tyres work? A look at the Dunlop Sports 4D winter tyre

How winter tyres work?

How winter tyres work; As many of my readers know, I am a big fan of Dunlop Tyres. In my earlier career, I used to work for them as an office manager. At the beginning of 1970,s. Dunlop tyres were one of the leading tyre companies in those days.

Tyre manufacturers were more localised to their country of origin. Globalisation was a word that had not entered into the world of tyres. Most of the other large tyre companies originated from the USA.

The 1970’s were the beginning of the world car boom. People could afford to buy a car. Blue collar workers were entering the new car market, for the first time. Times were good in the Auto industry.

National automakers were doing well. Car sales were hitting new records. Higher car sales. Would mean that the tyres makers were seeing their market share rising. Tyre companies were starting to expand across countries. Michelin was very active in Europe and the USA.

Dunlop tyres were dipping their toes into the motorsport market. Michelin was also investing in motorsport to promote their tyre products. Dunlop became an important tyre supplier to the Prestige Jaguar cars.

Consequently, Dunlop was starting development work alongside the Jaguar engineers, to develop new products. However, this did not always work out the way they would have liked it. A new textile radial tyre had to be prepared for the Jaguar XJ6.

How winter tyres work

The XJ6 was having problems with road noise. A specific tyre size would have to be developed by Dunlop especially for this car model. The infamous ER70VR15 tyre. This was to be the textile radial tyre. The tyre had problems with the shape. Believe it or not, the tyres were not round?

To counteract this, Dunlop had to develop a unique machine. This machine would skim the tyre tread area to re-shape the tyre. I remembered clearly having to take the Jaguar cars to the Dunlop tyre depot in the centre of Leeds here in Yorkshire UK.How winter tyres work

However, the Dunlop tyres of today are a vastly different animal. The tyres are of superb quality. This includes the  SP Winter Sports 4D These winter tyres, exhibit excellent handling and grip for high-performance cars in wet and icy conditions. The fuel efficient design and enhanced snow and ice traction make it a popular choice amongst performance enthusiasts.